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  1. Cordelia

    [PP-22] Sundered Spire Ascendance

    ID: 164537 BD: 5+5=10, Hit | 15x15=375 413-275= 38 Freyd | HP:820/820 | EN:68/80 | DMG:20 | MIT:43 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | KEEN:1 | HLY:2 | BLD:12 Cordelia | HP: 1200/1200 | EN: 96/118 | 25 DMG | 25 MIT | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | PHSE | 12 HLY | ABS. ACC -11 Mari | HP 1490/1490 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 72 | BRN: 24 |BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 (1,1,1) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:0/584 | DMG:219 (1,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #2 | HP:38/584 | DMG:219 -275 (1,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #3 | HP:253/584 | DMG:219 (0,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #4 | HP:413/584 | DMG:219
  2. ID: 164054 BD: 7, Hit | 19x15=285=245 215-245=-30 Oscar HP: 1136/1550 | EN: 95/112 | 19 DMG | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 106 MIT | 12 FLN | 36 BRN [BD8-10] | VAMP-DEF | 2 REC Cordelia HP: 1096/1110 | EN: 97/108 | 19 DMG | 25 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN -11 -14 Ghidorah - The Opal Hatchling HP: 0/215 | 70 DMG | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 40 MIT | 14 THORNS -215 Elven Dragon Cultist 1 HP 0/50 | 35 DMG | 25 MIT | 14 THORNS Elven Dragon Cultist 2 HP 0/50 | 35 DMG | 25 MIT | 14 THORNS
  3. Cordelia

    [PP-22] Sundered Spire Ascendance

    "Just how much have you been hanging around Baldur, Mari?" Cordelia quipped back, flashing the familiar woman a goofy grin of her own. "I think he's really getting to you~" she sang, clasping her hands behind her back with a quiet laugh. "Psh... do I need such a reason to invite one of my beloved friends to a peaceful walk?" she asked dramatically, one hand over her heart while the other outstretched towards the moon. She cracked an amused grin before reverting back to her own self. "But really, I just wanted to see you again. Just getting into the spirit of Tanabata, y'know?" "Honestly, I've been wondering if-" Cordelia's words paused right out of her mouth as an unfamiliar figured burst into the clearing from the trees. "Right. Of course it would be you," "Well, that was a bit rude. Do you know this guy, Mari-" She deadpanned when he continued to talk. Why can't I just finish my sentences in peace? However, that was the least of her worries when chaotic noise filled the air. Cordelia looked over to the forest, and then to the swaying canopy. Her breath hitched in her throat as a sudden thought made its way to her head. Another event fight? Was it going to be like last year's Tanabata? Her thoughts went back to Shoji and Masaki absentmindedly. No, she couldn't let something happen to those two again... "... Help, huh," she murmured softly, watching as the boy dashed off back into the trees without another word. She turned to Mari and gave her a sheepish smile. "Well, we aren't usually people to just stand around and do nothing about something like that, huh?" she asked, running a hand through her hair before letting out an exhausted sigh. "Being a good person is so tiring sometimes..." she trailed off, looking up at the night sky before opening her HUD. "I'll see you there!" she exclaimed, her kimono dematerializing in a flash of white before being replaced by her usual armor, along with Onimaru and it's sheath hooked around her waist. She gave Mari a crooked smile before rushing off after the unnamed boy. ▶ ───●─── "Oi, watch out from above!" she called, pushing herself off of a tall tree branch, her katana outstretched above her as she got ready to down thrust her katana on top of the goliath creatures. Her blade sliced down the creature, leaving a bright red vertical gash down its tall body, but as much damage as she did, it wasn't enough to one-shot the thing, unfortunately. She grunted in disappointment, hopping a good distance away from the mobs so she couldn't get squished by them. "Jesus Christ. I've never seen anything like these things," she muttered, her neck craning up to try to take in their full size. "How do these guys even classify as normal looting mobs?" ID: 163837 BD: 1+5=6, Hit | 25+2(Charge)=27x15=405 424-405=19 Freyd | HP:820/820 | EN:68/80 | DMG:20 | MIT:43 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | KEEN:1 | HLY:2 | BLD:12 Cordelia | HP: 1200/1200 | EN: 107/118 | 25 DMG | 25 MIT | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | PHSE | 12 HLY | ABS. ACC -11 Mari | HP 1490/1490 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 72 | BRN: 24 |BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 (1,1,0) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:19/584 | DMG:219 -405 (0,0,0) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:584/584 | DMG:219 (1,0,0) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:424/584 | DMG:219 (0,0,0) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:584/584 | DMG:219
  4. Cordelia

