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Easter Event!

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Easter Trio Bosses 
This Event is from April 21st to May 21st.
As the time for Easter arrives, so do three bosses that are prepared to fight players. 

Note: Players may only engage any boss once, and may only engage in the boss that is dedicated to their Tier. 

Furry, Fluffy Avenger
A small and fluffy boss that has been spotted in the field of the First Floor. After playing her game of Hide and Seek, low leveled players may fight her for the rewards that lay in wait. 

Curry, Stuffed Revenger
A goofy looking boss wielding a carrot that appears to be... a drill? Providing a challenge for the second tier of players, a challenge and rare rewards await. 

Burry, Easter Mayhem
A large dark black rabbit boss that no longer appears to be playing around. Despite its carrot shaped weapon, Burry is more than a challenge to even the best of players. 

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