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  1. Have you ever wanted to help develop or moderate a Role-Play site based on your favorite anime? Maybe favorite isn't the right word for most people because let's be real, the best version of this anime is easily the Abridged series by Something Witty Entertainment. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the SAO-RPG Staff team is always looking for more staff. We have a variety of staff teams that you can apply for (Player Support Team, Floor Development Team, Systems Development Team). We also have a Minecraft Server in development that will be based on the content found on our site. If you are interested in that sort of thing then we have a position for you (Minecraft Game Master, Minecraft Moderator). There are some requirements that should be met but upholding those requirements are at staff discretion SAO-RPG Site Staff Minecraft Server Staff If you wish to apply for staff, please read this thread to find out how to apply! If you are still interested in joining staff but want to know more information, please read the above linked thread or message a member of staff and we will try to answer your questions. Hope to see you all around! - Shark
  2. Site Staff Minecraft Staff
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    Notable Donors!

    Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row Teayre Nezumi Snow Oscar Zandra Kityuisa Alec Alice Alkor Atzo Azhoda Azrael Bahr Baldur Black Dominion Ignavus_veneficus Lee Lessa Life Mack Macradon Morgenstern Morningstar Mortambo Nocturn Persephone Piera Pinball Rosary Ruus Sarial Hawke Sey Stryder Titan Tricolor_Mina Unyeilding Zajcica Kiluia Seiko To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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    The Sword Art Podcast 6th episode in the 6th Season! Join us as we wrap up the Sixth season of the podcast, discuss up and coming news and the future plans for the site as well as player adventures in the community! Ft. Special guests: @Oscar, @Macradon Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Hikoru Special Guest: @Oscar, @Macradon
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    The Sword Art Podcast returns from the Holiday break with the 5th episode in the 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as player adventures in the community! Ft. Special guest: Lessa! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Hikoru Special Guest: @Lessa
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6 Ep 4

    The Sword Art Podcast 4th episode in the 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as player adventures in the community! Ft. Special guest: Oscar! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Hikoru Special Guest: @Oscar
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    3.0 and all its information!

    Check out the latest information for 3.0!!! Give us your feedback! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TjXmiFEH8mBiL3fM5ygjmogs4Eq8oKCp-v9rmXf8Fm8/edit?usp=sharing Note from the team: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-qQUKNBp-mHhKeb6gl2kQbcL5QcBnSQmiw39_FL72tw/edit?usp=sharing
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6 Ep 3

    The Sword Art Podcast 3rd episode in the 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as player adventures in the community! Ft. Special guest: Mina! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Hikoru Special Guest: @tricolor_mina
  9. Podcast at 10 AM CST tomorrow! See you there!

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    SAO Abridged Parody

    Episode 14 just dropped and is pretty great!!
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    The Sword Art Podcast 2nd episode in the 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as player adventures in the community! Ft. Special guest: Bahr! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Hikoru Special Guest: @Bahr
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    Floor Descriptions