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Cordelia angrily munched on her takoyaki as she went off to explore the rest of the festival. "No, just to the people who drool in front of my product..!" she echoed mockingly, her voice raising a good octave before she sighed in exasperation. Why did they have to make such a mean NPC? She just wanted food, not an excuse to throw her fist at someone's face. "Gah, he's so lucky..!" she exclaimed in frustration, one hand tangling itself in her hair while the other crumpled up the now empty paper tray. "- lucky that I didn't throw this at his stupid little face." Cordelia sighed in defeat, her hands loosening before the crumpled paper dissipated into flecks of blue. "Whatever," she mumbled, her hands dropping back to her side, "he's just some stupid NPC," she told herself slapping her cheeks lightly before she huffed in determination. "I'm not going to let a bunch of numbers and zeroes stop me from enjoying my night!" By the time she had gotten herself back together, she had realized that she good bit away from the festival, at least, from the center of it. "Oh gosh, where did I wander off too," she whispered, scratching herself as she looked around, finding herself in an unfamiliar forest filled with tall stalks of bamboo. “Wanna give it a shot? Cordelia's head whipped around in surprise, only to be face to face with a girl with bright orange hair, seated behind a small table topped with dozens and dozens of small pieces of paper and art supplies. "Uhm... sure?" she uttered confusingly, taking a step closer to the stall before looking down at the girl with a questioning expression. Just write down your wishes here on these papers, and then hang them up on one of the stalks over yonder. Maybe it’ll help you clear your mind!” Cordelia deadpanned. Did she witness her mini-breakdown a minute ago, or was her frustration just that obvious? "... Uh, thanks, I guess," she mumbled, taking the sheets of paper and prompts from the girl before offering her a small smile. “If you need any pencils or crayons, we’ve got those here too! I’m only asking that you return them to me after you’re done,” she said, shooting Cordelia a smile of her own. "Alrighty, will do. See you later, I guess," Cordelia remarked, giving the girl a small wave before she began to walk deeper into the forest. “Thank you! Hope you enjoy the rest of the festival!” ▶ Cordelia Receives Tanzaku
  5. To whoever reads this I guess, I'm looking for an <<Essence of Steel>> quest item from the <<Essence of Steel>> quest. What's in exchange can be worked out but I'm willing to offer Col, materials, certain quest items and my own service! (I'm a DPS if you're wondering about that) Please reply if you're interested, - Cordelia
  6. Cordelia

