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    ProfileUsername: KuroReal name: Kuro TakanoriAge: 15Gender: maleHeight: 5'8About: History/personality Kuro was adopted by a family wanting a son but couldnt conceive, because he knew that he wasnt actually part of the family he made sure to distance himself from them to make sure they didnt get close. He was bought clothes, games, and nick nacks for his room. one of these items being a nervegear set they had bought for him after reading its popular reviews with young teenagers. they pre ordered sword art online when it was officially coming out, Kuro loved the thought of being able to go to another land where nobody knew anyone else... where no one is family. he hated the fact that he had no actual blood relatives and always looked sad in the family photos they took. when he logged into sword art online that day, he was somewhat relieved that he didnt have to return to the reality he lived in. Kuro is the kid in the back of the photo who doesn't care if he fades from the photo or not, hes quiet but talks at a normal level on a normal basis. Kuro doesnt like people who are talk too much but wont say anything to them about it, he keeps a little more to himself and isnt very outgoing. In battle his voice is louder and he tries his best to do damage.Virtues:Kuro grew up by himself on the south side of a big city somewhere in japan. because of this he learned to fight find things for himself, including mangy mutts that certain others sent after him (good reflexes). he can hear a penny fall within at least five feet of himself. his skills are used to frighten bullies irl and to protect his "sister" whos 12 herself.He's very kind at times but you have to earn it. his trust is not given, but earned by a noble deed. he might accept women more quickly then men. if you actually earn his trust then youre a very special individual to him. if you ever lose his trust he'll almost never give you another chance at gaining it again. he hates pkers and will unleash sword skills on them if needed, he could never trust a pker and never will. he's heard of people who invite others to a party and lure them into a death trap, he personally would love to put the ones who try that on people in their place.He adores animals and will defend them if they are in trouble. he couldn't save a puppy when younger and swore to help any helpless creatures. he really really would like someone if they found him familiar. his most heroic feature is most likely his love for animals.Flaws:Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.htmlhe has a pretty big weakness to animals. if an animal is bait he'll most likely go for it. he absolutely adores dragons, hes always dreamed of them. he actually heard from the beta testers about the beast taming and wanted to try it out for himself. above all else he'd rather hang out with an animal then a human, to him people just arent very exciting or fun.He is unbelievably stubborn when he needs to be. he wont let go of something big but can let go of small things. once he makes up his mind about something serious he doesn't stop until further info is provided. because he was like this not many people could talk to him about quests without him bombarding him with questions, he liked info and liked that he knew info about that quest. he's lured to rare items and quests that give good items. because of this he is reckless with training most of the time. if he hears about a rare item he'll recruit others and if none reply to him he'll solo it. he doesnt care about death but does have fears of others dying around him. an example is whhen he was told about a certain flower that was a rare sight in real life and didnt stop searching for three hours until e found it.Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)Skills Non-combat:»Passive:» Combat:» Weapon skills:» one handed straight sword rank 1InventoryWeapons/Tools:»one handed straightswordRoleplays» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)Relationships (optional) he doesnt have any bonds with anyoneStory Thus Far (optional) Logged in.