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  1. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito was relieved to see that Jade was fine "If you feel dizzy,we could make a stop here so you can rest a bit. I wont force you to go on if you dont feel able to." Then Kimihito sat next to Jade,who was sitting against the stump of a tree. Kimihito closed his eyes,enjoying the peace of the wilds. It was somewhat rare for him to do so,since he mostly was on edge while out of town. Monsters were everywhere so he had to keep his guard up at all times. After Jade thanked him,he smiled a bit "Dont mention it Jade. Im here to help you. Because im your friend. So if there's a problem,do not hesitate to come to me. I'll help you"Kimihito said then got up and dusted his shoulders. He adjusted his coat and picked up his gloves. @Ghost
  2. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito listened quietly to her question and took his time to think of an answer. He didnt have much social experience himself so it was rather tricky for him to answer. After giving it some thought,he spoke "Well..Friends hang out together,they stick together. They share their problems so it is easier for them to find a solution. Thats what im trying to do atleast. I dont want you to be sad Jade,thats all i ask"He would sigh a bit then walk along with her. When Jade fell forward towards him,he would fall on the ground aswell and sigh "Are you alright jade? Jade?"He would say,a bit panicked due to her not moving "Please..Tell me you're alright..Jade?"He was kneeling next to her and looking at her face "What do i have to do now.."He mumbled to himself. @Ghost
  3. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito would blush again as he heard what she was saying. He remained silent,just looking around the path for any materials,the blush still on his face. He would observe some mushrooms that were glowing. "Bingo.."He said,going over to the mushrooms. He unsheathed his rapier and then cut the mushrooms.He picked them up and then put them in a pouch. "Well, spending time with you Jade is fun,better than staying alone in the wild. And it also is special." He mumbled the special part then sighed and looked at Jade,then ahead of him and continued walking. The blush was still there although not as intense as before. He was smiling to himself as he whistled a bit while walking along the path. @Ghost
  4. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito would walk beside Jade. He would notice that she was silent and he assumed she was lost in thought. Once again,he was reminded of himself. He began thinking aswell. Thinking of the future,thinking of the countless possibilities. And then,thinking about his family and home. "Well..Not so bad i suppose..I hope you're fine,mom and dad" he thought to himself. After Jade spoke,he snapped out of his thoughts "Yeah,it will be fun and beneficial"He said again,repeating himself. Then she suggested some form of payment. He merely shook his head "Jade,thats not necessarry.I dont need any payment. Im helping you because i want to. So dont worry about it. Spending time with you is my payment in a way"He would chuckle a bit then look away as he felt his cheeks go a bit red. After Jade thought she spotted some materials,he looked over,with a calm look on his face "Well,we'll get to the place soon. I heard the forest is the best site here for materials"He said,as he remembered when he had been there. @Ghost
  5. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito sighed as Jade said that nobody would want to be with her "No,thats not true and you know it Jade. If that was the case,i wouldnt be here"He said,smiling a bit at her "Dont think like that. It makes me sad."He would then notice that she turned red "Well,it fits you very well. And im glad you value my input,Jade.I value yours too"He chuckled a bit then continued to walk. He would finish his bread a bit after Jade did "Ah..Really good food"He would then listen quietly to her plan. He would picture the place they would go at,and what they'd do there "Alright then. Lead on,Jade!"He would adjust his coat,then his belt and look at her "This will be really fun and beneficial" @Ghost
  6. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    "Of course i would visit you. You're one of the few friends i have around so yeah"He would cough once then sigh "You are special because you're you"He said then looked at his feet then back at her "Nice set of clothes. I've got to admit,they suit you quite nicely, Jade"He blushed a bit as he complimented her then looked at his bag of bread. Then as Jade's stomach growled,which meant she was hungry,he got out some warm bread from the bag "Here,this is for you."He would hand her a piece of bread which had some cream on it "It's really good,i figured you might like it Jade"He would take some aswell and start eating a bit. "Well then,lets go. I'll be glad to help" He would walk along with Jade to the City's gate.looking around as they walked. Kimihito remained silent for most of the walk,either looking at Jade or at the crowd of players and NPCs alike. When they reached the city gate,he would scratch the back of his head "Well then,here we are. What's the plan, Jade?"He asked,smiling a bit at her after adjusting his black coat. @Ghost
  7. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito would nod his head "Never said you're an old rock. You look younger than 26 years old anyway. And thats kinda rare,most people call gaming a waste of time. Not the case with me."He would say calmly,having a blank expression on his face. He proceeded to adjust his coat and the rapier sheath he had on his belt. He let her drag him,seeing that she was somewhat excited. He didnt want to stop her anyway "Well,im following you. Lead the way"He would say,smiling a tad as he looked around while walking behind her. He proceeded to look left then right as she seemed confused "Well, where is the restaurant located at? South,North?West?East?. You're supposed to know!"He laughed a bit,and rubbed his forehead as he looked up to the sun. @Hydravion
  8. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Seeing her smile made kimihito smile back at her. He would rub the back of his head a bit. Then he looked over to see how enthusiastic she was. "Ah,yes..It has been a while. Im glad to see you again tho"He said,then looked at his gloved hands "I missed you" He mumbled to himself then He listened quietly to her question. She asked about how he had been lately and after hearing that she's fine,he would smile again and lift his head up to look at her "Well..I've been out in the plains quite a lot lately. Just camping in the woods. I've got to admit,i've been thinking about the past lately. How we met and such. I was going to visit you soon anyway"He would laugh a bit then scratch his chin. "I bought some bread on my way here. Thought you might be hungry or something." He then proceeded to listen her talk about how she has been practising alchemy lately,which made him interested "So,material gathering huh? Alright. I'd never ask for money from a friend Jade,you should know that. So that means,i'll help you. It'll be my pleasure."He would smile at her then go silent for a bit. He now knew the woods better than before due to his experience out there. He could finally be usefull to someone he cared about and that made him happy. @Ghost
  9. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito listened quietly as she explained that she was looking for a guild. He would continue to listen to her talking about her students. Apparently she is a teacher,which surprised him a bit but didnt seem to change his behavior at all. "Oh?I never expected a teacher to play this. It's a new experience for you then huh?"He asked,looking at the people getting ready. Then he looked back to her as she responded to his attempt to start a conversation,which surprised him since most people tended to find him a tad awkward to chat with. Nevertheless,he would slowly get up and stretch his arms "Well,i havent eaten anything yet. Going to a restaurant sounds fine to me. Just somewhere with not many people would be fine with me."He said with a sigh "After you" @Hydravion (OOC: Sorry for the delayed response,studies and no free time was the reason i never got to respond to this threat till now.)
  10. Kimihito

