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    By Teion,

    Hey all,

    The staff team is currently trying to track down and catalogue special items that have enhacements or abilities outside of what's listed in the current Enhancement List. If you have any item that possesses anything not listed or defined in the guides, please contact @Neopolitan with the details of what it is, what it does, and if possible, where it was obtained. We appreciate your help with this!

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    By Cardinal,

    Easter Trio Bosses 
    This Event is from April 21st to May 21st.
    As the time for Easter arrives, so do three bosses that are prepared to fight players. 

    Note: Players may only engage any boss once, and may only engage in the boss that is dedicated to their Tier. 

    Furry, Fluffy Avenger
    A small and fluffy boss that has been spotted in the field of the First Floor. After playing her game of Hide and Seek, low leveled players may fight her for the rewards that lay in wait. 

    Curry, Stuffed Revenger
    A goofy looking boss wielding a carrot that appears to be... a drill? Providing a challenge for the second tier of players, a challenge and rare rewards await. 

    Burry, Easter Mayhem
    A large dark black rabbit boss that no longer appears to be playing around. Despite its carrot shaped weapon, Burry is more than a challenge to even the best of players. 

  3. Cardinal
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    By Cardinal,

    Mechanic Changes:

    • Stealth:
      • Players must roll to maintain Stealth at the beginning of their turn. If a player wishes to attack out of stealth they must roll to maintain stealth and attack in the same roll (declaring both in the purpose). If they failed to maintain stealth, they are considered detected and would lose any appropriate bonuses before their action is processed.
      • Simplified Passive Stealth Detection rules (whenever the stealth roll falls below the passive stealth detection rating, stealth is considered broken and detected).
      • Systems & Development Comments: We wanted to discourage Stealth from possibly being constantly re-rolled before combat in order to bypass Passive Stealth Detection. These changes should put more pressure on people who decide to use Stealth for their combat bonuses and should hopefully increase the first turn diversity.

    Skill Changes:

    • Charge:
      • Charge no longer caps Accuracy at 2 during Charge Attacks.
      • Charge Attacks now have a -1 Accuracy debuff (e.g. someone with 5 Accuracy normally would have 4 Accuracy while using a Charge Attack).
    • Hiding:
      • Mod: Untraceable:
        • New description: You've learned how to reduce evidence to your existence giving you the option to hide your names within a party and allowing you to pass without a trace.
        • Systems & Development Comments: We're currently planning on giving skill description's a bit more love and a bit more weight when it comes to narrative and roleplaying. Certain players may want to try to disguise their identity whilst in a party and, with this mod, they'll now be able to.
      • Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin):
        • Reduced damage bonus when attacking out of stealth from (3 * Tier) to (1 * Tier).
      • Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster):
        • Removed additional turn when attacking out of stealth for DoT status effects.
    • Shadowed Path:
      • Option for base damage bonus when attacking out of stealth reduced from (10 * Rank)% to (4 * Rank)%.
      • Effect (Listed here as Unique Skills are not in the Resource List).

        When using Shadowed Path sword arts and attacking out of stealth, user can choose to gain (4 * rank)% base damage or have DoT status effects to do (5 * rank)% more damage for the first two turns. User only gains hate on critical strikes.

        Hiding and Shadowed Path does not stack, but Shadowed Path allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Adds +1 stealth rating per rank. Cannot be detected by Passive Stealth Detection.

      • Systems & Development Comments: We decided to decrease damage of Shadowed Path in order to closer match a traditional DPS in order to compensate for its survivability as opponents are either forced to possibly waste their post action to try to find the wielder (which they may fail in the first place) or let the wielder stay in stealth.
  4. Neopolitan
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    By Neopolitan,

    The Weekly Link

    Week #14

    Boyu oh boy do I have a lot to cover. It has been nearly a month since the last blog and I am so sorry for that wait. As a treat for being so patient, I'm going to be releasing this immediately rather than waiting for the usual 6:30 PST time to release this. As such, I apologize if I make a quick edit or two in the initial release as I may notice a typo

    New players

         Surprisingly enough, there aren't that many new players to herald in the new year. Regardless of that, I want you all to give a warm welcome to the people who I have missed giving welcomes to. I'm talking about @Cremisius, @Runa, and @Scherza. If you ever need someone to do a thread with, contact me or one of our many other friendly people and we'll either start one with you right there or point you towards someone else who is looking for a thread friend.

    New Content!

        With a new path released, there is also new content. For the full patch notes, please look here, but I'll give a quick summary of the important bits. Parry is not as weak as people thought it was. Due to a misunderstanding, parry was thought to only last a single turn, it in fact lasts until it is activated. Merchant identification tables have been slightly modified to include the loot die enhancement for light armor. The loot tables have been changed once more, but should be much more balanced then their last iteration. There is a new quest over on floor 13 following the aftermath of the Fallen Event, and we are now seeing a rework in familiar acquiring. It should be a bit quicker, and more rewarding to get those familiar skills now.


