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  1. "Does it ever seem strange that we're killing a bunch of baby dragons for no apparent reason?" she pondered out loud as the two started to head out. It kind of felt like she was killing an innocent puppy for a wad of cash. Yeah, she gets it- it's a quest but like, they're just babies. Did this quest developer have a bone to pick with baby dragons? Did they hate babies? Truly a question without an answer. [Dans le palier trois- honhonhon] "Not far at all," Cordelia confirmed, matching his grin with a one of her own. It was hard to ignore the 'natural' beauty of Aincrad's Third Floor sometimes. It was never something that she particularly payed attention to, at least, not until now. Until a few months ago, it felt like she was just in autopilot mode, which was maybe why her years here so far seemed like a blur. Her mind was only set on gaining more levels and experience and nothing else. Now that her three year long goal had been completed, she wanted to focus on other things like I don't know... a social life? Something kind of hard to achieve when you're basically a vegetable with a sword. "Hey Oscar," she exclaimed abruptly. "Let's take this questline a little slower, okay? I mean, what's the rush?" she asked, tilting her head towards him with a crooked grin.
  2. "Yeah, I was pretty angry at the world. I'm pretty sure we all have some sort of phase like that, especially when you're trapped in a video game," she joked, "but yeah, I'm in a much better place now. Oscar isn't the only reason for that, I've met a couple of okay people too," Cordelia mused, giving Mari a wink. She tilted her head over to NIGHT and shrugged. "In the end, it's just a bunch of numbers. I'm sure you'll catch up. I've been slowing down since I hit tier three. Just trying to focus more on other things, y'know?" Being tier three had honestly been her first goal and only goal for the past two to three years, and now that she's finally achieved it, she couldn't help but feel an itty bitty hole in her chest. It wasn't really a feeling that would motivate you per se, but it's given her a chance to think. Think about what she actually wanted while she was in here and what she wanted when she would get out of here. 'Course, she never really had time to think in the first place. Even with entering a whole new tier, her schedule was as busy as ever. A slight pink hue ran its way across her cheeks at Mari's straight forward compliment. "Oh, you don't have to say that," she chuckled, drumming her fingers against the counter before she realized that she actually had another ramen bowl to make. To Mari's reply, a small laugh escaped her. "Don't worry. We'll get to both hands one day, Mari, and there's not better way to bond than over a nice bowl of ramen," she gushed excitedly, giving her a thumbs up from over her shoulder. The cook went quiet after that, deciding to let the group to converse by themselves for a bit, but that didn't stop her ears from listening. It wasn't much. Just some small talk with Akaiko from Mari and NIGHT, and then it shifted its attention over to Life. "Was someone after a bounty on your head or something?" she asked jokingly to his reply about hiding in the jungles of floor eight. "What inspired me?" she echoed thoughtfully, tapping her finger against her chin before she shrugged. "I honestly just wanted to help out my boyfriend with the load since he was preparing buffs for the next floor boss raid, but by the time I reached a high enough rank to make feasts, he already got most of the stuff done." She scratched the back of her neck with a sheepish laugh. "That sucked but that didn't stop me from keeping this place open. Apparently there aren't too many ramen shops around nowadays so I guess that was a big part on why I specifically chose ramen of all things." Cordelia stuck out her tongue at the massive word vomit but brushed it off after a few seconds. "I hoped that answers your question," she said, turning around to give him his own bowl of tonkotsu. "Anyway, enjoy the ramen. I'm no expert but people seem to like it," she quipped, cracking a crooked grin.
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    TO @Kazookie Ghost Treat: [If you already have a familiar, the treat can be fed to it to change its appearance to a ghostly form of itself. If you do not already have a familiar, it allows you to skip the searching portion of the <<Feeding your Enemy>> quest. If you fail to tame the creature, you will have to find it again by the searching rules in the quest.] Gloves of Caerus: +3 LD x1 T1 | Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos: +3 LD - 600 Col
  4. "That's great! I haven't really seen you since the Valentine's day event. I hope you and Bahr are doing well. I haven't heard from him a in while too now that I think about it- if you get the chance to, tell him Cordelia says hi too," she gushed, giving her a friendly smile. "That if he still he remembers my name or not," she muttered, casting a nervous glance to the side. He was never really good at that, was he? The only part he ever really got right was the 'cor' part but everything after that was a complete mess. "Hey to you too. How was the spar?" She asked, her face brightening as turned to face Oscar. "I didn't get to see much of it." The girl paused, overhearing his comment. "Level fifty? Oh wow, congratulations!" Cordelia exulted, her head swivelling towards Lessa. "That's great! It must be a huge step for you, with gear and stats and all of that fun stuff," she resounded, going off with her own experiences. "Oh gosh, It's been a while since the last time I've seen you too, NIGHT. I hope you're doing okay too?" Time truly flew by her in the past months. Especially with the completion of Scents of the Wild and the Easter Event. It was honestly just hard to believe. "A quest? Sounds fun. Which one are we planning on doing?" she replied, feeling excited. It's been a while since she had done a quest with a full party like this- and she could only hope that this time it would involve a lot less barf material. "It'd be good experience as guildmates too. You know, like a guild bonding day," Cordelia exclaimed eagerly.