    [PP - F18] Abandoned

    "Ah... it's really no problem, Lessa. I haven't really ever gotten a chance to spend time with you one on one, so I figured that I should take the opportunity while I still have it," she exclaimed, her lip slightly curling as she stepped further into the murky mud-like waters. Lord, who even came up with this floor? At least floors like five and nine are fun to look at. This is worse than staring at drying paint! Cordelia looked around. Just tall trees - tall dead looking trees, a light layer of mist, and... whatever was beneath her was. Mud? Water? Perhaps the bodily remains of some kind of creature? Perhaps all of those combined? At this point, she wouldn't even doubt it. Kayaba was a wildcard of a man. For all she knew, this... water, could be filled with health-depleting leeches! "Awe, that's considerate of you," she chuckled, hoping that the conversation would direct her attention to anything else but... whatever the hell this is. "I can't really say the same thing for Pacco though. I'm basically his free ride everywhere," she sighed, giving her two blackbird familiar a pointed look before turning back to Lessa. "No, no. Don't worry about it. I'm always one down for adventure... even if the adventure is like this," Cordelia added, giving the girl a small, hopeful smile. "I'm sure if it caught your attention, it'll be awesome."
  7. Cordelia's eye twitched at the stupid pet name she was all too familiar with. "Whatever you say," she muttered. agitation lacing her tone before she took a step in the rowboat, the wooden vessel creaking just slightly as she pushed all of her weight on to it. "If I recall correctly, there are a couple ways to gather gold stars. You're free to do whatever you please but I'm going to settle on just killing a bunch of mobs for them," she sighed, her hand swiping down as she opened her HUD menu. "I haven't invested anything in the «Fishing» skill or «Gathering» skill so that's out of the question, so combat is pretty much all that's left," Cordelia said flatly, her fingers dancing around on the keys for a few seconds before her kimono dematerialized in a brilliant flash of white, only to be replaced with her usual armor and Onimaru around her hip. "You can do whatever the heck you want, but just stay out of my way," she would say, her voice bland and lacking before she turned her attention back to the wide and expansive lake. "And don't think for a second that I'll row you back alone like last time," she bit out harshly, looking over her shoulder to give Mars a glare full of malice. "Now! Let's start heading out!" she exclaimed, glancing at Mars' familiar before grabbing an oar.
  8. Though it wasn't very exciting, it was moments like this she cherished the most. Moments of pure peace like this. The specs of sunlight that made it past the canopy, the cool but soft wind, the smell of the forest, and not to mention the most special person in her life beside her... the feeling felt almost addictive. Cordelia hummed in agreement, nodding her head along with his words. "Agreed," she murmured, giving his hand a small squeeze as she smiled happily at him. "I never thought I would find something as special as this in all honesty." Cordelia looked down at their entwined hands and laughed softly. "A surprise indeed," she uttered quietly, taking note of how her hand fit in his own before averting her eyes. She looked up at him, as if taking a picture of him before she laughed again. "You certainly are a special man, Oscar Lugos," she exclaimed in amusement, a wide, exuberant grin on her face.
  9. Cordelia

    [PP-22] Sundered Spire Ascendance

    What Cordelia is currently wearing Cordelia sighed as she squeezed the water out of her hair, just coming back from her adventure with Mars only minutes prior. She never figured that she would spend a good part of her night... diving for golden stars to give to children, but she did suppose it was worth it. They looked so happy after all. She just hoped that that boy, Shoji, could find some comfort in Yori's death... "Gah, they're only NPCs, Cordelia," she muttered hastily, slapping her slightly damp cheeks in exasperation. "It's not like they can feel shit," she mumbled, shaking her head as she shrugged her kimono back on, somewhat thankful that she wasn't an idiot and decided to undress before she dove into the water. "What about you, Pacco? You must've enjoyed watching make an utter fool of myself?" she asked, turning her head towards the two large crows perched atop her shoulders. No reaction, as always, but she knew he was laughing his socks off... his bird socks or whatever. She looked between both of them again before pursing her lips. "Maybe I should've given you two separate names... it's getting confusing talking to two of you even if you're one sentient being," she sighed, stretching her hands behind her back again before tilting her chin towards the night sky. Pac... Co? Pac and Co? Co and Pac? "Good Lord, I'm losing more and more brain cells by the second," she deadpanned, shaking her head harshly. Fearing that it was only going to get worse if she were to return to the festival, she decided to take a walk around the floor. It was always nice to explore a new floor, though she was more familiar with twenty-two than most of the other intermediate floors... probably because it was one of the only nice floors around here? No desert. No lava. No swamp. No. It's... just a very nice little lake floor. She hummed, scratching her chin. Maybe she should invite someone..? That would certainly make the journey a lot less boring.
  10. Cordelia

