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  1. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    After allowing Minako to cool down in the brisk, February air, Jevi pushed off of her knees and returned to her feet. She looked to a clearing in the shrubbery that the path away from the tent cut through, she could just leave. Her eyes then continued on back to the tent, where things inside seemed to have cooled down as well. The woman thought to herself for a moment; run away back to her hut and just sit in isolation again.. or go inside to remove the tension and try to have a good time. She looked back to Minako one more time, "You alright? Don't do any more stupid [censored] on account of me." she said with a smile before walking back into the tent. @Minako She looked to the couple whom most of this argument circled around, but took the wide path around the tent to the refreshment table. Grabbing three glasses, she filled each with a bit of the fruit juice sitting idly in a bowl. Borrowing a small platter to carry them easily, Jevi then turned and made her way towards where the two players stood. She carefully maneuvered past tables, chairs, and other players to find where they stood. The looks on their faces looked like they were calming down, but still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. "Hey." she said to the male, her voice calmer, but with enough volume so he could hear. Once she got the attention of the two, her shoulders slouched, and she looked him in the eyes. "I'm sorry. I did not mean to come off threatening, if that's how it seemed. I'm just.. very protective of my friends, so when Minako told me that your dragon attacked her, I acted a bit rashly." Her shoulders slowly shrugged, breaking eye contact for a moment, releasing a sigh as she spoke. "I know I have a temper problem, I've been working on it. So.. well.. here's me working on it." Jevi then moved her arms forward so the platter was between the three of them, offering a glass of the punch to each of them. Her eyes then moved to the blonde, not saying any words for a moment. Finally, her stoic figure cracked and her lips pulled into a small smirk. "You know, you've got a fiery personality behind that cute, innocent look. That's respectable. Hell of a hit too." Her smile went a little bit wider, a bit unnerving, "Just don't do it again, okay?" Though she did not make it clear in her voice at all... in her mind, that was a threat. Placing the platter on the table beside her, Jevi took her own glass of punch, "I'll say it again, and this time, I'll mean it. Enjoy the party you two." her smile was sincere as she said this, raising the glass to her lips to take a small sip. With her apology to the male player out of the way, Jevi made her retreat to find a table to sit at alone for a bit. @Krysta @Vigilon
  2. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    As Jevi gave Minako a look, hoping she would not go after the blonde, it seemed Minako interpreted the exact opposite of the message. "Oh no..." Jevi said into her glass as Minako stormed off to give chase. The brunette watched in horror as her friend made a b-line for the refreshment table, grabbing a glass of bright red fruit punch. Jevi already knew what he had planned, and quickly passed off her drink to Yuki, "Hold this for me please, sorry" and then she was off to quickly follow after the little firecracker. It was too late, however, as the contents of the glass were making their way through the air and into the blonde's face. Jevi could not help but wince a bit, feeling bad that this had escalated.. even though she was the one to initiate this entire altercation. Minako was able to share a few loud, angry words with the blonde before Jevi stepped up behind Minako and swung an arm around her abdomen. After pulling the girl back a few feet, still flailing her arms, Jevi turned her body and hoisted Minako up, carrying her under her arm. "Come on, enough of that." Jevi said through a strained voice as she quickly made her way towards the opening in the tent. Once outside, out of earshot of the party, Jevi sat Minako down on the grass. The taller woman lowered herself to a squat beside her and placed her hands on her shoulders. Jevi looked into her eyes, no look of anger or disappointment, just a straight face with a single cocked eyebrow. After a moment of silent starting, she cracked a small smirk. "I thought I had a bad temper." she said with a small chuckle. Then her expression turned a bit more stern, "Thank you, Minako. I appreciate you sticking up for me. I was pretty angry too but, we are at a public event. I wanted to let her know my piece, but I really didn't want to cause a scene..." she looked back over her shoulder at the tent, "Though... it looks like you took care of that just fine. Yes, she was kind of a bitch, and yeah.. she kind of deserved it for hitting me but..." "I knew I shouldn't have come here..." she said to herself under her breath. As she turned back to face Minako, she let out a heavy sigh, "Guess we probably aren't going to have much luck with finding dates here, huh." @Minako @Zajcica @NIGHT @Krysta ((Permission was granted OOC by Minako to forcefully move her))