  5. "Oh hello Baldur," Cordelia exclaimed, coming up from behind the gaijin samurai before she nudged him with her elbow. "Fancy meeting you here." It wasn't like she was tracking him with her map or anything, no, no, that would be preposterous! She whipped her head towards to the other familiar face. "Hey, Crozeph. It's good to see you again. I'm glad I get to see you under much brighter light this time around," she joked, patting him on the back before she turned to the other face, this one not as familiar. "Oh, are you one of Baldur's friends?" she asked, eyes wide as she inspected the girl's face. Yep, this was definitely a stranger to her- as is most players in SAO. She looked kind of sad, or tired. Heck, maybe she was both! "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you," she beamed happily, extending her hand for the girl to shake. "You can call me Cordelia. Or not, I don't really care."
  6. "A-ah, alright." She cocked her head towards the monkey and sweatdropped. "Er-- may you rest in peace, I guess?" She wasn't sure if she was glad or not to be the one putting this monkey out of its misery. . . but okay. A dim light emitted from her katana as she prepared another sword art to finish the poor thing off. It really didn't take much more than a poke to completely decimate the thing. She sighed, rubbing the back of her head. "Well, I guess I can cross 'free a flying monkey of its torture' off my bucket list." She puffed and sheathed her sword. "Alright, well that's that, I guess," Cordelia mumbled, scratching the back of her head. She never thought a quest could turn out like this. Chaunsey was probably the most characterized quest mob she's ever seen in her life. Now she felt guilty. What would've happened if she let poor Chaunsey go? ID: 149674 BD: 7, Hit Shield [H:4/4/4] - HP: 1765/1770 | EN: 142/168 | DMG: 2 | MIT: 169 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 0 | LD: 5 | BH: 85 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 Cordelia [H:1/1/2] - HP: 1080/1080 | EN: 53/108 | 22 +3 [1/2] DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN -14 <<Elite Flying Monkey 1>> HP: 0/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 <<Elite Flying Monkey 2>> HP: 0/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 [-18 ENV 2/4] <<The Witch>> HP: 0/700 | DMG: 100 DMG (min 50) | MIT: 70 -305
  7. "Ah, you're right. . ." Cordelia tapped the side of her chin before laughing. "Times really were crazy back then." All of the drama had seemed to die down the more she had leveled up, save for a few exceptions. It wasn't really something to be missed but she would kill to do something exciting again. She scratched her cheek as she lifted her head, her eyes fixated on the ceiling as she started to ponder out loud. "Oh gosh, you were still using a katana back then. That's so weird to think about," she exclaimed incredulously. "It's so hard to imagine you without your big ol' battle axe now! Hey, did you know I still have Bloody Howl in my inventory?" She asked, her body heaving back forward, ratting the chair as she grinned at him. "It's been sitting there for a while but I could never find myself selling it or giving it to another person." The ivory-haired player chuckled, curling her hands around the edgy of the chair like a child. "It holds some great memories too. Like that time you beat my ass," she remarked, laughing under her breath. "Anyway, that's enough small talk!" Her chair skid away from her as she stood up, pressing one palm against the table while the other gave him a thumbs up. "Let's go beat up another baby dragon!"
  8. Of all things to be in SAO, Cordelia never thought she would actually be in a guild. Not to give that whole edgy angsty teenage vibe cough cough pinball but interacting with a whole lot of people was never really her thing. Never was and probably never will be. 'Course, she's gotten better in the last year or so but there are just some things that can't and probably shouldn't be changed. The Tarot was nice, though. Few people in the guild were actually foreign to her, but the ones that she did know were probably her closest friends. If it were any other guild, she probably wouldn't have even given it a chance. She didn't know why she was so surprised when there was talk about the Guild Hall. She was pretty sure Bahr was more loaded than she'll ever be, which was pretty ironic now that she thought about it and she was pretty sure that it wasn't just him who payed for the place, but did it matter at the moment? Not really. It had a pretty cool name though, really went well with the whole Tarot vibe; House of Cards. It was more of a surprise that it wasn't something totally and utterly shtewpid. "Knowing" Bahr and all of that. . . a pun of some kind wouldn't be out of the question at all-- maybe it was because of Lessa's influence? Kudos to her! "Mind if I join, too?" Strands of ivory hair draped over her cheeks as she poked her head into the training room. Oh lawd, how did she even get here? The House of Cards was in no way a giant labyrinth but since when was she ever good with directions? Never. The answer was never. She honest to God would have walked into a volcano if it weren't for the built in-game map. "It's been a while since we last talked," Cordelia exclaimed, whipping her head over to Lessa with a curious smile as she took a few steps into the training room. "How have you been?"
