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  2. Bahr

    Ceres' Evaluations

  3. It was a heartwarming scene. A budding family. A community that Lessa could really call her own. And as they embraced, Bahr and Maya could only stare on. It wasn't that they were uncomfortable with the display, just that they now found themselves left to their own devices. In the presence of a stranger, no less. "Soooo," Maya began, "arm wrestle?" "You're on." They eventually departed the blacksmithery, Bahr winding his sore arm as they strode through the street to their next location. "Geez," he remarked, pain evident in his tone. "I figured she was tough, but I wasn't expecting that. I'll need to pump up my strength stat a bit before the rematch." "Feeling a little emasculated, are we?" Olivia teased. "I'm not sure what you were expecting. Did you really think a tailor could beat a blacksmith, girl or no?" "I'll have you know I'd be embarrassed if it was a guy, too," Bahr proclaimed proudly, before realizing what he'd said. "I-I mean... I just know I can be tougher than anyone." Nice backpedaling. Not really. Quick, change topics. "Soooo where are we headed now?" "Well, I figured I'd show you guys my shop next," she replied, stopping in front of a shop that didn't have a sign yet. "It's a bit of a niche profession, but it's full of its own rewards." She slowly opened the door, bearing the fruits of her labor to the curious pair. The entire interior was decorated head to toe in a variety of plants, sprawling vines, and gorgeous flowers. Rows of earth contained in custom display cases were filled to the brim with virtually any form of flora imaginable. There were fruits, vegetables, bonsai trees, aesthetic plants, anything you could think of. Hanging plants filled every corner, their vines stretching out and hugging the walls, trying to return the man made structure to the nature from whence it came. There were massive windows against every wall, which allowed the gradually reddening sunlight to peek in and provide the flora with the sustenance it sought. This same scarlet glow hung in the humid air, captured by floating prisms of moisture that dispersed the light in a multicolored array. If it were possible to capture the very essence of the great outdoors in a single place, this was it. "Woah," Bahr uttered as he gently elbowed Lessa, as though to say, "Are you seeing this?" But he knew she did. It was magnificent. "Yeah, it took a lot of time, but I'm please with how it's turned out. I've been so busy putting everything together, I hadn't even bothered with a name yet." She turned to the blonde. "Do you have any ideas, Lessa?
  4. With 509 Blank T1 Dungeon Maps that he knew he wasn't going to use, Bahr was set to finish the deed. "Alright. Now I just sell them back to you. Remember - I get all of the money from the Junk Sale. Right?" Hesitantly, Jackpot nodded in agreement. "Good. Then here you go, 509 Blank T1 Dungeon Maps for junk sale. Should bridge the gap between where you are and all the way to Rank 5. I hope you're worth it." Jackpot hastily snatched the items up, and a moment later, they were all gone. The money was returned to Bahr, and the transaction was complete. Jackpot was now a Grandmaster Merchant. Junk Selling 509 Blank T1 Dungeon Maps. 25450 col returned to Bahr. Jackpot earns 509 EXP.
  5. "So," Bahr began as he strode into the shop. "I've got a proposition for you." As Jackpot rose a single brow in curiosity, Bahr continued. "I've heard that Blank T1 Dungeon Maps are only 100 col at cost. I can sell them back to you for 50 col a pop if you don't keep any of it, right?" He received only a stiff nod a response. "Good. I need a reliable, fully-leveled Merchant. If you let me buy the maps at cost, then sell them back and keep all of the Junk Sale return, we can get you maxed out today." Bahr purchased 509 Blank T1 Dungeon Maps. 50900 col sent to Jackpot. Jackpot earns 1527 EXP.
  6. As Bahr slipped into the shop, he could have sword he saw a cloaked figure literally dissolve into a puddle of ooze and slip past him. But people couldn't actually do that, right? It must have been a trick the lighting of the night played on his eyes. At any rate, despite the late hour, it seemed as though the shopkeep was awake. "Er, hey there," he began, eyes scanning the shop. "Heard there was a new Merchant in town. Gotta say, like what you've done with the space." He approached the counter and laid down a collection of equipment. It was all swords and heavy armor of varying quality. He didn't really need any of it, per se. He was mostly here to see if there was anything work passing along to someone else. "Just a few things. I've been hanging onto them for awhile, and my usual Merchant went AWOL." It was true. He hadn't seen Dagger in quite some time. There were, in fact, still weapons that were tied up in the man's shop. Something that irked Bahr, but not something worth doing anything about. He had all of the equipment he needed. "Think it will be long? My shop isn't far. I've got a few orders I need to get filled, too." 15300 col sent to Ceres.