    Cordelia's Stuffs and Stuffs

    Super Buff and Sight Shoyu Ramen: Super Buff and Speed Shoyu Ramen: Super Buff Shoyu Ramen: Super Shield Shoyu Ramen:
  11. Day 31: 162903 CD: 10+1=11, Rare LD: 16 [1] Duplicate 162904 CD: 1+1=2, Fail LD: 11 162905 CD: 12, Perfect LD: 2 162906 CD: 8+1=9 Rare LD: 20 [2] Duplicate 162907 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 12 162908 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 19 [2] Duplicate 162909 CD: 12, Perfect LD: 2 162910 CD: 12 , Perfect LD: 1 162911 CD: 10+1=11, Rare LD: 12 +83 EXP Super Buff and Sight Shoyu Ramen: Super Buff and Speed Shoyu Ramen: Super Buff Shoyu Ramen: Super Shield Shoyu Ramen:
  12. Cordelia jumped, a familiar voice ringing through her ears. Her head whipped towards the familiar looking player before wrinkling her nose. "Nice to see you as well, Mars," she said sarcastically, her eyes rolling before she crossed her arms. She didn't have too much beef with the guy, but something about him infuriated her. Sure, he might be skilled with a katana, but his social skills could always be touched up on. The man acts like he owns the world or something..! The girl sighed before shrugging her shoulders. "There's a lot of activities going on in this event, and apparently gathering these... Gold stars is one of them. They seemed to be used to help the kids back there build this model train or something. I'm not sure what the end result would be but I'm guessing it'd be a reward for the people who participate..." she trailed off, her thoughts going back to that Shoji boy again. "And I think I've found some kind of of event side quest. It branches off from the original gathering thing, but I think I have to help this boy find clarity or something," said murmured, her words softening. "You're helping me," she suddenly declared, her eyes looking over to Mars with a completely serious expression. "Consider this payback for that time I saved your life back during that fishing quest." Her gaze swept across the lake side, her gaze locking on to a man, eyes hooded by the straw hat on his head. She pointed over to him. "We can start by getting a rowboat from him." She looked over to Mars and smirked. "Hurry up, this event won't last very long."
  13. Cordelia smiled softly as the group of NPC boys worked on their little model train. She had been watching them work for the past few minutes. The way they worked and assembled tracks were honestly a little cute and it reminded her of her younger years... but a little happier. Her brow quirked up as one of them started heading off towards the shoreline. She looked around, wondering if any other spectators were seeing this. It seemed not. She huffed, tugging on the sleeves of her kimono before she walked after the boy. Was this a flaw in the NPC's code or something... or was there more that what was being let on? The boy seemed to stop right where the water met the shore. It felt tranquil... yet strangely somber. Like something out of a K-Drama or something. “What’re you here for?” he would ask, swivelling his head towards her as she softly walked up next to him. She shrugged her shoulders. "You look fishy so I decided to follow you," she said bluntly. He gave her a look before turning back to the dimly lit waters. “I don’t suppose you would want to hear about my reason, would you?” "Not really-" “My name’s Shoji. My friends are building this train back in town. You’ve seen it, right?” His gaze would shift back towards the flickering lights, eyes distant with a sorrowful haze. Cordelia sighed. This really was a K-Drama. “It’s for Masaki. He’s our friend now. But he didn’t use to be, if I had to be honest. We’d always picked on him past the year before.” “It’s that rainy crossing last year.” Shoji tilts his head, looking back at the player in vague interest. “Do you know the one? There was a horde of monsters that had attacked the town...” Cordelia scratched her chin, taking a second to think before her eyes widened. "Oh yeah. I wasn't in that but I know a couple of people who helped drive them off. I heard it was really... something," she murmured, her voice trailing off. She didn't know what exactly happened, but it was chaos all around from what she heard. Torrential rain, fish creatures, and a tsunami?! Lord, that sounded like a crazy event. He gave her a short nod, as if confirming her thoughts. He turned back to the water, his eyes glassing over once again. “When the attack began, we’d all started to retreat. But… I ended up slipping and falling in the water...” Cordelia winced, the image of a small little boy nearly drowning in the water filling her head like a rising tide. “Actually, I’m still afraid of swimming until now...” Shoji shakes his head, balling his hands up into fists. “That was when Yori jumped in. Saved me. He pushed me out onto the shore-- I thought he was right behind me as I ran… But I couldn’t find him after things calmed down. The sheriff made it a whole case and everything. Looked out for any signs of him over two weeks. But-- well…” Cordelia sighed, her hand reaching out to pat the boy on the shoulders gently. The sound of soft crying and sniffles filled the air as the two stood together