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  1. Jun

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Continuing his search for more materials, Jun continued to walk side by side with Penelo and glanced left to right if he saw something that he could take as material. 'A normal item? I guess I am still new to the concept of the quality system... It's okay. I will learn as long I stay with knowledgable players like Penelo and Sunova.' He smiled to himself, before breaking off and head off toward the right side. "Yeah... It is pretty time-consuming... I had a rough time searching for the materials myself. But when I finally did, I took like a few days of rest." He jokingly commented, before placing his finger over the brush once again and tapped on it. A window appeared once more to ask if he would like to attempt to gather this material. There was a Frenzy Boar also lurking around his area, Jun did not want to fight, so he had to be really careful when attempting to gather his material. When he accepted the attempt, he got a notification that he received the material. He got up and sprinted toward Penelo. "A... Alright. I got my other material! Let's move on!" He said as he caught his breath. ID: 112082 LD: 14 + 1 (Success!!) @Penelo
  2. Embarrassed by his actions, Jun quickly took the pouch of Col and swipes down for his menu. He taps onto the items menu and materializes four tier-one materials and plops them on the counter. "There you go! That should be enough to cover the payment for the sword!" He took a step back and smiled at the blacksmith. He took a long walk around the blacksmith shop, before turning over to the blacksmith. "You seem to have a lot of customers come by to request items from you. I do plan on being a regular here if you do not mind." He offers a smile, before turning back to examine the decor. This was the very first blacksmith shop he had seen sell high-level equipment and he was excited to look around the store longer than he should. Jun would take quick glances of the swords and armors but always came back to them to look at the high-quality detail. @Macradon
  3. Walking around, tapping his chin, Jun made his way through the many shops that are opened on the first floor. He found himself staring at a blacksmithing shop, The Blazing Typhoon. "That name has some.. Energy.." He kept to himself, making his way inside the shop and walking over to the wooden counter. There was no one by the counter, but Jun pulled out his journal and placed down what he wanted his weapon to be like. Jun pulled out a pouch filled with Col (500 Col) and placed it on the counter. "I hope this will do! I don't have much on me for now!" He waited for a blacksmith to come out and answer. @Macradon
  4. Jun smiled at Ghost, knowing that he should really be more gentle with her. "Oh no! I really do need to learn to speak properly, it seems like I usually come out as blunt.." He laughs nervously before turning away and walks over to a brush nearby. He crouched down and placed his fingers, taking a deep breath. 'Okay.. I know I can just gather some materials while Ghost is doing her quest.. Maybe try and take a few swings at some monsters..' He took clenched his fist and slowed his breathing. The brush shattered before his very eyes and he stood up and took a step back. "Yeah.. I think I rather test out my combat.. But then again.. I don't even know what to do with this sword and this chestplate.." He said to himself, before walking over to Ghost and smiled at her. "Well.. I failed my own search, let's continue down the path!" He commented. ID: 111736 LD: 12 (Failed..) @Ghost
  5. Jun

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Jun thought about fighting a few monsters, but it could go the wrong way and attack Penelo while she is looting. "I would, but I really haven't gotten myself into combat before. So I might do some other combat in the future!" He responded, before breaking off toward another brush. He towers over the brush and placed his finger on the brush. He clenched his left hand and took a deep breath. The brush dispersed and he was left with no materials. "You know.. This material gathering.. Kinda difficult for a player like me! I should probably invest in some kind of trinket that will boost my chances of finding more materials." He said out loud, before walking out of the forest and into Penelo's sight. 'Maybe.. I should also figure out how to fight these monsters.. If I plan on grinding this hard..' He sighed. There was more work to do, but he had to keep his head focused on one objective at a time. ID: 111711 LD: 8 + 1 (Failed..) @Penelo
  6. Jun

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    "Well I wouldn't say she is a lower leveled Healer.. She is definitely a higher level than the both of us!" Jun smiled at Penelo and swiped down to look at his friend's list. His index and middle finger hoovering over Sunova's name. "I only just met her once, so I don't really know much about her, but I learned about the roles from her." He could not help, but smile around Penelo and he felt better after failing his search. "D--Do something different? Like what?" He wondered, as he watched Penelo successfully gather another material for her quest. "I mean, I am just doing what I can with you, you know? Since you are gathering materials, I will do the same as well!" He smiled, before moving onto the next brush. He identified a few materials he would need in order to ask a blacksmith to craft him a weapon. He walked over to the boulder that seems to be ready to harvest and squats over. He placed his fingers over them once again and prepared himself. The moment he accepted it, the boulder shattered and he lowered his head once more. He sighed and walked back over to Penelo, "Let's keep moving!" He said with optimism. ID: 111586 LD: 11 + 1 (Failed) @Penelo
  7. Jun

