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  1. "So... what are we wooooo!" Before Anemone could finalize her comment on what they were going to be fighting, a blast of air followed by a crashing sound running into Shield's aegis had thrown her hair into a frenzy from the wind. The creature snorted and exhausted its anger into the first coming charge as its mighty legs stamped into the earth. The woman nearly jumped back several feet but Shield had kept it at bay with a feet planted firmly and becoming an immovable object. The healer blinked several times taking a look at the sliver of damage that Shield had taken feeling that the initial blow and shock would have decreased his health. But it seems the rumors that Shield was nearly invincible were true. She tucked her hands behind her back and smiled, and then the samurai to her left had blew by her to attack the thick skin of the monstrous Quest Boss. Her eyes remained fixed on him as he became a blur of colors and then finished his blow gathering the accumulated hate to his avatar. But there was still one more DPS in the group that could possibly shave another layer of health off this dangerous beast. The woman lifted a hand and her fingers collided with the ends of her hair twirling the strands into small coils. No one was in any immediate danger, and using her <Barrier> skill did not seem to be worthwhile to use at the moment. She took the gathering moments to read the quest and nodded to herself, she would save the energy intensive skill for later when the creature would drop to its critical phase.
  2. The female had stood among the true front liners of Aincrad only taking a seat when the proceedings had began. Her pink, oval eyes looked with a rather blank expression, her hands kept neat in her lap and her back straight. It was important to keep up with posture even if its didnt seem to matter much these days with the lack of in game pain. She had expected more players to arrive but it seems there was a major hit to the Clearers. She sighed lightly, sweeping a hand over her ear to brush away the fallen strands of snow white hair and once again formed a small clasped hands in her lap. She noticed Beat, Baldur and Shield had yet to arrive as well. Surely they were pivotal roles to the squad, but she didn't question the host of this meeting. In fact she had no idea it had even been today, there was just this odd talk about town that some of the 'heavy hitters' were coming down to the lower levels today for something. Lo and behold, here they were or at least some of them. As Hestia explained the new boss, Anemone would not blink or stir while she sat there listening. She enjoyed beaches, but probably not so much this Floor Raid, but that wasnt going to stop her from doing her job. She was here for mostly one thing, to keep her group alive and feeding them with Heals and whatever necessary buffs a support player like herself can do. Being new to all this, she was not going to speak up. Instead she chewed on her bottom lip and allowed her eyes to roam to the other players, noticing no one specifically but taking in the grandeur that was the Front Line Assembly. Speaking of...she did not see Macradon here as well, former guild mate and friend. Anemone took to her hands once more into her lap, sweeping a hand over the cloth to push it down off one knee exposing the slightest bit of flesh, however her new choice of wardrobe was a bit more becoming than her previous incarnation. She was in a bubble, one that needed to be popped. Hopefully she could find confidence more wearing something that was so natural to other female players. How she envied their beauty and confidence.
  3. Smiling softly as the feathered white tapered pink hair bounced from her shoulder, Anemone stood among the three men and folded her arms over the chest. Baldur took the lead of the group maintaining that Samurai-likeness to his character as he initiated the dialogue tree and quest opening for their journey. The woman stood, her pink eyes drawn from the three warriors to the hulking masterpiece of the gladiator. It was odd to hear the mixed greek theme of the arena with the Japanese lingo, very much a cross-culture kind of game. The Healer would guide her eyes away from the Gladiator and towards the arena entrance. She was beginning to put the two ideas together. So she wasn't exactly sure what their quest was but after some thought, whatever it was they were gonna hunt down was going to be within the arena. The pacifist would swing her arms away from her body as the others began to prepare for the match ahead by buffing their avatars. With a red glow to her hand, the female brought it up and about sending the crimson orb from her hand to Baldur's person. Even though he had buffed with some extra items, an extra bit wouldn't hurt. Besides, the game plan for the Healer was to buff her targets as was the intended decision by the leader of the group. She looked to the lead Tank, Shield, she assumed he would end up buffing his comrade in arms, Beat. The two of them combined equated to the aegis and the sword, the DPS and the Tank while Baldur would be playing the role of the DPS as well. With some energy spent, Anemone would then take several steps forward along with the rest of the group. The back of her hand sweeping off her shoulder the long white hair before her eyes closed for a brief moment and opened with that steel reserve she needed to crack open. Anemone: HP: 780/780 || EN: 66/78 [-12] Sharpness to Baldur] || Mit: 54 Sharpness Cooldown: 0/2 [Baldur: +3 Dmg] || Barrier Cooldown: -/-
