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  1. You enter this blacksmith shop and look around, entertained by the stone dragon carvings inside. What gets you more attention however is the numerous arsenals in display along with their price tags sitting beside them. You walk up to the items and look for something worth your purchase. Your eyes catch two shields with different appearances and properties. The iron type simply protects you, while the ornate type does that and apparently regenerates your health. As good as that sound, you think you prefer to spend less and just rely on your potions, feeling confident that you can protect yourself still with your armor, shield and maybe luck. Heh. You pick up the iron shield and pay 200 COL to the owner who is present here. You bow to him and mutter a thank you before leaving with your new toy. Paid 200 COL for Iron Shield. @Vigilon
  2. Kazzy

    [PP-F1] A Break

    With the blade somewhat clean, you fish out a bottle of oil purposefully for weapon cleaning from your inventory and another new rag. You deep a bit of the latter into the oil and scrub it on your sword, repeating the process on the full helmet in and out. With that done, you sheathe your sword and keep the rags and oil in your inventory, just in case. You look at the shores of the lake and let the breeze blowing through your face. Even though this scenery is quiet but peaceful, a melancholic feeling grows in your heart. You cannot help but wonder why. Maybe part of you misses home. Or maybe you feel lonely. Not even shaking your head in denial helps brushing off the melancholy in you. For some reason you turn your head to another direction of the shore and notice a feminine figure sitting on it with her knees on her chest. Huh, another player here to appreciate the quiet. You look away, but every few seconds or so your eyes dart their gaze at her direction for a split second before you finally decide to stop. @Mishiro
  3. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    You gaze at the Nepents through the visor of your full helm. They are somewhere half your height, though they are still large. You listen to Haltar suggesting you to attack one of them while he aims for the other. You nod. A simple but perfect plan. You feel grateful that you leveled up from the past two beginner's quest you went through, thus you were being granted more energy to unleash your Sword Arts effectively. As a final step of preparation, you equip yourself a new iron kite-esque shield that you purchased a while ago. It isn't too heavy and with thanks to your latest skill, you can utilize shields better for more effective blocks. You step up to the first Nepent and break into a dash, your sword glows green in color as you take a swing. ID: 118278 BD: 1 MD: 6 Kazzy: 99/100 -- Energy 8/10 -- DMG 3 -- MIT 23 Nepent 1: HP 7/7 -- DMG 3 -- MIT 0 Unfortunately, luck decides to s**t on you for no reason as you accidentally trip on a rock and miss your target. The Nepent hisses as it spots you and pathetically slaps your helmet. You quickly adjust yourself into a combat stance and grit your teeth. "Tch," you murmur as you curse at your foot messing up this simple attack. @Haltar Dhrim
  4. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    "Yeah, let's," you say, not wanting to waste any more time being idle. Kinda sucks that Clyde steps out of this, but as long as you are here with Haltar, he should be okay. You walk out of the village with him and head to the forest to start with in this quest. The journey there doesn't really take much of your time as all you have to do is to just follow the road until you see a sea of trees out of it then just simply walk to it. You wonder what monsters aside from the Nepent lives in the woods of the first floor. Could be wildlife like the ones in Floor 2 or 3, you can't quite remember. As you keep moving on beside Haltar and stare ahead at the woods, you also think that this place is perfect to hide a treasure chest or even a sub dungeon. If that's true....man, the loot. You imagine how abundant it must be. Reality snaps back at you as you suddenly stop upon reaching a small clearing surrounded by the trees. You think you hear a rustle, and you want to ignore it. But being in a place that could present unexpected dangers anywhere, such a risk is not worth swiping out. You draw out your sword and look around for any Nepents on your way. @Haltar Dhrim
  5. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    Oh right. The secret medicine of the forest. You heard a bit about the quest and remember its summary of plant monsters carrying a certain antidote to heal a diseased village. For some reason the way the quest describes the method to get the medicine reminds you of the boar tusks that you got for the old blacksmith in the Town of Beginnings. You cringe at the thought of grinding again and struggling to kill when your energy is low. You sigh in relief as you realize that you are not doing this quest alone this time. That helps a lot. "I see," you say to Haltar and turn your head to Clyde, wondering if he is on board on this at all. "You into this too?" You ask out of curiosity. You also look at Haltar and assure him with "I'll help you with the best of my abilities." Who knows, you might find it fun to be a tank and be the protector of the party you are in like a true warrior. @Haltar Dhrim @Clyde
  6. Kazzy