  3. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    As Jevi sipped from her drink, she heard the quick approaching behind her. Turning her attention from the conversation with the other women, she saw a blonde girl about the same height as the boy she just picked up. She looked pretty angry as once innocent, blue eyes pierced Jevi like daggers. Jevi turned the rest of her body towards the woman and lowered her drink from her mouth. Before she could question the blonde's furious approach, a gloved hand swiftly met with Jevi's cheek. The slap rang pretty loudly throughout the tent, and the strike left a small, palm sized red mark on Jevi's caramel colored skin. There was no pain, only a small tingling sensation, and, of course, due to her natural mitigation, the tank took no damage at all.. indicated by the fact that the attacker's crystal did not change color. She honestly wished, in that moment, she was wearing her armor, so this blonde could get bitten in the ass by some thorns damage. So the boy with the dragon who fell was her boyfriend; made sense. And she was coming to his rescue; admirable. She made physical contact with Jevi; unacceptable. Jevi's head turned slowly back to the other woman, looking half a foot down at her. Her yellow eyes flared as the palm print on her face slowly faded and her natural skin color returned. "I don't remember threatening your boyfriend." she said, her voice like the calm before a storm, "I told him to keep an eye on his little dragon friend so it doesn't attack players trying to enjoy themselves at a party." Jevi's temper was rising, but she needed to keep her cool, no need to cause any more of a scene. She crossed her arms at her chest and took a deep breath in through her nostrils, "The quest is called 'Training your Friend'.. obviously if its attacking players at a social event for no reason, it must not have been trained properly." Jevi then lowered her shoulders so her face was level with the blonde, the yellow of her irises accentuating as her eyes went a bit wider. The corner of her lips curled into a small, wry smile, "I have nothing against you or your friend.. but if you don't want to make it personal.. I suggest keeping your hands to yourself. I'm not a woman that you want as an enemy." Jevi returned to her upright position and winked at the girl, "Enjoy the party." She turned back to the small group of women, taking another sip of her drink that had been wasted due to the strike across her face. She shone Minako, her fiery young friend, a quick look that basically said 'don't push it any farther.' @Krysta @Minako
  4. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Jevi found it interesting that the woman, who introduced herself as her apparent real world name Yuki, that she would rather use that name than the username she chose at the start of the game. To most players, their real world name was something they kept secret, as was in most video games, to avoid online creepers and stalkers. Here, however, she seemed very open about it.. so who was she to judge. "To each their own." the brunette said with a nod, "I, personally, like to use my username. I'd rather not allow my real name to spread around." That, and 'Alexandria', she felt, took away from the image she was trying to sell of herself. She noticed that, as the pink haired player took a small bow along with her introduction, that she wobbled a bit on her heels. Jevi's brows turned upward slightly with a smirk, she was happy to see that she was not the only one struggling a bit with these shoes. It turned out that Yuki was merely a level one player, who had never left the Town of Beginnings until this point. Jevi offered the girl a respectful nod, "Hey, good for you for taking the plunge to jump 20 floors to come to this event." Just as she spoke, there was quite the loud wail from a player, followed by a thud. Looking briefly over her shoulder, she saw a younger looking player who had just fallen on the ground. The woman simply sighed in disappointment, "Did he really have to scream that loudly as he fell? A bit unnecessary if you ask me." She said to her group of ladies as she turned back to face them. Minako had a bit more to add about the player as well. Apparently his dragon familiar had