    Floor 11 The settlement of <Taft> Description --Formed around the very image of a southern European city. This settlement is the main city of floor eleven. With stone floor streets that decorate the ground, while the upper housing area suspends over the terra firma. Taft is is populated by many NPC’s and different sizes of buildings. In the middle of the settlement a Cathedral is found. A massive building with high ceilings and decorative stain glass windows and huge iron doors. The Cathedral, overlooks the teleportation plaza and is usually the point of meeting for all travelers as well as players, as well as a large fountain. Unlike the last ten settlements, Taft works in mysterious ways. Every four hours the Cathedral chimes its bell and the sun changes position. As light passes through the stained glass, it leaves colored patterns on the grounds surrounding the Cathedral which give clues and directions to mysterious locations on the floor. Buildings of different sizes can be found throughout the settlement, though their architecture remains the same. The streets are surrounded by two story structures tightly packed with no room between. The city also has a drain running under a bridge somewhat far away from the main street, that connects to the Gate that leads out toward the surrounding mountains and forests. Combat Areas and Endemic Monsters: --The forest that spreads outward from the city is filled with holes where monstrous antmen come up to attack players. Crossing the forest, hidden in the mountains are four cave dungeons, one of which leads to the boss room. Be wary as you travel through these twisting mazes of the ants nest as the further you delve, the stronger the hive will respond to those who dare to clear out the passage of floor eleven. Floor 12 The settlement <Lazaro> Description --This river town is constructed of wooden houses on stilts above the swamp water below. These single level huts and two story stilt homes form a network of structures making the town. Flat bottom boats and canoes travel the canals between buildings providing a quick way through town. In the center of the canal like street network is a large plantation house with lanterns on poles surrounding it. The main floor of this building has the teleportation plaza. The city is surrounded by a haggard fence that forms the cities barriers. Lines with weeping willows that send ominous shadows over the homes. At night the city is dimly lit by candles and torches with the sounds of owls in the trees. Combat Areas and Endemic Monsters: --The floor itself carries the colors of dark green moss, murky muddy waters that hide the swimming catfish monsters from the normal eye. The skies are painted a crimson orange with blue airwaves that change colors as the sun sets. On rare occasions, the climate will drastically change to one of hurricane winds and rains that brings out floods through all of the marshes. This becomes a hazard for parties seeing as most of the aquatic beasts now go where land was but is now covered in water. --Alligators --Zambies (Deer-Zombies <<Floor 13>> The result of a terrible corruption that had almost taken over the entire floor save for the small settlement of <<Angel's Point>>. A corruption spread across the land, eating away at the minds of those that it infected. After the brave actions of players, the last piece of humanity was saved and the land began to restore itself, though not in full. While pieces of life spread throughout the land, the corruption still held strong despite the purification of the angel. While much of the floor remains dead, patches of life have returned. This life is stable, having grown resistant against the corruption. The floor itself is rather bare, save for grass and trees that are found to be growing. While there are only two settlements on the entire floor, it is obvious that there were more once upon a time. There are several desolated cities much larger in size than angel's point. In the unpopulated areas of the floor, the diseased run rampant. These diseased used to be most of the race of humanity, but corruption has seized their minds, turning them into soulless monsters. They are found running the empty areas or inside many of the abandoned buildings in desolated cities. Seasons: Spring, Autumn Temperature: 10-20°C Weather: Foggy Main Settlement: «Angel's Point» The very last settlement of a dying race. It was here where humanity made its last stand and held its ground. It seemed as if those that gathered here were protected from the corruption that never breached its gates. It is a smaller settlement, holding up to about 200 NPC's. Each building within the town has large glass stained windows, each depicting a group of people reaching up towards a light while shadows from below tried pulling them down into the darkness below. In the center of Angel's Point lies a massive Chapel with no glass windows. While players have no access to this chapel, NPC's are regularly seen going within it every six hours, excluding Midnight. If asked why they pray so much, the NPC's will explain to them that it is just the way it is. On a very rare occasion, one of the priests, Zack Orphir, Uri Orphir, or Miraak Prodigus, can be found roaming the city. The people and priests are very kind and humble. Sub-Settlement: «Breath of Life» A settlement created after much of the world was cleansed. A large group of NPC's moved out of Angel's Point in search of new land. Quickly, they found just the spot and made a settlement out of it. While it is no where as big or advanced as Angel's Point, but it is still fully functionable. Their buildings are circular, small, and made of wood. While they don't go to a chapel to pray, at least once per day every NPC is in their house praying. Points of Interest: «Demon's End» The desolated remains of the largest settlement on Floor 13. The corruption is widespread here, the Diseased infesting the area. With the corruption so strong, many refrain from going to deep. The more corruption, the more chance of an unwanted foe. Players may enter several buildings and explore the ruins of houses, but must be careful as not to be surrounded by diseased. Quests <<Cleansing the Corruption>> Floor 14 This floor is a dark, rocky wasteland surrounded by colossal mountains that are supposedly unable to be scaled. Gigantic shards of stone and seemingly bottomless ravines litter the landscape, which makes traversing the 500 square kilometer floor a lengthy and treacherous task. The prime attraction of the floor is the massive castle known as "Blackwatch" carved into a large cliff in the middle of the floor. The skies are always cloudy and grey, occasionally