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Jun looked confused for a second and then nodded his head, 'Christmas Event.. I must have missed it.. I guess being gloomy during the entire month of December does not really help with my case in leveling.. Huh?' He watched as the lantern slowly lit the area around them and Jun found another herb to look at. "Support, huh? Just like that Combat Medic.. I forgot to add her.. Heh.." He let out a small chuckle, before squatting down and placing his fingers above the herbs. He focused his mind on the herbs and tapped on the herb. A window appeared in front of him, but he was hesitant to accept the attempt. He sighed and pressed the accept button, as soon as the window faded away. The brush exploded and nothing was left. He fell down on his butt and sighed once more. "Now that was disappointing.. Maybe Penelo will have a better chance with getting her next material." He stood up and walked over to Penelo and grinned. "You are doing way better than I am! I failed another search!" He walked beside her and continued to glance around the area for more brushes to look at. "Don't really know why I feel bumped out about these materials.. I'm not really aiming to have a profession!" He chuckled. ID: 111527 LD: 03 + 01 (Failed) @Penelo
  8. 'L--Level.. 20.. I have about 16 levels to be able to catch up to her.. But she will also be leveling at the same time..' Jun looked up and smiled at Sunova, "It's okay to fail at first.. There is nothing we can do about that.. It's human nature to fail.. I know you don't want to fail..I know the feeling." He clenched his fists, but still provided a smile. "If we were to give up after failing, I don't think we would be able to escape this death game.." He added. There were several quests he had to finish, but he also planned on a exhausting journey, hopefully helping him reach to the frontlines. He took a few steps forward and stretched out his arms, while shutting his eyes. When Sunova thanked him, he smiled and bowed. "There is no need for you to thank me! I am happy to as of met you as well! Don't worry about the guild stuff. I just have to go look for Neo and Haz! But I do plan on taking a little orientation around the other guilds. So If anything, I will see you again! Along with the other members of Garnet Rangers!" Exciting as it was, Jun was ready to meet with all the guilds that are available. 'I also need to be careful with the Player Killers.. I just have to be careful..' He paused for a moment and smiled at Sunova. "Okay, looks like we can end our conversation here! I need to figure a few things out before meeting with the guilds. I hope the next time we meet, I am a little stronger!" He commented, before turning away from her. 'I hope we do meet again..' He turned once more, smiling at her. @Sunova
  9. Jun

