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    [F1 - R7 Tailor] The Crusty Bahrnacle

    After a short amount of time, the shopkeeper returned with two items. He was apparently offering another item...free of charge. "R-really?? That's very thoughtful of you, thanks!" was her response to it. The shopkeeper said she could try on the light armor and let him know if the fit was right. She placed the col that she needed to pay onto the counter, and took the items. Sure, she would indeed try on the new light armor...but she would need to be clever about it. "Sure, I'll try it on. If you'll excuse me for a second, just in case." She would walk over to one of the displays, place herself behind it in terms of the shopkeeper's sight, and use the equip system to swap the items, since the light armor was attached to common cloths. the apparel on her turned a glowing white for a second, and when the glow faded, the new apparel was on her. She smirked, now knowing how it worked. She walked over to a clear space in the shop, did a little twirl, and yes, it fit wonderfully. She giggled, satisfied with what she had received. "Thank you, it fits perfectly! I believe that will be all for the time being." With that, she left the shop, content with the items she had received. Paid 1500 col to @Bahr +Alkarina's Resolve(2 EVA, 1 REC) +Sticky Ricky(3 DMG)
  3. Charlotte bounced around on one foot childishly as the jar of saltwater and well-- her familiar-- lifted up and down along her waist. "A-ah, sorry about that, Reddle. Didn't mean to scare you," she mumbled, unhooking the jar from her waist. She held the jar of water up to her face and cooed. "Bah, you're so cute!" The brunette exclaimed, giggling. "Too bad I name you after my brother, though," she deadpanned, lowering the jar for a bit. "Oh God, he's going to name his familiar after me now!" The brunette looked up from her position and laughed nervously. What a dunce. She was practically in front of two people already. Reddle cooed from inside of his jar and she was quick to snap it back to her waist. "U-uh, hello there!" She squeaked, her voice rising a few octaves as she gave them a meek wave. "Nice day we're having, r-right?"
  4. What to do, I cant deal with this, this was all too much for me... so many people at once I just knew how to lead Haru but so many people at once is a bit too much for me. And this new guy seemed all to high for himself even if I was nowhere near a starter. I have done all of the beginning quest and a few more before coming here. hearing the conversation going on a bit as Astralin looked at me a bit I think out of pure habit started to struggle with my hands and did some low sign language staying quiet, I was never the popular girl in real life, but here it was a combination of the two. "Su... Summor... No um... My name is Summoner, Hi," I said really awkward to the new players who joined up with us, but it seemed this guy with blonde hair had plans, on one side I did not like it while on the other hand, it would help but it would also be a waste as only two out of four people would have to do this quest. For a moment I stayed quieted but then walked up to this Oscar guy and tugged his sleeve a bit, Looking up to him made me feel very shy and I hid my face under my hood again, "It be a waste of time, just two of us here need to do this quest and it is made much easier than other quests so it be done quickly for sure," I said looking down to the ground still holding my hood over my face with one hand. To be sure if this Oscar wanted to help it was better of giving them an item for borrow or a snack that would give better searcing skills. Still looking at the ground I got the invite and accepted it fast not wasting any time. "Os... Um... S... Sir Oscar, I um... I would advise, to keep the feast, it will be more helpful with a bigger group and where they all can use it," I said to Oscar hoping he would heat my advice as Feast were quite useful items for a bigger group. @Fayetta @Oscar @Astralin
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  6. Ennakai stood still as the dragon started panicking and attacking, Knowing that in the safe zone you could not be damaged by attacks was know to them so why would they really worry at all. Getting a fireball to the chest would not really do anything but just to be safe Ennakai took out any fire breath attacks to them by holding the dagger in front of them. Smiling once it was calm down again Ennakai took out an item called < Familiar snack> and held it in front of the small dragon, "Here. your just too cute sorry I scared you like that," Enna said waiting for the familiar to accept the food. After they gave it to the dragon Enna was willing to give one to the cat as well with a smile. "The First lesson... with floor 1 mostly cleared it is the most simple quest out there, getting the materials is way easier than normal and making the potion at the end is just a piece of cake. Most people can do this in a morning for sure so no worry there with time, and looking at it now I would say you are the one taking the quest," Ennakai said with a friendly smile to Fuyu. knowing they never told their names Enna just smiled as overhearing names was not a problem, "So we got Krysta the tier one healer with her dragon, with got Kit with her Cat familiar who seems to have most things under control, and then we got a mute called Fuyu who is getting the hang of things, Well I like this group of random people mind if I tag along with you for the moment, and if you want to know anything just ask, I know quite a lot about anything on this floor and to be sure most of them. At least I should with being an Info broker, that is our job, Like I know how your dragon is from floor 7, Krysta," Enna said smiling and walking next to the group a bit on distance before getting sure you can join.
  7. Bahr

