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      Appraisal Rework and Loot Changes:
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        New Skill - Energize: Spend energy to restore another target player's energy. New Mod - Hyperactive: Increase a target's passive energy regeneration for a short time.
        Focused Howl: Now generates 5 hate on a single target. Fighting Spirit: Increases Hate generated from attacks by 1. Missing an attack will generate 1 Hate, successful attacks will generate 2, and critical hits will generate 3 before other modifiers. Picking: No longer has ranks. Provides a flat LD bonus to opening chests. Dismantling (Mod): Reduced SP cost to 8 from 9.
        Enhancement List Update:
      The Enhancement List has been completely rewritten. We recommend checking out the link above and reviewing the full list. For some quick notes, the following has been significantly changed: Cook/Fisherman enhancement names have been normalized. Light Momentum: Gives temporary Accuracy instead of damage after an unsuccessful attack. Regen: Reworked. Now provides a healing over time effect after taking damage. No longer stacks with Battle Healing. Recovery: Now scales with Tier. Taunt: No longer unique. Can be applied to weapons, shields, and trinkets. Skill Rank: Renamed to "Expertise". Alcoholic: Renamed to "Protein". Reworked. Now reduces mitigation instead of evasion. Energize: Renamed to "Vitality". Now scales with Tier. Monster Call: Reworked. Monsters spawn at minimum loot requirement stats. LD bonus scales with slots but does not stack with other consumable LD bonsues. Misperception: Damage reduced from enemies changed to 10% (rounded down) from a flat 4. Fallen Damage: Now triggers on successful attack rolls of 6-8 (before modifiers) rather than any non-critical attack. Phase: Reduced the slot cap to 1 down from 2. Removed the second slot effect. Freeze: Attacks against frozen enemies now removes the effect and deals additional damage. Life Mending: Reworked. Now increases the user's healing done to other targets through the use of skills and consumable items. Absolute Accuracy: Reworked. Allows natural attack rolls of 1 to no longer automatically miss. Gives +1 to the BD when attacking (stacks with regular Accuracy). Caps at 1. Flame Aura: Reduced the mitigation received to (6 per slot * Tier) down from (9 per slot * Tier). Reduced the damage dealt to (5 per slot * Tier) down from (8 per slot * Tier). Combat Craft has been removed. Paralyze Water has been removed.


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Domarus 2 (1).jpg



Name  ||  Harken Luis
Username  ||  Domarus
Titles  ||  Dragon Tamer

Age  ||  25
Gender  ||  Male
Height  ||  6'6"
Weight  ||  198 Ibs.
Virtues  ||  Clever, Unbothered, Manipulative
Vices  ||  Cruel, Selfish, Uncaring
Familiar  ||  Fighter Familiar- Fire Dragon

Personality  ||  Deceptive.  Doesn't care about others but
pretends he does in order to complete his plans.  Always
schemes and plans and craves complete control 




<<Harken's History>>

Harken grew up in Hartford Connecticut, USA.  The house he lived in was fairly average and grew up with his father, an only child whose mother died in childbirth.  Growing up homeschooled without any information on his mother, save for what he could discover on his own, Harken spent most of his time with his father:  Richard Louis.  Richard wasn't a harsh man but he was a stranger to the words gentle and graceful.  He was a very blunt and narrow minded man who had drinking and smoking habits, though not in any severe or dangerous way.  He would normally work from early morning to evening and typically sit in front of the news with a beer.  Whenever he wasn't home he had a babysitter make sure nothing happened while Harken studied throughout the day.  Whenever Richard was home he would usually have Harken sit with him on the couch as he put on the news, clips, history channels, and many other ways in order to show all the carnage, chaos and sin that the world was drowning in.  This was Harken's Childhood.

However his entire life wasn't this dark.  His 
babysitter was careful to do as his father instructed, but she did find loopholes such as helping him with his homework, showing and lending him something else to study, and simply spending time with him.  Over time she found ways to give advice on life, as well as suggestions and references in a way that kept it in the subject of schoolwork.  That way, when Harken was drilled by his father, it would seem as though she was doing nothing other than aiding Harken with his school work.  One day she spoke of video games in a way that made him very interested and so he asked his father if he could have a computer.  His father normally didn't buy anything save for occasionally, so he saved up a little more and found Harken something he could use for gaming.  The deal was that he did all of his homework first and Harken accepted.  This was his portal to the world of gaming.