illuminated by lightning but it never rains. The air is incredibly dry and very warm. Stonewall Stonewall is the main settlement for Floor 14. The settlement itself is incredibly underwhelming, and takes on the appearance of a war camp. Tents and temporary looking buildings cover a 200 square meter area. The inhabitants of this settlement are all human NPCs, and all wearing heavy armour and dark green cloaks. They speak at length of the castle Blackwatch whenever its inquired about, and share information about its history and current state of ruin. Other Locations: Castle Blackwatch is the main attraction of Floor 14. The massive stone building is carved directly into the face of a mountain, and its halls eventually turn to caves the further one progresses inside. The architecture, rumoured to have been beautiful and grand at one time, has suffered from time and fallen into ruin. The inhabitants were once known as the "Green Cloaks", but much like the castle itself, they have also fallen into ruin. Undead monsters roam the halls, wearing the tattered remains of the one famous Green Cloaks. Monsters Bone Knight Skeletal Skirmisher Undead Champion Floor 15 Floor 15 is a gloomy, dark and intimidating giant forest that spans throughout the entire floor. A feeling of being watched is constant on this floor and a never ending fog hangs at foot length, hiding whatever may be crawling under one's feet. The floor seems to be trapped in an endless darkness due to its colossal trees covering the sun almost entirely. The main settlement in the 15th floor is <<Kachirho>>, a village of barbarian like humans that spans over the majority of the tree tops which can only be accessed via the rope elevators located throughout the floor. <<Kachirho>> The 15th floor's main settlement, Kachirho is an impressive and large village on the tree tops that covers the majority of the floor. The inhabitants have used the environment to create it, the trees and their produce being their main source of materials. The people of Kachirho are barbaric humans who dress in a primal style of clothing. In order to enter the village one must use the rope elevators to go up to the safe zone. Monsters Insects Serpents And other animals one finds in forests, but of a larger than normal size Floor 16 Floor 16 can be described as a volcanic island floor where water surrounds everything. Though there are small islands dotting the mass amounts of water, there are only two known settlements on the floor. The island itself is covered in forest, but there is an area that is notorious for being more daunting than the rest. Main settlement: Zugaikotsushima [phonetic: Zoo-guy-coat-sue-shima] : A large old antediluvian village. Primitive in look and design, the village is styled with stores and living huts made from animal hide and bones/wooden poles. The native NPCs speak a foreign language, though due to the translative feature in-game, they can be understood. Other settlements/areas: Forest of Haunting Echoes: A thicket of woods that hosts Ravagers and various other mobs that are not to be taken lightly. Screams are said to be heard on a nightly basis from those who have ventured in during the blanket of darkness. Oceanus: Small sized town made up of the same type of huts as Zugaikotsushima that rest on the ocean banks Eastmost of the island. Mobs: Raiding Ravagers: Human like cave men who can wield weapons. They are known for their smell of earth and decay. Gruesome Gorillas: Gorilla like creatures that stalk the Forest of Haunting Echoes. They usually travel in troops of 3 or more. Killer Krocs: Crocodile type creatures found along the sea borders of the islands. Floor 17 Floor Seventeen is an Ancient Greece themed floor. There are two main settlements on the floor, Athenaia and Spartaia with the smaller towns of Corinthia and Larissa also to be found on the floor. Each of the two main settlements is a large size city, slightly smaller than the Town of Beginnings, with Athenaia being surrounding by imposing stone walls made of white marble while Spartaia is without any noticeable walls or boundaries other than the in ground marker denoting the space that is a safe-zone within the town from the space that isn't. Both settlements are constructed of marble buildings in various colors, though white marble dominates Athenaia while red marble is the predominant feature of Spartaia. The floor itself is rugged and mountainous, some of the mountains being nearly impassable and, far in the north of the floor lies a narrow valley gorge that leads to the staircase that will take players up to the Eighteenth Floor. The Floor Boss waits at the entrance to the gorge to deal with any players foolish enough to challenge him. Main Settlements: Athenaia & Spartaia Each of these settlements is constructed, primarily, from marble with most of the buildings having tiled roofs. The portal plaza is located in the center of Athenaia, which is largely constructed of while marble though other colors can be found. Spartaia is slightly smaller than Athenaia and, typically, buildings in Spartaia are made of red marble though, again, other colors may be found. Spartaia is located in the northwest of the floor while Athenaia is in the far southeast. Sub-Settlements: Corinthia & Larissa Each of these settlements is constructed, primarily, from marble (a goldish tinge for Corinthia and a greenish tinge for Larissa) with most of the buildings having tiled roofs. They, essentially, look like considerably smaller versions of the settlements of Athenaia and Spartaia. Corinthia is located in the exact middle of the floor while Larissa is to the far west. Notable Locations: Nimean Plain The Nimean Plain is said to be the home of a fabulous feline with a nigh impenetrable hide leaving it almost completely impervious to harm. Located in the easternmost reaches of the eighteenth floor, players are warned to avoid the area and the dangerous lionesses that prowl there. Mt. Olympia Rumored to be the home of god-like mobs that may or may not be willing to aid the players. It is best not to anger them, if indeed they do exist. Located in the northeast corner of the floor at the very edge of the boundary. Mobs: Armored Soldiers: The primary mobs on the floor, in addition to basic wildlife such as deer, wolves, foxes, etc. These soldiers wear heavy bronze and leather armor and carry large round bronze shields and, typically, either one-handed spears or one-handed straight swords. They have twice the normal Floor Strength Mitigation. Nimean Lionesses: Enormous, and highly agile, lionesses with razor sharp fangs and claws. They are HIGHLY adept at hunting players. Nimean Lionesses have 5 