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  1. Sterling

    [F05] «The Traveler»

    I will accept this quest with a band of merry lads.
  2. Sterling

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    I accept this quest for a dark red light metal coat with gold trim and a black hood. A single circle of blue is on the right sleeve by the wrist.
  3. Sterling

    <<Gram>> Journal Entry

    «Gram» The Demonic Sword Profile » Gram: » Jack: » 17: » Male: » 5' 7": » About: Jack and his brother Eric joined SAO together. They based their usernames off each other, Eric as <> for the Holy Sword Excalibur, and Jack as <> for the Demonic Sword Gram. These names made sense, as Eric was frail and cautious, and Jack; bold and arrogant. But after the fun was taken away by the reveal of the death system, the two brothers swore to end the game and free those trapped there. But in their rush to complete the game, they entered a dungeon unprepared, and only <> left the caves. He changed after that, and now aims to beat the game and redeem himself for the death he blames himself for. » Virtues: Loyalty. If he were to ever find himself in a group again, he would fight to the death with them. He won't let anyone die on his watch. Never again. Drive. He is unwavering in his quest for redemption. Nothing will come between him and ultimate completion of the game. He will see the end of this world. Tactful. He is very good at coming up with plans to get the odds in his favor. He could lead a group of ten soldiers against an army and come out victorious. » Flaws: Callous. The death of his brother shattered him, and now hardly a smile is ever seen. He appears very cold and unemotional to those who speak to him. Infamy. The only person who knows what happened in that dungeon isn't talking. What people know is that two went in, and only one came out. Suspicions grew and rumours spread. He is looked at cautiously. Withdrawn. Sticking to the shadows, he tunes out the world around him. He won't normally speak to people unless he has to. Otherwise, you are just in his way. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo] http://www.sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4275 » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »His brother is dead, and now a battle to redeem himself begins.
  4. Sterling