Harken started to work around the neighborhood, earning scraps of money and slowly building it up in order to purchase games for his new computer as well as accessories such as a headset, gaming mouse, and other devices designed to make gaming easier.  He found what everything was for and how it operated and soon enough took his first dive into gaming.  He began with MMO's, messing around with things and found that he was able to detect the patterns and soon enough mastered the game relatively quickly.  Bored now with games that followed a strict pattern, he went to try role playing games.  He very much enjoyed the large variety but as he played he soon noticed how many of the players were cruel to others.  Harken's first attempt to make digital friends ended with his character getting slaughtered by bandits.  Furious, he was determined to turn the tides.

Everything that his father had been trying to teach him finally took root and hold.  However Harken's own thoughts and beliefs took form as well, adding to the corrupt world his father had formed in his mind.  Harken now understood that whoever was in charge, in control, and pulling the strings, was king no matter what anyone said.  There was no such thing as a council or board.  There was always the one with the most influence and power.  This 'king' made the laws, the rules, and had the final say in everything.  Depending on what kind of person ended up as this king determined the state of the world.  However it was usually the corrupt and cruel who ended up on top.  Harken thought long and hard before he made up his mind:  He was going to rule this world.  However everyone had to start somewhere.  Harken would start with gaming.  He messed with multiple ways in the role playing world to see what would work and what wouldn't, taking notes as he did so.  He had crossed out many hundreds of methods before he finally found one that worked:  His father's way.  He practiced for hours on end until he had finally begun mastering the ability to deceive others as well as manipulate them.  In the end his plan worked.  In game he had gained an entire kingdom and had a literal army at his beckoned call, as well as a content kingdom.  Out of character they all hated him and left for that reason but that didn't matter.

For this was only the rehearsal.

Soon enough he realized that he was ready to take his first steps into the world.  Even if he wasn't he needed to get experience as soon as he possibly could.  He spoke to his father about how he couldn't learn anything more in the books he was receiving and how he wished to try getting an idea of what the world was like by going to public school.  After a long discussion Richard agreed and Harken was on his way to high school.  On his first day there he spent time getting to know everyone, being the kind and nice boy he was.  That was how the rest of the school saw him at least.  In reality all he was doing was setting the foundation for his reputation down in stone, as well as analyzing the people in the school.  He identified the bullies, potential enemies, followers, allies.  Everything was going quite well to be honest.  During recess he managed to avoid the bullies as it was not yet time to deal with them but ran into someone else:  Her name was Raven.


Raven caught him while he was alone and told him that she could tell he was cruel.  The fact that someone was able to see through him on the first day scared him to death but over time he learned that it was only her.  She shared her story to him and gave the important details that led up to one interesting fact about her:  She enjoyed the sensation of pain.  Because she enjoyed it, the bullies didn't target her as much as other students.  She apparently came to Harken in order to ask him a favor.  When he heard her request to become his personal slave he refused almost immediately.  He shared with her his own plans and how this would make things difficult.  However she began to cry and begged him nonstop, crawling at his feet.  In the end he accepted to take her as a servant and nothing more.  After school they spent some time together deciding what to do and how it would be officially.  In the end things worked out since Harken had discovered growing up that he had anger issues and needed to let it out sometimes.  Raven would become his outlet.

With this recent dilemma out of the way, Harken returned to the process of dominating the school.  The next few days he would continue to make 'friends' through the school, Raven keeping her distance at first, as discussed beforehand, and he allowed the bullies to beat him up from time to time.  This had three main reasons:  The first was he wasn't going to escape it without drawing attention to himself.  He was the new student after all.  The second was he would make himself appear weak and give the bullies a false sense of strength.  The third was most important though:  Harken was using this event in order to become more resistant to pain.  The more he felt it the more he was able to tolerate it.  Eventually he would inflict new pains on himself when not at school, even cut himself from time to time until he was able to keep a solid straight face while doing it.  Soon enough he would stir up conversations with the people whom he could trust most, discussing the bullies.  Over time he won their trust as well as their loyalty.  It was finally time to take the next steps.

Harken found four individuals whom were loyal enough for him to trust.  He set up an event by letting loose a few rumors which he knew would attract the bullies.  One day during recess, when all of the teachers were having a meeting, the gang had pulled an innocent student the rumors were about away and began to beat her up.  That's when Harken had stood up to them.  The strongest of the gang struck Harken but was shocked to see absolutely no reaction from him.  A solid statue.  Unmoving.  Harken struck back but he didn't need to do anything else.  The four others had moved in and took over, following his instructions and easily taking them down.  Afterwards Harken went to the principle's office and informed him, as well as all of the other teachers in the room, about the incident, one of his followers and another person acting as the witnesses.  The bullies were removed and Domarus' reputation skyrocketed.  Ever since he held much influence and authority, but didn't abuse it.  If he did he would be the next target.

