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  1. What if I were to reveal mine own face?

    1. Brayden


      That'd be scary. But not scarier than mine!

    2. Tyrius


      My face is beautiful, thank you. And your face is beautiful too.

  2. Tyrius is a singer, sweet.

  3. Wynter, what song?

    1. Tyrius


      Never mind. My choice.

  4. "You can see God when I take my mask off." I friggen love Hollywood Undead.

  5. You're gonna go far kid.

    1. Pyro


      Great song~ <3

  6. Is thinking. Maybe Tyrius could be that guy who sings the worst songs at the worst times.

  7. I wanna put my tender heart in a blender and watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion.

    1. Kiru


      Well, that happened.

    2. Tyrius


      Inside Out by Eve 6.

  8. I say to my buddy, "You are driving down the street when you see a stop sign. As you stop, you see a hammer lying on the ground next to the sign. When you finally start driving again, you see a tower in the distance with a clock on it. What is the first thing you think of?" And guess what he responds with? He said, "I think penis."

    1. Lessa
    2. Kingpin



      Hammer time.

      In case it wasn't obvious.

  9. I really feel like crap when I look at what I got my 1 reputation from, and it is a horrible incest joke. What am I to become?

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    2. London


      If I recalled correctly, he died.(In rp)

    3. Sir Alonne

      Sir Alonne

      Yes he did, but lets leave that in the past.

    4. London


      Agreed. I didn't know Argumail but from what I heard he attempted to kill innocent players that stood no chance. I won't go on into the subject, best leave things like that in the past.

  10. Has anyone else noticed that a common way for our characters to meet is to run into eachother, literally.

    1. Kiru


      Yes. That's how Keith and Kiru met.

    2. London


      I've noticed that too...If we all make it out of this world alive without concussions or serve brain damage it'll be a miracle.

    3. Kiru


      ^ Omg so true

  11. Huh? Esdeath is back. Tatsumi nooooooo!

    1. Kiru



    2. Tyrius


      No, I'm just progressing through what is already there.

  12. Keep it together Wave, they're all weird, but not you.

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    2. Kiru


      Akame ga kill?!

    3. Tyrius


      Yes, I just started watching a couple days ago. Where did Esdeath get the collar? Where in her breasts did she get the collar?

    4. Kiru


      XD omg haha same! Tatsumiiiiiiiiii

  13. I wish Santa would give me something other than coal. A lump of dirt, maybe... or quartz...

  14. Well, I'm reading Mari's topic on how to make posts better, and now I feel like I don't do enough. Gotta try harder when I roleplay...

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    2. Sousuke


      that's why you need to learn the time and place to add details

    3. Mari


      It's all about practise if you want help I am happy to offer it, I am by no means the best RPer around but still the offer is there

    4. Tyrius


      Mari, you may not be THE best, but you are close enough.

  15. I keep hearing Kefka's theme and laughter from Final Fantasy 6... I feel haunted.