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About This Guild

Celestial Ascendants is a guild designed to help players rise in level, rank and skill in the game, as well as help them reach their own goals. We help others through quests, bosses and levels, recruit lower leveled players in the hopes that they will willingly help progress the game and aid others in the process. We are a family. We look after one another and care for one another.

Type of Guild

Support. Front lines.

Founding Members

  1. What's new in this guild
  2. I love to come up with ideas, especially for things that I enjoy. I really love this guild and I really love you guys and role playing with all of your. However even I have my limits, and sometimes I come up with bad ideas (even if they seem good to me x-x). Everyone has ideas every day, and some people can spot errors in current systems and are skilled at pointing them out or even suggesting an improvement they came up with. That is what this topic is for. If you have an idea. Whether it's an improvement or correction for the guild, or if it's a brand new idea that you'd like to add to the guild, this is the place to post it. Or on the guild chat, that's cool too ^-^ If you have an idea don't be shy. Post it here and we'll all discuss it together. Before anything is made official I'll start a new vote (or poll) and we'll see what the guild decides!