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  1. Mint

    [ PP - F03 ] Something New

    Delilah was indeed a very beautiful Area. Aris had spent his past week or so mostly on the floor, mainly due to having recently set up his very own shop in the homely village. The humble, peaceful and almost otherworldly sphere immediately tempted him into choosing floor 3 as his residence, although he did make a mistake when he started believing that everything on the floor was safe and kind. That was far from the truth. Deep breaths slid out in an irregular pattern while the younger boy rushed back to the safe-zone. He had seen a creature- no a mons- no, a demon! It had red eyes that stared directly into his soul as well large, ugly wings that made noises that would follow him for eternity. Aris already found bees and anything alike terrifying in real life, but now they had magically grown to sizes he hadn't even imagined. Fear was written all over his face as he made it to the safe-zone, a couple elven NPC's offering him confused looks. Quickly, Aris blended into the crowd and went back to his regular way of carrying himself. A smile pushed the fear off his face now that he was most definitely safe, but he would never forget that bee-thing. Failing at gathering had been a reoccurring theme to the younger individual, though mostly due to overlooking items or not looking in the right places. This time, Aris could actually see the materials, he could even smell them! If it hadn't been for that weird creature, he would've also gathered them. Aris, being low-levelled and naturally suffering from cowardice, knew he wouldn't go back there again without someone else by his side. Aris eventually found himself moving through the streets of Delilah, occasionally stopping to look through the windows or doors of shops and such to see if there was anything interesting. He wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but he did know he would eventually have to start spending some col on new equipment and such. Coming to a standstill in front of a blacksmith's shop, Aris gazed into the building in awe, admiring the pieces of armour and weaponry beautifully put on display. "Woah.." a humble whisper to himself left his mouth, his eyes falling on a glistening, golden helmet that just screamed for attention. It was far too extravagant for his own liking, but it was indeed cool to look at. While still busy looking at the blacksmith's wares from the street, the young blond found himself caught by surprise once he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. Turning around in curiosity, Aris was greeted by a girl roughly as tall as him who didn't seem even slightly dangerous at all. A smile was something he'd much rather look at than that weird beast from before. Listening to her question, the low-levelled player received a slight sense of deja-vu since that happened to be a sentence he himself had exclaimed countless of times. He was glad he wasn't the only one who sometimes needed a little guidance. "There are plenty!" his tone of voice was cheerful and accompanied by a sincere smile, the young boy leaving a minor pause before speaking up again. "What are ya looking for?" he added, his question thrown out in attempt to receive a more specific answer.
  2. Mint

    [F3] Chrysalis [R1 Artisan]

    Day 7 The 'RANK UP!' screen that popped up directly after he finished crafting was a very pleasant surprise and ending of today's attempts. Aris was very glad to know that his effort had been quickly rewarded, now being capable of crafting jewellery which was most definitely a little more interesting than trinkets. Just to make it a little better, Aris had also successfully put together two little charm that, despite not being of perfect quality, did look more professional than the things he had created beforehand. 'Experienced Artisan', A title that felt rather satisfying to have on his profile. In truth, Aris had only been crafting for roughly 7 days, not making him all that much of an 'experienced' craftsman. Still, a title like that would never hurt, even if it wasn't completely truthful.
  3. Mint

    Mint's Collection

    Name: Angel's Wing Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 2 Roll ID: 96280 Roll Result: 9 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: 1x Evasion Description: A less complicated charm in the shape of a golden 'angel' wing. There is a small keyring attached to the charm to allow it to be attached to necklaces and such. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16037-f3-chrysalis-r1-artisan/?do=findComment&comment=540992 Name: Key Charm Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 2 Roll ID: 96281 Roll Result: 10 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: 1x Prosperity Description: This charm is quite easy in design, simply being a vintage golden key that doesn't have all that much decoration. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16037-f3-chrysalis-r1-artisan/?do=findComment&comment=540992
  4. Mint

    [F3] Chrysalis [R1 Artisan]

    Day 6 A day of relaxation, inspiration and, most importantly, crafting! Aris had decided to take a day off, spending the majority of his time roaming on the third floor while also doing his daily crafts. Having recently levelled up his rank as an artisan, Aris was now capable of putting together a couple more crafts a day thanks to the system, making his production rise ever so slightly. He still had a long way to go, though, so there was no time to slack off. Despite not getting the perfect result he achieved yesterday, Aris did benefit from his inspiring trip through Delilah and such. He was happy with the crafts he put together.
  5. Mint

