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  1. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    After catching her breath, and calming herself down a bit, she heard the snorts of another boar pup nearby. Her head shifted quickly, and yellow eyes glared at her new target. She rose up to her full height and stormed her way over to the small, defenseless monster. "I swear.. if you don't drop the tusk.. then I'm gonna.." Raising her sword up high over her head, Jevi straight down. Due to her blinding rage, she miscalculated, and the sharp edge of her blade cut into the dirt and stuck. "[censored]!" she shouted, dropping to a knee to try and pull the sword out. The boar took notice of her, and immediately turned and charged in for an attack. With a vicious squeal of a battle cry, the boar jumped its highest and collided with Jevi's cheek, knocking her onto her side. However, due to the enhancement from her armor.. yet again.. the boar magically exploded into crystals. As the woman's shoulder collided with the ground, her cheek red from the contact with the boar, she noticed the small screen that had popped up in front of her.. <<+1 Boar Tusk>> "FINALLY!!" she shouted ID 125575 BD 2 Miss MD 8 (7 Thorns DMG) LD 11 +1 Boar Tusk [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  2. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    It did seem that Minako's last few strikes on the boars were not flukes, and that she was actually getting a hang of combat. That was the one good thing she was getting out of this at least.. For it felt like they've been out in the wilds for hours waiting for a damn boar tusk to drop. Jevi let out a groan as she looked towards the sky, at this point she needed a drink. Hell, she barely ever drank, but right now, she wanted one. Eyes peering down again, she saw another boar grazing just before it, not paying attention to the tall woman who lurked nearby. "Come on.. let this be the one.." she whispered to herself before shooting forward and slicing her blade through the hide of the small pig. The crystals faded and... no boar tusk. "Oh come the [censored] on!" she shouted, "How hard can it be for this [censored] game to give us one [censored] loot drop!" ID 125341 BD 7 Reaver LD 5 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 49/50 | 7 DMG | 36 MIT | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  3. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    "Well, at least you're getting the hang of combat..." Jevi said, trying to look on the bright side as they struck down yet another boar pup with no rewards. She pat the brunette on the head before walking off a few feet in search of another boar. "Lets double our efforts. I'll head over this way and see what I can find. You, take a walk in that direction. Hopefully, one of these boars should have that last tusk." The tall grass crunched shifted under Jevi's heavy boots as she slowly moved forward, her curved sword in hand. From the grass beside her, she heard the squeal of yet another boar pup. Turning her attention to the monster, this one not catching her off guard, Jevi activated another sword art and tried to cut it down... again, missing the mark. Lucky for her, however, this boar pup was able to actually land an attack.. one that would, indefinitely, destroy itself due to her enhanced Heavy Armor. As the boar struck Jevi's thigh, it pulsed red for a moment before erupting into hundreds of tiny crystals. "Dammit, not this one either. Any luck?" she called over to Minako. ID: 125339 BD: 3 MD: 7 (7 Thorns DMG) LD: 6 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 []
  4. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako was partially right.. it wasn't her fault that they couldn't kill the boars, but it also wasn't because of the boar's stats. Not only was Minako still maybe level 2 or 3, Jevi's stats were not that great for her level. She could hardly hold her own in a fight as well. However, she wasn't going to let Minako know that, she obviously looked up to her, and that was enough to boost Jevi's confidence just a bit. As Minako rose to her feet again, she squared off with the young boar and with a few skillful movements, she was able to take it out. Jevi grinned and clapped her hands together, "There you go! See? A little tough love and encouragement got you going!" After they had taken out another boar, and gotten another tusk on top of that, Jevi thought it was over. However, Minako brought up needing one more to complete the quest. Jevi thought about it for a moment before sighing, "[censored].. you're right.. I miscounted. Alright, lets find this last one and get out of here." Behind her, Jevi noticed rusting in the grass, like something was trying to sneak up on them. Gripping her blade in her hand, Jevi quickly spun around and swiped at where she thought the monster was. "Gotcha!" she shouted, before cutting through nothing but grass. About six inches back, out of her blade's reach, she saw the red eyes of the boar pup staring at her, and with a small squeal, it charge at Jevi. The woman picked up her foot that it went to attack, and pivoted so it ran right past her. "Your turn! Take it out!" @Minako ID: 125321 BD: 1 MD: 4 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 500/500 | 49/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 5/5 [ ] 3 damage on hit