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    'B--Bad luck, huh? I only failed it once!' Jun pouted, before turning toward another direction to look for materials. "You know, it can't be my bad luck if I only failed one time!" He yelled from across the other side. He looks back down on the ground and began his search for materials. He located a brush and slowly placed his fingers above it and took a deep breath. 'Okay.. There is a chance that I will get it.. And there is also a chance that I won't get it!' Jun slowly pressed against the brush and a window appeared before him. Once again, asking if he would like to attempt to gather the material found in front of him. 'Alright.. Here goes nothing.. Along with the help of the lantern.. I should be able to gather something!' He accepted. The brush began to glow a bright white color and shattered before him. He smiled and immediately jumped up to his feet. "Alright! I got my first material! How's that for bad luck?" He jokingly taunted, before running back towards Penelo. For some reason, it felt like an accomplishment that he has not felt in a long time. "Thanks for the lantern assist, Penelo! I don't think I would have gotten this!" He added. ID: 111392 LD: 17 + 1 (Success!) Tier One Materials: 1 @Penelo
  10. Jun nodded his head, as he continued to listen to Sunova. 'A Combat Medic.. Man the more I advance further into the game, the more I learn about how the players have progressed here.. Guilds have formed and players have advanced quite quickly..' He tapped on his chin, as he began to think about the future of his build. As far as he is concerned there were three positions that he knows of in the battlefield.. "DPS.. Tank.. and Combat Medic.. Also known as the Support." He quietly said to himself, he looks over at Sunova and snapped his fingers. "So I just need to catch up to your level and I could do my best to help you out on your journey towards your goal!" He said with an enthusiastic tone. 'But there is a lot more that I need to do.. I don't even know her exact level yet.. Then again.. I need to really figure out my equipment situation as well.. She already has a Katana and her armor is also ready. I only have the starting equipment that I got from the first day of entering Sword Art Online..' He sighed and leaned against a wall, as he slowly began to figure out his situation. "If I follow your instructions correctly, I think I should be able to reach your levels in no time!" He added, but only guessing what her level is, he began to map out the quests that he needed to do. "Alright, Sunova! You have been a great help to me! I didn't think I would get so much information, just by meeting with you!" He praised, smiling at her. @Sunova
  11. Jun surprised with sudden burst of knowledge from Sunova, he quickly materialized his journal once again. 'Sword.. Damage.. Three. L--Light armor.. Mitigation.. Two.. With Accuracy..' He suddenly paused and began flipping through his designs for his tier one perfect equipment. 'I have a two damage and one bleed on a sword.. My light armor is focused on the evasions and light momentum..' He looked up at Sunova and nervously chuckled to himself. "Wow.. I had a completely different idea for my equipment.. You must have studied the enhancements more often than I did! I have no idea what I am doing!" He tapped the page on his journal and began strategizing what to do with his future plans. He wrote under his original enhancements and put down what Sunova suggested. "Alright! I will have to take these new adjustments to my current request! Thank you for the help! I didn't really know what to do until now." He quickly flipped through his pages, but he also jotted down the amount of materials and Col he would need. With that in mind, he let out a sigh. He felt as if his plate began to fill before his very eyes, but there was a lot of things he had to consider. "Okay.. So I am going to do my best to meet with all of the guilds! I want to see the benefits that they will provide for me! And I will need to do more research on my equipment!" He flicked his wrists once again and stretched out his arms. There were a lot he had to rethink, but as long as he stayed clear from any dangerous monsters, he was going to do his best to grind his way to the top. There was a pause before he looked back at Sunova, "I forgot to ask you. But what about you? What type of build are you going for? Actually.. What are you?" He asked, not trying to sound rude. @Sunova
  12. Being as quick as he could, Jun quickly materialized his journal and began jotting down the information he needed to locate the players. 'Neo.. Two colored hair.. Floor 7 or above.. Haz.. Giant man.. Hydra! Church or orphanage.. Heterochromia.. White highlights..' As soon as he finished his journal, he flicked both wrists and his journal and pen deposited into his inventory. "Got it! I will see if I can find them and set a meeting with them! Maybe I can get some information about the guild!" When asked about his current build situation, Jun looked down at himself, staring at his beginner equipment and back at Sunova. "Uh.. If I get my items.. Hmm.. I might upgrade my Straight Sword skill first! I want to be able to pump out the most damage as I could! Once I hit level 18, I should be able to max out my sword rank.. Also 14 levels after, I should I be able to max out my armor skill!" He said confidently, as he calculated his levels during his two year procrastination. He seemed excited to level, yet he was not doing any leveling. @Sunova
  13. Jun tapped lightly on his chin, as he thought about the known guilds around. 'Garnet Rangers, huh? I'll take a look at them once I get a little bit stronger.. I don't think it's best for a Level Four running around in a guild..' He looks over at Sunova and nodded his head, "I will take you up on that offer! I will see if I can find one of those two. Or uh.. Hydro? Hydra? Yeah.. Thank you for the info!" The expression he read off of Sunova, he could tell that she is really content with the people around her. Jun began to think about the training he has to do in order to grind for his level, causing him to sigh. "I guess I will also go take a look at those other guilds too.. Maybe there is some kind of orientation?" He jokingly commented, before stretching out his arms. 'The real training is about to start.. There is no way I can start procrastinating again.. I have done it for two years already.. It's time for me to step up..' He became determined to grind out and exceed past the levels of the players he had met. @Sunova
  14. Jun walked toward the edge of Snowfrost and found a building with a glass dome. The moment he took a step into the shop, he felt as if a warm blanket wrapped around him. 'Mmm.. That's a feeling that I have not felt in a long time..' He walked around the displays, but he was more interested in what he had in his journal. He took toward the top area and found the artisan behind the counter. "Hello! Is it okay if I showed you a design?" He asked, as he flipped his journal and showed the design he wanted. "Something like this! With a dragon in the middle!" He added with a smile on his face. He placed nine materials on the counter and pushed them toward the artisan. "Will this be enough?" He asked. @Ennakai