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  1. 'She's not wrong.. I will be walking into uncharted territories.. But if I want to get a weapon that will help me defeat anything.. Or anyone who cross my path.. I will have to risk it.. But if I head to some novice blacksmith, it would be safer.. Just would take longer..' Jun looks over at Sunova and nods his head. He could take the safer route and not have to worry about a red player slaying him before he could even do something with his life. He sat back against his arms and began to think about how he should approach his problem. "If I am able to create my weapon, I can probably go explore dungeons and take on even dangerous monsters!" He blurted out loud and when he caught himself, he sat up and looks over at Sunova. "You're not wrong there, Sun.. I hope you're okay with me calling you that." He clears his throat. "I believe we have to change a little bit to progress.. I mean.. Those red players.. Don't they believe that they are murdering players.. What if they were not bad to begin with, but that is just how they slowly develop as a person to cope with the situation that we are in." He clenches his fit and slowly release them. 'M--Maybe I might turn out to be a red player as well.. What if I start to change in that way..? I need to be careful with what I am doing..' He sighs and pouts, before scratching the back of his head with frustration. @Sunova
  2. “Getting a weapon from one the shops.. You’re right! I need to see if I can find a blacksmith.. A good one in fact! If you know someone that would help me with it, I have a few things I want on my weapons that is fit to my liking!” Jun had many ideas for a sword he wanted, but he had to collect the currency for it. ‘I think any blacksmith should be able to successfully get what I need.. I just need to make sure I have the money to get it.’ He continued to look through his inventory and tapped on his chin, as he pondered. He snapped his fingers and looked over at Sunova. “There is actually a blacksmith.. But uhh.. He might be a red player, but he is a good blacksmith! I am going to head there.” He was determined to have a weapon built for his liking, but he had to make sure that he was able to purchase it. Jun follows along to what Sunova had to say and constantly nodded his head, as he listened. ‘Be--Byakko? That’s Japanese.. I guess people do add a little bit of themselves in their character.. I hope I am able to do that!’ Jun materializes a journal and taps on the image of his sword. “A bleeding enhancement.. And the ability to increase your accuracy as your weapon. I like it. But I don’t think I am going to go with that fancy stuff.. I wrote down a few things that I would want for my equipment.. Well once I have enough money for it!” He moved down toward the enhancements that he wanted for his sword. He suddenly stops and turns to Sunova and realized he was lost in his mind. “S--Sorry! I guess you got me riled up when we started to talk about weapons. Your katana looks really sharp and I was thinking about how my weapon would turn out.” The design of the weapon was really intricate, but it was not something he would think would turn out right. “There is a rose right in the middle of the hilt.. But the sharpness of the blade all depends on this blacksmith.” @Sunova
  3. “Ah.. I guess I was sort of right the first time.. Except.. I didn’t really.. Mention it..” Jun realized that his guess was not really said out loud and he smiled nervously at her. “I might just be the only average person here! I am not a dancer and probably just got the hang of swinging this damn sword around!” He dematerialized his sword and shoved his hands into his pockets. ‘Must be nice to have someone to teach you a skill, haha..’ He sighs gently, while smiling up at the sky. A friend request window slowly appeared onto his HUD and Jun quickly accepts Sunova’s request. His friend’s list updated from two to three and his eyes lit up. “Wow we’re friends now!” His eyes glimmered as he saw his friend updated on his list. He swipes away the friend’s list and smiles brightly. “Uhm.. I don’t really do much.. I am actually trying to get some better gear, but I really suck at doing the quest.. Barely passed the first lesson..” He said, nervously scratching his head. @Sunova
  4. As the white hood slowly materialize over the girl’s hair, Jun smiles at her. ‘She must be really shy about showing her hair to people..’ When his eyes connect with the young adventurer, he nodded his head. “Yeah.. I do like.. It really matches the way you look!” The way she was acting, for reason it kept him at ease. He did not have to be tense anymore and sat beside her and her katana. “I guess you must have been a dancer before the game. Like I said before, you are really good at dancing. Meanwhile, I am just good at swinging a weapon around.” He materialize his sword and stabbed it into the ground. “Haha, just kidding.. I am just your average person, trying to get out of this hell of a game.” He looked toward the sky and smiled, ‘Not really.. This is one of the best place to runaway and I really don’t want to head back to the real world, haha..’ “Sunova..? That’s quite the unique name! My name is Jun. It’s very nice to meet you!” He looks toward her and offered a smile. He sat back against his arms, feeling the tiny drips of water hit the back of him. Jun swipes down for his friend menu and looks at his only two friend. “Looks like I need a few more friends on my friend’s list as well.. Would you want to be apart of it?” He pointed toward his friend’s list and hoped he did not sound too much of a weirdo. @Sunova