silently. What was she supposed to do? She wasn't prepared to comfort a crying child, on Tanabata of all days! He would wipe the tears away with the back of his hand, lips trembling as he pauses, hesitant. “Makes us wonder where he’d gone, but I think we all know the truth. It’s just… hard to believe -- that there was nothing of him left...” Cordelia's hand slightly squeezed around his shoulder, just slightly, but still nonetheless. She hated that. Not being able to have a body to bury at a funeral must be devastating. For the parents, friends, family, it must've been heartbreaking. It didn't even allow them to have closure on the death, knowing that their son's body was still out there somewhere... rotting. “Um, Masaki was his best friend. I’d thought... Maybe it was one of Yori’s wishes that we look after him instead. He’s good; really. I guess we just never saw it in him before.” Shoji looks back to the water, the glow of the lanterns finally burning back into his vision. “He’s responsible, kind. He tells the best stories… Just doesn’t find time to play with us a lot, I guess.” He sighed, kicking a piece of loose gravel into the water, the rock sinking under the surface of the dark waters. “Um, hey,” he says, looking over to Cordelia and catching attention. She hummed in response. “If you don’t mind… When you’re heading out to water, do you think you could try to look out for any signs of Yori?” He shakes, as though the boy expects a refusal. The order was tall, the stranger unknown and his hope was in short supply. “I know everyone tells me it’s a lost cause,” Shoji continues, as though he is uncertain which one of the parties he’s trying to convince. “But if Tanabata is all about wishing… Just maybe...” His voice trails off, the boy’s breath held in, before he quickly adds to fill the silence between him and his audience. “--I-if you find anything, come look for me, okay? I’ll...” “I’ll be waiting…!” @Mars
  14. Cordelia scratched her chin in thought as the other conversed some more. This place didn't make sense at all. Was this something overlooked by Kayaba, or did he purposefully put this place here? If so, for what? There had to be a motive behind this. Kayaba didn't strike her as a man to just throw random buildings around in a world of his creation, especially one of this high detail. No, from what she had gathered about him, he wasn't that type of person. She looked up. In the midst of her thoughts, she had failed to acknowledge another familiar face now stuck with the group. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Ah, hello Alkor. I see that you're stuck in the same situation as us, huh?" she mused bitterly, averting her eyes to the floor before she nodded to him. She didn't know the man as well as she would like, but Lessa seemed to be good friends with him, so she had no other choice but to trust him. "Alright, let's start heading out then, yeah?" she asked, a wide but slightly forced smile making its way onto her face. "No use moping around like this!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. @Lessa @Alkor @Calrex
  15. Cordelia's hand rose and offered the pinkette a delicate wave. "Fine by me. I'm just here for the experience," she exclaimed, a wide smile on her face at the thought of gaining such. This quest was said to offer a butt ton, at least, that's what she inferred from the info that Hynes had given her. "Ah- thanks..!" Without reluctance, she accepted the party invitation, now even more eager to fight against the plated beast. It's been a while since she's been in battle alongside NIGHT, and she was excited to see how much she had improved! Cordelia looked over her shoulder, at the green-haired girl who somehow made her way into this part of the desert. Through a brief examination, she concluded that this girl wasn't an experienced player - no offense, but it was easy to judge someone on that based on what their gear was. "Please stay on the outskirts of the battle. From what I've gathered, this boss is more unpredictable than most," she said, outstretching her hand to the girl before smiling. "And it'd be very unfortunate to have a stranger's blood on my hands." She looked over to Yuki and nodded. "Ready!" Without a second to spare, Cordelia dashed down the sandy dune, her two blackbirds flowing behind her like a feathery cape. With a hand placed on her hilt and the other on her sheath, Cordelia drew Onimaru, it's valiant black blade reflecting the sun's harsh rays before she activated a San Ge. Just as she swung her katana, ready to blow away this tough scaled reptile away, it swerved tightly to her right, narrowly missing her blade by a hair. "I... missed?" Cordelia blinked in dismay. How long had it been since she had missed an attack? Even after buffing down on accuracy, Onimaru couldn't connect with it? She huffed, jumping back and away from the rolling mob. "Careful, it's fast!" Cordelia: [0] HP: 1180/1180 | EN: 116/116 | 25 DMG | 25 MIT | 7 ACC | 4 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | PHSE | 12 HLY | ABS. ACC -1 NIGHT: [0] ??? Zajcica: [0] ??? Elora: [0] ??? ID: 162711 BD: 1+7=8-4=4, Miss Land Shark the Terra Firma: HP: 650/650 | 250 DMG | 75 MIT | 0 ACC | 4 EVA