    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    Name: Alkarina's Resolve Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: 122200 Roll Result: CD12 / LD15 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 EVA | Recovery 1 Description: "A dark violet adventurers’ dress with a royal-purple leather vest centerpiece sewn onto it. The leather vest has silver accents in an art nouveau design, and its effects aid one in avoiding attacks and recovering energy." Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r7-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&amp;comment=579908 Name: Sticky Ricky Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: 122202 Roll Result: CD12 / LD25 Item Type: Martial Arts Weapon Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 DMG Description: "A common choice for martial artists, these gloves are weighted to pack more of a punch." Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r7-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&amp;comment=579908
  8. Kityuisa

    Kit's Evals

    Name: Damage Potion Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 121997 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Potion Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: DMG Description: A vial of a red steamy liquid, with lights that appear to be the shape of whatever the weapon the user uses rotating in the center. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17903-f22alchemist-the-tipsy-witch-♥-pk-accessible/?tab=comments#comment-579910
  9. Day 15: +46 Experience ID: 122207 CD: 6 + 1 = 7 LD: 20 ID: 122208 CD: 10 + 1 = 11 LD: 11 ID: 122209 CD: 12 + 1 = 13 LD: 4 ID: 122210 CD: 2 + 1 = 3 LD: 20 ID: 122211 CD: 7 + 1 = 8 LD: 10 ID: 122212 CD: 1 + 1 = 1 LD: 13 -5 T3 Materials +1 PERFECT POT Kityuisa woke up once more, this time on floor twenty four. In her Ocean Side Manor. Kityuisa was prepping for her party this fateful morning day. She went straight to her shop down on floor twenty two. Kityuisa watched as she boiled her pot. She placed all of the materials she needed to put inside. The ingredients mixing together as she made yet another damage potion. Kityuisa grinned, happy. She put the lovely liquid into a potion bottle. Her eyes grinning as she had made yet another damage potion for her friends. The very friends that would join in on her party.
  10. Kityuisa smiled as Alec nodded at her, she nodded her own head. "I admire your service to me, my dearest friend. I admire your bravery and your defeating techniques. You are worthy of a rank up. I name thee Sir Alec! Knight of Atlanta!" Kityuisa watched as Alec's Foreman Axe ludicrously began to vibrate. The Gorilla got a gigantic gash right across its side. Kityuisa smirked, it was amazing. Alec was strong! He could chop up any of these gorillas! His thorns taking shape as the gorillas attacked him. Like the hands of a virgin woman, opening up for the first time. Kityuisa smirked, before dashing forward, "That's what I said!" She winked back before slashing and slashing at the gorilla. The pixels escaping off like a sunset. "Finish him off!" Kityuisa was happy with the damage that she had dealt. She had shown Alec that she could fight even the most agile of monsters. Kityuisa nodded her head, feeling very accomplished in that feat. Party ♥[2|0|0|0] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 28/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[5|3|3|3] Alec | 780/785 HP | 52/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from Treasure Chests Humphrey: Ready Enemy ♥ Gruesome Gorilla | 33/350 HP | 102 DMG | 3 ACC | -3 EVA ♥ Gruesome Gorilla | 205/350 HP | 102 DMG | 3 ACC | -3 EVA ♥ Gruesome Gorilla | 149/350 HP | 102 DMG | 3 ACC | -3 EVA ♥ Gruesome Gorilla | 205/350 HP | 102 DMG | 3 ACC | -3 EVA
  11. Day 24 - 8 T1 Materials + 1 T1 Materials + 81 EXP It was another ordinary day in the Town of Beginnings. The city was dead, for lack of a better word, only Militia members milling about. These days the average citizen was afraid to wander the streets, lest they be accosted by the very men and women that swore to protect and serve and extorted for everything they were worth. Admittedly, it was a horrible place to set up shop - Bahr just hadn't had anywhere else to go at the time. He had been thinking about relocating recently, but this was his city. His people. Could he really afford to leave that all behind? Ring ring! The jarring jingle of the front door swinging open ripped Bahr away from his internal monologue, eyes flickering up toward the source of the noise. It was a young woman, blonde and cute, definitely not from around these parts. Judging by her gear, she was probably looking for something that could help her survive outside the walls of the town. She had come to the right place. "Welcome, name's Bahr. Feel free to take a look around, and let me know if you need anything." He waited patiently as she meandered around the store, inspecting the various articles he had on display. Seemingly not finding what she was looking for, she approached the counter and grabbed the order form. "Hello, I would like to place a custom order, please," she declared, her light voice reminding Bahr of a certain other young woman he was acquainted with. "Absolutely," Bahr effused, looking over the order form once she had finished filling it out. "I'll have this right out for you." With that, he retreated to the back room of the shop, approaching his sewing station and getting to work. After half an hour or so, he had managed to complete the article, marveling over his own craftsmanship for a moment before standing. On his way back to the front, he picked up a pair of gloves he had finished earlier in the day, intending to hand them off to the woman as a gesture of good faith. It was the responsibility of the more experienced players to help out the newer ones. Bahr had been aided several times when he started, it was only right that he paid it forward. "Here we go, brand new and ready for action. Try it on and let me know if the fit is right. In addition to the armor, go ahead and take these gloves - free of charge. They'll come to your aid in the event that a typical weapon cant," he said with a grin, placing both items on the counter in front of the young woman. "Is there anything else I'll be helping you with today?"
  12. Kityuisa