  5. This is the first time that Jun had stepped foot onto the third floor, he had been hanging around the first floor and kept his presence on the low. ‘Man.. The more I try to hide myself, the more I find myself interacting with a ton of other players.’ He took a glance around the fields and could see that majority of his view is filled with greenery. ‘I believe there is a settlement here that a ton of players show up to.. What was the name..? Delilah?’ He took a path which led him on quite the walk and he made sure to keep his guard up, as he was not in the safe zone yet. There was a faint sound of music playing not to far from where he was and the closer he got, the louder the music was. His eyes glimmer as they go across the colorful fields that surrounds the settlement. ‘The first two floors did not have something as beautiful as these flowers.’ He took his first step into Delilah and his attention went onto a snowy-haired player, who was dancing along to a song. Mesmerized as he continued to watch the player elegantly danced around the NPC. As the song slowly faded away, he shook his head and smiled. ‘I never knew there were talented people among Aincrad.. I guess that show is over now.’ He paused for a second a scratched the back of his head. ‘Haha.. I completely forgot what I was doing here again..’ Jun nervously chuckles at himself before releasing a sigh. When the snowy-haired player materialized her weapon, he took a step back. ‘S--She’s wielding a two-handed sword for someone her size.. That’s pretty impressive.’ Before he took a step forward, he hesitated and took a step back. ‘W--What am I doing? I don’t even know what to say.. I barely talk to people outside a video game..’ He took a deep breath and marched his way toward the player. He glanced down toward the player and nervously said, “H--Hey.. I was watching a while ago, but your dancing was spectacular.. Uhh..” His mind went blank, Jun was starting to sweat and he chuckles nervously at her. ‘I need to bail.. It’s normal, right? To compliment someone and walk away.. Right?’ He put his left foot back, as he was about to leave and he smiles at her. “You know.. It’s not often I see someone with snow white hair.. I like it.” He points at the strip of white hair that he has, smiling. @Sunova
  6. Pumping with so much energy, Jun could not help but shout up toward the sky. He stood his ground with both his feet and clenched his fists before shouting, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The elderly man simply smiled as Jun calmly catches his breath and looks over to Zakariah. 'Okāsan are you watching? This is only just a game, but I think I am going to be just fine.. I know that you are watching.. I just.. I finally feel like I have done something..' Zakariah walks over to pat Jun on the shoulder and puts back to the Town of Beginning. "We need to head back towards my Alchemy Lab. Shall we get ready to go now?" He asked. 'Ah.. I am not done yet. Alright let's head back.' Jun nods his head and the two begin to head back towards the gate. The day was ending and players were starting to rush back into the gate for safety. ID: 110169 | LD: 16 T1 material gathered. 05/05 Materials Gathered
  7. "You are starting to get used to how things are going, Jun. Maybe I should try and let you be on your own a little more." Zakariah smiles at the young adventurer and he smiles back. 'I guess the quest is going to be over once I start to get closer to the objective.' The two walk alongside the path and was looking around to see if there were any other brushes left. 'Man there are a few things I want to do once I finish this quest!' As soon as he finished his thought, Jun quickly found a brush and ran over to see if he could grab some material. He dug his hands into the brush and quickly pulled out the next material he needed for the quest. "One more, old man! I just need to get one more and we can finally get the hell out of the forest!" Zakariah smiles as Jun is filled with so much joy in his eyes. ID: 110168 | LD: 13 T1 material gathered. 04/05 Materials Gathered
  8. Jun felt the sense of accomplishment when he finally got his third material, but the brush withered away and he had to find another brush to pick out another material. 'I need to make sure that I do not get ambushed by any monsters lurking around the area. It seems like there are still players running around. I should be fine.' Jun glances around the forest and Zakariah instantly points out at another brush. The young adventurer quickly dashes toward the brush and made sure to keep his eye out on the boars that were around. He slides toward the brush and rolled up his sleeves. 'I better be quick, I can see a few monsters ahead of me..' He dug his hand into the brush and wiggled his hand around the brush and felt nothing. He sighs and pulls his hand out to watch the brush slowly vanish from his eyes. 'Not again.. I was just getting really hyped for it.. Okay.. I need to fall back. If I stay here any longer I might be attacked and who knows what could go wrong.' He quickly jumps backward and ran toward Zakariah. ID: 110117 | LD: 04 Failed to gather T1 material. 03/05 Materials Gathered
  9. That was not going to stop Jun from keeping his determination. 'I have to keep on going.. I am only level two as of now.' He quickly walks around other brushes and spots one that was not close with the others. "Zakariah.. Maybe this one has the materials we need!" He got started as soon as he could, sticking his hands into the brush. Without a sign of hesitation, he pulls out another material and falls onto his back with a giant grin on his face. "I got another one! That means we need to get two more and we will be set!" He tosses the material at the elderly man and Zakariah catches it. 'This is it.. I am almost finish with this game.' He stands up and brushes the dirt off his coat and walks over to the NPC. "Look at that boy, we are almost done with this and you will be on your merry way!" The NPC shouts, as he lets out a giant laugh. ID: 110116 | LD: 13 T1 material gathered. 03/05 Materials Gathered