attacked her and a few other players, and had given another girl a panic attack. Jevi's face went from annoyance to that of disgust and anger. Without saying anything else, Jedi turned her back to the ground and pushed her sleeves up on her dress. Her heels clacked against the dance floor as she moved to where the orange haired player sat in the center of everyone. Reaching a hand down towards him at first, as if to help him up, she instead passed by his arms and grabbed him by the lapels of his suit, hauling him up to a standing position. She stood a solid 6 inches above him, glaring down at him. "I hear your little dragon attacked my friend." Releasing his lapels, she took a few steps back, not breaking eye contact, "You need to keep an eye on your familiar, got it?" Turning her back to him, Jevi avoided the trail of punch that caused him to slip in the first place and returned to the, now trio, of women who stood together. "Let me know if that dragon causes you any other problems." Jevi said, reaching to grab a drink off of the silver platter held by the butler. As she sipped her drink, she realized that the butler was, in fact, a player, rather than an NPC. She would have asked, but Minako already beat her to it. @Minako @Zajcica @NIGHT @Vigilon
  5. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Jevi stopped in her step as Minako began to freak out at the screens appearing in front of her. Before she knew it, the girl was back out into the streets, quite a disappointed and angered look on her face. Jevi followed suit, standing in the doorway of the smithy with her hand on the frame. "Whats wrong?" Minako expressed her disdain with the quest, and explained to her what was wrong. "Eh?" Jevi questioned, opening up her own inventory to see that the three tusks she had collected were, in fact, still there. In fact, Jevi did not even have Minako's quest as an active quest.. Cardinal just wouldn't allow her to participate. "You've got..to be shitting me.." she said through grit teeth. The woman removed herself from the entryway and leaned against the outside wall of the shop, crossing her arms and closing her eyes for a moment. Finally, she exhaled a heavy sigh, "So what do you want to do then.." she started in a low tone that expressed just how done she was, "Do you wanna take a few to let our health and energy regernate and head back out? Or would you rather call it a day since I clearly can't be of any [censored] help."
  6. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Even though she should have expected it, Jevi was not ready for Minako to leap upwards and wrap her arms around her. Shifting her foot and planting the tall heel of her shoe behind her, the taller brunette was able to just barely keep her balance and not make a scene by falling on her ass in the middle of the dance floor. "Hey, hey" the woman said, returning the embrace, though not nearly as tight and energetic as Minako's, "Has it really been that long?" she asked, not realizing the last time she had seen her friend was Halloween, and even then it was brief. Jevi smiled with a small laugh, shaking her head playfully at Minako's sob story about there being no available men for her. "You know, there is more to a party than just finding a man to bring home." she said out loud, though internally, she was a bit bummed to hear that.. since the hopes of finding a nice suitor to pick her up out of the dumps was one of the driving points that brought her here. The woman placed a hand on Minako's shoulder, "The nights still young, I'm sure more will show up soon." Jevi's eyes trailed to the side, trying of another reason for her absence other than 'got depressed, stayed home.' She finally let out a small sigh, "I really haven't done anything. Life's been pretty boring lately. Hence why I came here, hoping to see some old friends and.. possibly make new ones." The two players, almost in unison, turned to watch as another round of players walked into the event, one female and one male, though it appeared they were separate. As Jevi turned back towards Minako, she was already making her move to introduce herself. "I-ah-okay." Jevi said, left standing there awkwardly on her own. The woman reached her hand up towards the side of her head, pushing some of the brown locks that fell behind her ear. Unconsciously, she took another look around at the party to see if there were any players she recognized. She saw Jomei off to the side, speaking with another red headed girl.. and that was pretty much it. "Maybe this was a mistake.." she said to herself as she looked around again, not sure if she was looking for someone to talk to, the fastest way out, or something to drink. However, just as quickly as Minako had disappeared, she was back, dragging along an unsuspecting victim. The pink haired girl who had just walked into the party, already kidnapped by Minako who was dragging her over to the 'single girls table.' Jevi blinked a few times before shaking her head, "You can't just kidnap people Minako." she said with a small scoff, "Sorry, I'm Jevi." Jevi's Dress:
