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    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    He would open his eyes once more, the light coming from around him was bright, anew. Looking around, he would find himself once again inside the chapel, the players no longer occupying it. A bright light lay in front of him with the body of an angel. Miraak would then look down to himself and see that he has been resotored. Afterwards, he would look to the angel and bow his head. Then he would say, "I apologise for my wrong doings. I understand now that the path I was lead down was the wrong one. If I may ask, why did the Lord see fit to bring me back after I swore his name and turned my back on him?" "You already know the answer to that Miraak. He is a merciful God. How many stories and lessons does the Bible go over regarding mercy and grace to those who have committed sin? Pain, fear, pride. These cause a man to do things they normally would not do. While you had allowed doubt to cloud your vision enough to deny him, your heart and soul yearned otherwise. You are the prodigal son Miraak. And the Lord's been waiting patiently, for you to come home.” Miraak winces from the words, knowing that the angel was correct. Sometimes, the mercy of the Lord was grand. "It is true. The Lord forgives each and all of his children. Sometimes, I believe it is mistakenly so." He looks at the chapel, seeing it ordered and clean now. "However, with the Lord by my side, I was truly able to see where I have went wrong and understand the reason of humanity. We are allowed to make mistakes so that we learn from them and grow. The Lord forgives us so that we can learn from our mistakes.” The angel was silent for a moment before continuing. "Strife and pain is evil in itself Miraak. But the Lord uses it to help his children grow. There was once a man who quit his job, his family, and his life because he couldn't handle it anymore. He asked God to give him one reason not to give up. The Lord answered him: "Do you see the fern? One day I arranged for seeds to fall beside it. I cared, nurtured, and fed it for a year. Nothing grew, yet I did not give up on it. The next year I cared, nurtured, and fed it. Still nothing grew, and still I did not give up on it. A third year passed, and still nothing grew. Yet I still did not give up on it. After the fourth year, a stalk finally grew out of the soil, though it wasn't much. by the fifth year, it grew into a six foot bamboo shoot, towering over the fern. Those years of no results. Of no fruit. The bamboo was growing it's roots. Growing strong." Just because the devil seeks to undo you by crushing you with pain and sorrow. Doubt and fear. Hatred and betrayal. Does not mean that the Lord will let it fester in you. He uses it to help you grow, if you allow it. Trust in God. Ask for guidance. And he shall light your way.” Miraak would listen to the story from the angel, taking in it's meaning. "A wonderful lesson. I thank both you and the Lord for everything that has been done. While I can't go back on my sins, I can atone for them. I won't be wasting this second chance. Early on, I followed the light of the Lord to understand how to turn my burdens into something more" Bowing to the angel, Miraak would finish. "Once again, I must follow the light of the Lord on to the right path” "I am but a messenger. Praise the Lord alone. Jesus has atoned for your sins in full Miraak. Simply seek the Lord in all you do, and do good deeds as thanks for all he has done. For your sins have been wiped clean." And with that, the angel would vanish. As it did, Miraak's red cursor would spin into a yellow one. "I have been given a second chance. I must do as I said, follow the light of the Lord. It is my job to ensure that this world doesn't fall to Sin by the same influence that I fell to" After having the reassurance of his own words, he would move outside of the chapel, seeing that many of the players were still in the courtyard. He quietly made his way to the Orphir brothers. "Zack, Uri. It is to both of you that I owe the most humble of apologies for the trouble I have caused. Through the lord, I have found the errors of my ways and plan to atone. If it isn't too much to ask, would you allow me to stay as a priest of this chapel?" After getting his answer from the brothers, he would allow any players to approach to speak to him. This thread will now close next Thursday at 8:00 P.M CST
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    {SP-F4} Hell Is a Cold Place

    A pale, shaking hand gripped the weapon sticking out of his throat. A thin layer of ice began to coalesce across his fingers and arms and chest. Sugutsuya stumbled backward, half-falling and half-sitting in the snow. His health dropped lower and lower, a sliver of red with no forseeable intention of stopping. There was a sickening sliding sound as Pinball's spear pushed further into his throat, the spearhead burying itself in the ground. Sugutsuya's hand dropped. "Ahh," the dying man breathed. He grinned - a big, toothy smile full of emotion. Disgust, fear, hate, sadness... but above all else, amusement. It would be the last smile he ever gave. "Isn't this funny?" He laughed, but you could hear the nervousness in his voice, and it stopped abruptly. His healthbar hit zero. Sugutsuya choked, trying to turn his head away from Pinball's grinning face. "Finally." And then he was gone, the weight held suspended by Pinball's spear lifted. Pinball watched the remains of Sugutsuya, transluscent blue pixels, quickly swept away by the violent wintery winds. A small choking sound escaped Pinball then. "Huh?" Pinball lifted his spear, trying to let go of his spear - but his hands were glued, bound to the cursed item, almost like in some kind of sick pact. Zomekko's shadowy form uncoiled from around his weapon and arms, looking up at Pinball quizzically. The realization hit him suddenly, and it hit him hard. A long, painful groan escaped him, increasing in intensity as he fell to his knees, his grip on his weapon never slackening. He stared off at the sun rising up over the corners of the world, the cold wind blowing his hair violently and howling in his ears. Pinball hunched over, his hand covering his eyes, the low groan becoming a horrible, bloodcurdling scream.
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    Sahagin Chieftain

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    The air around you grows thicker, and heavier with humidity and moisture as the smell of salt hits your nose, and the sounds of waves crashing against a beach hits your ears. Exiting the labyrinth you find yourself on a beach. You find the sand difficult to work through as your boots and heavy gear weigh you down and cut into the sand. A few feet away up onto the beach, you can start to see movement. The movement you see, is of a large fish like creature. Scales decorate its body, large fins protrude from its back and elbows. It's feet are less like feet, and more so of a natural flipper or fin. It's stands tall, and lean at from what you could estimate 213cm(7ft). To its side, smaller creatures that look akin to him. Though in place of bright blues and reds, their scales and fins are green in coloration. There are three small ones total, each one carrying what is a small rod of what seems to be corral. Looking at the surrounding area, you can see a large ship that is square in nature docked, preventing the ship from drifting into the seemingly endless ocean. And beside that, a small shack. The large creature takes out a battle axe and props it into the sand before making its way to the door. He speaks, loudly so that his voices carries. "COME OUT OLD MAN!" It screams as it kicks on the door to the shack. "Come out now! And we'll make your sacrifice quick!" The smaller creatures jump around, seemingly excited as they chant. "N'Yes! Come out quick!" They say in high pitched voices, not coming through as clear as the larger one. @Ruby and @Hestia. You are to use your stats you had posted for the dungeon scouting thread. You have 48 hours to respond, or else other plays may get a chance to go first! (@Zandra You are first in line to join either after the 48 hour limit, or after two full rotations of combat. The reasoning for the extra alloted time for Party A, is for the delay in release.)