Over time he had cleared out high school and repeated the same basic strategy with collage, adjusting his plans where needed.  All in all it was a complete and total success.  During his collage years, which he cleared out swiftly with his hard studies, he had begun making plans in the long run for gaining complete control over America.  He only made the basic idea the foundation as much could change, but this would not.  After collage ended he found himself a job and shared an apartment with one of his followers.  He would remain here until he managed to get into the company he had targeted first.  His target was a small branch, not even the main part of it, but that only made it easier to get in.  And manipulate.  However he also needed to keep up his gaming life so when he heard about a virtual reality game system coming out in Japan, and seeing how huge it was, in order to keep up appearances he saved up enough to visit Japan and bought the game.  Little did he know that this trip would put all of his plans on hold.


<<Profile Details>>



<<Name and Username>>



Harken.  Upon hearing the name, some people tend to think of the word hark, which means listen.  However the actual definition and translation was far different.  The name Harken means dark red and the origin of this name is old English.  Normally he would think that his parents stumbled upon the name and decided to name him such, but at some point he came across information involving his mother and discovered that her ancestors were Irish.  When he confronted his father upon the matter and after much interrogation and arguments, he finally learned that his mother did indeed have Irish blood in her, and named him such as some sort of tradition.  Due to this reason Domarus has never changed his first name.


Domarus has sought domination over his enemies and has gone about it in many different ways.  Mainly by manipulation and deception.  He could manipulate in many different ways:  Speech craft, pleasing others, trades, occasionally instilling fear.  No matter what it would take Domarus would always end up gaining ground.  Most of what he learned all originated back when he played role playing video games.  Due to the world being virtual and fake, Domarus had no problem with testing out theories and practicing with them, as well as making mistakes that ended with his character being killed.  In the end however, he managed to accomplish one thing.  And that single success was what he decided to use as a username.  Domarus is another word for Domination.



<<Dragon Tamer>>

Domarus had received this title after completing the <<feeding the enemy>> quest.  Out of all and any monsters to choose from and tame, turning them into his familiar, Domarus had chosen a dragon for specific reasons.  Dragons tend to be very strong and powerful.  While it was clear that Rhozarth wasn't the most agile, he was indeed strong.  Domarus actually fought the dragon before he managed to tame it.  While he doesn't actually use this title, and it isn't used by anyone else though known due to Rhozarth, he still possesses it.




     Cautious:  Domarus isn't an idiot on any level.  He knows how corrupt and cruel the world is and thus keeps an eye out for anything that might be a threat.  The reason he is cautious and not paranoid, is because he is calm and collect about it, knowing the dangers but not letting them scare him.  Before entering a situation he does his best to know what's going on and intends to prepare for anything.  Due to him being cautious he tends to gather safeguards and allies before doing anything that might end his life.  

     Intelligent:  Domarus was a quick and passionate study, looking into things that he knew he would need and even into areas he might not.  If it turned out the information would be useless to him he would abandon it and spend his time somewhere worthwhile.  Through most of his childhood he was self taught.  His babysitter might have aided him, but it was Domarus who gathered hoards of books to research and study.  During high school and Collage Domarus questioned much of his teachers and ended up impressing them all with his intellect.

     Clever  :  Domarus is very intelligent and always has a plan for things.  He even prepares backup plans in case they fail.  When things don't seem to go his way Domarus always has a way out.  When in combat he can usually figure out what his opponent is planning and come up with a decent comeback.  His plans are prepared before hand, both long term and short term.  While he may start out with a few short term, he quickly plans out the micro details of what might happen so that he is never caught by surprised. 

     Unbothered  :  Domarus is a master of masks, but one thing that isn't a mask is the appearance that he doesn't care what others think about him.  They can call him trash, evil, cruel, unrelenting.  Some of these he takes as a compliment even.  So long as he ends up on top he could care less.  Without caring about others opinions from the start anyways their insults and taunts only tell him that he had received enemies, which told him he was making progress.  You could not rise without gaining haters.