        Again, so sorry for the delay in posts getting this out, I hope that this won't happen again and if it does, that will be some time into the future. I'm back on a regular schedule with classes starting this week, so routine will be returning to my life. I hope to see you all around, and I'll say again to please mention any segments you may think would be interesting to see. I'm hoping to be bringing in regular segments for people to look forward to so that this blog can expand further. Just message me here on site or over on our discord channel and I'll talk with you about it.

  5. Hello my fellow Aincradians!

    The time has come to open up to the community for special guests! If you want to be a guest on the podcast then this post is for you!

    To apply to be a special guest, you need to meet these requirements:

    1. Must be available from 9am to about 1pm CST on the first Saturday of the month
    2. Must have a good quality microphone (If you are not sure about your quality, contact Shark)

    If you have been on the podcast previously in that season, you will be invited back for any episode that has the same main topic that you have discussed.

    The application will ask for the following information:

    1. Site Name
    2. Discord Name#Identifier
    3. Availability during the week in case the show has to be pre-recorded
    4. Topics you would like to discuss
    5. Picture of your main character (Upload image)

    If you do not make it on the podcast this season, you will be in the next season. The list will rollover to the next season.

    If you are still interested in applying to be a special guest, please send me (Shark) a PM with the required information. 

    Once you are accepted as a special guest, you will receive an episode number and a TENTATIVE date. The date may change as the topic is not finalized until at least a week before the podcast. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord, on the site, or comment below. 

  6. Shark
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    By Shark,

    Have you ever wanted to help develop or moderate a Role-Play site based on your favorite anime? Maye favorite isn't the right word for most people because let's be real, the best version of this anime is easily the Abridged series by Something Witty Entertainment.

    Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the SAO-RPG Staff team is always looking for more staff. We have a variety of staff teams that you can apply for (Player Support Team, Floor Development Team, Systems Development Team). We also have a Minecraft Server in development that will be based on the content found on our site. If you are interested in that sort of thing then we have a position for you (Minecraft Game Master, Minecraft Moderator). 

    There are some requirements that should be met but upholding those requirements are at staff discretion

    SAO-RPG Site Staff


    Player Support Team (PST's) (Open)

    • Must be active on the site for at least the past 45 days
    • Must show strong knowledge of the system and rules
    • Should be a Crafter on at least 1 of your characters
    • Demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of the crafting system.
    • Show strong communication skills and welcoming attitude to new players

    Content Developers (CD's) (Open)


    Floor Development Team (Open) | (Plot Team -> Open)

    • Floor Lore and Quest Team
      • Players should be able to demonstrate their ability and creativity when it comes to make well detailed floors as well as creating quests and bosses that are detailed and enjoyable for the community. Strong communication skills with other content developers and staff are important long with being able to take vice on their own ideas. The player should have been active for at least 45 consecutive days AND demonstrate their own creativity through means of creating a rough draft Floor or a detailed quest or boss. (Important Note: Most of the time, your entry drafts will not be used)
    • Plot Team (Open)
      • Players should have perfect knowledge over all the rules (Like crafting). Players should know the basic ins and outs of the site. Must be able to write strong posts in good and understandable English. Players should have strong knowledge of the SAO/SAO-RPG universe. The player should be active for at least 45 days AND demonstrate that they have what it takes to design near perfect plots.

    Systems & Clarification Team (Open)


    Players should have been active for at least 45 days. Must have a strong understanding of the rules. Must point out or share any contradictions and/or loopholes in the rules, share how they believe certain areas can be improved on/why they should be removed, or come up with a completely new idea to be added into the system.  
    Note: Must be well written and thought out.



    Minecraft Server Staff


    Minecraft Moderator (MCM) (Closed)

    • Must be active on the site for at least the past 20 days
    • Must show strong people skills
    • Task: Same as Player Support Team

    Minecraft Game Master (MCGM) (Open)

    • Must be active on the site for at least the past 30 days
    • Must have strong building skills
    • Optional: Knowledge of plugins usage (ie. World Edit, EssentialX, etc...) Considered a Plus
    • Task: Demonstrate building skills (ie. Images of builds in personal world)


    If you wish to apply for staff, please read this thread to find out how to apply!

    If you are still interested in joining staff but want to know more information, please read the above linked thread or message me and I will try to answer your questions. 

    Hope to see you all around!
    - Shark

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    By Itzal,

    Hello players of Aincrad!

    I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc.

    I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
    Can't wait to see what you have in mind!

    Floor Development Suggestion Thread


    Systems Development Suggestion Thread



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