    Mint's Collection

    Name: Dragonfly Charm Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 2 Roll ID: 96178 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Loot Die Description: A bundle of blue crystals shaped roughly into a small dragonfly. A small silver keyring is attached to the 'head' of the piece, allowing it to be attached to necklaces and such. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16037-f3-chrysalis-r1-artisan/?do=findComment&comment=540750
  6. "Alright!" Aris energetically replied to the answer given to him, Illiure asking for a sundae which, in his opinion, was a great choice. They would both be eating something not all that healthy, but that didn't really matter in the virtual world anyway. One of the positive aspects of the prison was its lack of weight-gaining, making it the perfect place for people who enjoyed stuffing their mouths with countless of tasty foods. Due to having to be careful with col, Aris had yet to have really done this, but that didn't mean he wasn't planning to eventually. The young player's attention was once again taken by the other player and her familiar, slight jealousy creeping up within once he spoke up again. "Maybe you have to teach her or something" was his hesitant answer, thinking back to his two beloved dogs that his family kept under their roof. Aris absolutely adored the majority of animals, but he was never really good at disciplining his own pets. He was so easily influenced by their overwhelming adorableness that he would forget every bad thing they had done. Anyway, the low-levelled player would most definitely try to get a familiar of his own eventually, though he wasn't sure what kind of pet he wanted. Lifting one hand into the air, Aris looked around the shop to see an NPC, of which he assumed to be a waiter, walk towards them as a reaction to the boy's gesture. Once coming closer, the rather tall waiter spoke up. "Greetings, how may I help you." The man's eyes jumped between the two players, eventually settling on Aris due to him almost instantly replying. "We'd like to order a waffle and sundae, please." vocalizing the orders made him feel somewhat childish, though that wouldn't matter when he would be enjoying his waffle. After his recent productivity, Aris just thought he deserved something nice. "Good choice, it'll be brought to you soon." Aris nodded, "Thank you!" he would say once he saw the man turn around and walk away. His eyes shifted back to his acquaintance and pet, quickly thinking up something to say. "So, what brought you to floor 2?" his question was rather generic and was as exciting as small talk ever was, but it was at least a good conversation starter. Perhaps he could learn some more about the seemingly secretive individual in front of him, still having his eyes set on making as many friends as he could.
  7. Mint

    [F3] Chrysalis [R1 Artisan]

    Day 5 Having noticed the lack of productivity in the early morning, Aris decided to schedule his crafting at a later date to prevent himself from either falling asleep during it or just royally messing up. The young boy had just come back from a lovely day of exploring, meaning that, despite being a bit worn out, he was in a really good mood and still in shape to craft. His idea soon managed to pay off, because the player managed to put together his first perfect item. Happiness overwhelmed the young boy as he admired the piece. "Did I really make this?" he mumbled to himself, unsure whether his hands could actually produce such a thing.
  8. The tremendous luck he had at the start of the day had apparently decided to take a leave since Aris couldn't find a single thing. Maybe it was just more difficult to find suitable materials for an Artisan in such a place, but that didn't make it any less of a defeat. He was sad that he couldn't gather some items for himself, but the quest rewards would most definitely make his day a lot better. He was now the proud owner of several potions, as well as another humble amount of col and EXP. Slowly but surely, the young boy would eventually rise up the ranks. Whether that was in terms of his crafting capabilities or strength, he didn't know yet, though he did prefer the former. Fighting still seemed a bit odd to him, not really liking the idea of slaughtering anything, despite the monsters all being virtual and vicious. He luckily was in no rush, so there would be plenty time for him to internally discuss the topic. QUEST COMPLETE rewards
  9. Engaging in a quick, unexpected conversation with the blacksmith, Aris listened closely while the older man explained his situation and why he was asking for help. Aris, not thinking he could fit in another quest today, decided to decline, for now. He clicked away the pop up while simultaneously informing the NPC, who merely told him to come back when he did have time. The blond player was pleasantly surprised, now knowing what he would be doing tomorrow. Upon having successfully ended the conversation and politely said goodbye, Aris moved back to the grasslands for a quick peek around the area. Materials were still in high demand, mostly to be used for crafting new little trinkets he'd hopefully be able to sell. Sadly, Aris failed to find anything at first.
  10. Having not received a reaction at first, Aris decided to call out again, his hands still tightly wrapped around the bag. "Is anyone there?" his eyes fell on a door at the far back of the workshop, possibly being the place where Lyle was currently at. After a slight delay, Aris heard muffled footsteps that within mere seconds could be loudly heard walking towards him, the young boy being greeted by a comparatively giant man that seemed to be in his later years much like Zakariah. "Greetings" he said, his voice lower than Aris had ever heard anyone speak. "How can I help you, young man?" the NPC was now stood directly in front of him, looking down at Aris like the little thing he was. The blond player estimated the NPC to be easily above 6'5", automatically making it someone to be wary of. Still, knowing that the NPC had no evil intent, Aris's reaction seemed unphased by the slightly intimidating appearance of Lyle. "I've come to deliver a package." the bag was already held in front of him, slightly upwards considering how tall the other individual was. Upon seeing the NPC reach for it, Aris swiftly added some more information. "It's from Zakariah." he would say, it apparently not being anything special since Lyle simply nodded and replied with "As expected, thank you" the giant of a man's hand landed on Aris's poor shoulder, a sheepish laugh immediately forming on his face. "No problem," he replied, looking up despite it being rather uncomfortable, "I'll be going now, though." his words caused the NPC to let go of him, offering a smile while he took a step back. "Actually, I still have something for you to do." Aris shot forward a confused look, waiting for the man to elaborate on his request.
  11. As determined as ever, Aris made his way through the now somewhat busier streets. His eyes were occasionally switching between his interface and the way in front of him, doing everything he could to not walk in the wrong direction. Still, the extremely intelligent Artisan somehow managed to take a wrong turn several times resulting in just simply wasting time and thus delaying the delivery. Aris just hoped the blacksmith wasn't eagerly waiting for the package to arrive, because, if it kept going like this, he would probably receive it in about a year and a half or so. Though he wasn't exactly as easy to find as he had been told, Aris eventually arrived at the blacksmith, carefully walking into the open workshop. "Hello?" he spoke up, not seeing anyone in the surprisingly warm area. the young boy took a few steps forward, looking around the room to see nothing but blacksmith tools and necessities
  12. Mint

