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  1. The last thing Esfir wanted to do was another starter quest, especially not a fetch quest. But Rapace suggested it as an easy way to score some experience and rewards...whatever that could be. She half wished the other woman would accompany her, but apparently there were some things she should be doing on her own. She was okay with that. They had their own affairs to tend to, and Esfir hated the notion of being babysat. She had a vague idea of where the workshop was, but a bit of asking around managed to get her pointed in the right direction. The man -- the NPC -- she was looking for went by "Zakariah" and was said to have a gentle disposition. Whatever he had in mind couldn't be too difficult. Rapace mentioned something about alchemy? Esfir gently pushed her way throw a small throng of players near the man's shop. A few were actually partying up, which led the woman to suspect that it was not just a simple fetch quest after all. If they actually had to leave town, she'd like to have some backup. Even if it meant putting on a false face to socialize. But that was easy enough. "Does uh...anyone want to group up?" A few glanced her way, but most were too preoccupied to respond. @Zuekin
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    (Rosetta, Granblue Fantasy) Profile: Username: Scherza Real name: Esfir Nowak Age: 29 Gender: Female Height: 5'7 Played-by: Benetnasch (Discord: Benetnasch#0911) History: In Wolkenstein, Germany, born and raised; on the playground is where Esfir spent most of her days -- much to the disdain of her parents. Due to the location, the family business was a bed and breakfast that capitalized on the small hot spring they owned. With six rooms, a spacious attic, and only three children, there was a lot of space to go around. More, when you could have the girls share a room, or place all three children in the attic during the busy season. And of course they were expected to pitch in, once they were old enough. As the youngest child, Esfir was given more freedom for a while. While her brother and sister helped with the cooking and cleaning, Esfir performed simpler tasks around the house. Sometimes she would even try her hand at entertaining the guests. Other times, she'd hideaway to read a book or play a game. But as she grew older, her family demanded more and more time from her. It was…fun at times. Esfir learned valuable cooking skills, and nearly outmatched her mother at some point. But she never cared to make a career out of it. She didn't like the idea of cooking and caring for strangers, or having to turn down the ever growing advances of tourists, one of whom nearly attacked her in her own home. And she rarely had any space to herself. Even her siblings agreed, as they all sought universities and careers to further distance themselves from the family home. Her sister became a biotechnologist, her brother a game designer, and Esfir a computer forensics investigator. Their parents weren't too pleased to realize that they might not have an heir to uphold the family business, but it's an issue that would have to be addressed years down the line. Esfir, for one, did not miss the countryside. She liked living in the city and rooting through hardware and software alike for incriminating and/or compromised evidence. It wasn't an easy job and required patience and time, but she had very little social time outside of work to begin with. When she wasn't reading or assembling jigsaw puzzles, Esfir gamed with her brother. They lived in different cities, but the two remained bonded with their love of video games. Unlike him, however, Esfir was more of a casual gamer. She couldn't catch up to him in MMOs without grinding on her off days, and even then she eventually stopped playing and would pick up something new later. But that pattern was finally broken, when he gifted her the last game either of them would be playing for possibly the last time in their lives. Personality: Esfir is quietly introverted, but her family life required her to at least pretend to care about others. And, in turn, hide aspects of herself deemed inappropriate or annoying to explain. She was largely depressed throughout her childhood, mostly due to feeling out of sorts and in the way, of gradually losing friends to her "job" in the home. Of meeting the expectations of her parents, being scolded for wanting to seek a way out, like her siblings, and a litany of other issues she's long since repressed. But she learned to blend in, even if it only means mimicking the emotions and energy of other people. She's done a good enough job of it that people assume she's a well-adjusted and kindhearted adult, but they don't see the scars of self-hate and loneliness behind the facade. Sometimes, it shows in her pessimistic nature; being polite doesn't mean you're nice, you know? But she likes to think there are some people who are worth it, those being the ones who reciprocate her dependability and inability to harm others, be