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  1. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito listened quietly as Hydravion spoke to him. She looked older than him,and he acknowledged that. He hadnt talked a lot to people older than him but they didnt seem to bother him. Silently,he placed his rapier on the table and adjusted his black coat "Are you a Solo player aswell? Seeing people alone in these parts is somewhat rare.. People usually have friends down here."He stated calmly then looked around to see the people in parties,talking or preparing to head out of town "I'll just go with Hydra i suppose. Im Kimihito. Pleased to um,meet you"He extended his right hand towards her for a handshake,smiling back to her a bit. "Pleasant day huh?"He said at an attempt to make conversation. @Hydravion
  2. Rolling (Will respond and roll tommorow)
  3. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito was browsing his inventory menu,to see if he had any food left for the day. Seeing that he had a bit for sometime,he shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the Main Plaza. It wasnt very common for him to go there due to the amount of players which made him feel somewhat awkward as he was not used to being around a lot of people. He was more of a loner than a social person and that was really easy to see,judging from the way he acted sometimes. Reaching the Plaza,he spotted an empty bench and took a seat. He took a look around to see many groups of players,most of them looked like they were friends. "Something i'll never have.." He thought to himself and nodded his head. After a bit,he remembered what he had promised,and sighed. "Whatever.."He mumbled to himself quietly and then spotted a lone woman sitting on a picnic table. She looked like she was a low leveled player herself. Kimihito didnt move from his bench for a bit tho,thinking of what to do. He sighed and facepalmed then got up and made his way towards the other person before taking a seat on the picnic table. He thought of what to say,eventually speaking "Hello to you Miss" It was really easy to see that he was shy and somewhat of a loner,just by the way he was speaking. He wore a black coat and beneath it a grey shirt along with black pants. @Hydravion
  4. Kimihito