times the standard Floor Strength Mitigation and they have +2 Evasion, +1 Accuracy. They are ONLY found on the Nimean Plain. Standard Wildlife: Bears, foxes, wolves, boars, deer, sheep, etc. They are standard floor strength mobs, nothing special there. Floor 18 consists of a massive mire with small patches of overgrown and muddy ground dotting the landscape. Birch trees are a common sight throughout the floor, as well as large spans of flooded deciduous forests. Bridges are seldom found, and those rare few that do provide momentary relief from the knee deep water are typically rotted or falling apart. The only stone bridge, named «Eriwald's Crossing», allows players to enter and leave the main settlement of «Eriwald» without having to ford the floor's largest river, which surrounds the settlement itself. In the more shallow areas of the floor, thin-diameter foot bridges less than a foot wide can be used instead of wading through the mire. The sun is rarely seen on Floor 18, as the skies are typically in perpetual overcast. Settlements «Eriwald» «Serpent's Pitch» «Eriwald» is the main settlement of Floor 18, set atop a particularly murky portion of the mire. The buildings are suspended above the water on wooden stilts, forcing players to navigate the settlement via raised plank bridges and boardwalks. «Eriwald» consists of about twenty five buildings, making it one of the smallest main settlements of Aincrad thus far. It offers only a few services to players, including one tavern and a smithy that only offers a repair service. «Serpent's Pitch» is a secondary settlement on Floor 18, and also the only other settlement. Located in the thickest portion of the flooded forest on one of the few dry patches of land, «Serpent's Pitch» is less of a town and more of a large camp. Tents cover the fifty square feet of dry land, and offer the players the only location to rent a place to stay for the night. Eight private tents are rent-able to players, and other commodities include a long tent used as a mess hall, a general item shop for trade, and an armor shop. Floor 19 Description: Remnants of an ancient human civilization are littered throughout the floor, including what used to be a massive city almost the size of the Starting City in the middle of the floor. Unlike other ruins in the castle so far, this one seems to have been mostly reclaimed by nature. The massive stone walls and buildings have tumbled down more due to time than battle, and trees grow up through the middle of buildings, and vines crawl up battlements of rain and wind worn stone. The rest of the floor seems to be rolling hills and wide open fields with intermittent forests and rivers, all of which lead to the massive ravine. A gash in the floor that opens to the one below, and is crossable only by one giant, long, ornate stone bridge that is at middling repair at best. The main settlement of Ralberg sits at the edge of the floor, with the ravine on one side and the edge of the floor on the other. Floor 19 is also the tallest floor to date, with a small mountain range on the opposite side of Ralberg, and where a lonely lookout tower can be seen overlooking the whole floor. The floor itself seems to be stuck in some sort of perpetual autumn, with all but the perennial trees having mostly lost their multi-color leaves. The air is sharp and cool without being chilly, and the NPC villagers seem to be harvesting food in the farmlands surrounding Ralberg. Main Settlements: Ralberg - A settlement on the edge of The Ravine, a section of the floor were Aincrad gives way to the floor below. In contrast to the giant city ruins in the center of the floor, Ralberg seems to be more provincial, as if it were some country city that the rich elite would retire to for a relaxing weekend. The buildings are fancy, but not grandiose, and the city is rich with amenities, gardens, and fountains. Sub-Settlements: The Last Tower: The settlement closest to the labyrinth, The Last Tower is a small village grown around the ruins of a once proud watchtower. Players can still climb most of this tower, and are treated to a wondrous view of the entire floor. Only a single inn with a handfull of rooms settles in this town, with a couple of modest traders. The NPC villagers seem to be mostly ranchers, herding their small number of animals through the mountains that surround them. Notable Locations: Hill of the Cross (canon): In one of the smaller autumn forests at the top of a hill is a unique tree, dead and bereft of leaves, it stands in the shape of a cross at the center of a small glade. As soon as players enter the glade, the music changes to something more haunting. Not scary, but a melody that evokes bittersweet nostalgia of friends long past, and a single weather worn tombstone stands at the base of the tree, so worn by time that its words are unreadable. The Ravine: From the edge of the floor to almost the walls of the massive city ruins at the heart, the Ravine exposes a section of the floor below, as if some part of Aincrad had been worn away through time and erosion. The slice of earth reveals that it was at some point a great canyon, before this disc of land was lifted into the castle. A once fabulous and ornate bridge crosses the huge span, something that at first glance seems impossible for the bridge to do without supports, but now seems itself to be losing the battle to time, however it is the only way to navigate to the The Last Tower without circumnavigating the entire floor. Mobs: Cursed Fauna: The plains are inhabited by many animals that seem natural, but seem to be some mix of stone and plant life. They closely resemble animals from the real world, things you would normally see in nature, but instead have bones of stone and skin of grass and vine. These beasts often run in herds, and while in the plains take the temperament of kinder animals such as horse, and bison, the mountains are stalked by packs of wolves and lions. The Forgotten: Humanlike denizens of the time forgotten, labyrinth like city at the heart of the floor. They do not speak, even to eachotheach othereem to have antler like horns growing from their heads, and hair mingled with leaves as well as rough, stony skin, as if they were in the midst of the same transformation the beasts of the field were in. They wear tattered remains of what was once fine, tribal clothing, and wield blades of wood with sharp, obsidian like teeth. Standard Wildlife: It seems the only creatures to escape the transformation are the birds, small creatures who flit about and fill the otherwise barren floor with their peaceful songs. (Image Inspirations)
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6!