  9. Cordelia gave him a crooked grin from over her shoulder. "Of course I do. Who do you take me for?" She quipped enthusiastically. Above, the last remaining flying monkey bellowed an ear piercing screech, leaving the girl with a slight ring in her ears. Strangely, a random thought had popped up in her head; Chauncey would be a really good alarm clock! Who needed familiars for stats? Pft, just get yourself a flying monkey and you'll never wake up late again! "Heheh. . ." She droned out absentmindedly. "Monkey alarm clock. . ." Reality (or rather, virtual reality) hit her like a brick to the face as she slowly zoned back into the battle. Seriously, what kind of normal person thinks of monkey alarm clocks in the middle of a fight? However, it seemed like the witch's words seemed to get through poor Chauncey, and the flying mammal stopped dead in the air. "Oh come on." The ivory-haired girl whipped her head over to the green hued witch. "Seriously?" she asked, exasperated. The girl gestured out a hand towards the dumb lookin' monkey and deadpanned. "Chauncey here is literally moments away from death! Let the poor monkey rest in peace, woman!" She shook her head. How could such a woman let her poor monkey suffer on like that? Distasteful. Before the witch could even reply to Cordelia, the blade of her katana had already been slammed down right on her pointy head. "And that's for flying monkey abuse!" ID: 146180 BD: 2+5=7, Hit | 15x25=375-70=305 ID: 146181 MD: 3+1=4, Miss Shield [H:4/4/4] - HP: 1765/1770 | EN: 142/168 | DMG: 2 | MIT: 169 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 0 | LD: 5 | BH: 85 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 Cordelia [H:1/1/2] - HP: 1080/1080 | EN: 67/108 | 22 +3 [1/2] DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN -14 <<Elite Flying Monkey 1>> HP: 0/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 <<Elite Flying Monkey 2>> HP: 43/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 [-18 ENV 2/4] <<The Witch>> HP: 0/700 | DMG: 100 DMG (min 50) | MIT: 70 -305
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    [ PP/F1 ] Good Vibes Only

    Rewards: -2 SP [1 thread, 1 sp bonus event] -200 Col each
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    [ PP/F1 ] Good Vibes Only

    She crossed her arms and gave him a light hearted smirk. "Oh, really? Maybe you can go and save my life one day. Who knows?" She mused, shrugging her shoulders. Cordelia rolled her eyes along with him. "Oh ha-ha. I'm probably the last person you'd want to go to find out how the game works," she muttered, shaking her head. It was honestly a miracle how she was still alive, really. She chuckled, crossing her arms over her chest. "Floor one is fine, right by the teleport gate? I live on floor seven but I'd be fine to travel down here," she said, crossing her arms. "So let's just meet up at the teleport gate Saturday morning?" Cordelia asked, tilting her head. As the two neared the town's entrance, Cordelia turned to give the man a goodbye. "Well, it's been great chatting with you and all, Titan. I look forward to Saturday. Until then, stay out of trouble," she exclaimed, bidding him a wave before heading out towards the gate.