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    Kimihito was wandering the outer plains of the first floor. It had been a while since the last time he spoke to his friends as he priotized his own self due to his need to grow as a person. Returning from the plains,he entered the town of beginnings and a notification popped up in his menu,from someone he didnt expect to hear from, but that doesnt mean he wasnt happy about receiving a message from a friend. He barely spent time with other people lately,and thats what he needed for now. After reading the message,he nodded to himself and adjusted his black coat "The park huh..Where we met for the first time. Im coming, Jade" He thought to himself, walking slowly towards the location. On his way to the park,he stopped to buy some bread since he was out of supplies, due to him camping outside the town in the plains. After purchasing his bread from the NPC baker,he picked up the bag and reached the park after a few minutes. He took note of the place, noticing that barely anyone was around. It didnt take long for him to spot Jade, who looked like she was staring at some trees. That just reminded him of himself once more. He would normally hesitate to approach another person but since they were friends (And one of his few friends at that), he just walked over,silent at first. He smiled a bit as he reached the place Jade was sitting at "Good day to you, Jade. It's been a while,hasnt it?" He would smile a bit more at her "How have you been?"He took a seat next to her,leaving the bag of freshly baked bread next to him. He then adjusted his black coat once more "It goes without saying that i'll help you, so you wont have to persuade me, huh?"He chuckled lightly,hoping he didnt sound awkward. @Ghost
  11. Well im alive once more. Sorry for being away without letting you all know,but i finally found some time to get back to this. Hope you're all well and i cant wait to get to talking with you all once more! :)

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      Welcome back buddy 

  12. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito listened quietly as Hydravion spoke to him. She looked older than him,and he acknowledged that. He hadnt talked a lot to people older than him but they didnt seem to bother him. Silently,he placed his rapier on the table and adjusted his black coat "Are you a Solo player aswell? Seeing people alone in these parts is somewhat rare.. People usually have friends down here."He stated calmly then looked around to see the people in parties,talking or preparing to head out of town "I'll just go with Hydra i suppose. Im Kimihito. Pleased to um,meet you"He extended his right hand towards her for a handshake,smiling back to her a bit. "Pleasant day huh?"He said at an attempt to make conversation. @Hydravion
  13. Rolling (Will respond and roll tommorow)
  14. Kimihito

    [F1-PP] Kids need to learn

    Kimihito was browsing his inventory menu,to see if he had any food left for the day. Seeing that he had a bit for sometime,he shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the Main Plaza. It wasnt very common for him to go there due to the amount of players which made him feel somewhat awkward as he was not used to being around a lot of people. He was more of a loner than a social person and that was really easy to see,judging from the way he acted sometimes. Reaching the Plaza,he spotted an empty bench and took a seat. He took a look around to see many groups of players,most of them looked like they were friends. "Something i'll never have.." He thought to himself and nodded his head. After a bit,he remembered what he had promised,and sighed. "Whatever.."He mumbled to himself quietly and then spotted a lone woman sitting on a picnic table. She looked like she was a low leveled player herself. Kimihito didnt move from his bench for a bit tho,thinking of what to do. He sighed and facepalmed then got up and made his way towards the other person before taking a seat on the picnic table. He thought of what to say,eventually speaking "Hello to you Miss" It was really easy to see that he was shy and somewhat of a loner,just by the way he was speaking. He wore a black coat and beneath it a grey shirt along with black pants. @Hydravion
  15. Kimihito

    [F01-PP] A Casual day

    Kimihito would nod his head at Vigilon as he introduced himself. As Vigilon's little dragon yawned,he looked up to see the little dragon next to Vigilon "Huh..You've got a familiar? Looks cool. I might be getting one myself sometime." He said with a shrug. "Well Vigilon,as you can see,im low leveled and im on floor one. So yeah. But i'll be getting out of here soon. What about you Vigilon?"Kimihito asked out of curiosity. It wasnt normal for him to interact with other people like this but he wanted to push himself,to meet more people and make his life somewhat easier. Being alone the whole time has it's limits anyway and Kimihito knew that really well. After asking the question,Kimihito looked over towards Vigilons little dragon familiar,and smiled a bit as he found it really cool. @Vigilon