    Maverick, The Ace

    «Maverick» The Ace Profile » Username: Maverick » Real name: Jack Maverick » Age: 16 » Gender: Male » Height: 5' 4 in. » About: History: Ace is an unknown variable in the world of SAO. He joined the game at the last second, and works alone, rarely ever getting envolved in other's affairs. Personality: Ace is very quiet, but has a big sense of right and wrong. He won't let others die if he can help it, and dislikes player killers. Sarcastic and blunt, he searches for something, but won't tell what. Above all else, he is worried that if he makes friends, he will get them killed, something he can not allow. » Virtues: Tactful. He is very crafty, thinking through situations and coming up with creative ways to achieve the best result. Able to plan ahead for future problems and knowledge of the "Art of War", he knows how to fight. Protective. Will help those in need, regardless of the odds. Nobody will die if he can do something to prevent it. All wrongdoers will be treated like one, and the weak can side with him. Confident. Is 100% sure of his abilities, and does not flinch in the face of danger. He knows his place, and will not take lies lightly. He lets his skills do the talking, and his boots do the walking. » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Sarcastic. He means no harm in it, but his retorts can be a pain for others. He calls out the obvious and rolls his eyes at stupidity. Some can be so dense. Blunt. Not being one for beating around the bush, he tells it like it is, and takes the heat for what others feel about it. He tries to avoid sensitive situations because of this. Eccentric. He can be odd at times. He never puts his hood down and avoids most conversations. He seems unfaltering, even in the world he is trapped in. This makes it difficult to communicate clearly. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »
  5. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    There was no time to lose. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's only stress pain..." I bolted to the chest, opened it, grabbed the golden scale from the menu, and turned to the two who had stood by me for the last couple of hours. "Sorry guys, but this is where we part. Don't worry about me, you can have all the gold." I brought out a teleport crystal and held it up, speaking the command words. But at the last second... "Sorry we can't be friends yet, and watch out for..." I never got to finish. The blue light enveloped my vision, and I found myself back in the courtyard to the starting city. "...the exit trap." I ended. But why do you care? They proved they could survive without you. I brought my coat collar up, and wandered into the crowds, disappearing through the many throngs of bustling people.
  6. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    I need to get a grip! The stress had triggered intense pain, but I had to push past it, or risk getting someone killed because of my fault. Nobody would die because of me! My mind in that instant, was clear. The stress of the situation around me vanished, for that no longer matter. Blind to the possibility of death, I searched my menu and equipped my last resort. The double hooked cutlass . I had only one shot to even the odds, or the durability would be too low, and any more use would shatter the fragile blade. I lept forward, activating the charge move . (1) Miss (2-3) One creature goes down (4-6) Two creatures go down (7-9) Three creatures go down (10) All creatures go down
  7. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    I lunged over to a toad and slashed it across the side, dealing a good third to it's health. Mono...Sam, was in a battle of his own, but I didn't worry for him. He wasn't the timid fighter from the town anymore. But there were so many monsters, and it was a cave with only so much light. And the possibility of death... Just as I thought that, I felt the small tension in my chest, my only warning for... Oh no... I turned, hoping to escape, but the place was sealed off. No exits, no corners to hide. The stress of battle had become to much for me. My heart exploded with sharp, agonizing pain, and I fell to the ground, barely able to breath. I cried out as I lay on the cold rocky floor, seeing the shadow of a Nepent loom over me, ready to strike.
  8. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    Crap. This was going to far. Friends? No, I couldn't have friends like this. People who trust you with thier lives, and vice versa. If they knew, I would become nothing more than a burden to them. A weight constantly holding them back. As soon as we got to the chest in the main cave opening, I would have to make an abrupt exit. For their safety. "Yeah, friends." I said, hoping my inner turmoil didn't show."The loot should be around the bend up here. Oh, its Hunter; my name." We turned the corner and came to a large hollow area.
  9. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    I watched as Daeron attacked the plant. He sliced it across the side, and I knew it couldn't take much more. A single strike would probably end it. But I saw Mono to my left, and decided on something. "It's almost dead. Mono, finish it off!" I yelled. He could use the experience. I watched as he approached the plant monster, his weapons raised.
  10. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    "Agreed." I nodded. This plant creature gave me goosebumps. Things should either be a plant or a monster, never both. I pulled out my knife. The last thing I needed to do was try to snipe it and hit the fruit by mistake. I had to prove I could hold my own in this world. Creeping up, we entered it's range, and it lept towards us, tenticles flailing about. I brought up my blade and aimed for one thin vine that was closing in. Come on! (1-5) Misses (6-10) Severs tenticle
  11. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    "Well, come on guys." I called as I started towards the mouth of the cave. If we didn't hurry, the sun would go down, and more monsters would spawn. That would only make things harder once we got whatever was in this place. I didn't look to see if Rage was following. Anyone who thought killing was the answer, regardless of the situation, was not someone I wanted to be around. As I got to the cave, I dared to see who was coming with.
  12. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    Rage. I thought bitterly. "What brings you back down to Floor 1 Rage? Shouldn‘t you be busy being helpful on higher floors?" I turned back to my companions. They seemed to share my uneasiness. Why Rage was in this forest had to do something with the loot inside the cave. I had seen first hand what money can do to a person, so I tightened my grip on my knife. Something doesn‘t add up. A player like Rage wouldn‘t come all the way back down without a reason. I contemplated as I glared at the new arrival.
  13. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    I shook myself out of my thoughts. That had been a rough fight. "Yeah, I'm good. Let's get that loot!" I turn look around. The sun was about to set under the trees. It would be dark in a few hours. "Since those wolves just spawned, we should make it the cave without seeing anything, but only if we hurry." I got in line as we continued through the dense overgrowth. Next time, I have to do more to help. I resolved as the forest opened up a few minutes later.
  14. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    My shot missed badly. Daeron ran forward and sliced the first wolf, sending it into a tree before shattering. He was moving at an unbelievable pace, faster than any I had seen before. He launched at the second beast, hoping to do the same, but missed, vaulting right by it. OK, time to actually help. I put the bow away and got out a high damage knife. It glinted gold as I ran in front of Daeron and thrust up at the wolf with reversed grip. (1-5) Misses and gets slammed into (6-10) Flings the wolf over the both of them, killing it
  15. Sterling

    [OP-F1] To fight, or not to fight? (COMPLETE)

    Daeron said something in some language, then attempted a sword skill. But it failed, and he stumbled in the grass. The second wolf had gotten up by now and was snarling as it started to race towards the scattered group. I raised my bow, ready once again, and aimed for the center of the first wolf's skull. (1-5) Misses (6-10) Hits it between the eyes