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  5. "That's a part of the problem," Bahr responded, tracing a line with the tip of his blade across another collection of Drakelings. As they dissolved into clouds of oceanic dust, Bahr craned his head toward his companion. "You get comfortable in that mindset. That self assurance that you're so strong that it doesn't matter. Then, sooner than you expect, something catches you off guard. If you've let your focus and skill slip then, well, what are you going to do in a situation like that?" He cocked his head to the side a bit, as though to illustrate that it was an earnest question. "When the system can no longer save you and only you can do it, it's not going to matter what consumables you brought along. And if you stay in that chronically buffed comfort zone, there's a chance you won't have honed the skills necessary from what previously would have been surprises." "I'm not saying not to ever use buffs. I still use them here and there - I'm no purist. But there's utility in recognizing your intrinsic strengths and weaknesses outside the cocoon of safety buffs provide."
  6. Seemed nobody was particularly keen to see Bahr's vision. With a sigh, he brought Dawn's Demise through another pack of Drakelings and watched idly as the disintegrated, leaving not so much as a single Drakeling Dkin behind. It wasn't that Oscar was particularly wrong, he just wasn't understanding what it was that Bahr was trying to say. Was it a matter of pride? Or was Bahr simply not articulating it well enough to be on the receiving end of so much opposition by everyone he expressed his views to? In the end, it didn't matter. Bahr's abstinence from buffs - though not static - had forced him to think outside the box and become more fluid to whatever situation he found himself in. That was the core of the contention. If nobody could be convinced through words alone, then he'd just have to illustrate his point through his actions. Though, not against mobs so pitiful as these. Even without buffs, or with basic weaponry, they wouldn't provide a real challenge. "Maybe you'll see what I mean someday. Until then, just do you."
  7. "Yeah, NIGHT," Bahr affirmed before dislodging Dawn's Demise from the stony floor, resting its flat edge against his shoulder as he waited for the mobs Oscar had knocked down to scramble to their feet. Er... Talons? "Solid foundation, for sure. But I've watched her struggle in situations where more outside the box thinking was necessary. My approach so far has been to ween her off of the buffs and use better discernment for when they're actually necessary, and to what degree. Forcing her to rely more on her intuition has produced some... interesting results." Another swipe, and three of the Drakelings were felled. In the wake of their polygonal combustion, a skin was left behind. "She's a little rough around the edges," he admitted as he bent over to scoop up their ninth Drakeling Skin. "But she's got enough raw potential to outpace both of us if she learns to hone in and focus a bit more."
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  9. "Yeah, I can see what you mean," Bahr mused as he brought the wedge of steel through a pair of Drakelings Oscar had weakened, dispatching then both and earning another skin for their rapidly rising meat pile. "There certainly is anelement of skill that can be employed in Sword Art. It's actually something I've been trying to convey to a-" pupil? "... friend of mine. She's relying so heavily on the system that she isn't cultivating her natural talent into full fledged skill. Which is a shame, because she's god assloads of potential." Ignoring a new pair of Drakelings that approached, Bahr leaned against Dawn's Demise once more. "I think it's our responsibility to do so," Bahr continued, circling back to Oscae's point about having the backs of the lower leveled players. "Teach them things like that, I mean. Scarcely will you need to, but there may be times when relying on the system isn't enough, and you've got to fall back on your skill and wit to make it out alive."
  10. As Oscar delivered a straggler straight toward Bahr, he readied another Calamity Disaster and struck it before it even made contact with the ground. He then arced the blade in a manner that allowed it to connect with another pair that was fast approaching, knocking them both back before they closed enough distance to pose any meaningful threat. Despite only one of the Drakelings having survived the attack, no skins were left behind to show for it. "Meesa think yousa're right," he exhaled in his best Jar-Jar impression. "I've got a pure perfect set of gear that that still puts me leagues beyond most anything in the castle - that we have access to, anyway. No Unique Enhancements or anything, either. I just... don't really need to try anymore." He glanced down toward Dawn's Demise, which was catching specks of gold light from Oscar's weapon. "I'm really only using this thing right now because it's optimal over my other weapon at dispatching these things efficiently. Since we're going for volume, it made sense."
  11. "Gross," Bahr remarked as he peeled the moist scaly pelt from his visage with a slow splick, quickly stashing the item away in his inventory. Despite the remarkable grotesqueness of the meat towel he'd just been assaulted with, Bahr couldn't help but notice how much progress they'd made in such a short amount of time. "That's four skins already," he noted. Then frowned. "A bit below average. Doesn't seem like the potion I took is helping as much as I'd hoped." He stepped forward, poured golden light into his blade, and let it rip. Four Drakelings fell and burst into azure dust, leaving behind a pair of skins that brought a smile back to his face. "That's more like it," he chirped as he scooped up the clammy pelts and whisked them away in a ribbon of light. "I've been fucking around with a new set too," he admitted, planting the tip of Dawn's Demise into the rocky floor and leaning against its firm frame. "It's fun, but sometimes it pays to use this bad boy instead. I think I'd be struggling a bit more against these goons without it."
  12. As Oscar stepped forward and slaughtered one of the hapless mobs, Bahr was once again struck by the glint of his weapon. It wouldn't have been particularly jarring in a better lit environment; but down here in the mines, where it was dark and muted, Oscar's makeshift golf club was out of place. Perhaps, with time, Bahr could grow accustomed to it. Luckily he didn't have any proclivity toward epileptic seizures or any other such light-induced debilitations, lest Oscar's weapon render him inert before the oh so terrifying lizards that were progressively accosting them. "Absolute Accuracy, eh?" Bahr inquired idly as he tore Dawn's Demise through another pack of their shared adversaries. "That's like, what, an instant ten percent DPS boost, right? Provided they don't dodge." Expression souring at seeing no Drakeling Skin result in the loot panel following his kill, he dismissed the window and barreled ahead. "Think it's worth it over Fury?"