  7. Bahr

    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    Name: Slurpuff Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 9 ID: 136147 Roll: CD: 11 Item Type: Plushie Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: LD | LD | LD Description: A plushie of a gourmet ice cream dish. It was a froopy face, and a tongue extends from its wriggly lips and droops off to the side. A cherry atop the proverbial living sundae ties the pink amalgamation together. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r9-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&comment=597204
  8. Bahr wasn't at all surprised when Olivia popped into the shop. She looked well, the bags that rode under her eyes in Sanctuary now gone and replaced by a glow he'd never noticed she had before. It was nice to think that she'd managed to move on and find some peace amid the chaos that Sanctuary wrought. She was doing well for herself, just as everyone wrapped up in that wretched event seemed to be. "No great loss, she was honestly pretty annoying." Oh my god, right!? "So do you want me to show you around?" "Totally. Lead the way." As they exited the shop, Benjamin offered them only a wave. It seemed he still had work to do, and it only seemed right to leave him to it. Olivia took the lead, confidence accentuating her swayed steps as she made her way to the blacksmithery. The interior of the shop seemed small from where they stood outside, but that didn't seem to bother the blacksmith, who had her kiln and equipment outside. An awning stretched over top, protecting the work space from any would-be rain. A small woman sat there. Dainty, feminine, with silver hair that belied her youthful appearance. Slender fingers gripped the handle of a hammer, which pounded away at her creation. A longsword? Sure looked like it. Her seemingly fragile frame spat in the face of typical blacksmith stereotypes, but the focus she put into her work was apparent. Varied weapons, armors and sculptures lined the wall - a display of her capability. They were ornate, sturdy and beautiful. Just as Benjamin was starting to make a name for himself, so too was Maya. "This is Maya," Olivia explained. "She just got set up recently, but she's already very popular. We've had players of all sorts visiting." "And I can see why! Looks like excellent craftsmanship," Bahr replied, inspecting a particular claymore that had caught his eye. Maya, who'd been ignoring them up to this point as she complete her craft, finally piped up. "Don't even think about it," she barked, a southern drawl bleeding into the command. "That one there's special." She inspected the warhammer she'd finished - wait, warhammer? She gave a stiff nod, then stood to address the others. "My hands only," she said as she extended one to Bahr. He took it, shook, and was surprised by the firmness of her grip and how calloused her palm had become. She wasn't nearly as dainty as she appeared. "Name's Maya, pleasure to meetcha." She then made her way around to Lessa, extending a hand in greeting to the blonde as well. "Ah, you've got rough palms, too. Blacksmith like me, or fierce warrior?"
  9. "You don't have to," came his steady response as he pulled her closer to him. It would be clear to anyone that the sight of the flock gathered here had had an emotional impact on her. And that was okay. He wouldn't have been so cryptic about it if he'd felt it wouldn't affect her at all. There was a certain magic here that didn't exist anywhere else in Aincrad, and only they could feel it. There was something special about that. "C'mon. Let's see what Benji's up to." He led her through the door of the young boy's shop, and was pleased with what they found. It seemed the youth had taken Bahr's advice to heart on the merchandise arrangements, but had added a flair of his own. Rather than contemporary lighting, he'd gone with crystals from the tenth floor that really sold the mellow ambiance. Natural light flooded the space through the open window, a far cry from Bahr's shop which was always kept in relative darkness. But as the sun would set, and the luminescence of the peculiar minerals would set the room aglow with a signature hue only they could produce, the unique glamour of this place would really start to take hold. Bahr was a little disappointed they wouldn't be around to see it. Bahr whistled, then said, "Damn. Kid's got me wanting to renovate my own place. Those mahogany display cases? Perks of having a woodworker nearby, I suppose." He was a tad jealous, but mostly proud. "Benjamin's become somewhat of a pseudo-protege of mine. I'd love to take credit for what he's done, but all I did was give him a few pointers and help him with his first craft. Everything afterwards is all him. It's pretty amazing what he's accomplished in such a short time." As though on cue, Benjamin emerged from the back of the shop. He carried with him a pair of plushies, sewn together at the hand. It was Bahr and Lessa. "Sorry it took so long! I had to add a few finishing touches," he explained as he gingerly pressed the dolls into Lessa's hands. "This is the prototype, but I'm making them for everyone. A reminder of the ones who gave us the strength to make it here and start anew."
