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    ProfileUsername: DeedzReal name: Joel BlackburnAge: 17Gender: MaleHeight: 5'6"About: History/personality Deedz is the type of guy, who grew up in the countryside, but moved into the big city. He's not the best with friends, but loves the one's he makes. All his life, electronics have caught his eye. He's been able to make enough money to buy himself an outdated console, and got used to playing RPG style of games. With news of a new style of RPG coming, one where you get to actually be the adventurer, Deedz couldn't say no. He talked with the friends he made, and they said they'd rather stick to using the board, little did he know they were going to be the one's safe and satisfied. Once Deedz made it to the city, life became strange, his friends stayed back home, and he didn't know exactly what to do. He felt sick in the clustered environment, but eventually, he grew calloused. In his new life, Deedz made new companions, ones who were still similar to him, but they just didn't feel right. He missed his home, his field, the sky, his friends. Still he said to himself, this is what I've chosen to do with my life, I've got to see it through.Virtues:Compatriot- Whatever friends Deedz makes will know they can trust him. When Deedz makes a friend, a special bond is made that cannot be broken. When embraced with true friends, Deedz courage is amplified. Suburban- Deedz is used to the grasslands of the midwest. When embraced by open fields, Deedz confidence soars. Open fields will invigorate Deedz with happy memories. Daywalker- Working the fields during the day makes up most of Deedz past. Deedz will feel more confident during the daytime. Deedz will always work harder during the day than in the night. Flaws:Inexperienced- Though Deedz has played RPGs before, none of them could hold anything compared to SAO. Deedz feels overwhelmed by the complexity of the game, and unsure of his capability to survive. When faced with great challenges, Deedz will cower with fear. Antisocial- Though Deedz has made friends before, he always finds it hard to make new one's. Deedz ability to speak with others in game will be put to the test. Will most likely spend most of his days in Aincrad alone. Claustrophobia- Deedz is used to the outside life. When faced with enclosed spaces, Deedz confidence will drop. Deedz will always facing enemies in a field, rather than a dungeon. Skills Non-combat:» nonePassive:» noneCombat:» Battle Healing (Rank 1) [5 SP] - Passive - Effect: Recover X HP per turn while in combat. (X = ((Rank x 5) x Tier)). Weapon skills:» noneInventory» Starter Iron One Handed Straight Sword » Starter Cloth Armor RoleplaysCompleted » none In Progress » [SP-F1] (Quest) <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>