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      the issue is me! I am so sorry Ixyt. You are my next priority. I will stay up all night to finish it with you.

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    Ixyt Jasper Journal

    «Ixyt Jasper» Profile » Username: ixyt » Real name: albero » Age: 17 » Gender: male » Height:170 cm » About: found ot about the game thanks to a beta tester, buy it when it came out, his parents love videogames ,and they where going to play to, but they had work so they didnt enter to sao. he lives in the tundra woods, where he passes allot of time gaming and taking care of plants, but if he isnt a t home he is at the woods seeing the animals and familiarizing with them » Virtues: kind heart: ixyt love people and any other living thing on the world, he will protect everyone and will always help who needs help with anything they need. sometimes this will interfere with some of his personal achievements. he will never hurt anyone for his own good, sometimes not even give the last blow to monsters unles he is in a solo fight. peacefull: he is a peacefull guy with everyone, and will try to resolve everything with words, but if he cant resolve them on that way he will fight with everythinghe has. he will never hurt an animal or a plant unless his life counts with it. You can find him normally laying on a tree, or on the snow enjoing the snow, sometimes he can be really easygoing but he knows when to be and when not to be. visualicer: ixyt will neve rmiss any detail about anything, and has a perfect memory.if there is a missing detail, or a glitch feature he will found out, and will use that glitch at his advantache. even if it is a flaw that will make him pass a wall or to find imvisible walls to help him ambush the monsters. he can deect in an animal is near, or if someone is listening, he is also able to detect more easily if there is something hidden. » Flaws: Reference: antisocial: he normaly dont talk to people, he prefers to be with familiars or alone on the woods, but he dont have problems to be with people, but he prefers being with animals. He is usually shy when being with people, but he wont be if he trusts them, the way he trusts in people is when people helps or trust on him. inner animal: he always is intense on all the things he does, even on fighting. this will sometimes make him lose controll on a fight, or to ignore completely the plan, he will never atack one of his team members,whenever he is in battle he wont stop untill the enemy is death or the battle is over, and still he will want more fight. he will sometimes act like an animal, being sharp with people or simply have animal manners. sarchastic: normally will always talk sarchastically, but there are moments when he doesnt. it will be dificult to know whenever he is sarchastic or not because of wis way of sarchasm. his voice is deep but really sarchastic. whenever he is being really sarchastic his nosetrills open, he will never be sarchastic to hurts anyone feelings. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » search and detect lv 1 Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: »one-handed rapier / 10 bread, 15 water, cloth clothing