    Hello my fellow Aincradians! It's that time of the year for the Podcast Series. The return of the podcast for the 6th season has been set! We have some new graphics as well as a new and improved signup method! The Co-Host has not yet been set in stone but will be soon enough. This season, we are trying something new. The Special Guest spots will be officially open to the public! If you are interested in being a special guest, please fill out the form below. The sign-ups are open for the ENTIRE community (Staff and general public alike). Season 6 of the Sword Art Podcast returns on Sept. 7th @ 10 AM CST! If you any questions, please contact me and I can get you the answers you seek. See you guys on the 7th over on our Twitch channel!
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6!

    Looking for a special guest for next months episode. Sign up if you are interested! Sign up sheet is above.
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6!

    The Co-Host for Season 6 has been selected! Your 2019 Sword Art Podcast Co-Host is... @Hikoru The 1st special Guest is @Hazado If you are interested in being a special guest, please fill out the sign-up sheet above!
  16. Hello all! It has come to staff's attention that there are a lot of questionable and unwritten rules. We are working hard to try and get those added into the system. Here are a list of rules that have been found to be unwritten. If you have questions regarding these types of rules, please see this guide that was created by our Player Support Team: The PST Playbook If you think we are missing some things or you think there is an unwritten rule that needs to be added, enter a submission with the link below: SAO-RPG Errata Submission Thank you to our Player Support Team for creating these informational guides! If you have any questions, please reach out to a PST and they will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.
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    Sword Art Online Podcast Season 6