  5. Realizing she was now sitting on her own, Jevi decided to give Minako a moment before walking over to join her and her new friend who, surprisingly had not run away yet. As she took her seat, she was met with another player quickly rushing up on her other side. "Spencer!" she exclaimed in a cheery voice before reaching out to hug him. "I'm so happy you're here." She turned to the other two players who she had nearly forgotten were sitting there, "This is my friend Minako, and this is.. uh.." She had not met the man yet, but she expected him or Minako to introduce themselves. Before they could get much farther into their conversation, the lights around them dimmed, meaning the show was about to begin. Taking center stage was the creepy NPC, Jack. He welcomed everyone, and went through his whole intro before things got weird.. His voice seemed to shift with the mood of the room, revealing that things were not going to be as relaxing as she expected. From the group, and from all sides, the undead began to pour in, their moaning and hissing being drowned out by the screams of those around them. Crowds began to push through the players, trying to make their way towards the exit. "Minako!" Jevi shouted as she was separated from her other friend, "Be safe!" She shouted, turning and running off with Spencer. The women ran to the concession stand to purchase some items to boost her stats before meeting up with Spencer, who had also dragged in Teion and Ryo. Good, two other capable fighters.. we should be safe taking them on. Purchasing 1 x Obnoxious Corndog x 700 col 1 x Funnel Cake x 1000 col _____________________ -1700 Col Consuming Obnoxious Corndog (+30 Mit) Funnel Cake (+3 Dmg) @Spencer @Teion @Ryo
  6. Players continued to file in through the single entrance to the tent, filling up the seats that surrounded the ring in the center rather quickly. Still a few faces that she did not recognize, until the seat next to her was, quite quickly, taken. The energy and excitement from the individual next to her seemed to radiate, as if it could have given off a glow. Raising her eyes to look, she saw it was @Minako. Jevi's hooded gaze and sour expression lightened at the sight of her friend, "Minako, hey" she greeted with a small smile, "I'd say I didn't expect to see you here.. but this actually seems more like your scene than mine." she ended with a small chuckle. Jevi nodded her head, agreeing to Minako's initial statement, "Yeah. It's alright. Never really had too much Halloween fun before. Last year I tried.. but I went a bit out of my comfort zone." She wrapped her arms about her slightly showing midriff and leaned forward, remembering her scantly clad Halloween costume she wore last year to make Ruby happy. "You know.. snacks would have been a great idea." Jevi said, adjusting back into a comfortable sitting position before looking around to see if there was any NPCs selling something to munch on. Minako, on the other hand, was looking at something else that she could sink her teeth into, rather, someone. Minako took interest in a male player sitting alone a bit away from where they were. Larger frame, shorter hair, hell.. Minako wasn't wrong, he was a bit attractive. Jevi looked to Minako as she continued to ogle at the man, "Well why don't you go talk to him? He's sitting by himself." "Hm? Oh I really haven't been up to much.." Jevi said, "You know.. just here and there... been in my shop.. a lot... not really.. crafting.. She spoke, trailing off towards the end of her sentence as to not lead on to Minako that she's been doing jackshit aside from waste away in her shop being depressed.
  7. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Jevi sucked her teeth when she saw she was being waved over, I thought I was hidden well enough.. Gripping her curved blade in her hand, the brunette slowly rounded the corner of the hedge and glared at the three figured. She took a few steps closer, but did not close the distance much more than that. "We haven't trashed any of them. They're impossible to kill." With a quivering lip, the brunette raised her blade and pointed it towards the other three, "And how am I supposed to know that the three of you aren't another illusion? Another creation of that.. [censored] shadow thing?" Her eyes looked between the three players, looking for any signs of aggression or that they might be doppelgangers. When the realization finally hit that, maybe they were actually Teion, Ryo, and Spencer, she dropped her guard, and let her sword clang to the floor before it disappeared back into her inventory. "I'm.. I'm sorry... I just don't know who to trust anymore.." After taking a moment to collect herself, she rose her head to the three players, "Alright..Whats the game plan? Because I've had enough of this damn place playing tricks on me."
