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  1. Cordelia

    [PP-F02] A different kind of return «Return of the Queen»

    Cordelia rubbed her elbows as she look towards the sky. She didn't really feel like she fitted in this group. Maybe it was because she had gotten off on the wrong foot with two of them, but she wasn't sure. She sighed, and rubbed the side of her cheek. Maybe she should just leave while she had the chance. She looked to each player among her and sighed. Yeah, they could do whatever the hell they wanted after this, she didn't really care. "Alright, I guess I should be off then, too," she mumbled, sheathing her katana before she brushed off her lap. "It's been good seeing you guys. . .and meeting you," she sighed, nodding her head to Ariel before she shrugged her shoulders. "See you later, I guess," she sniffed, turning the other direction and giving the three a backhand wave, Pacco soaring down from God knows where and on to her shoulder just as she brought her hand back down. -Cordelia leaves the thread
  2. Cordelia

    stuffs to frens?

    x1 Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion: +3 DMG and Focused Hotdog: 2 ACC to @Asakku
  3. Cordelia nodded her head excitedly as she took his hand in hers, leading them out of the house with a silly grin on her face. FLOOR TEN: [and i was too lazy to write doo doo :))] The girl raised her arms above her head, stretching her back as she hopped off of the teleport gate. Oh-ho-ho, she was pumped up for this quest! Of course, she's heard how much of a [female doggo] the mobs in this quest could be but with four people in their party, they should have it in the bag! She inhaled sharply before her eyes spotted a certain other white-headed player. Her eyes shifted to the player a few feet away from him. Oh, sweet, they were already here. She grinned at Oscar before walking over to the two players. "Are you guys excited to do this quest?" She asked, her face practically mimicking a child's on Christmas day or some [doo-doo].
  4. Cordelia

    [PP-08] <<Ferocious Foe>> w/ Baldur

    She didn't know if she had ever been so disappointed in her life. "Why are you like this?" She whispered for a brief second before she shook her head. "Yeah, it's. . . it's really not too far from here," she sighed, laughing softly under her breath before she nodded over to the town's exit. "So I assume you know which quest we're doing because of all of your. . . bear puns," she finished, shuddering to herself before she looked over to Baldur and deadpanned. "Please, if I die today it will be because of your puns." "Anyway, the quest mobs should be deeper into the woods, but it probably won't be too hard to find. Since, y'know, it's a bear and all," she explained. As they walked farther and farther away from the town and closer and closer to the woods, she felt a shudder go through her again. Maybe it was looming dread of more possible bear puns? Or worse? What was worse than bear puns?
  5. Cordelia

    [PP-03] <<Search for Hoya>>

    Cordelia blinked before laughing out loud. Somehow the description that Lessa had given her was a perfect depiction of him. "Yeah, that's the one," she said with a small smile as she rubbed the back of her neck. "He's carried me through a few quests as well," she sighed. "I think it's just natural for him to do that, huh." "Oh, really?" She asked, her ears perking as she switched her attention to NIGHT. "Well, I've never really been to your shop before so that's expected I suppose, but that's pretty cool! I'll be sure to pay you a visit next time I go to his shop, too," She beamed, nodding her head excitedly. "Alright!" She cheered, clapping her hands together. "Lunch it is!" Cordelia's ears perked when the sound of hooves clashing against the ground rung through the air. She sighed. Well, at least it won't be hard to kill this thing. She unsheathed her katana for a brief second, darting in after the minotaur. A single slash should be able to do the trick. And that's what she did. Maybe it was because she was lazy, or tired, or both, but she just. . . kinda of bull[doo-doo]-ed her way through it? Man, she just kinda of wanted this quest to be over with. ID: 134477 BD: 3+3=6, Success HOYA OF MINOS IS D E D
  6. Cordelia

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Following One's Fortunes

    She hummed softly, nodding her head. "Yeah, I don't think even he could grant a wish like that," she mumbled, shaking her head before she gave Oscar a thumbs up. "It's great that you got some good experience! I would've asked for the same thing, but ever since I got this weapon with the cursed enhancement, I had been planning to somehow get rid of it once I reach tier three, so this event was a perfect perfect for it." Cordelia chuckled to herself as she nodded her head. "Honestly, yeah. I thought the Christmas event this year would have to do with going against and event boss especially since we didn't get one last year, but I guess it was a good call since there had been numerous event bosses in the past few months. It's a nice change of pace, though," Cordelia said softly, smiling cheerfully. As much as she loved going stab-stab with her katana, it was nice to take a break every once in a while and chill out.
  7. Cordelia sighed. Pacco has been sitting on her head for God knows how long, but it had been a while. It had seemed that the bird had found a new favorite spot on her body, as weird as that sounded, she was sort of okay with it? It beats him having to appear out literally nowhere. At least now she can keep an eye on him. She looked at Oscar from the corner of her eye. They should probably do something. She needed to start catching up to him and she wasn’t going to do that by lounging around! A familiar ping rang through the air, Cordelia recognizing it as the sound of a message being delivered, a sound she did not hear often— I wonder why. A small hum rolled off her throat as she opened up the message. NIGHT? Now that had been even more of a surprise. She wasn’t really sure if she had considered NIGHT as a friend, much less a person who would go out of their way to message her. The two had started out pretty rough but after a couple of quests, she was sure that they were stitching up the relationship they had. So that was good! ”Wargs?” She mumbled as her eyes scanned over the message. She turned her head to Oscar. “Sounds fun, do you want to do it?” @Oscar
  8. Cordelia

