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    Follows up shortly after: <<Unyielding Rage>>
    They now stood at the edge of Coral. It was a normally peaceful town, but today it was a town for interrogation. If they were ever going to find his sister, than they were going to have to find out the last places she was seen at. He looked back, his eyes meeting Chaos's. "Well, are you ready? Until I tell you to, don't say anything. Just follow my lead. We don't want to scare her off... She knows who I am, so that's gonna be pretty hard already" He would nod, moving into town. He knew what house to go to and knew that Chaos would meet him there. Chaos would be in the shadows due to him being orange. After a good five minutes of walking, he would stop at the house, Chaos materializing in front of him. The man would reach to the door knob and twist it. Unlocked. Silently pushing the door open, they would walk inside the house.