    [PP/F9] Let's Chat... <<The Iron Guardian>>

    "Hikoru--- and... they're good..." Kityuisa was hesitating... She didn't want to admit the fact that they had yet to go on her planned date. She knew that she could trust Bahr though... "So tell me Apollo.. Do you have a lady friend yet?" She wanted to change the subject to prevent her blushing cheeks to grow a darker shade of red. Kityuisa grimaced, feeling bad for not telling him, "We actually haven't had the date I planned yet. It's coming up though.. I'm a bit nervous... He seems excited enough to go.. I think." She pondered over the fact of whether or not he would actually show up. Kityuisa puffed her cheeks, "W-WHAT... OF COURSE NOT...." She covered her face, "I just don't know how to bring it up to him.. I know what to do for the date, but I don't know how to breach the subject." Kityuisa stuck her tongue out, "I'm sure i'll figure it out though." She struck a pose, trying to prove just how awesome she was.
  13. She had something to talk to him about? What the? Why would she say something like that? She knows I’m not one for the serious business talks. He smiles brightly as he follows her back towards the town. The whole time he watched the sway of her steps and only every now and then looked at where he was going. He didn’t mind if he tripped over something, the view was worth it. As the neared the town, her outfit changed to a much less conservative cover, meanwhile he stayed in his formal outfit. He rockets up in front of her and stops in front of her. “Drinks would be nice, but I just want some chocolate milk. I’m a simple man, gotta enjoy the small things in life.” His sword spins and his handle points to the girl. The curved bottom end makes for a perfect hook as he pulls up the skirt on her outfit and rockets around to take a quick look. He spins the hilt of his broken sword and sheathes his weapon once more, pushing her on the back. “Let’s go, I wanna eat something.” He smiles walking behind her once again, arriving at the tavern and walking inside. He looks up at the tavern keep and smiles, “So what’s on the tap ol’ chap?” He asks the tall man and the tall man looks down. “The name’s Roger, and we don’t serve alcohol until later. No point, but we gotta keep up with real world regulations so as not to forget.” He returns, setting an empty glass in front of the boy.
  14. Bahr wasn't going to take any chances with something that looked this tough. He readied his sword and poured his energy into it, the blade beginning to vibrate in anticipation and adopt a scarlet hue as it waited for the energy to be released. Bahr then dashed in toward the unaware beast, gouging the sword deep into its thick hide. His eyes widened as he witnessed his strongest attack barely managed to chunk a fifth of the creature's health away. And it was none too happy about the surprise attack. It spun around with surprising agility, swiping at Bahr with one of its gargantuan claws. He managed to avoid the attack, but wasn't fortunate enough to evade the fiery breath that followed. It scorched his clothes and flesh, inflicting a burn status affect that licked away at Bahr's health bar even more. Luckily, it seemed that he hadn't been damaged too badly.
  15. Alana watched as the boar attacked her, before bursting into pixels. "Well that was easy enough." She dusted off her hands in a clapping manor before grinning, "At least my fists make contact with the things! You can't land you're attacks for your life!" Alana rolled her eyes before glancing at her health. After Pisces mentioned her buying dinner she just rolled her eyes, "Sure thing. But on a more serious note, over dinner I have a suggestion to make regarding you." She opened her inventory, splitting their gains in half. She turned to walk towards the town now, her thoughts on the nearest tavern. "I'll get ya some drinks if you want too. Not like we can be intoxicated but, you like the taste right?" Alana didn't mind buying dinner for her childhood friend. She felt she did owe him for saving her after all. She had been to fear stricken to move from that spot, staying rooted as he had been beat up into a crispy waffle. +90 Col +2 T1 Materials +1 Perfect T1 Weapon
  16. As the party invite propagated upon his line of sight, Oscar gave a small smile to the group. He happily accepted the invitation. After doing so, he cycled through his inventory, wondering if he had anything useful that could help the group clear the quest just a bit easier. Finally, his eyes fell upon the pair of Hot Dogs he had crafted some days prior. He was going to save them for a special occasion, but he could always make more. He wondered if they'd be willing to take a quick detour to his house on Floor Seven so he could make them something nice. He seemed to have rubbed the group the wrong way and he really wanted to make up for it. He needed to feed Leeroy and Jenkins anyway, so it all worked out. The cerberus had been left back home. Might be a good idea to bring him with too. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you. My name is Oscar. If you guys would like, we could go up to my home on Floor Seven. I can make you guys a feast to make this quest go a little easier. I've already done this quest, but I'm willing to do whatever I can to help out." @Astralin @Summoner @Fayetta
  17. Kityuisa

