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    She quickly moved to the man, cutting the rope bindings and the man was now free. "Let's go Cassin" She said and man looked curiously at her. "You aren't with the thieves?" She shook her head. "i am my own entity who goes and gets what it wants" The man nodded, reassured now. He spit something out of his mouth sliding it onto his finger. "What's that?" The man would smile and repeat, "It is the reason it took so long for the theives to find me in the first place. It increases both luck and your hiding skill" She thought over this for a second before saying, "Hand it over. It is useful for someone like me" The man glowered at her. "Over my dead body. This is my most valuable possession" Hidden shook her head. "A more valuable possession over your life. You're an NPC and I get my rewards either way" She quickly unsheathed her dagger, darting forward and thrusting her dagger into the man's chest. A fearful pained looked was shown by his face before he burst into pixels, his ring falling to the ground. <<Orange Cursored>> +1 Cassin's Ring