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    The clouds would further darken, only occasionally brightened by a strike of lightning. The temperature would cool fast but it wasn't the cold that would send shivers down the spines of the players. The presence of a malevolent force had arrived, the very essence of evil. Uri Ophir looked to his older brother a final time before moving to the group of Tier one and Two players. "Everyone! Follow me please!" He would lead the players to the front door of the chapel. He would press his hand to the door, the wood cool to the touch. While the malevolence wasn't being radiated from the chapel, an ominous force lied inside. He would bring his right hand to his pocket, his face becoming filled with worry. He took a breath, calming himself. Unlocking the door with a key from his pocket, he lead the players into the first room. The next door was slightly ajar but as they entered it would blast open, revealing the Nave of the Chapel to the players. "Good luck players! Remember, Miraak has been conversing with demons. He is not to be trusted. Do not listen to him, no matter what he offers or says. Work together and remember that you are never alone. The lord is always at your side, even in the darkest of times" He would bow to the players standing before him. He would look back to the chapel, a silent prayer being made for the players safety. He would step out of the players way, returning to the outside and his brothers side. "I hope they can do this, it is all them now..." As the players would enter the nave of the chapel, they would find it in ruin. The once fine wooden seats were now found in scraps in the corner of the room. All that remained was a circle of blood, the altar, and finally the priest himself. Miraak is a well groomed man, his robes clean and his face and body well groomed. He stands before the players at the end of the room, a smile on his face. "Welcome, welcome! It is so great to see that we have a lively audience with us today for our very last sermon" He would smile brilliantly to the players. "No worry, there is room for everyone. I see many of you are quite uptight, calm down! I promise, everything is just fine. Zack and Uri have always been good at making people worry unnecessarily" He would move to stand in front of the altar, a staff with the top of a cross of gold in his hands. All players have 48 Hours to Post before the fight begins. The fight will being Thursday, October 18th at 6:00 P.M CST (No need to Post stats, just join the thread)