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  1. Prostatis

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    It was uncommon for Prostatis to come out of his little hidey-hole and now he was being asked by a girl to buy her an item. Not even use his own Col (which to be fair would have been no where near enough), but just to act as her proxy. However, Prostatis wasn’t one to mind. After all, the only con is that he would no longer be able to buy an item for himself, which he was not planning on doing anyways. Prostatis simply nodded his head in return to the panicked girl and went up to Benny. “Hi, can I get a Truelight Lantern.” The boy took note on how his own voice sounded after not speaking for what seemed like years. Prostatis walked up to the girl and gave her the lantern before heading off to an opposite corner of the plaza. So that’s what I sound like. « Traded 10k Col for One Truelight Lantern » « Offered Truelight Lantern to @Ayano Tateyama »
  2. I swear if this character doesn't die I'm going to be mad. Mad like crazy, crazier than mad.

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    2. Rag


      I will kill you. Free of charge. Only price is you have to already be a red player.

    3. Teayre


      Bring it Rag. ^^

    4. Rag


      I will destroy you. :) lol. But when Rags am strong enough Rags probably will go after you so. Watch your back. Lol

  3. I'm so confused right now... Is there any more signatures and does it still say the level of the user? I'm on a phone currently so if that affects anything, let me know.

    1. Takao


      There are still signatures. The mobile version just doesn't show them, probably. The desktop version still displays the user's level too, yeah.

    2. Prostatis


      Thanks. I just found out I have to go to a profile in order to find out their level for mobile. I'll just wait for access to a PC.

  4. Back from finished procrastinated summer assignments and stabilizing AP classwork. Hopefully they don't spring another surprise on me.

  5. Straightened everything out in real life and hopefully nothing else pops up that makes me become inactive!

  6. Anyone else in America who doesn't celebrate the Fourth of July?

    1. Zadkiel


      I would celebrate it, only if you were by my side

  7. I am back home at SD... The perfect weather capital of the world as long as you get used to it. The state whose amusement parks like Disneyland were stolen from Florida. Thank you.

  8. I was looking at an old OOC thread and thought someone had the same ideas as me, but it turned out to be Axios...

  9. I'm back! Well, mostly at least.

    1. Prostatis


      Other than the next floor group being accessed, what has happened since then?

    2. Sir Alonne

      Sir Alonne

      Well I popped back into the picture once again as I was on Vacation.

    3. Jomei
  10. Cruise wifi won't work. I tested it out so I will be gone for the next few days.

  11. Might disappear off the face of the Earth for the next few days. So feel free to skip me if not responding in 12 hours.

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    2. Prostatis


      xD. I needed tea (yes I don't like coffee) so I couldn't think of a way to say it so I said that. Probably should've stayed that I'm probably going to be with no wifi due to being in the middle of the ocean.

    3. Jomei


      Hopefully you're gonna be in the middle of the ocean for good reasons.. on land for that matter xD Have fun!

    4. Zelrius
  12. I wonder if it'd be hard to RP as someone who's a different sex/gender.

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    2. Oikawa
    3. Zelrius
    4. Kiru


      It's a little challenging if you keep using the wrong pronouns in your writing lol

  13. No más de el "Butter Beer" por favor.

  14. Hate thunderstorms. I'd rather have an earthquake. West coast > east coast. Me no likey storms while not inside the room/house. D: save me

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    2. Prostatis


      That doesn't help if lightning just struck the tree right next to you.

    3. Kyaba Ishyama

      Kyaba Ishyama

      ARE YOU FRICKIN SERIOUS! well lighnting only strikes once in a place. *watches it strike the tree again* Nevermind you dead man XD

    4. Prostatis


      Yes. I've also experienced lightning hitting water now. I'm lucky that I was in an all metal car with rubber tires.

  15. I was scared of dentists and the dark. I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations. Oh, all my friends are turning green.

    1. Ssendom


      You're the magician assistant in their dreams. OoooOoooooOoooh, OoooooOh, And they come unstuck!

    2. Prostatis


      Lady running down to the riptide. Taken away to the dark side. I wanna be your left hand man. (You get an OOC voucher for a hug).

    3. Ssendom


      (Redeems OOC Hug) I love you when you're singing that song and

      I got a lump in my throat because

      You're gonna sing the words wrong