    [PP-F1] A Break

    You sit down near a lake not far from the road leading to the Starting City, wearing no top and only pants since you just cleaned yourself with its fresh waters. It felt almost heavenly when you dipped yourself into the water, especially when you were exhausted from walking around to find any monster worth slaying but to no avail. The full helmet and sword lay close to you, ready to be cleaned. You drink the lake's water as the breeze blows through your strong, muscular skin, thirst quenched easily. You feel lucky that there aren't any signs of lake monsters so far. Even if they do, you only imagine them to be sea serpents or anything similarly monstrous, and you wouldn't find any of those make sense to spawn in such a low leveled area. You decide against eating your rations for now and pick up the sword, scrubbing it with water with the help of a clean, white moist rag. This and the helmet need to be oiled, you think. So far, this whole place is quiet, with no one to be heard or seen beside yourselves. You feel somewhat peaceful and appreciate the quiet. @Mishiro
  7. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    You bow back at both men when they introduce themselves, and with them greetings settled, you listen to Haltar who is talking about some quest that supposedly is more difficult than the tutorials, although how difficult it is isn't really specified here. You simply nod at the agreement of taking the quest together with him and Clyde the cowboy. Whatever that quest is, you hope it is worth taking. Looking at your own chainmail armor that you are wearing, you decide that you should be the tank of the group. No biggie here. You can take damage with it, and maybe further more if you have a shield. You open your inventory and fish out your full helmet, then you don it. So far the helmet's visor doesn't really blind you at all. You could still see clearly through it. You look at Clyde and Haltar, the latter whom you asked, "So what's the quest about? Where should we be off too?" At the same time you are adjusting your sword belt. @Clyde @Haltar Dhrim
  8. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    A bit further into the village and you come across two players on the road, one stands out so much that you think he is from another game. What's with the cowboy getup, you think to yourself as you see nothing practical about it battle wise. With that big fedora and cape he looks like he is asking himself to have his clothes tugged by foes and then immobilized prior to death. You decide to not question it further and look at the other brown haired player who is shaking hands and telling his name. So that's Haltar. He doesn't look so bad with that leather armor. Judging by that he must be the evasive type. Or maybe he isn't comfortable with being heavy. You walk up to him put a smile on your scowling face as you ask, "Haltar, yes? I'm Kazzy Kuroda." You also offer your hand to be shaken by his. @Haltar Dhrim @Clyde
  9. Kazzy

    [PP - F1] <Secret Medicine of the Forest>

    You perceive a bulletin board as you are having a dinner consist of roast beef and cheese, looking at the various notices, announcements, and so on. Some of the requests seems to be written by fellow players, then a thought occurs to you. Maybe this is a good way to see if they need any help. After what you have been through in your last adventure, you feel like wanting to spice s**t up a little. Gotta keep the monotony away from having you bored of monster slaying and money making. You finish your meal first and then look at the bulletin board, noticing a recently written request about helping one called Haltar to retrieve some medicine from a forest. For some reason you feel like you have heard about this particular quest before. Eh, no sweat. Enemies are still weak there much like the boar pups. You make a note to yourself to meet this Haltar in the village of Horunka in two days as stated in the notice. You leave. Two days have passed and you already made your way to the village. Standing among some of the buildings, you look around and wonder how Haltar looks like. Crikey, if only he described himself. @Haltar Dhrim @Clyde
  10. Kazzy is now seeking somebody to help with the third lesson being still free. One person is enough.

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      I still need to do the first two, but if you still need somebody by the time I'm done those I could help you out.

