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    Uniques have been pushed one week away, check the calendar to see, and you can thank a group of players for the possible spike in difficulty in the boss fight. Everyone get ready for the possibility of bodies piling up soon. Let all of you burn in the flames of my rage.
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    The Decision Committee

    I have to agree with what Life is saying. When the player representatives was first announced, I found it to be a band-aid on the problem. Based on my understanding, it felt like the staff team would be either replaced or gotten rid of entirely in lieu of a dictatorship. While I don't entirely agree with this option, I certainly don't think adding more staff was the option. Not to mention that they aren't truly staff. They're just community faces. And in that case we only need one. But in regards to the community representatives having discussions that staff doesn't see, you have to realize that people do this anyway. You're just more aware of it in this case. And no, that isn't me condoning it, just saying that it's nigh impossible to stop by anyone but the people doing it. I do, however, agree that all discussions, especially those that affect us players as a whole, should be as transparent as possible. This leads to my main point. There are unwritten rules, unclear rules, and just outright forgotten rules that either only staff know about, or someone thinks of and everyone calls it a defacto rule (or lack thereof). The best examples of this being the following ignored/forgotten or only staff known rules: The shared friend inventory (before it was abolished) The EN loss on misses (still not fully enforced, people ignore this all the time) Crystals requiring a slot of "Crystallize" enhancement on a potion to be a crystal (before the rule was changed) Trading between players either costing a post action or not costing a post action. Quest mobs ignoring the mitigation rule on loot (before it was written into the rules) Loot mobs requiring MIT rules (before it was enforced, people ignored it) Whether or not killing an orange player makes you an orange player (it doesn't, but it's not written in the rules, however Opal proved it with the death of Dom) Whether or not Performers can use Materials or have to use Recording Crystals sold by merchants for their shop (I've seen performers use materials, but the Recording Crystal in the shop explicitly says "Must be used for Performers to gain EXP") These are what I can think of off the top of my head. It's not good that this list is as long as it is, and I've only been here for just over 2/3rds of a year, and I've seen all of this. I agree that etiquette rules are important, but what good is good etiquette when nobody knows how to play the game? New player guide? We need the regular guide updated for existing players before the new players can even think to understand the game. And no rule should ever just be "staff known". If it is a rule, it needs to be written down. Otherwise, it should not be considered a rule by anyone, not even staff. And if a rule is changed, it needs to be said to everyone in an announcement immediately at the time of change, and changelogs should be kept for every single rule change made from now to forever. Having community representatives doesn't fix this major problem with the game, but staff transparency does. Staff transparency, in the way of constant changelogs, full rule reviews, updates, and filling in the holes in the rules without being afraid to say, "Oops. I dun goofed." are what will fix this. And then once that is finished, we can look to etiquette rules and new player guides. I love this site. I love the people here. Nobody is perfect, and I don't expect our staff to be perfect. But be willing to admit that you made a mistake and fix it. Sit down with us players and say, "Okay. We get that this is broken or this sucks. What can we do?" We'll tell you. You say that you can't reach out to us, but you can. We are just as open as any staff member, but only if you're willing to listen. And more importantly, ask.
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    The Decision Committee

    I feel like the decisions are a bit too cut and dry once again, but from what Lycan's said so far I can agree on. While the Community representatives' main job is supposed to be taking in feedback, concerns, and the like from players, it should be the responsibility of the entire staff to be open and receptive, which I can only hope I'm being >_<. So if/should a representative may be up to their necks with whatever might be going on they need to take care of, that doesn't mean that the rest of the staff should be inaccessible to voice their concerns or that you would need to hold your comment. So in a way representatives can be a form of "safety net" in order to make sure no one is left out or ignored. For everyone on the site, please be sure to give this some thought and make your decision. The SAO-RPG staff wants to try and make this site better, and no important decision should be made in a vacuum. The more input received on the overall experience of the site should and will be taken into account, because if you are experiencing an issue it is rare that you alone are having that problem. So as stated above, if ever you want to give feedback or report something you feel isn't right, reach out. Whether it be through a PM, on the main Skype chat, or through a Support Ticket. As always my inbox is open for anyone experiencing trouble, so don't be afraid to reach out if you need to!