  8. Well, it had happened again. The depression hit her lick a ton.. maybe two tons, or bricks and it left her just wanting to be alone. After going through that hell with the Holy Dragon Alliance, getting stuck in some mansion where she was haunted by her past, and how insignificant she was to her friends still scarred her. Her brunette hair sprawled out over the pillow as she laid in her sorry excuse for a bedroom shoved into the corner of her forgery. It was always warm in her shop, though she preferred it that way. However, this one particular day, it finally got to her. She tossed and turned in her bed before finally sitting up. "F***!" she yelled "I'm sick of this s***!" She knew the only person that could pull her out of her depression was her, and letting her mind marinate in the negative atmosphere that filled the forgery was only going to make it worse. Fixing her dark hair up into a ponytail, with two tufts of hair framing her face, she equipped some clothes that could pass her for a decent human being. She needed to get off of the Fifth floor, the heat of the desert only agitated her more. She figured where else to go than the Town of Beginnings, usually there was something going on there that she could use to take her mind off of things. As her body materialized onto the First Floor, she could see herds of players and NPCs alike moving in scattered groups through the square and towards the other side of town. Jevi was right to assume there was an event going on, per usual, but it must have been something big to attract this many people to it. Rather than scouring the message boards to find out what it was, Jevi, instead, decided to just follow along and see where everyone was going. Eventually, the crowds came to a halt in front of a large, vibrant colored tent. In front, a man in similarly dressed garb addressed the crowd, and welcomed them to his circus. Jack? Jevi thought to herself, Wasn't that the name of the guy who ran last year's Halloween event? If that were the case, maybe something spooky and exciting could get her blood pumping enough to cheer the hell up. Dropping 500 col to get into the show, Jevi moved through the parted canvas curtains that served as a doorway and towards the main event, or at least where the main event would be held. Yellow eyes scanned the slowly growing crowd for any familiar faces. The woman sucked her teeth when she saw absolutely no one she recognized. "Damn.. Already paid, guess I might as well get comfortable."
  9. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Jevi wore a small smile on her face as Minako walked off to take down the last of the boar younglings. The two stared each other down for a moment before Minako went in for the attack, or what she believed was an attempt to attack at least. With a high swing, the girl was thrown off balance, knocking herself to the ground. Lucky for her, at least, the boar's trajectory as it charged at the player had been for where her chest once was, so it missed its attack as well. Closing her eyes, Jevi placed an open palm on her forehead, releasing a sigh through her nostrils. Am I really about to complete this whole quest for this girl..? she thought to herself before taking a few steps forward towards the downed girl. "Come on Minako, pull yourself together." Reaching out a hand, she offered to help the younger player up. "As for you.." she said, turning towards the little beast with her curved blade. Raising the sword up over her head, she swiped downwards to cleave the boar in two. However, the small animal was quick, and hopped to the side to avoid her blade. "Why you little bastard.." she cursed under her breath. ID: 124146 BD: 4 Boar Younging: 5/5 [ ] 3 damage on hit Jevi | HP: 500/500 | EN: 49/50
  10. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Trembling fingers rose to grasp at the hand that slowly choked the life out of her. The pain was nonexistent, but the threat of death was still very much present as her health bar continued to trickle down lower and lower. The curved sword that Jevi brandished against the vision of Opal clanged to the ground below her dangling feet as he continuously attempted to pry herself free from this evil form's grip. Despite how much strength she mustered, Opal's fingers were like stones; cold and unmoving. Golden eyes clamped shut, nearly giving in to the inevitable death she was going to face at the hands of this demon. The pressure was finally released from her throat, dropping the brunette to the ground. Jevi rubbed at her throat, which held bright red wound marks from Opal's fingers, coughing and gasping for breath. Opal's form flickered from the image of the woman she once knew to a black ooze, similar to the monster that trapped them all here in the first place before releasing an inhuman scream and splattering into the ground. The strange substance then made its way back towards the mansion with haste. With a few deep breaths, Jevi finally rose back to her feet and shoved her sword back into her scabbard. "I've just about had it with this damn place..." she said under her breath. From the mansion, she could hear Hestia's booming voice, summoning all of them back to the mansion so they could finish this thing off once and for all. With an expression as cold as the hands that were wrapped around her neck not moments earlier, Jevi stormed back towards the mansion the way she came... if she could find her way back. After traveling through different sized hedges, hoping she could find her way, Jevi stumbled upon another three figures. Hiding herself around the corner, Jevi peeked around at the forms of Ryo, Teion, and Spencer, all standing together. I can't be so sure that they're really them... it might be those shadow things... @Spencer @Teion @Ryo