  7. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Jevi hated how she looked in a dress. She was always the tomboyish type and avoided as many school dances as possible to opt out of wearing a dress that would just make her feel.. girly. She had started to feel a bit more confident in herself, and explore her womanhood a bit more within the confides of Aincrad thanks to past lovers who made her feel valued, important, even beautiful. Everything changed for her after Grave up and left her, however. He was the first man she could truly say she loved, despite being that total pain in her ass. She had grown to like him more and more. But just like everyone else in her life, he abandoned her and just vanished off the face of Aincrad. Things with Ruby were fun.. and only helped build her confidence a bit more, but she would be fooling herself if she said she truly felt as deeply for Ruby as she did Grave. Her friendship with Minako, and that feisty girl's obsession with finding a boy to call her own, had ignited a small spark within Jevi; even if she didn't find someone she wanted to be with, maybe she could at least try and make more friends. Hell, maybe she wan't as cold of a bitch on the inside as she made herself seem on the outside. That being said, Jevi decided to dress up nice and make an appearance at this years Star-Crossed Gala. Donning a blue dress that started off as blue as the night sky on her shoulders, and transitioned into brighter blues as the fabric fell down her form like a waterfall in an hombre fashion. While her arms were covered with slim fitting sleeves, most of her back was exposed. She even let her hair down and tried to do a small bit of makeup, but only so much could be done to hide the bags under her eyes. Taking one last look at herself, she let the palm of her hands run down her cheeks while a small groan escaped her lips. "You already got this far.. might as well go." "...I've made a mistake.." Jevi said to herself as her yellow eyes scanned the party goers within the tent. From the quick look, she hardly knew anyone there. Finally, she caught glimpse of Minako who just left a prior conversation and was not on her own. She breathed a small sigh of relief through her nostrils before proceeding to cross the floor to meet with her friend. "I had a feeling you'd be here. Though I am surprised you don't have your arms around a man yet." she said with a small laugh. @Minako
  8. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    As Jevi began to push herself back up onto her feet, she was nearly knocked back over again as Minako came rushing over, throwing her arms around the woman in an overly excited embrace. It caught Jevi a bit off guard, but she shone a small smile and pat the girl on the back with the hand that wasn't holding herself up. The brunette let out a small groan as Minako removed herself from atop Jevi, allowing her to fixate herself and sit upright. "It's alright. I'm excited that we finally found that last tusk too." Jevi's brows turned upward as her lips curled into a small smirk, "Hey, that's what happens when you go through hell... though I guess this wasn't dangerous.. just tedious as f***" she said with a small laugh, "We really have been connecting a bit over those few hours though." Finally, Jevi pushed herself up onto her feet and retrieved her sword from the dirt where it was stuck. "Yeah, lets head back." It was not a long walk back to the Town of Beginnings, and Jevi felt a small wave of relief as they passed through the invisible barrier into the safe zone. The woman walked with her hands resting within the pockets of her pants, the heavy iron plates on her boots and chest shifting and clanging with each step. Her attention turned to Minako who finally spoke up after a long bit of silence. She leaned in towards Minako to listen to what she had to say and whisper into Jevi's ear, to which the woman stopped in her tracks and turned to face Minako. "Of course I meant that." she said a bit sternly "It was their choice to follow you into SAO, which was deemed a perfectly safe game to play. How were you, or anyone else, supposed to know that we would get stuck here? You're in the same boat as everyone else, and if someone tries to blame you for this.. then tell them to f*** off! Or they can go through me." she banged her iron gauntlet on her chest plate, resulting in another clang of metal.