    [F01-PP] A Casual day

    Kimihito would nod his head at Vigilon as he introduced himself. As Vigilon's little dragon yawned,he looked up to see the little dragon next to Vigilon "Huh..You've got a familiar? Looks cool. I might be getting one myself sometime." He said with a shrug. "Well Vigilon,as you can see,im low leveled and im on floor one. So yeah. But i'll be getting out of here soon. What about you Vigilon?"Kimihito asked out of curiosity. It wasnt normal for him to interact with other people like this but he wanted to push himself,to meet more people and make his life somewhat easier. Being alone the whole time has it's limits anyway and Kimihito knew that really well. After asking the question,Kimihito looked over towards Vigilons little dragon familiar,and smiled a bit as he found it really cool. @Vigilon
  5. Kimihito observed her expressions as Neo wasnt speaking. He assumed there was something wrong with that but didnt bring it up and decided to go along with it. Neo,with shaking her head no informed him that she wasnt in a party. He nodded his head and before he could ask for her to join him in a party,she invited him herself "Huh.."He accepted the invitation and checked the username "Neopolitan..Alright cool. I'll call you Neo if thats okay with you."He chuckled a bit and stretched his arms "I have a quest to tame a monster in order to get a familiar. Would you like to help me?"He asked with a small smile "I want to get a dragon hatchling..That sounds like a good one. Might be a bit hard sadly so thats why i am here."He sighed a bit and leaned against the wall. @Neopolitan
  6. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    Kimihito nodded to himself as he saw her message. "Well..Hope we'll meet again"He mumbled to himself and adjusted his black coat "Back to it,i go" He thought to himself and started walking around town. He stopped in front of a statue of a Warrior wielding a sword. He looked at it and admired it "Soon.."He mumbled to himself and picked up his rapier,staring at his reflection. He nodded to himself quickly and rushed over to the plains. He was more determined now,and felt that he had to do something,to help people like him and so,his new adventure started. Thread Summary: Kimihito: 3 SP | 600 Col @Ghost: 3 SP | 600 Col
  7. At first,Kimihito wouldnt notice Neo walking up to him. He was having a look through his menus to check the parameters of the eighteenth floor. Seeing it being mostly a big swamp with little to no life in it made him frown "This wont be easy huh..Well,the tougher,the more interesting it will be i suppose"He said outloud,turning off the menus and then looked around,eventually spotting Neo who was standing in front of him,and waving as a form of greetings. He waved back "Uum..Hey there."He stopped waving and thought about it "Maybe she wont be in a party..And looks like she is higher level than me.." He thought to himself "Are you um..In a party? I need some help.."He said,rubbing the back of his head "Im Kimihito,and you are?"He asked Neo,smiling a bit although it was somewhat of a shy smile. @Neopolitan
  8. Kimihito had decided to visit the upper floors as he was told that it would be safe to do so due to them mostly being cleared. He arrived at the 18th floor using the teleport gate of the previous floor only to see that he was in a swamp. He sighed and took a look around the settlement,which was mostly empty except some npcs and two or three occassional players being around. "Floor 18 huh.."He mumbled to himself. An old woman npc approached him and spoke of a quest. He raised an eyebrow,silently listening that if it was completed,he would be getting a familiar for himself. He accepted the quest and the Old Woman just left him there after telling him that he should journey to the swamp. Seeing that he was underleveled made him realize his error but there was no turning back now. He leaned against a wall,watching the occassional player pass by. He knew he should not be insecure about this and talk to someone in order to get help,after all,he was closer to the front lines now which meant that not many low leveled players were around. He was reminded of his promise once again which made him sigh. "I'll do it. Just for one more time.."He thought and looked around to see if he could spot any interesting individuals. A lot of players were in parties,except a few. He walked over to the players,to see that there were only two of them. One of them held a teleportation crystal and then they both teleported away. Kimihito sighed "Looks like nobody is up for it huh.."He mumbled,looking towards the teleportation gate. @Neopolitan
  9. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    Kimihito sighed a bit as their day together came to an end "Yeah,i'll see you soon Jade. I will call on you whenever i feel i should. 1 thing,take care of yourself out there,i dont want you to die,i want you to survive. I also enjoyed your company,it was one of the best i've had since i got stuck in here. Farewell and safe travels Jade"With that,he waved at her and turned around,walking off to another part of town. He noticed that his mailbox had a notification menu pop on and he checked the message. To: @Ghost From: Kimihito Works. See you soon and good luck out there!
  10. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    Kimihito chuckled a tad and nodded his head "Alright Jade,wont do it in public again. Just wanted to show my appreciation."He would stop hugging her after a bit and stretch his arms. "And yes,we can go adventure if you want Jade"He said,nodding his head one more time. He listened quietly to what she was talking about "Nightmares huh..We all have those. In my experience,moving on is the best way to stop them. It's not that easy tho. I understand how you feel"He said,looking at his feet "And you're a good friend yourself Jade.I do look forward for the next time we meet myself."He nodded his head at what she was saying. Kimihito allowed her to use his hand to pull herself up and was ready to catch her if she fell over. Then he smiled at her "Anytime Jade. Just send me a message and i'll be there.. And no problem. I'll always help if you need me"He said calmly and stood next to her. @Ghost
  11. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Peaceful Strolls (w/ Kimihito)