    The Sword Art Podcast returns with its 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as recap everything that happened since the last episode. Ft. Special guest: TBA Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: TBD Special Guest: TBA
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    SAO Podcast

    Hello SAO players. Erron and I will be doing podcast every week about all thing SAO related such as current gossip, trends, announcements, latest news, and much more. We will have a different player each week. Download and subscribe to the podcast here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sword-art-podcast/id843641559 *Players on the show need to have a mic in order to participate* Send me a PM if you would like to be a part of the podcast. This week, Erron is not available due to his work schedule. The first podcast will take place next week. Stay tuned for more info.
  19. It was a beautiful sunny day on the 2nd floor in the main settlement of Urbus. Since Shark has just come out of hiding, he thought that he better become more acquainted with the locals to restore his once renowned image. The first pub that caught his attention was called The Rusty Dagger. "That seems like a good place to start". Shark said as he opened his menu and navigated to the Messages menu. Shark started to compose a message to Ryu, his soon to be official Grand Commander of the guild. Shark hit sent and began walking towards the pub. When he got outside the door, he opened his inventory and pulled out a guild recruitment flyer that Ryu had made. The blue-haired swordsman posted the flyer to the door and then entered the building. He walked up to the bar and found a seat. He motioned the barkeep for a drink and waited patiently for his best friend to show up. @RyujinSeaLord
  20. After the conclusion of the first match, Shark walked out to the center of the group. The blue-haired man looked at Mina, “Congrats Mina on being accepted to the guild!” Shark said with a smile on his face while clapping to applaud the well fought battle. Shark looked around for his buddy but could not find him moments after the fight. “Well, because Grand Commander Ryu is no where to be found, @Hikoru will take over the trials.” The blue-haired man said to the group while motioning for Hikoru to take center stage. Shark walked over to Hik, “Have fun with this.” He said while walking back to his place on the side. Before walking too far, Shark turned around and looked back at the man, “Oh, try to give them a fighting chance.” He said while walking away and chuckling. “Alright, who’s next?” He said as he motioned for the next combatant to step forward.
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    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Amidst the battle with the kobolds, Ryu made a joke at how Shark is the one being encouraging despite the floor 11 fiasco that cause him to go into hiding for 2 years. The blue-haired man couldn’t help but laugh at what his buddy said about that raid. “Yea, yea, yeah.” He said, followed by a soft chuckle while a smile came across his face. His friend was right. Shark began to think about the alternative to the raid had he not vanished to hiding right after the raid. At that moment, Shark realized that the current threat was the monsters in front of him. Ryu edged Shark on a bit with telling him they would split the reward if Shark tries out some higher-level sword skills. “As you wish!” Shark said as his blade turned a dark red. ID# 114387 BD: 4 + 2 (ACC) = 6 HIT 7 DMG Base (x9) = 63 DMG Dealt | MD: 8 – 1 EVA = 7 (Hit) = 104 – 18 (Mit) – 18 (Mit) – 12 (Mit HA) – 8 Mit (Block) = 48 DMG Taken (+9 Thorn DMG to Kobold 1) ID# 114388 BD 8 HIT (x9) = 63 DMG Dealt (+1 Bleed) MD = 6 -1 (EVA) = MISS Shark’s sword began to activate the AoE attack Shadow Explosion as the swordsman swung his blade around his body, making a ring of energy. “You’re mine!” Shark yelled as he finished up preparing the attack. The energy built up and exploded away from shark and towards the Kobolds. The attack struck each monster and forced the first Kobold off its feet but the second one remained standing. Moments after the first kobold returned to its feet, it launched an attack at the blue-haired swordsman. Shark moved his shield to block the attack and was able to remain standing but found himself next to Ryu. Shark turned and looked to his friend, “Hey bud. Come here often?” He said with a chuckle as the second kobold moved to attack but tripped over its own feet. “Haha! Looks like that one had too much to drink… an Energy drink that is.” Shark said to his best friend while pointing at his sword. “Get it?” He laughed as he prepared for the next attack. “You can finish the first one off with the next attack!” Shark encouraged his buddy. @RyujinSeaLord Ryu HP: 680/680 EP: 52/68 (2 hate) Shark HP: 438/580 EP: 42/58 (2/1 hate) _____________VS____________________ Kobold 1 HP 78/340 Kobold 2 HP 164/340 (Bleed – Did not yet add)
  22. Hey Players!!