  9. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    After catching her breath, and calming herself down a bit, she heard the snorts of another boar pup nearby. Her head shifted quickly, and yellow eyes glared at her new target. She rose up to her full height and stormed her way over to the small, defenseless monster. "I swear.. if you don't drop the tusk.. then I'm gonna.." Raising her sword up high over her head, Jevi straight down. Due to her blinding rage, she miscalculated, and the sharp edge of her blade cut into the dirt and stuck. "[censored]!" she shouted, dropping to a knee to try and pull the sword out. The boar took notice of her, and immediately turned and charged in for an attack. With a vicious squeal of a battle cry, the boar jumped its highest and collided with Jevi's cheek, knocking her onto her side. However, due to the enhancement from her armor.. yet again.. the boar magically exploded into crystals. As the woman's shoulder collided with the ground, her cheek red from the contact with the boar, she noticed the small screen that had popped up in front of her.. <<+1 Boar Tusk>> "FINALLY!!" she shouted ID 125575 BD 2 Miss MD 8 (7 Thorns DMG) LD 11 +1 Boar Tusk [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  10. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    It did seem that Minako's last few strikes on the boars were not flukes, and that she was actually getting a hang of combat. That was the one good thing she was getting out of this at least.. For it felt like they've been out in the wilds for hours waiting for a damn boar tusk to drop. Jevi let out a groan as she looked towards the sky, at this point she needed a drink. Hell, she barely ever drank, but right now, she wanted one. Eyes peering down again, she saw another boar grazing just before it, not paying attention to the tall woman who lurked nearby. "Come on.. let this be the one.." she whispered to herself before shooting forward and slicing her blade through the hide of the small pig. The crystals faded and... no boar tusk. "Oh come the [censored] on!" she shouted, "How hard can it be for this [censored] game to give us one [censored] loot drop!" ID 125341 BD 7 Reaver LD 5 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 49/50 | 7 DMG | 36 MIT | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  11. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    "Well, at least you're getting the hang of combat..." Jevi said, trying to look on the bright side as they struck down yet another boar pup with no rewards. She pat the brunette on the head before walking off a few feet in search of another boar. "Lets double our efforts. I'll head over this way and see what I can find. You, take a walk in that direction. Hopefully, one of these boars should have that last tusk." The tall grass crunched shifted under Jevi's heavy boots as she slowly moved forward, her curved sword in hand. From the grass beside her, she heard the squeal of yet another boar pup. Turning her attention to the monster, this one not catching her off guard, Jevi activated another sword art and tried to cut it down... again, missing the mark. Lucky for her, however, this boar pup was able to actually land an attack.. one that would, indefinitely, destroy itself due to her enhanced Heavy Armor. As the boar struck Jevi's thigh, it pulsed red for a moment before erupting into hundreds of tiny crystals. "Dammit, not this one either. Any luck?" she called over to Minako. ID: 125339 BD: 3 MD: 7 (7 Thorns DMG) LD: 6 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 []
  12. Jevi

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako was partially right.. it wasn't her fault that they couldn't kill the boars, but it also wasn't because of the boar's stats. Not only was Minako still maybe level 2 or 3, Jevi's stats were not that great for her level. She could hardly hold her own in a fight as well. However, she wasn't going to let Minako know that, she obviously looked up to her, and that was enough to boost Jevi's confidence just a bit. As Minako rose to her feet again, she squared off with the young boar and with a few skillful movements, she was able to take it out. Jevi grinned and clapped her hands together, "There you go! See? A little tough love and encouragement got you going!" After they had taken out another boar, and gotten another tusk on top of that, Jevi thought it was over. However, Minako brought up needing one more to complete the quest. Jevi thought about it for a moment before sighing, "[censored].. you're right.. I miscounted. Alright, lets find this last one and get out of here." Behind her, Jevi noticed rusting in the grass, like something was trying to sneak up on them. Gripping her blade in her hand, Jevi quickly spun around and swiped at where she thought the monster was. "Gotcha!" she shouted, before cutting through nothing but grass. About six inches back, out of her blade's reach, she saw the red eyes of the boar pup staring at her, and with a small squeal, it charge at Jevi. The woman picked up her foot that it went to attack, and pivoted so it ran right past her. "Your turn! Take it out!" @Minako ID: 125321 BD: 1 MD: 4 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 500/500 | 49/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 5/5 [ ] 3 damage on hit
