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  1. I don't mean to be rude or anything. How long does it normally take for a journal to get approved?

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    2. Calcifer


      I'm tryiiiiing. Does that mean I need to be on Discord in order to get things reviewed? I just wanted to know if I should expect to be waiting a while lol.

    3. Zajcica


      Sorry for the wait, but your journal is approved now. If you don't wish to join the Discord, make sure to get ahold of a Player Support Team Member via DMs for quicker approval times.

    4. Baldur


      Generally give staff at least 24 hours to respond. You can also see which members of the Player Support Staff are online on the side bar of the forum and send them a message if you need something.

      I would highly recommend joining the discord server, because that's where we all socialize :)