  12. sobs in 7th draft This fight had dragged on longer than she anticipated. Maybe if she flippin' procced her holy, it would have ended a while ago! Not one single proc the whole fight! Oh Onimaru, why must you loathe her? Half a years work of upgrading and zombie slaying. . . and egg finding and not a single proc? Why? Why!? Must Lady Luck be this against her? It took a whole lot of will to not freak out about this. She could be doing far worse, yes, but she could be doing far, far better. Cordelia sighed. If only she had a weapon that suited her stupid luck and not one that procs five percent of the time. If only, if only. At least she wasn't missing. She'll that thought at that. She refused for her mind to go. . . back there. Alright, focus on the brighter side of things! She chided mentally. Things more than halfway dead. We got this! Oscar just needs to keep. . .proccing his enhancements and we'll be fine! The small spike of adrenaline seemed to suck her back into the fight and out of her thoughts. Ah, right. She was fighting something. Haha-- yeah, she guessed that forgetting you were fighting a giant living chunk of undead flesh was something you could forget about. She drew in a sharp breath, shooting Mari a brief thumbs-up as she raced back into the battle. Her boots skidded against the unpaved floors, tracking up bits of dirt and dust as she attempted to reuse the same tactic she had basically been using the entire fight. The same tactic. The only tactic. Cordelia's form veered as she dashed behind the Forgotten Time King another time. Her figure sprang into the air as she heaved her katana forward, creating a horizontal spin which chipped away at the beast's near impenetrable armor until she slammed her katana down on the king's back. The sharp sound of metal against metal made her cringe, and she nearly found herself falling down on her butt had it not been for Onimaru-- which just so happened to be lodged in the thick plated armor. "Crud nuggets," she whispered, latching her hand on the hilt before she pulled the curved sword away-- which was a lot harder than it looked, by the way-- and very quickly shuffled back to the safeties of her party. ID: 145066 BD: 5+6+11, Hit [4] Oscar 1205/1205 HP | 45/104 EN | 22 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 151 MIT | VAMP-DEF | SAVVY | 12 FLN | 36 BRN[BD8-10] | 48 BH [6] Baldur 1395/1395 HP | 97/132 EN | 22/25 DMG WF/MM | 5/6 WF/MM | 5 EVA | 124 MIT | ABSLT ACC | 56 BH | 0/2 STATUS IMN | 30 THRNS [3] Mari 1365/1365 HP | Energy: 76/120 | DAM: 14 | EVA 5 | MIT 43+45=88 | ACC 6 [4] Cordelia 1175/1175 HP | EN: 64/120 | 21 DMG | 45 MIT | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN -14 Forgotten Time King 876/3750 | 300 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 150 MIT -165
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  14. "Oh, okay." Cordelia paused in her steps and looked back at the player before shrugging. Ah, yes. This is precisely how she spent her time nowadays. Of course, she still had a good load of quests to do but where was the fun in that when she had already reached her goal. . ? There was no fun, that was the answer. That was probably a bad thing-- and she was probably going to have to figure out a new goal sometime soon or else she was never going to get work done, but for now, she just wanted to have it a little easy. Help some players, you know, that fun stuff. "Are you sure you want to do this quest? I heard it's very easy yet very brutal," she asked, her eyes widening before she shrugged again. Martial Arts was never a skill she particularly wanted nor needed, and frankly, she had never seen a player use it before. She honestly thought it was quite stupid to have a skill like that in a game literally called Sword Art Online, but whatever Kayaba. It's your world. You do you.
  15. "A-ah, alright." She sighed. He probably ten times more mitigation than what she had, maybe literally. Of course, she had that jacket she had gotten from Oscar but she really only used it when she knew that a mob was going to pack a punch. Other than that, she's only been using Bastille's Resistance-- which if it wasn't so obviously clear, has no mitigation. It was a pretty solid piece of gear, though! Paralytic venom was a deadly tool when paired up with something like evasion. "Oh, thank you," she puffed, watching as the glowing red light enveloped her her katana. She had never seen this mod before-- but that might be because she had never really seen such a high levelled support before-- hey, it's pretty cool! She looked up at the witch and deadpanned. God, why was her voice so annoying. It was-- it was really your stereotypical witch voice, like nails on a damn chalkboard. Or a dying cat. Maybe both. She huffed, already feeling like she was going to start getting a headache. She glanced over to Shield. It seemed like the witch was focused on him, and honestly, she would be too if he had barged into her home yelling like that. While she was distracted, Cordelia dashed from behind the green lady, only to slam the blade of her katana down on her head-- which did a lot less to her physical form that she thought it would. . . but hey, it chunked off a good sum of her health. ID: 144914 BD: 4+5=9, Hit | 15x25=375-70=305 MD:1, Miss ID: 144915 MD: 4+1=5, Miss Shield [H:4/4/4] - HP: 1680/1770 | EN: 146/168 | DMG: 2 | MIT: 169 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 0 | LD: 5 | BH: 85 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 Cordelia [H:1/1/2] - HP: 1080/1080 | EN: 81/108 | 22 +3 [1/2] DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN <<Elite Flying Monkey 1>> HP: 0/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 <<Elite Flying Monkey 2>> HP: 61/220 | DMG 90 (45 min) | MIT 35 [ENV 1/4] <<The Witch>> HP: 289/700 | DMG: 100 DMG (min 50) | MIT: 70 -305