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July 2017 Patch Notes

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<<July 2017 Patch Notes>>

Profession Guide Updates:

  • Blacksmith and Tailor guides have been rewritten.
  • Blacksmiths and Tailors can no longer craft tools.
  • The Merchant guide has been rewritten:
    • Identifying now costs col, not materials.
    • Shields can now be identified.
    • Junk sale prices have been adjusted.
    • Experience gain and number of identifications per day has been adjusted

Loot Guide Update:

  • The type of an unidentified item dropped by monsters and found in treasure chests are now declared by the looting player.
  • Shields can now drop from monsters and be found in treasure chests.

Sub-Dungeon Update:

  • The Sub-Dungeon guide has been rewritten.
  • Sub-Dungeon monster stats have been revamped.
  • Sub-Dungeon rewards have been revamped and now scale with Floor Tier and Player Tier.
  • Sub-Dungeon map rules have been added.

Rebirth System Update:

  • The Rebirth System has been rewritten.
  • The 30-day restriction has been removed.
  • Starting SP for Rebirth characters has been increased to 50%.
  • New rules and procedures have been implemented for players creating a Rebirth character.