it emotionally or physically. "Why is it so hard for people to get along," she's asked herself on more than one occasion. "Because some are just vile to their core," she'd say in the same breath, raising an eyebrow at some very questionable content on someone's hard drive. Virtues: Patient: Given the nature of her (former) job, Esfir is not the type to rush into anything without some careful consideration. Both with her work, but also when dealing with others. Having been raised and pushed around by a domineering father, she knows what it's like to be rushed and treated like a child. She dislikes seeing it done to others, and has had to work with younger, less sure-footed people in need of guidance, not belittled for not producing results as fast as their elders. Esfir is always delegated as the "good cop," and for good reason. Quiet and calm, she does not like raising her voice or being on the other end of such treatment. But that doesn't mean she's a pushover, either. Being gentle does not equate weakness, despite what some would choose to believe. Assertive: Esfir is a woman who knows what she wants out of life and relationships, and does not appreciate it when others try to dictate her every move. She does not shy away from compromise, as it is a key component of teamwork; nay, communication in general. She can't afford to be passive, not in this world, not in the other. Perceptive: She has a good eye for detail, often seeing what others miss or do not want to see. It's made it easier for her to read people; those in need of a hug or the shifty eyed characters after your wallets. It's saved her life in many occasions, to what others have incorrectly contributed to "luck". It's always "Esfir, you were lucky to have found money on the ground and snatched it before someone else!" or "I was lucky you saw that car and pulled me out of the street!" Yeah, luck. Flaws: Calculating: Esfir would never intentionally kill someone. She's more the type to come across them in the midst of their death throes, and leave them to die. Maybe even stay long enough to watch them draw their last breath and loot their remains. It depends on the person, really. But she'd be lying if she said she never considered it. Watching from afar has always been her style, after all. Plans within plans within plans, and all that. Reticent: She's friendly enough on the surface, but anyone who tries getting closer to Esfir will notice how reluctant she is to open up and talk about herself. Her feelings, her goals, life in general... She tries to keep a respectable distance from other people. Any friendships she's had over the past few years have been superficial at best, and her love life virtually nonexistent. Envious: Sitting on the sidelines, watching life go by, and seeing her siblings and coworkers thrive in their relationships was very...frustrating at times. She knows she could have that, if she tried. A partner, the resolve needed to escape her plight, and much more. But some things are easier to obtain than others. Things that require her to let down her walls, to trust people near her. Profession: (N/A as of now.) Skills: Total SP: 0 Used SP: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Daggers [Novice (1)] Inventory: Weapons/Tools: » Set B "DPS Package": » Starter Stiletto Knife [Rare, +2 DMG] » Light Leather Armor [Vanity] » Starter Healing Potions x3 (Heals 50 HP) » Tier 1 Materials x10 » Col: 2500 Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far: Esfir had a falling out with her brother, sometime after the big reveal that left them stuck in limbo. He wanted to prove his worth and run off with a group of bold players, out of the safety of town and into a den of wolves and murderers. She told him he was an idiot, to stay put and wait for rescue. He called her a fool and told her to hide with the others, if she was so afraid. There were no hard feelings there, as they both felt in the right. And frankly, Esfir was content to avoid all the fighting and wait the entrapment out. She truly believed that the man responsible would be apprehended and forced to release his captives. But the days turned to weeks, months, and finally a year. Begrudgingly, she came to realize her brother was right, but while he was out making the most of it, she'd done little more than familiarize herself with her surroundings and adapt. But then she met her -- a woman who went by Rapace and goaded Esfir into action. She spoke Esfir's language, both literally and figuratively. Neither were the type to jump into action without a plan of sorts, nor did they appreciate being thought of as "dead weight". But without Rapace, Esfir would not leave the safe zone on her own. Together, with Esfir's working knowledge of the world around her, and Rapace's handiness with a blade, they began etching their own path. "When we make it out, Gummibärchen, I'll fly to you. And I'll buy you a real beer," Rapace once said, over a virtual imitation. Esfir still has high doubts, but the sliver of hope keeps her going.