  10. ‘This hooded player.. Very interesting way to act towards someone you also see as a friend. Regardless of their position.. I guess I would be acting the same way if I had someone who I thought was my friend went on a killing rampage.’ Jun taps on his chin and sighs, before backing away from the crowd. It was not his intention to stick out like a sore thumb, but with the attention of the officer and Kirbs, he had to keep things small. ‘Being a guild leader, huh? I guess it would feel worse that someone you trusted into your small group would kick you in the face..’ Jun looks over at Kirbs and at Hestia. ‘Kirbs.. I think it would be best if I kept you away from all this.. You’re a lot stronger than me, but you are my first friend..’ Before he could even react to the hooded player, another player came by and belittled Hestia’s efforts into catching the criminals. ‘The bul-al on this guy.. Threatening the freedom? We are here to apprehend those who are threatening the lives of those who want to be in peace..’ Jun sighs, as he watches the player shoulder smacks the hooded player. “Quite the angry person..” He said, smiling at the group in front of him. Jun taps on his chin, looking at the players around him. ‘Hestia.. Mace.. Mishiro.. And Dustin. I guess I will be spending my time with these folks. Stryder must have a serious hatred for this Pinball character.. I might have to increase my stats a little more before I can engage in these activities.’ A friend request appears before him and he accepts it. “I don’t have anything else to really say.. I’ll do my best to provide all the assistance I can give.” He swipes away the window and smiles at Kirbs. “Looks like I am a Police Officer.. Never really thought I would wake up this morning and become an officer of the law!” He jokingly flexes his arms and sighs in relief. ‘This is another step closer to becoming stronger.. Maybe even join a guild or even create on myself.’ Watching Mace, a fellow officer, walking away, he also had to depart himself. “Well.. It looks like we all have jobs to do. I will be on my way unless we have anything else to discuss.” He stretches his arms out and awaits a response from anyone.
  11. After failing once again, Jun hops onto his feet and began walking around the forest and Zakariah follows right behind him. 'I swear, sometimes I just have the worst RNG and I cannot gather materials to save my life. I wonder if I got a profession, would it be easier?' He stops and turns to the NPC and taps his chin. "What is the best type of profession? If I were to try and take on a job. Do you have any idea?" He asks, but Zakariah simply stares at the player. 'I guess I will have to figure that one on my own.. I heard of people taking a quest about the profession.. So maybe I should look into that some more.' He turns around and follows the path toward another area. Zakariah points at a brush and Jun immediately runs over to see if he could pick at the brush once again. As he stuck his hand into the brush, it was as if he knew there was nothing there. He pulls his hand out and watch as the brush slowly fade away from his sight. ID: 110066 | LD: 09 Failed to gather T1 material. 02/05 Materials Gathered
  12. Zakariah catches the material and shoves them in a herb bag and points over to the next brush. 'If the percentages is correct, I am going to be here for a long time. But I am sure this is all just RNG..' Jun knew he had to not allow his emotions to get to him, but when he constantly fails, that is what makes him feel frustrated. He charges toward the brush and leaps into it without a second thought. He ends up on the other side and flat on his back. The brush explodes into hundreds of polygon, leaving his unsatisfied. "So far.. I have a success rate of twenty eight percent.. This is not looking good for me." The elderly man slowly walks up to the young adventurer and offers him a hand. "Don't worry, I will be by your side until we finish!" Jun smiles at the elderly man and looks straight up at the sky. 'What a day.. I guess I gotta keep going.' ID: 110057 | LD: 02 Failed to gather T1 material. 02/05 Materials Gathered
  13. Before Zakariah could even point toward the next brush, Jun immediately ran over to the next one. 'I am not going to fail.. Not again.. This time.. This time I will get something out of this one. I can't slow down here.. Even if it takes me centuries, I am going to finish this quest!' He thrusts his right arm into the leaves, feeling every blade of every single leaf slice through him. The pain was something he could take and it was no problem for him, as determination is flowing through the course of his body. 'I feel something! This has to be it!' He ejects his arm out of the brush and falls back onto his bum. He grins widely and looks over at Zakariah and dangles a berry in front of his face. "I finally did it, old man! I finally got another one!" The NPC nods his head and Jun tosses the berry at him. "We have three more to go, old man!" He shouts with enthusiasm. ID: 110056 | LD: 12 T1 material gathered. 02/05 Materials Gathered
  14. Jun

    LFG "Lessons" questline.

    Same level, we can do the quest together!
  15. Jun collapses on the ground and stares up into the blue sky, “This is awful, you know? I have been trying to collect these materials and I just get nothing. Maybe I am getting bad luck.” He sighs and watches as the birds fly through the sky. The insects are scurrying around him and the sound of polygons shattering. ‘I think I should probably get this done, so I do not have to fall behind with the rest of the players.’ He slowly gets back onto his feet and Zakariah is already pointing towards the next brush. ‘You know.. These coders are amazing.. Just a NPC pointing at the objective.’ He walks over to the brush and sticks his hands in and starts to wiggle around. There was nothing inside and Jun stood up and kicks the brush to watch it explode into polygons. ‘T--This actually sucks.’ He sighs and punches the tree beside him in anger. ID: 109975 | LD: 06 Failed to gather T1 material. 01/05 Materials Gathered