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Kityuisa puffed her cheeks, No flowers catch his eye? She sat up all the way now, crawling over to a few flowers, her fingers wrapped around a few of them, plucking them up from the ground. Whilst the birds let out their song, Hikoru began to utterly relax. Kityuisa glanced back to find him fast asleep. She grinned, Hopefully this makes him happy. Kityuisa picked flower, after flower. She first wove them into a rather elegant crown. She grabbed a few of the leaves here and there until it was shaped in the shape of a circular figure. She tested it on her head, happy when it fit perfectly. (Kit's Flower Crown). Then she grabbed a few more. She continued her weaving as she formed a second crown. This one being Hikoru's. (Here). She made her way back towards Hikoru. He was still fast asleep, so she crouched closer and closer. Her fingers holding the crown above his sleeping body. His breathing, gentle yet heavier than usual. Her gaze glanced at his lips, Thus the frog became a prince with a kiss from a princess.. Kityuisa shook her thoughts away, a wide blush spreading across her face. She looked at Hiko's sleeping facial expression. The innocence and relaxation was clear. He really is attractive. She held her hand back from lightly touching his face, instead placing the crown behind his head. She would show him when he woke up. She decided to relax as well, so she laid down on the grass, right next to Hikoru. Their bodies almost touching. She glanced at the clouds before letting the fresh water and floral scents of the area surrounding them to lull her as well into a gentle sleep. This place is so magically romantic.. Kityuisa was fast asleep, but her body moved on its own free will. Her mind was unable to stop her from moving around in her sleep, until her body was resting partially on Hikoru's. Her head was nestled between his shoulder and his chest, perfectly comfortable. Her arms drawing across her chest, lightly touching his own. If he were to turn towards her, and if he were to wrap one arm around her body, the other around her head, they would be the perfect definition of cute. (By that I mean THIS)
  18. Bahr had been so lost in thought that he had actually stopped paying attention to his map. Not like it particularly mattered, given that it wasn't going to help him much at this point anyways, given how expansive the network of caves was. At least the cave was lit. He dismissed the window and rounded a corner, stopping dead in his tracks as soon as he saw what was on the other side. Standing no further than fifty paces from where he stopped was none other than the object of his mission; the Manticore. It looked exactly as Ali had described it, a mishmash of various different animals smashed together into one final grotesque product. Bahr visibly grimaced when he saw it. Luckily, it appeared as though he had not yet been spotted by the creature. He was going to have the opportunity to land the first strike.
  19. Almost as though sensing that something was troubling Bahr, Swine Bajesus emerged from his pocket and maneuvered its way to atop his shoulder, regarding its master with scorn. It was disappointed with him for being so weak of mind. A few minutes alone, and he was already lamenting the nature of his imprisonment. But, could one really blame him? It was, after all, a fairly hopeless situation. Over two years in the game and they had only managed to clear a quarter of the game, not even. They would all be dead from malnutrition far before the game itself was cleared. No, that was more of the same negative thoughts that Swine Bajesus was upset with Bahr for. He shook his head and gave the tiny boar a pat before lifting it from his shoulder and sliding it back into his inner coat pocket. He was fortunate to have a partner like this, but ultimately it was just pixels like everything else that surrounded him.
  20. But that was just it, wasn't it? It didn't really matter how real or fake this world was. He had spent over two years here, at this point it was about as real as real life itself. He ate, slept, and breathed this world twenty-four hours a day, every damn day. That's one of the many reasons he had decided to venture out and make the best of what this world had to offer. Idling around and waiting to return to the real world just wasn't going to cut it anymore. This was the nature of his true reality now. Which was a bit depressing in itself, as well. To imagine that his reality, his life, could be relegated to some silly video game. What a bizarre realization to come to. Bahr, along with the other nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine players that had started the game on launch day had all been forced to face this new reality. This new life. Their reality scattered to the winds and replaced with a shell of its former self.
  21. As it turned out, the network of caves was quite a bit more expansive than Bahr had initially imagined. It was akin to a pseudo-labyrinth of sorts, its varying winding corridors branching off in a myriad of directions with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Bahr hated places like this, as his sense of direction was already bad enough as it was. In an effort to even the playing field a bit, he resorted to opening up a map panel and beginning to map out the immediate area so he could get a rough idea of how the network of caves was set up. The further in he went, the more nervous he got. It seemed that they were burrowed so deep into the mountain that they could have led right out of the floating castle Aincrad itself. Just what had made caves like these, he wondered? Clearly not erosion. Though it was a little silly to wonder about such things, considering the world he inhabited was computer-generated. The more time he spent in Sword Art Online, the more often he had to remind himself of simple things like that.
  22. Dustin