    The Sword Art Podcast is starting in about 30 mins!


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    [F05] Butcher of the Sands

    While wondering around the 3rd floor, Shark received a notification pop up on his screen. Only one person has been sending him messages, so he knew exactly who it was. “Man, what does this kid want now?” He said to himself while touching the messages icon. The message was saying to come to the 5th floor just at the edge of town. Shark pulled up his friends list to see where Ryu was on the map. Shark made his way to the teleport gate and activated it to go to the 5th floor. Upon arriving to the floor, he began heading to the spot of Ryu’s last location. Shark began to think, I wonder what kind of adventure we are going on. Are any possible guild members going to be there? The blue-haired man finally made it to the location and saw his best friend waiting for him. “Hey bud. I Have arrived.” He said, right before noticing 2 other players that he had not met before. “Hello there friends.” He said with a friendly smile on his face. “The name is Shark and it’s a pleasure to meet you both” The man said as he moved closer to his buddy. @RyujinSeaLord @Dustin @Sey
  24. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    The Kobolds were starting to lose the power they started with. With Shark landing his last, and first, attack, it left him feeling really good getting back into the swing of things. He noticed that Ryu had missed both attacks he tried to make, “Don’t worry bud. I’ve been there. You’ll be alright.” The blue-haired man said as he readied his sword and shield for the next attack. A serious look came across Shark’s face, “Now… Let’s kick some Kobold a$$!” Shark said while he charged his sword a deep red color. ID# 114075 BD = 2 [+2 for Gauntlets] BD = 4 (MISS) MD 6 = 104 – 56 (Mit) = 48 DMG taken ID# 114076 MD = 4 (MISS) Shark felt more comfortable for this attack and moved to start the motion. Shark launched towards the Kobold, but the monster managed to dodge the attack. Right after the Kobold evaded the attack, it took a swing at the swordsman and launched him back to where he started. Shark managed to land on his feet this time around but could still feel the counter attack by the Kobold. The other Kobold moved to attack but stepped on its own foot and fell flat on its face. “Heh, see buddy, even they can fail at this. Relax and bounce back! Let’s get ‘em!” Shark said as he moved up next to his friend and prepared for what was to come. @RyujinSeaLord Ryu HP: 680/680 EP: 64/68 Shark HP: 438/580 EP: 52/58 _____________VS____________________ Kobold 1 HP 250/340 (1 Turns Bleed) Kobold 2 HP 331/340
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