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  11. You stand up and walk to Lyle, examining the chainmail closely. It reminds you of such armor worn by knights in the 12th century, where chainmail is the norm and great helmets serving as the icon of knights in that same period. The same goes to the Crusaders. "Take it, there's more," Lyle says as he shakes the haubergeon, which you take gently and admire it before putting it into your inventory. You consider discarding your starting armor. Lyle pulls out a pair of mail chausses from the chest and show it to you. "For the legs," he says, in case you can't recognize the pieces. You nod knowingly and receive it too. More pieces of armor are given to you to complete the set. Another coif, a gambeson, and finally, much to your delight, a great helm. Wonderful. This helm is the early incarnation since it doesn't entirely enclose your head like a barrel much like the archetypal later great helms. The 'pot' however does enclose the entirety of your skull's top half, with the metal 'mask' protecting your entire face. You feel satisfied with its appealing design. "Thank you so much, sir," you say and bow to Lyle after storing your gifts. The old man chuckles and pats you on the shoulder. "Two more things, one which I need you to deliver something for me," he says as he continues fishing out stuff from the chest. A potion and a package wrapped in brown paper. "This potion is called Safeguard, made by our alchemist friend Zackariah. It can protect you from...say an initial attack that catches you off guard. A strong one too. One more before you go, take this package and give it to Hannah, an artisan. You can find her drawing in a grove of trees in this city. You won't miss it, otherwise just follow the signs." You gladly take both of them to your inventory and delete your old chainmail armor. You are surprised when it appears briefly in front of you only to disintegrate in pixels like enemies would. "Again, thank you for the armor," you say again with a bow, seeing that you are finally done here and wanting to rest. "I will take my leave." Lyle nods with a smile. "Go on. Say hi to Hannah for me mate. Good day." And with that, you leave his workshop and head back to the inn for a hot meal and maybe sleeping through the evening before being nocturnal at night. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU COMPLETED YOUR ADVENTURE! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obtained 3 SP (+2 from Quest) Obtained 400 COL Obtained new chainmail Tier 1 armor with +1 MIT Obtained Safeguard potion
  12. You finally arrive at the Town Of Beginnings and eventually at Lyle's door, knocking it loudly due to the rain. You are greeted quickly by his presence as the door opens. Lyle takes one look at you and grin, "Hard at work eh? You finally got them?" You nod in response, adding with, "Can I dry myself inside?" "Sure! Come on in and hand me those tusks." You oblige and enter his home, the door closed behind you. You doff your armor and now standing in drenched shirt and pants, you take a chair with you and go to the furnace, sitting near his workplace. You look at the anvil briefly, feeling the warmth of the burning furnace. You then swipe your finger down and bring out the three tusks from your inventory, showing them to Lyle in your hands when he approaches you with a drink. He nods with thanks. "Put them on the table," he says. You stand up and do so, then sit down as he gives you your refreshment. A simple hot chocolate. Damn. You sip the warm drink and close your eyes as you enjoy its taste and warmth. You smile at Lyle and nod with thanks. "And now with my tusks finally available, I shall give you something I recently forged as a gift. Here." He takes something out from a nearby personal chest and shows the item to you, making small rattling noises. You look the thing he is holding out in awe. A long sleeved chainmail, aka a haubergeon, covering the entire body and arms with mail mittens included.
  13. ID: 117914 BD: 8 Kazzy: HP 60/60 -- Energy 3/6 (Used Snake Bite!) -- DMG 3 -- MIT 9 Your sword glows blue in color as you charge towards the pup, which notice you and caught itself off guard as you finally unleash your Sword Art upon it. Snake Bite to be exact. The pup has no time at all to defend itself as you slash its body in three different angles, all cut deep into its flesh severing its organs. The pup explodes into pixels and you grin, baring your teeth as you glad that you rested beforehand. And now for the loot.... ID: 117915 LD: 14 (Obtained 3/3 Boar Pup Tusk) "YOSH!" You cry out in joy as the loot window tells you the good news: you have successfully obtained the final tusk. You sheath your sword and suddenly break into a rap number derived from "Like A Butterfly", imagining the song playing and the female singer singing alongside you. Your rap game lasts all while you make your way back to the starting city. "This world doesn’t even have any light, Can’t stop it’s going to destroy my mind!" Your rap vocals get louder whenever the chorus mentally kicks in, indicating your passion for going hard in this favorite song of yours. The rain somehow fits your musical moment, almost as if it belongs in some movie
  14. You also remember yourself saving some people and beating up any goons looking for trouble, as if you are playing hero. You even defended yourself from being mugged at one point. Culprits were some sort of gang that wanted you dead after you gave your lesson to one of their gang members that almost assaulted a girl he stripped. Like Bruce Lee you beat them to a pulp, even the leader wasn't spared as he begged for mercy upon seeing his buddies down. You realize that this kind of thing won't be very easy in Aincrad. One, criminals aren't as abundant as in the real world. Second, even when they exist as players with orange diamonds, which indicated that they committed a crime such as killing outside an authorized duel, you find your fists useless to deplete their health...unless they are probably weakened with your weapon. Maybe. The important thing to note is that you prefer to stay away from playing hero against criminals whose levels and equipment are better than yours. It's time to play safe now. The rain shows no signs of stopping as you stand up and turn around to see the pup still wandering around nearby. You take a deep breath and feel your energy restored. Time to take down the final prey. Hopefully you can manage to get its tusk this time.
  15. You remember your boxing days. People often call you the Dragon Boxer due to a pair of custom boxing shorts that you wear. The shorts itself is white in color, with its thigh sleeve bearing the logo of a Japanese dragon holding a pearl. The pearl resembles everything epic like immortality, prosperity or whatever. Simply grasping it is the equivalent to being a god incarnate. Heh. You remember your boxing styles too, which you still stick to the brawler and rush fighting styles like you employed in the streets, albeit a bit less extreme thanks to boxing rules. You always aim for the vital parts, especially around the body since mommy said that it is quicker to make the opponent stagger if such points are being attacked. You even dodge frequently and may not attack at all if you feel like it, just to tire the enemy while occasionally throwing jabs to the face. The head is only your target when you have the chance to beat the s**t out of your foes until they are knocked out. You smile as you remember the victors you achieved, your mom's proud expression on her face, and even the few losses you went through as you took them as lessons to boxing to victory. Oh, how you miss those days.