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    @Opal @Calrex Looks like its really up to us three if we want to kill this thing before another rotation, unless you want to focus on healing some peeps Opal.
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    Whut whut

    Whut whut
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    Zelristan is best ship Zelrius x Zero x Tristan
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    Hey Zero, when are the Uniques coming out? :D
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    [PP-NK-F17] Sun, Sand, and Materials

    Kooh kept a smile on her face until the man turned and walked away. The blonde made her way back to her previous spot on the beach, letting out a sigh of relief once Aereth was out of earshot. The girl sat down on the sand, stretching her legs out in front of her while she propped her arms up behind her. About ten minutes had passed, and Kooh let out a yawn. The sun felt warm against her skin, and she was grateful it wouldn't burn her as it normally would have in the real world. After winding down from the events of earlier, she could almost fall asleep here. "Yo girlie!" A masculine voice called out, cutting through the sound of the waves. Kooh's brow furrowed in irritation as her head swiveled to see two figures making their way towards her. By the time they approached she had softened her expression, but didn't offer them any pleasantries. The pair--two male players--didn't seem to mind. As they stopped beside her, the one that had called out to her shifted his weight with a friendly-looking grin on his face. He had short, black hair, and the only piece of eye-catching gear he wore was an ornate dagger sheathed at his hip. Beside him, a blonde-haired player stood with a neutral expression, as if he had resigned the other player to be the one that did all the talking. "Hey, we're looking for more players to join our guild." The raven-haired player cut right to the chase. He looked to be about the same age as Kooh, maybe a little older, while the blonde stranger was clearly younger. "We could help you get experience and some really good gear. Wanna check it out?" Kooh cocked an eyebrow as the man placed his hands on his hips, awaiting her answer. She glanced between the two players before turning her attention back to the leader and speaking up. "Uhh, sorry. I'm not really interested in joining a guild. Thanks anyway." She answered a bit dismissively. As much as she had just wanted to tell the two players to leave her alone, she kept just the minimum level of politeness. Clearly, her declination wasn't going to be taken easily. "C'mon, it's basically free stuff! You don't even want to see our guild hall?" The man still had a smile on his face, but impatience was threatening to wipe it away. Kooh frowned slightly, turning to face the ocean as she came back with a firm, "Sorry, no thanks." "Man, why do pretty girls have to be such b-tches?" The black-haired player's tone had clearly changed now, a scowl taking over his features. Kooh's attention turned back to them, glaring as she pulled her legs closer to her. The blonde stood up, keeping her eyes focused on them. "Back off." Her tone darkened just as quickly. "Wow, guess this one's a bust." He smirked, turning his head slightly in the direction of his friend. "I wonder how mad they'll get if I came back orange? They couldn't use me as a lure anymore after that!" The two players snickered between each other as Kooh's gaze shifted between them. She didn't have much time to piece together the meaning of their comments before the leader's head swiveled back to her. "I doubt a b-tch like you has any friends who'll miss--" The end of the man's sentence was replaced with the sound of Kooh's fist making contact with his jaw. Clearly not expecting the blow, the man stumbled back in a daze, his hand reaching up to touch the glowing red mark left on his cheek. Kooh silently held her ground as the blonde boy hesitantly reached for a two-handed sword at his back. His partner regained his balance, hand hovering over the dagger at his waist. "Now you've asked for it, girlie." He let out the words in a menacing growl.
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    The Sword Art list now looks somewhat friendlier and prettier (thanks Takao) and Katana has a new sword art (thanks Teayre for the suggestion).
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    Sorry to those I owe a response. Got hit with Strep not too long ago, starting to get over it now. So will reply soon.
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    @Oikawa - The Faint OMG YOUR ALIVE MAN *CUDDLES*
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    We could do this all day, and you would not be any closer to beating me, not that it wouldn\'t be fun. But, I've got good news. You see, there's no need to wonder where your god is! 'Cause he's right here! And he's fresh out of mercy...