  4. Anemone didn't have much room to work with when it came to strategy, so she appreciated that at least with her they could be more aggressive with their tactics and allow her to do what she was normally good at doing. They supply the hurt, and she'll supply the heals. She bowed her head at Beat, and smiled, her hands moving from her center to her back as she let them continue on their strategy and tactics to take on their purpose here. When the topic of Feasts came about, Anemone had stepped forward happily but then she realized she didn't quite have that rank yet in the profession and just mildly adjusted the strap on her sandal and went about her business as the quiet Healer. Even without a sword in her hand or a sturdy mitigation passive on her skills set, the female figured she could still get by with the necessary tools she had in her arsenal. She would stay on standby until the group was ready to move now that the final player, Beat, had shown up. He was quite the energetic fellow, she found him to be quite amusing. With the softest of smiles on her face, the woman flicked back the white hair off her shoulder and tucked it behind her ear. "So I am going to open with <Sharpen>? Sounds easy enough."
  5. She followed the others from out of the eatery but kept her eyes low to the ground. She had met both Beat and Shield on several occasions and partied with them so it was nice to have that familiarity. They had come a long way over the last few weeks since she dropped off from well mostly everything. This was probably her first time meeting the samurai who spoke with the grace of a Shogun, or at least she thought that was the proper name of the Feudal Japan Lords. She was quite honestly not sure on many things, but he seemed rather nice and that's all that she needed from the male known as Balder. When the questions of her skills were directed at her, she nearly tripped and fell over her own feet not expecting to answer or talk much about anything. She was always the healer in the group, she stayed back while others worked and when they needed her, she was there with the healing hand. So when the spotlight was on her, she gave a generous nod. "I have all of the mods except for Purity which I am working on currently. I do have Field Medic, can't really call me a Healer without it." She said with a finger curling around into the fray ends of her pink hair. She would purse her lips together and then give a slight pout and shake her head, keeping her pink eyes away from the intended target but she knew it was rude to not talk to someone eye to eye. So she lifted her chin slightly and looked at Balder. "I'm sorry, but I don't have any weapon skills. I have put everything into the Support Skills. I have Gatherer though!" She seemed happy to at least still have that, though when it came to weapons or their related skills she didn't have any. "God is my weapon and my shield, as silly as that is. He is my pillar and my stone. So I don't have a need for any weapons, you see? Don't worry though, I won't get in the way when you all attack...I'll just stay in the back and be quiet as a mouse."
  6. It has been a long and overdue period of time since Anemone had disappeared for a few weeks. Her mind was off on other things, but mostly trying to help keep those remain sane during difficult times. The female had found herself in the presence of God in his house, a quaint church she had often gone to for worship with others. She had prayed mostly for the safe return of those who fought bravely on to help complete and finish this death game. The healer swung her legs around and noticed the alert in her HUD, a message from the VC Macradon. She read the contents and her eyes settled between a smile and a sadness she could not quite put her finger on. But she gave herself a shallow nod. It was no longer a path she had chosen for herself, but one of God's designs. He put her here now and she would have to walk it with her head held high. The female brushed the hairs off her shoulders and gathered her things. She would visit these players and let them know they could rely on her should they need her help. Although...despite the time away and that God himself was helping her, guiding her, she still felt a little shy and perhaps overwhelmed. As the Healer was coming around to meet the coordinates, her own flustered face spread with heat and fire as she seemingly knocked into another player. Pink eyes quickly looked up at the tall gentleman and her mouth dropped as his appearance, "I...ugh...you...Sorry? NO! I am sorry, so, sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going..." She had nearly fallen over only after catching herself and sidestepping the Samurai. The modest, yet busty looking healer, brought her hands up to her chest and smiled clasping her fingers around the Avacyn Wing's necklace before closing her eyes and looking away at the player. "My name is Anemone..."
  7. Anemone