  11. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    "A boar...what?" Jevi asked Minako, her dark hair shifting as she cocked her head to the side. Her eyes then trailed down to the armor she was wearing before letting out a small laugh "Oh, right. Thorns damage heh." Swiping open her menus, Jevi traded the accidental boar tusk over to Minako. "Alright, so what is that, 2 now? We just need one more right?" Looking around her general area, the woman did not see any young boars lurking in the grass around them. They may need to travel a bit farther out before running into another one. "I think its only fair that you take out the last one." Jevi said with a wink, "This is your quest after all.. only way you're gonna learn is by doing it." Taking a couple steps farther out into the fields, Jevi heard the rustling of a nearby bush, and the small tusks of a baby boar poking out from the shrubbery. "Look, there's one more. I'll be here to back you up if you need it." @Minako
  12. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    The woman's taunting seemed to work, despite not actually having the proper skills to gain the attention of a mob. The small boar's red eyes turned on Jevi, its nostrils flaring as it squared up with the woman. The young boar let out a squeal as it began to charge forward, but was met with a timely end as Minako's blade struck into the side of its hide, the tip of the blade poking through the opposite side of the monster before it shattered into red fragments of data. The brunette lowered her guard, letting out a small sigh of relief that the simple fight was finally over.. however her worries only returned when Minako exclaimed she did not receive the quest item needed, and only a little bit of col. Her head drooped for a moment before she looked up at the other brunette with a small smile and upturned eyebrows, "Nah, its alright. You keep it. You earned it." Just as Jevi was telling Minako to keep the money, she heard another squeal of a boar pup, one she had either not noticed, or one that had simply respawned in her blind spot. The beast rushed forward, leaping at the woman from behind and crashing into her armored back. As the small tusks of the monster collided with Jevi's heavy armor, a pulse of red light shot from her back, causing the boar pup to be thrown back onto the ground as mere fragments. "Huh?" Jevi said as she turned, seeing nothing but the small rain of red crystals as they dissipated into the ground. In front of her, a small screen rewarding her with one Boar Tusk. "Wait.. how did that happen?" ID 115295 | MD 7 | LD 13 3 (-36) = 1 Dmg to Jevi 9 Thorns Dmg to Boar Pup [0] Minako | 17/20 | 0/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 479/480 | 38/40 | 7 dmg | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Youngling 0/5 | 3 damage +1 Boar Tusk @Minako
  13. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Yellow eyes grew in size, as her free hand slowly moved up towards her neck, where a pendant made of opal dangled. Thats right, Spencer had given this to her last Christmas, after he had seen how upset she was at Opal's death. Her hand balled into a fist around the opal, gripping tightly at the necklace before yanking it from her neck, the item disappearing into her inventory as an immediate reaction. That was the realization she needed to prove that this wasn't the real Opal.. which meant that wasn't the real Spencer. Jevi's eyes, which once held a look of confusion, despair, and sadness, turned to rage and anger as her brows lowered. "F*** you b****" she said before brandishing her curved weapon and rushing at the false woman. A random screech sounded out from the mansion, distracting the fake Opal for a moment. That gave Jevi the chance to rush forward and strike, though her assault proved fruitless as her blade simply crashed off of the fake Opal's armor as if it were made of stone. Piercing red eyes shot back to Jevi, and her hand followed, gripping around Jevi's throat. The unyielding pressure of the creature's cold, lifeless fingers tightened around the player's neck, lifting her up off of the ground. Jevi kicked her feet and pulled at Opal's hand to no avail, struggling to catch her breath. The green bar that hung in the corner of her vision very slowly began to deplete as the life was choked from her.