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    Attention lovelies... who will be my next true love? http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14223-f4-event-boss-true-love-strikes-harder/
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    Death Adder's Journal

    Note: This is a Staff Controlled Plot Character, not a personal player character. Username: «Death_Adder» Real name: Seiichi Hatanaka Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 178cm Weight: 68kg Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Blue Background Seiichi Hatanaka was born into a wealthy family in Toyko, Japan. His father was a well-established businessman who had little involvement in his son’s upbringing, which was left to his stay-at-home mother. His early childhood was largely uninteresting and uneventful and left him isolated from most social interactions with other children due to his mother’s desire to shelter him for as long as she could. As he aged, it became apparent that the sheltered lifestyle was not for him. He took after his father, and desperately craved what he had been deprived of. With reluctance, Seiichi’s mother enrolled him in a private school. He turned out to be an incredibly bright student that excelled in academics, namely math and its various branches. He proved to be a very sociable child as well and quickly made lots of friends. As he continued to grow, so did the psychopathic tendencies that he had apparently inherited from his father. Of these tendencies, nothing was more apparent than his inclinations toward manipulation. After a minor, childish betrayal between friends, he began to learn how certain methods of manipulation worked on certain personality types. This friend, in particular, responded best with violence, and Seiichi obliged. Throughout his time in school, Seiichi’s ability to manipulate benefited him greatly, and secured him a certain net of safety. He took a liking to video games in his teenage years, namely MMOs and RPGs, where his manipulative nature could be utilized fully. He founded and organized large guilds simply because he enjoyed the aspects of controlling groups of people, which is also where he learned a lot about group organization and how to ensure loyalty and service. As was typical of him, he grew bored of the simplistic nature of the games available to him. His interest was revitalized upon hearing the announcement of the NerveGear and Sword Art Online. Seiichi found it to be an entirely new challenge to undertake and he, with the help of his father’s wealth, jumped on the opportunity. Personality Virtues Charismatic Whatever claims one might lay upon Seiichi’s character, there is an undeniable charm to the way he carries himself. Born with a tongue as silver as the spoon in his mouth, Seiichi is accustomed to getting his way simply with words. They might be threats, implications, or simple charm, but he always gets his way in the end. Ambitious Seiichi is a real go-getter. Having been taught from a young age to take what he wants, he certainly has no qualms about working for it. In his youth, he was often described to be an incessant dreamer with an insatiable hunger for achieving the unachievable. While he may have mellowed out upon progressing into adulthood, remnants of this aspect of his personality remain to help him along his way. Honest Miraculously, Seiichi is not a liar. He prides himself on his honesty and, to a degree, his fairness. If he says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of the promises he makes are completely paragon. A person should simply expect for him to follow through on his word. His honesty often conflicts with his tactfulness, forcing him to prioritize whichever he deems to be more important. Vices Manipulative In the art of manipulation, Seiichi’s skill is unrivaled. His resourcefulness, attention to empathy and detail, lack of adversity toward violence and establishing dominance, as well as his natural leadership skills all lend themselves well to manipulating those around him to his benefit. Some might even go as far as to define his behavior as cruel or borderline psychopathic, yet whatever cruelty he might show is carefully calculated. Selfish At the end of the day, regardless of whatever promises he might give, Seiichi is in it for himself. He has one goal: to survive. When one sees selfishness, they might equate it to greed, which isn’t true in Seiichi’s case. He is surprisingly generous, especially to those in his inner circle, if only to ensure loyalty. There’s nobody that pays better, after all. Violent Seiichi has deep-rooted tendencies for violence. Age has aided him in keeping those tendencies under control, or at the very least to a calculated degree for the most part, but this innate factor of his personality will often shine through. He is not, however, cruel simply for the sake of being so. His cruelty is meticulously premeditated and never enacted without purpose. Statistics Skills 60/450 SP 7/10 Skill Slots Rank 5 - One-Handed Sword Rank 5 - Dual Blades Rank 5 - Light Armour Rank 5 - Battle Healing Rank 5 - Charge Rank 5 - Search and Detect Unranked - Parry -/- Extra Skill Slots Unranked - Disguise Unranked - Survival Rank 3 - Damage Familiar 'Death_Otter' 5/5 Skill Mod Slots Bull Rush Athletics Emergency Recovery Sprint Precision Inventory Weapons (E) Blade of Michael +2 | 1 Absolute Accuracy - 1 Accuracy - 1 Fallen (E) Blade of Lucifer +2 | 1 Phase - 1 Holy - 1 Blight Armour Frosthide Cloak | 2 Evasion - 1 Mitigation (E) Copy of Frosthide Cloak | Vanity Accessories (E) Legacy Charm | 1 Accuracy - 3 Evasion Thread Log