  13. Realizing she was now sitting on her own, Jevi decided to give Minako a moment before walking over to join her and her new friend who, surprisingly had not run away yet. As she took her seat, she was met with another player quickly rushing up on her other side. "Spencer!" she exclaimed in a cheery voice before reaching out to hug him. "I'm so happy you're here." She turned to the other two players who she had nearly forgotten were sitting there, "This is my friend Minako, and this is.. uh.." She had not met the man yet, but she expected him or Minako to introduce themselves. Before they could get much farther into their conversation, the lights around them dimmed, meaning the show was about to begin. Taking center stage was the creepy NPC, Jack. He welcomed everyone, and went through his whole intro before things got weird.. His voice seemed to shift with the mood of the room, revealing that things were not going to be as relaxing as she expected. From the group, and from all sides, the undead began to pour in, their moaning and hissing being drowned out by the screams of those around them. Crowds began to push through the players, trying to make their way towards the exit. "Minako!" Jevi shouted as she was separated from her other friend, "Be safe!" She shouted, turning and running off with Spencer. The women ran to the concession stand to purchase some items to boost her stats before meeting up with Spencer, who had also dragged in Teion and Ryo. Good, two other capable fighters.. we should be safe taking them on. Purchasing 1 x Obnoxious Corndog x 700 col 1 x Funnel Cake x 1000 col _____________________ -1700 Col Consuming Obnoxious Corndog (+30 Mit) Funnel Cake (+3 Dmg) @Spencer @Teion @Ryo
  14. Players continued to file in through the single entrance to the tent, filling up the seats that surrounded the ring in the center rather quickly. Still a few faces that she did not recognize, until the seat next to her was, quite quickly, taken. The energy and excitement from the individual next to her seemed to radiate, as if it could have given off a glow. Raising her eyes to look, she saw it was @Minako. Jevi's hooded gaze and sour expression lightened at the sight of her friend, "Minako, hey" she greeted with a small smile, "I'd say I didn't expect to see you here.. but this actually seems more like your scene than mine." she ended with a small chuckle. Jevi nodded her head, agreeing to Minako's initial statement, "Yeah. It's alright. Never really had too much Halloween fun before. Last year I tried.. but I went a bit out of my comfort zone." She wrapped her arms about her slightly showing midriff and leaned forward, remembering her scantly clad Halloween costume she wore last year to make Ruby happy. "You know.. snacks would have been a great idea." Jevi said, adjusting back into a comfortable sitting position before looking around to see if there was any NPCs selling something to munch on. Minako, on the other hand, was looking at something else that she could sink her teeth into, rather, someone. Minako took interest in a male player sitting alone a bit away from where they were. Larger frame, shorter hair, hell.. Minako wasn't wrong, he was a bit attractive. Jevi looked to Minako as she continued to ogle at the man, "Well why don't you go talk to him? He's sitting by himself." "Hm? Oh I really haven't been up to much.." Jevi said, "You know.. just here and there... been in my shop.. a lot... not really.. crafting.. She spoke, trailing off towards the end of her sentence as to not lead on to Minako that she's been doing jackshit aside from waste away in her shop being depressed.
  15. Jevi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Jevi sucked her teeth when she saw she was being waved over, I thought I was hidden well enough.. Gripping her curved blade in her hand, the brunette slowly rounded the corner of the hedge and glared at the three figured. She took a few steps closer, but did not close the distance much more than that. "We haven't trashed any of them. They're impossible to kill." With a quivering lip, the brunette raised her blade and pointed it towards the other three, "And how am I supposed to know that the three of you aren't another illusion? Another creation of that.. [censored] shadow thing?" Her eyes looked between the three players, looking for any signs of aggression or that they might be doppelgangers. When the realization finally hit that, maybe they were actually Teion, Ryo, and Spencer, she dropped her guard, and let her sword clang to the floor before it disappeared back into her inventory. "I'm.. I'm sorry... I just don't know who to trust anymore.." After taking a moment to collect herself, she rose her head to the three players, "Alright..Whats the game plan? Because I've had enough of this damn place playing tricks on me."