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Item: Avacyn's Wings Type: Jewelry Quality: Perfect Enhancement: +3 Combat Craft Shop: Odds and Ends Desc: A silvery necklace with the insignia of an Angels Wings. Not just an ordinary, but Avacyn's wings. With this necklace, she hopes she can help provide better protection and healing rates to those around her without them suffering from too much damage. Avacyn, although fictional, is someone that Anemone has greatly looked up to for a long time. ==Digivolve to....!== Item: Avacyn's Wings Type: Jewelry Quality: Rare Enhancement: Recovery +2 Desc: A silvery necklace with the insignia of an Angels Wings. Not just an ordinary, but Avacyn's wings. With this necklace, she hopes she can help provide better protection and healing rates to those around her without them suffering from too much damage. Avacyn, although fictional, is someone that Anemone has greatly looked up to for a long time.
  8. The Healer remained seated, her hands pressed firmly in her lap as the Cerberus was a little more curious about her than she was of it. The woman smiled, she was usually more energetic than this, but there just seemed to be an odd piece of puzzle attempting to fit itself in her life. She honestly didn't know exactly what to do about it all. She will have to seek guidance from Him and listen carefully when he speaks for His words are fragile and the very essence of a disturbance can shatter the words on the breeze. As she heard Macradon coming back from his forge, the woman stood up and took several steps forward and bowed her head in respect, "Thank you, Commander. Even if you do not see it, there is always a plan in motion for us." Anemone accepted the breastplate and retrofitted it to her avatar. With shine and sparkle, the item found it way over her chest giving her much more protection than previously before. "With this, I will honor those who had fallen and those who are to be remembered as all Heroes of Aincrad." Anemone gave a small bow of her head once more and waved to his Familiar, with a smile on her face and pip in her step, the clutzy woman would find herself back into the streets of Aincrad and perhaps begin the next chapter of her own story.
  9. With a simple flick of her hand, the white ombre and pink hair fluttered off her shoulder and she took a seat. Macradon was still an imposing member of Aincrad's society, despite his warm and welcoming nature, she still found him and among everyone else rather intimidating. She had opted to stay and sit on the edge of her seat, her look was a little lost in space as she sat there, her hands in her lap and fidgeting. The many thoughts scouring through her mind made her tense and antsy as if she was unsure about how well she was going to do with being a support character for the Front Lines. No one really knew her save for a few faces she partied with. Those collection of thoughts were the summation of her anxiety, she knew she was just being used all that time ago but she felt like she was a needed place with the Knights of the Blood Oath, but it looked like Macradon and possibly the others were storing away their 'Coats.' A defeated sigh escaped her lips, her pink eyes traced his shop as the Cerberus looked to her all with six eyes. She made a silent gulp, the hell hound didn't seem to mind her presence, but she smiled at him anyway. She should look into getting a familiar as well, perhaps she wouldn't feel so lonely all the time. She didn't know if she really had any friends either. Her long fingers reached for the ends of her hair and she began to twist and curl them randomly, her eyes cast down at the floor while she waited. Her thoughts ever present at the forefront of her mind.
  10. It had been some time that Anemone had ventured into the areas of the Front Lines. The ever consuming question of 'will we ever get out of this death game?' seemed to be a persistent reminder that there were still people out there who did not fully understand the difficulty it was to achieve such a goal. Her pink eyes shaded from the white snow hair as she ventured into the forge. Macradon had been a teammate, a guildmate and friend. However, they both knew that Anemone, will she was still a newbie, probably didn't have what it took to be front line material. She would have chewed her bottom lip raw had it not been for a more private talk with the one man she cared for the most in her life, the one that was always persistent, always watching her, always guiding; God. After a series of nights of back and forth conversation, her faith was finally steeled and several weeks later she finally once again surfaced. The woman looked to her former guildmate and gave a gentle wave. No doubt she had heard of what happened in the Boss Raid and she did not know how to console such a man, she wrapped her hands around the Avacyn Wing necklace and spoke lightly. "I know it's been a little while since I have come out of my shop and...I probably should have been there more to help out. Maybe if I was there perhaps the others..." her voice shrank and her hands fidgeted around the necklace, her fingers curling ever so slightly over her necklace. She couldn't keep eye contact with him, but she tilted her head all the same and moved the long strands of hair from her eyes. "I am the last person to ever ask anything of you or to anyone, but if I am to be in the front lines, I will need something suitable to wear into battle. Perhaps a chest plate or something to help mitigate the damage....I have the plans here..."
  11. To those who it may concern. I will be gone till Tuesday to spend time with family for Mother's Day. Will be back soon.

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  12. I am in need of some T2 Materials. Would anyone wish to accompany me on a non-combat thread? Preferably have it knocked out within 24 hours.

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  13. Super sweet, bashful girl looking for Adventure Partners for T2 Materials! [2 Threads Open] PM or leave a comment! :D Thank you! 

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      Since this site has been around for a while. How do I rp a 'new' character? o.O 

      How does time line up like this? Do I ignore time and pretend that I am in the beginning as well? Do I just retcon myself in to this as if I'd been running around for however long as a lvl 1 ? lol I need to know this.

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      It kinda depends on what you want to do, @HighNoonMich. For me, @Magda, and @Michiko we came up with a story that worked with the back history of our characters. Some people retcon, some people play it off like they were hiding in the Town of Beginnings all this time. It's really up to you, all you have to do is avoid the taboo things, like you can't have been a Beta Tester.

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    [F07]<<Case of Wurms>>

    @Aereth and myself will be doing this quest...together~
  15. I could use another RP Partner if anyone is interested. Anemone focuses on S&D, and Healing if ya need a support. Or a casual non combat thread if that's your cup of tea. 

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