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    The girl's eye's continued to track the field as she watched Macradon make excellent work of the moment to execute the Iron Guardian in her peripheral. As the blade began to rip through the monster a flick of red happened in the distance. The Information Broker action had triggered, the madman making a blitz towards the banner of support like a crazed loot maniac. Vale readied herself shining her right gauntlet as it slight raises, the fist began to glow a vibrant purple. Flicking her eyes back square onto the Information broker who was charging with a dagger ready at full speed toward the Scarlet Templar. Vale unleashed, moving at seemed like teleportation speed. In the blink of an eye, the vision of the information broker was the backside of the knight. Turned into a fist with a full surged All Might empowered strike square to the center of his face. The sheer force behind the punch instantly obliterated the Information Broker into data particles. A serious face stretched across the panther woman, "Not a single person dare harm one of my friends. I won't let anyone take advantage of another ever again. So long as I can still see, I will protect everyone in need." She shouted proudly at the fading mist of data particles that once was the Information Broker. ID: 89230 BD: 3+3=6 (Hit) IB-BD: Negated due to death. Sword art used: All Might - 15x1x19=285 DMG - Health List - [2]<Macradon> 1395/1395 HP || 111 MIT || 13 DMG || 101/138 NRG [0]<Vale> 820/820 HP || 0 MIT || 14(19) DMG || 64/82 NRG (-17 EN + 1 Regen) <Iron Knight> -72/72 HP || 0 MIT || 120 DMG || (Has Bleed[12] and Thorns[12]) (-144 HP) <Iron Knight> -72/72 HP || 0 MIT || 120 DMG || (Has Bleed[12] and Thorns[12]) (-144 HP) <Iron Guardian> -22/225 HP || 0 MIT || 200 DMG || (Has Bleed[12] and Thorns[12]) (-247 HP) <Information Broker> -135/150 HP || 0 MIT || 200 DMG || Paralyze 9-10 (-285 HP)
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    The man had chuckled as he looked forward to Jomei, he had looked back to Ruby crying out pathetically wanting Jomei to just follow what the man had said, he looked back forward and grabbed the tip of his rapier and shoved it down "Your threats mean nothing to me Jomei... but since I am a nice guy, I'll give you one last chance." he had walked over to Telrenya who had been filled with anger and fearful eyes he looked at her closely through his mask, he chuckled. He turned back to Jomei "However you have ticked me off a bit, maybe I'll have to force these answers." he drew his blade, one that looked like it came from hell and pointed it on the bottom of her chin "Tell me Jomei, where exactly is Pierra, Lee, and Lowenthal. How are they doing? Keeping their heads low? Or heads hung high upon a tree?" he had chuckled. He followed up behind "Do you know why I am here Jomei? Do you know why I forced this girl to bring you to me?" he leaned forward and said "Do you hate me Jomei? Do I get under that thin skin of yours?" @Jomei @Telrenya @Spencer
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    She quickly moved to the man, cutting the rope bindings and the man was now free. "Let's go Cassin" She said and man looked curiously at her. "You aren't with the thieves?" She shook her head. "i am my own entity who goes and gets what it wants" The man nodded, reassured now. He spit something out of his mouth sliding it onto his finger. "What's that?" The man would smile and repeat, "It is the reason it took so long for the theives to find me in the first place. It increases both luck and your hiding skill" She thought over this for a second before saying, "Hand it over. It is useful for someone like me" The man glowered at her. "Over my dead body. This is my most valuable possession" Hidden shook her head. "A more valuable possession over your life. You're an NPC and I get my rewards either way" She quickly unsheathed her dagger, darting forward and thrusting her dagger into the man's chest. A fearful pained looked was shown by his face before he burst into pixels, his ring falling to the ground. <<Orange Cursored>> +1 Cassin's Ring
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    Evahira's heavy boot slid against the chamber floor when the first group's tank crashed into her. She braced herself, her expression contorting into one of frustration when Shield called out against the rest of the Council members, goading them on. She struggled for a moment against the force behind their two clashing sheets of metal, but it was when her eyes caught sight of the man's teammates rushing towards her own that she worked to retaliate. "No. No way I'll let you hurt them!" Her low growl turned into a shout. With a large motion, she circled her shield arm around to throw her opponent's defense off of her own. Disengaging herself, Evahira rushed forward just in time to catch the edge of Hirru's sharpened blade against her kiteshield, the emblazoned metal catching the blow that was meant for Isaxi. With one last flourish of his cutlass, Rori's blade also