  10. The teleport plaza in the Town of Beginnings was bustling, as usual. No matter how much time he spent away, it seemed as though this place never changed. There were always noobs afoot. Darting from shop to shop. Collecting items. Vowing that today would be the day they would venture into the fields and start their climb to the Frontlines. The enthusiasm was almost annoying, but Bahr couldn't blame them. Had it not been him in their shoes, just a little over half a year ago? He was an example of how quickly one could soar, so long as they first took the leap. He hoped that many of these people would reach the front just as he had, and in comparable time. "It's not far from here, but you know how the Town of Beginnings is. It might take a little bit to reach it." Not that it mattered. She'd seemed content to follow him around all day, so why would it be any different now? And she was almost certainly curious as to what he had in store. They made their way out of the teleport plaza. Down the winding streets, into the less busy areas of town. There were still people running around, but without the frequency, volume or bustle of the town square. Which was a relief, because just as Bahr could hardly tolerate Walmart in the real world, he'd found that the center of the Town of Beginnings had much the same energy. If you weren't paying attention, you'd surely run into someone, because god knows they won't. Finally, they reached it. "We're here," was all Bahr said, because it was all that he needed to say. It was a market of sorts where there hadn't been one a month or two prior. All manner of shops existed here. There were blacksmiths, tailors, cooks, alchemists, merchants, artisans, and performers. But beyond that, there were the less combat-centric professions. Woodworkers, decorators, sports enthusiasts, florists, and even those who seemed to be trying to figure out how to make machines work in Aincrad. A noble endeavor, even if Bahr didn't have much faith in it. To the ordinary onlooker, it would look like just another market. But to the trained eye - to the eyes of Lessa and Bahr, particularly - it was something much more. "Woah! Bahr, Lessa!" Benjamin called out as he emerged from a nearby tailor shop before rushing to meet with them. "I'm so glad you came! We've still got some work to do here... Er... We were hoping to have it all ready by the time we showed you." "What're you talking about? Looks marvelous. You guys have done excellent work. And in such short time, too!" "Yeah, well..." The youth rubbed the back of his head nervously. "We were excited to start our new chapter. Some people went their own way, but we all decided we wanted to come here and do our part for the people." "And you're doing great. I appreciate that you guys have some professions around here that are for just improving quality of life - I think that's something that gets overlooked a lot by people on the Frontlines who take professions. How's the tailoring life treating you?" "Oh man, you were right. It's tough at first, but once you get going, it's really addicting. I've never made so many things out of cloth in my life. I actually had something made for the two of you! Hang on a sec, I'll go get it." As the boy dashed back into his shop, Bahr's hand found Lessa's and gave it a squeeze. By now, most everyone in the market had taken notice of them. Familiar faces from Sanctuary, all pleased to see the woman who'd saved them. They offered waves, and the occasional, "Hi, Lessa!" Some of them even seemed happy to see Bahr. Likely because of the work he'd done getting them placed here. More than a string or two needed to be pulled. "You did this," Bahr reminded her, keeping his eyes glued to the market's denizens. He gave them a wave with his free hand. "They're here, alive, doing something with their lives because you were there. And you protected them, and motivated them. All of them admire you so much." Finally, his eyes flickered to meet with hers. "You're their guardian, and they all appreciate you so much. I just figured you should know, and see it for yourself."
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    Name: Gloves of Caerus Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 9 ID: 135691 Roll: CD: 13 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: LD | LD | LD Description: This gloves grant the wearer inordinate luck. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r9-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&comment=596938
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