    [PP-08] <<Ferocious Foe>> w/ Baldur

    Cordelia stared at the message box and almost threw up her breakfast. Wha-- Why? Why? That was the only question she had. Just. . . why? She sniffed as she sent the message. Maybe she was regretting this decision. Maybe. She wasn't sure. . . if she should still wait for him-- no! That would be rude! . . . but it was worth it-- No! She sighed to herself and shook her head. She needed to complete this quest. . . so she supposed that she was supposed to have to bear through his puns. . . for now anyway. "Man, he's such a dad," she chuckled to herself, face palming as she let out a loose chuckle. She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. Oh boy, what had she gotten herself into today. . ?
  9. Cordelia stretched her arms as she hopped off of the teleport pad. Time to finally get the item she had been so eager to get! She honestly, honestly just wanted to change the name of her katana. Haunted verdict seemed a bit too. . . what was the word, morbid? It made her sound like she was some kinda of ghost judge. She sighed and shook her head. Cordelia popped her eyes open and met with an unfamiliar yet familiar face. "Oh hey!" She drawled, bounding up to the girl with her own bird on her shoulder. "You were at the Obsidian Invasion weren't you?" She asked, tilting her head as she beamed at the girl. "I saw you you slaying the skeleton archers with some other white haired guy, but it was pretty cool too look at," she beamed, giving her a grin. "You're on the front lines, aren't you? I'm sure that I've heard about you somewhere. . . or not, I have really bad memory."
  10. Cordelia

    [PP-10] <<Leeching Nightmares>> w/ Oscar

    "Amara Lugos does have a nice ring to it," she teased, giving him a playful smile back. Thinking or prepping for the future was never really Cordelia's thing, and something at the back of her mind told her that her relationship with Oscar might be a bumpy ride-- which was understandable when both of them lived in a virtual world where either could die at a swing of a sword and a couple of numbers. . . but right now, she was happy, that was all that mattered. They were both going to face the twists and turns that life-- or Kayaba-- has to offer them, together. She didn't need to be married to be happy with someone she loved. She mentally shook her head. Marriage wasn't like that for her. "Well, Mr. Lugos," she exclaimed, hooking her arm around his with a grin. "Let us continue our way to your oh-so humble abode," she snickered, a joking light in her eyes as she began to make her way back to the only damn town on this stupid floor, her arm still hooked around his.
  11. Cordelia

    [PP-10] <<Leeching Nightmares>> w/ Oscar

    Cordelia pulled a blank face. "Oh shoot you're right," she whispered, her eyes widening before she let out a laugh. "I'm sorry but that just seemed so weird for you to say. That isn't something people typically would say in the real world," she giggled, shaking her head as she smiled to herself. She hadn't heard her real name been said in more than two years. . . it seemed almost foreign to her at this point, but it was still in her heart. . . somewhere, anyway. To say that she wasn't curious to know his own name was a lie. His statement had sparked curiosity in her. "Really?" She asked, almost bewildered. Oscar was probably one of the smartest people she knew, so how did he of all people do something like that? "Well, it won't be hard for me to change names, at least," she said thoughtfully, cracking a small smile at him. "It's Amara. Amara Le."
  12. Cordelia

    [PP-10] <<Leeching Nightmares>> w/ Oscar

    She melted into his hold, smiling to herself just before she cracked out a chuckle. She never thought they would have this moment when they had just finished a morbid sounding quest, especially in a floor like this one, but somehow she didn't really care. Nothing else around her seemed to have mattered when she was around him, which she wasn't sure if it was a hazard or not. . . she might just have to stick a big ol' caution sign on his forehead whenever he was around her. Yes, that would certainly save the lives of a couple of people. Cordelia let out a small and surprised gasp as she felt Oscar press his lips against hers, only to smile into the kiss the longer it went on. She squeezed his hand as they broke off and gave him a grin. Sometimes, she felt like this had all been too good of a dream. It just all seemed too surreal for her. Never in her life would she have thought that she would actually be in a relationship. She thought that she would just be lonely sack of potatoes all her life, but she guessed that the universe had some other plans for her. She wasn't objecting to them or anything, she was perfectly happy where she was right now, in fact. She hummed to herself as the two of them began to walk back to Yomi, only to cut herself off when she watched Oscar start to have a. . . seizure? Oh, no, never mind. He was just laughing. Her face was stunned in a mixture of concern and weirded out before she shook it off and chuckled to herself. He must having a real frekin' hoot from whatever he was thinking. She squeezed his hand as she nodded to herself. She had never really thought about it until now, but she did suppose that she should be somewhat grateful to Kayaba, as much as of a psychopath he was. "Yeah, you're right," she murmured, laughing out loud. "I suppose it would be a weird thing to think about in the real world, huh? I suppose I should be thankful to him as well."
  13. Cordelia

    [SP-04] <<The Night's King>>

    ID: 134263 BD: 6, Hit | 12x15= 180-50= 130 10-130= 0 HP HP: 700/700 | EN: 12/70 | 12 DMG [Bumped Down for Quest] | 5+30=35 MIT | 3+2=5 ACC | 3+2=5 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Nights King: HP: 0/400 | 50 MIT | 300 DMG
  14. Cordelia

    [SP-04] <<The Night's King>>

    ID: 134262 BD: 6, Hit | 12x15= 180-50= 130 140-130= 10 MD: 3-5=0, Miss HP: 700/700 | EN: 26/70 | 12 DMG [Bumped Down for Quest] | 5+30=35 MIT | 3+2=5 ACC | 3+2=5 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Nights King: HP: 10/400 | 50 MIT | 300 DMG