clashed with Hirru's. He wore the same grin all the while, seemingly entertained by the sparks that flew as he kept the Jade Hunter's sword from reaching the robed Elf behind him. He only grimaced slightly when the wide attack swiped across his torso, clipping his waist to leave a thin red gash. Meanwhile, well aware that Hirru's sweeping attack was intended for him, Ratar took a step and a half to distance himself while his left hand hovered beside one of the pouches hanging from his belt. He eyed the initial clash, but his attention was far too late in turning back to the rest of the raid group. First, the samurai's lightning-fast katana. Then, the bite of a spear that lashed out with enough radiant energy to rip his pixels apart. Ratar's red eyes widened as he let out grunt of pain from the onslaught, a cough escaping him while he clutched his side after the attacks has ceased. "Hah!" Beat's taunting was enough for Ratar's haughty expression to return to him, and the Elf sneered back. "You think we'll let you barbaric cretins tear down all that we've built?" He straightened up, bringing his fist up to wipe at a glowing red sliver that decorated his cheek. Isaxi's chin raised, her calm demeanor unchanging. "Very well, then." She replied to the players' outbursts, reaching a hand to pull an elegant rapier from its sheathe. The metal glinted in the light as she took up a battle stance, staring Shield down as his pull at their attention worked its magic. She engaged the tank, thrusting forward with a series of stabs and slashes that bounced back against the protection of his Safeguard. While his commander was locked in combat, Ratar's crimson eyes darted to her opponent as his fingers worked to grasp at the dagger at his side. He ran past the other Council member's scuffle with the green-haired one, rushing to Shield's flank to drive his blade into the man's side. His sneer persisted while he ripped it away again, either ignoring or oblivious to the fresh gashes he earned against the tank's armor as he pulled away, and the damage marker that settled on Shield's avatar festered with a sick, green color. Predicting some sort of surprise from the adventurer as his potent poisons seeped past his defenses, Ratar laughed. "As if your flimsy antidotes could stand up to my creations." Suddenly, after dropping practically to it's halfway point, Ratar's last health bar began to crawl, refilling some of its lost green color. The same happened to Evahira and Rori, whose indicators climbed until they settled back to their full amount. To the right of the engaged group, Durares' lips moved once again, muttering something unintelligible under his breath. In his small hands, the boy now held onto a deck of long cards, shuffling through them with skilled fingers. He stopped, turned over the top card, and a visual effect came to life behind him. A large, super-imposed image of the card flashed behind him, fading away after only a second. The semi-transparent surface depicted a woman in blue and white robes between black and white pillars. The Priestess, to those with a trained eye. Durares continued, paying no mind to the battle around him. He shuffled, drawing the top card again before flicking it away. It broke, dissolving into pixels in the air beside him, and he drew another still. The large, transparent card that flashed behind him this time featured a monster of a man--horned, with dark wings on either of his sides and what looked like the sharp talons of a bird of prey replacing the feet he crouched above. The Devil. Though the card appeared clearly behind his small frame, nothing seemed to come of it. Nothing obvious, at least. But before The Devil's eyes faded from view, a sense of terrible uneasiness washed over @Calrex, @Hikoru, and @Zandra alike. The axe-wielder in particular would feel a tingling, almost a burning sensation dance across her hands, though no damage came to any of them. As Evahira continued to stand her ground against their attackers with a look of determination, golden tendrils shot out from the Elven protector's feet. It looked as though the ground beneath them cracked, a puff of smoke tinted with lustrous yellow rising up before the effect faded away just as quickly as it appeared. Beside each of the Council's third health bar, a new small indicator appeared, as if their HP had been stretched past their normal limits. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday July 18 at 04:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
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    Breaking through the ground level that separates the suffocating Underground from the barren Surface, the players that effectively make up the Frontlines would trek a generous distance over the Kriit Wasteland before they would reach the mountain ranges that housed the entrance of the twenty-third floor's labyrinth. Over the hills and into the mountain peaks where the clouds kiss the earth, the imposing tower that connects this floor with the next stands tall. The Bleakswords that once guarded the labyrinth's entrance have been dispatched, and its walls stand empty and quiet without any resistance to remain between the players and the room that houses the level's boss. Well into the labyrinth, sparks of light come from various torches that line the wall, allowing players