    [F3] Chrysalis [R1 Artisan]

    Day 4 Being yet another early workday, Aris sluggishly manoeuvred himself through the shop. His mind was struggling to bring up new concepts right out of the blue, causing the low-rank crafter to just work something up that would look reasonably okay. Sadly, he failed, twice. Both trinkets looked like just a pile of crystals pushed together, not really having much of an interesting shape or appearance at all. Not wanting his materials to go to waste, Aris tried his best to salvage anything he still could. By focusing a tad bit harder than he had before, the young blond managed to successfully gain back everything he used, still making today semi-successful.
  13. Having already intensively observed the red substance he just somehow managed to put together, Aris handed the small flask over to his temporary mentor. "You did well," he said, offering another smile before walking away to store the small portion of liquid HP. "All thanks to you, Sir," Aris replied, a giggle following up quickly. He was still sitting patiently in the chair he had originally claimed as his, almost soundlessly tapping his finger on the wooden table in front of him. He was waiting for the man to return and tell him what else to do considering he had yet to have seen the "Quest complete!" screen that was offered to him in Earning A Living. Curiosity got the better of him, causing the young boy to speak up before Zakariah had even finished storing the health potion in one of his dusty cabinets. "Is there anything else I need to do?" he would ask, while already partially knowing the answer. Without turning around, the NPC spoke up. "Oh, yes there is." was his reply, the old man struggling to bend over to pick up a small bag of some sorts. It didn't look all too secure, but it kept whatever was in there in place. Zakariah made his way back to the table, holding the bag in front of him for Aris to take it from him. The older individual had spoken up while walked to him, saying "I would like you to deliver this to a friend of mine." Aris carefully took the bag from Zakariah, getting up afterwards. "His name is Lyle Tealeaf, a local blacksmith. He won't be hard to find," he added, causing Aris to nod in return as an acknowledgement. "Okay. I'll do my best, Sir!" Aris offered another happy expression before he walked past the older man, waving at him while simultaneously starting to talk. An energetic "Goodbye!" left the blond player's mouth, receiving a humble and kind reply. "Good luck, Mint." the smiling NPC said, disappearing from Aris's vision once he walked outside and closed the door behind him. Time to finish this quest.
  14. Soon, Aris would find himself sitting on a small wooden chair, bent over the worn off table that Zakariah used to put on the majority of his potion-making tools. It looked kind of like a laboratory, except really, really old and not even slightly technological. The young boy was not really all that keen on potion crafting, having only considered it due to popular demand of potions and such. Still, Aris found being an Artisan far too fun to not choose as a profession, resulting in him going for it anyway. Despite his lack of interest, it was still pretty nice to know how to create a potion. The first step the young player was guided through was quite simple. All he had to do was take out the materials he had gathered, and use a mortar and pestle to roughen it up. Aris eagerly mashed up the collection of leaves, Zakariah showing a smile as he did so. "Well done, the next steps will be a bit harder, though" he would say, a slight cough making its way through halfway into Zakariah's sentence. The system apparently found it funny to make its NPC's occasionally suffer from such uncomfortable things to add up to the reality. Following up the easier start, Aris slowly but surely made his way through the other steps. He wasn't entirely sure what he was doing, but he heard the older man say "extracting" so that was probably as close as he'd come to the truth. Somehow, Aris's luck resonated into the crafting process, leading to a successful healing potion!
  15. Taking one last try at trying to found something useful, Aris kept searching right until he entered the gate of the city. He still hadn't found anything, but the young boy knew he would still have time for gathering later on. For now, he would have to focus completely on finishing the quest, swiftly making his back to the assigned location that he just looked at on his map. Though a couple more NPCs and players had decided to show their faces to the town of beginnings, the streets remained relatively calm. It was still early after all, so Aris expected nothing else. He simple minded his own business while he followed the streets and alleys to the NPC's hideout on the corner of the road. Once arriving, Aris knocked on the door, taking a step back while he listened to the rustling inside of the thin walls. Within seconds, the older man opened the door, offering a smile as he spoke up. "Back already?" he said, to which Aris chuckled and nodded. "Yup!" he would reply, proud that he managed to get it done so quickly. "Good job, please come in." Zakariah made a welcoming gesture, causing the younger individual to walk inside, hearing the door close behind him.