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Erroneous Community

The global affiliation of sites hosted by Erroneous.


Gun Gale Online, otherwise known as GGO. A tale of players in a post-apocalyptic world where the best tools is your main gun and secondary weapon. The rules are clear, shoot the other player before they shoot you.

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The Novasphere Pioneers Update welcomes you to the Log Horizon anime universe. Where players of a PC MMO are suddenly transported into their favorite video game the day the next major patch is released.

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Roleplay one character in many online worlds while retaining skills and experience.

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Based on the American web series RWBY, this community tells the tales told by the students who aspire to become Hunters and Huntresses of Beacon Academy.

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Enter a world divided into 4 nations built up by 4 types of specialized people who can bend water, earth, fire, and air to their will. And one special individual with the power to master all 4 elements exists to unite them towards peace.

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