to see that the walls are cut as smooth as marble--onyx panes arranged in various heights, following no specific pattern. At the end of the hall stands a set or large iron doors, made of a metal so unnaturally dark that even the flickering flames of the torches beside it seem to have no effect on the abyss-like entryway. Unintelligible whispers in a language unlike one you have heard before could be heard through the crack left in the ajar door. Yet as a hand touches the cold iron of the door's handle, the sounds immediately vanish. An ominous silence settles over the passageway leading to the boss room. Whatever stands on the other side of these tall, dense doors is ready, waiting for the brave fools to enter. OOC All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post. [ Deadline: Saturday July 14th at 5:00 PM PST ]
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    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    The clouds would further darken, only occasionally brightened by a strike of lightning. The temperature would cool fast but it wasn't the cold that would send shivers down the spines of the players. The presence of a malevolent force had arrived, the very essence of evil. Uri Ophir looked to his older brother a final time before moving to the group of Tier one and Two players. "Everyone! Follow me please!" He would lead the players to the front door of the chapel. He would press his hand to the door, the wood cool to the touch. While the malevolence wasn't being radiated from the chapel, an ominous force lied inside. He would bring his right hand to his pocket, his face becoming filled with worry. He took a breath, calming himself. Unlocking the door with a key from his pocket, he lead the players into the first room. The next door was slightly ajar but as they entered it would blast open, revealing the Nave of the Chapel to the players. "Good luck players! Remember, Miraak has been conversing with demons. He is not to be trusted. Do not listen to him, no matter what he offers or says. Work together and remember that you are never alone. The lord is always at your side, even in the darkest of times" He would bow to the players standing before him. He would look back to the chapel, a silent prayer being made for the players safety. He would step out of the players way, returning to the outside and his brothers side. "I hope they can do this, it is all them now..." As the players would enter the nave of the chapel, they would find it in ruin. The once fine wooden seats were now found in scraps in the corner of the room. All that remained was a circle of blood, the altar, and finally the priest himself. Miraak is a well groomed man, his robes clean and his face and body well groomed. He stands before the players at the end of the room, a smile on his face. "Welcome, welcome! It is so great to see that we have a lively audience with us today for our very last sermon" He would smile brilliantly to the players. "No worry, there is room for everyone. I see many of you are quite uptight, calm down! I promise, everything is just fine. Zack and Uri have always been good at making people worry unnecessarily" He would move to stand in front of the altar, a staff with the top of a cross of gold in his hands. All players have 48 Hours to Post before the fight begins. The fight will being Thursday, October 18th at 6:00 P.M CST (No need to Post stats, just join the thread)
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    Let the Beginning of the End commence!
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    A rough storm is approaching! Let's hope the lake will still be navigable. We're about to see some turbulent times! Get your sea legs ready!
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    Colonel Nato

    What does the bull say?

    What does the bull say?
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    The day was dawning as the planned time approached on the 20th floor. The sun arose in the background, giving an eerie glow to the trees that surrounded the entrance to the boss room. Nothing could be seen or heard behind the gates, as it was too dark to be seen, as well as the trees and shrubbery that surrounded the room was far too thick to see through. The gate was made of rough redwood and iron, holding them together and unable to see past it, as it towered above the players, seeming to reach the top of the trees, unable to see the exact point of where the doors stopped near the top. A small breeze blew through the area, the leaves of all the plants rustling, giving an ominous sound that set the tone for the boss fight. No music could be heard, and their probably wouldn't be any as the doors had not yet opened. Soon there was a large gust of wind coming from behind the door as the boss awoke from its slumber. the gates groaned against the large gusts, seeming to give way little by little. The gusts intensified and the doors gave more and more. There wouldn't be much time until the doors opened and the boss fight would begin. OOC All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post. Remember to adhere to the current PK/PvP Rules.
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    Fools... You DARE mess with the mighty Tesseleth? Your time in this world is at an end.... The Day of Reckoning has just begun...