  14. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    The brunette fumbled as she rushed around the corner of the hedge maze, moving as quickly as she could to follow the pained voice of her friend. The girl was met with a dead end however, causing her to quickly turn around and try another direction. She stood for a moment, wearing a confused look on her face, when she realized that the different forked paths in front of her did not match the ones she saw moments before... as if she was in a completely different part of the maze. "What the hell..?" she said to herself under her breath before taking a few steps forward to take in her surroundings. From the path just to her left, a figure all to familiar to her ran by, and sprinted down the path just before her. The dirty blonde haired boy had not even noticed that she stood there as Spencer rounded the corner. "Spencer!" she called out to him, with no response whatsoever. "Spencer!!" She called a little bit louder.. still no response. Suddenly the man stopped, as if he had heard her pleading, and turned around to face her. His eyes seemed frantic, looking for his own escape, still not noticing the brunette that stood before him. "I'm right here.." she said, her voice sounding desperate for her friend to acknowledge her as he walked forward, not even looking at Jevi. Behind Spencer, a dark silhouette began to take shape, as if it had formed from the shadow of the hedges far across from her. A sound that was not noticeable to her at first became all to audible as all other sounds seemed to fade, the clacking of high heeled boots walking against the brick ground. The female's figure became much more visible as she continued forward, with features she remembered too well... at least of the woman before she had changed. platinum blonde hair fell over one of her once honey colored eyes.. which were now replaced with piercing red orbs that matched the bright lips that curled into a smirk. "But... but you're dead.." Jevi said with wide eyes as she stumbled backwards, unsure of what or who she was looking at. The red smirk became only more sinister as the figure of Opal ripped her long katana from its scabbard and cut through Spencer, causing him to fall to his knees. "And so is he..." she said in a voice that resembled Opal's, but sounded much more twisted and demonic. "Je..vi.." Spencer said in a whisper, his eyes losing color as they now looked into her's. Blood began to trickle from the sides of his mouth, the wound on his back creating a much larger puddle that covered the bricks he knelt on. Finally, the boy's lifeless body collapsed, though his eyes never left the brunette's. "Nononono" Jevi said as she stumbled back again, falling on her behind. "This isn't real..this isn't real."
  15. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    The brunette looked around, and saw no immediate signs of danger to her. Everything seemed pretty quiet, and, despite the air of the greenhouse still being a bit muggy, it was nice to get a fresher breath of air. Jevi would let out a small sigh, "This peace probably won't last for long.." Slowly, she began to take small steps forward, taking notice of the vines that tried to reach where she stood, tapping at the glass like the grubby fingers of kids looking into an aquarium. The poking of the greenery became a bit more forceful, chipping at the glass little by little. The sudden voice from behind her caused her to let out a small yelp as she quickly turned around to view just who had crept up on her. She recognized the noirette as Hestia, one of the members of the guild she had little interactions with. "For f***s sake Hesita... how do you walk so silently with such heavy armor.." After taking a sharp breath, yellow eyes looked over to the woman, "Of course I remember your name, we-" Jevi was cut short by a shrill scream, what sounded like that of a man. It did not take her long to recognize the voice as that of Spencer. The brunette's hardened face turned to that of concern as she spun around once again and rushed out the open door of the greenhouse. "Spencer!" she shouted, as she ran towards the entrance of what she believed was a garden.. but found out soon that it was a maze of tall, overgrown hedges. Weeds and long branches grew out from the sides of the giant shrubs, making it a bit tough for Jevi to simply rush through to find her way to her friend who seemed to be in some sort of danger. "Spencer I'm coming!" she shouted again as she found herself at a fork in the maze, not taking long to decide to move down the path to the right.