    Seeing her glaring at him,somewhat friendly at that made him laugh "I'll stop if you dont like it Lynn"He continued laughing for a bit then observed the theatrical wow and her movements,which made him smile a bit "You should feel honoured Miss Lynn..Why wouldnt you?'He said in a somewhat sarcastic tone himself and then looked at how she reacted to the arrival of food. He continued eating his own food in the meanwhile,going slowly in order to enjoy it. "I see you're enjoying your meal huh? Good"He said with a nod,then looked over to his own food,grinning a bit. Then he looked up to her as she explained what her hobbies were "Great. You play the guitar too?I'd like to listen to you play at somepoint then Lynn.That would be amazing and i'd be honoured"He said with a small smile,looking at her then at his own plate again as he listened quietly to what she asked him. He thought of what to say. He had played quite a lot of games so he could easily mention the genres. He would look up to her after thinking "I played a lot of MMOs,RPGs and even some RTS. Really good stuff if i can say so myself. What about you Lynn?Or do you pretend Miss Lynn Huh?"He said in a joking tone,then finished his own food and stretched his arms. @Lynn
  12. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    (OOC: Sorry for the late response,was out because i had to do some studies) Kimihito nodded his head at her when she said that she would be giving him her contact information. He smiled as she said that they were friends and smiled even more when she sent to him a friend request. He accepted the friend request and nodded his head "You know where to find me,you can find me via your map Jade"He said happily and gave her a warm hug. After a bit,he stopped the hug to not make her feel awkward. He sighed as she said that she doesnt sleep well "Well,at somepoint you might sleep well..Who knows?"He shrugged his shoulders and then nodded as she said that it was somewhat helpfull that he spoke to her back then "No problem Jade.As i said,i'll help you whenever you want me to. So do not hesitate to ask for help."He said with another smile,he seemed a lot happier than before when she admitted that he made her feel happy "Thats great. No it doesnt sound weird and im glad i helped you. And Of course we can go questing together! Just name the time and place and i'll be there. Im glad you asked that because i was planning to ask you the same"He said with a blush,then sat up and extended his hand towards her to help her up. @Ghost
  13. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    Kimihito would be asleep on his bed. When it was eight in the morning,he would wake up and blink,then rub his eyes and get up from his bed. He noticed that Ghost wasnt around and he sighed. Then he noticed the note and read it. He nodded to himself and opened up a menu,changing his outfit to his normal one,the black coat along with a grey shirt and grey pants. He would also get his boots on,pick up his rapier and sheath it. He sighed,remembering what happened last night and got out of the room.He greeted the bartender on his way out of the Inn. He made his way towards the park,occassionally looking around to see that not many people were yet in that part of town. After a few minutes of walking,he finally reached his destination. He spotted Ghost sitting alone under a tree and singing. Kimihito approached her but remained silent untill he stood in front of her "Good morning Jade"He said with a yawn "Here again huh?Cool"He noted quickly and kneeled down,sitting next to her after a bit "Whats up? Did you sleep well?I hope nothing more happened..And i also hope you're not upset or anything about me trying to help you yesterday. I just cant stand seeing people suffer"He would sit against the tree,and then look over to Ghost,smiling a tad. (OOC: All good,mistakes were made) @Ghost
  14. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    Kimihito sighed a bit at her question "We all feel like this sometimes Jade. You're not the only one. I've felt it for a long time now myself. Because of how useless i was,how pathetic i thought i was,because i couldnt do anything. I could do nothing at all..And yes i have considered that myself although it's not the right thing to do. I'll repeat myself one more time,i'll be here to help whenever you want,however you want. I just want to see you smile,a true smile"He sighed a bit as he saw she was crying "Wake me up if you need anything,please."He would go over to his bed and look over to see a pained smile "Sleep well Jade."He said with a frown and laid down on his bed again. He didnt close his eyes and was laying on his back,staring at the ceiling in deep thought. @Ghost
  15. Kimihito

    [F01 - PP] A Beautiful day in Town (w/ Ghost)

    He listened quietly to what she was saying. He frowned a bit as Ghost said she hates herself "Sometimes,telling other people what's troubling you can really help you feel better. I will help you however i can so go ahead and tell me what i can do for you"He said,somewhat crying himself although not as much as her. He felt bad when he saw her look even more miserable and continued hugging her "You arent forcing your problems on me if i want to help you. Tell me,how may i help and i'll help. Just be honest,thats all i ask of you."He patted her back again and then let out a sigh "I know how you feel Jade..I once hated myself aswell..So allow me to do something about it."Kimihito said and he meant it. Back when the game started,he kept to himself for weeks,silently hating himself and the situation he was in "A friend once told me,that problems from the real world arent your problems here. This is your new reality so do what it takes to atleast enjoy it. Thats what my friend told me. And thats what im telling you now. So Jade,i can help you enjoy this world,while also enjoying it. Just tell me when or where and i'll do it"He said,keeping her in his arms as he hugged her. He stopped crying although tears still ran down his cheeks. @Ghost