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dustin pulls his fist up and smiles, looking at his teammates and nodding for a second. We can do this, not much longer I don’t think. And then I can go through the festival with Arabelle, and maybe even get some great food. He clenches his fists tighter and one glows a bright green as he draws it back and runs towards the enemies with a confidence not before seen in this fight. His fist comes flying forward as it slams into the monster, launching it back and into its horde. He jumps up and back to Arabelle, smiling and laughing a little. “Rocked that little pest’s [censored], now it’s your turn...” he stumbles forward and his breathing feels a little heavier. Audible to most of the players near him as he realizes he had used too much energy. His arms felt heavy and his legs heavier. “I might have to take a breather here soon.” His movements seem a little more forced and he looks like he’s holding something heavy.
  23. Alec let out a derp low chuckle of true amusement at the other man's shocked comments. '"I'm sorry. I forgot we've never actually talked. Truly talk have we Vigilon." The large man said as a genuine smile began to creep into his normally stern features. "No. I am in no possible description of the phrase a video gamer. Don't get me wrong I've played a game or two with my son Danny. Call of Duty, Football some of those. My son Danny is the 'Gamer' in my family." The large man said using air quotes. "I stumbled upon s promo code to buy the game while at work and bought it for my sun. But since he was only 14 on opening day i refused to let him play till I could at least look it over first. I told him an hour wouldn't kill him up miss. Do when everything happened I was the one stuck in here instead of him. So you all are stuck with me instead of my boy. But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way." The large man finished his tone growing more serious as he ended his gaze slipping between the young man and the young red head. "But hey. Whether they feel the same as me or not. I've met some amazing people here who have made my life better for knowing them and I only hope to have given back and helped enrich their lives the way they've enriched mine.'" Alec finished as his gaze momentarily dropped to the young red head as a flash of pain and sorrow raced across his features before bring replaced with his stern visage and perpetual scowl. "So that's my story." @Kirbs
  24. Arabelle

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    After what seemed like forever, it seemed that these little pests were finally thinning out! The big guy was dead and the frontliners were moving down to assist the Tier 2 players in the fight against the smaller commanders. Seven remained of the Tier 1 minions and their frenzied laughter could be heard across the battlefield as they surged forward with their spears and... spectacularly missed. Their leader was down and they most likely knew they were going to die as well but strangely enough, they pressed on. "If these guys weren't AIs, I would've admitted their dedication was admirable... whatever the hell they're fighting for anyway," Arabelle sighed. They did just appear out of nowhere and ruined a perfectly good festival to boot. "But right now, it's just annoying." She glared at one particular Rain Minion that managed to scramble away from her attack. The little vagrant had to be at 1 HP, but it was clinging onto life - shounen-anime style - and had to have gained an infinite EVA buff or something.
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