     Manipulative  :  Domarus is a master of manipulation and uses it for both good and bad.  Domarus can convince most anyone to do anything for him, but he doesn't do anything hastily or drastic.  He slowly befriends them before asking for favors.  As he gains their trust and confidence he persuades them to help him out with projects or quests.  When he has fully converted someone into his follower he feels the power and authority to have them do anything for him should he ever need it.  Otherwise they get protection and he gets their loyalty.



     Cruel/Punishing  :  Domarus does not accept failure.  If someone does not comply to his wishes he will take it out on someone, anyone really.  Usually to the person responsible unless he wants to win them over.  In battle he seeks every way to exploit his foe, every way to injure or maim them whether physically or mentally.  In either way he knows how to make strikes or punishments that force his victims to think they're about to be harmed unless they've either become immune to pain in the real world or know they have nothing to fear.  However he is able to vent his frustrations on Keres in secret, and when he fights mobs, therefore making it easier to keep his nice appearance up.

     Selfish  :  In the end there's only one person Domarus actually cares about.  And that's himself.  He could truly care less about the misery others go through, as well as the deaths going on in the world.  If they got themselves killed it was their own fault and no one else's.  Thus, he will only do something if there is something in it for Domarus.  Typically this will be related to him rising in power.  Thus if he'll gain experience points, a player's debt or other things of the sort he'll aid them.  Otherwise there's only one question that determines whether he'll aid you or leave you in the dust:  Does my reputation matter in regards to this player?

     Boring  :  Domarus is so focused on his on personal goals and obtaining knowledge and strength, that he doesn't know how to have real fun like others.  When they went out to get a drink, Domarus would fake getting drunk in order to obtain information out of the others.  While most of his classmates chased after women Domarus didn't think once of getting a girlfriend.  The only 'entertainment' Domarus ever had was with video games, and even then he mainly focused on role playing games where he could dominate over and over again, satisfaction of ultimate victory being what he sought for.

      Vicious  :  When Domarus fights he doesn't like to hold back.  He uses combat as another way to get his frustrations out.  While he does his best to make it appear as though he enjoys combat, if he's frustrated or angry enough, and while he's wearing his hopebreaker set, he could very much look like a demon unleashed.  He revels in the sheer power this game gives him over opponents and seeks every opportunity to take advantage of this ability as well as increase it's potency.




Rhozarth is Domarus' familiar.  Just under the size of a large dog, Rhozarth is a fire dragon in every aspect.  He is extremely heavy due to the weight of his three layers of scales, horns, and occasionally Rhozarth will wear a black iron, skeleton armor over his scales.  Rhozarth is consistently ablaze as his fires never go out.  Rhozarth's eyes are fierce and calculative, analyzing everything at a small or large scale, depending on the situation.  This was why he was named as such.  Rhozarth Domarus noted, had a good eye for players who had the potential as strong followers, as well as players they should avoid manipulating.  Rhozarth's name had started out as Rhizolith.  Rhizolith was essentially the root system of plants.  Roots sought out nutrients to keep the plant alive, and in order for Domarus' organization to thrive he needed followers.  All he did was mess around with the word until he came up with something more interesting as a name, as well as to keep Rhozarth's true purpose hidden.



Name:  Rhozarth
Topic Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/13520-pp-f9-nk-the-power-of-the-flames-aereth-and-myself/?page=4#comment-494609
ID:  ID#  70453  
Roll: LD:  19+6=25
Familiar Type:  Dragon
Tier: 2
Enhancements: Damage/Attack
Rank:  2

Description:  A dragon just a little smaller than a large dog.  It has three layers of red scales with fire always seeping out through the scales and rising up.  Sometimes he wears a black-iron armor like skeleton on the outside.  It's eyes glow deep purple and flames constantly come from under the black iron.  It is very heavy and very strong.









<<Followers, Enemies and Allies>>

















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<<In Game Statistics>>




Level:  31

Health:  620/620

Energy:  62/62

Mitigation:  54

Accuracy:  3-4

Evasion:  0

Damage:  15-16

Damage over Time:  None

Counter Damage:  2 Tier 2 Thorns:  24 dmg







» Survival (extra skill) <0>

» Gatherer (+3 MAT per find) <10>


» No rank Meditation <0>

» Rank 1 Charge <5>

» Concentration <Extra>

Weapon skills:

» Rank 5 Two handed Axe [+8 dmg] <50>
»Rank 3 Fighter familiar [+6 dmg Tier 2] <18>


» Rank one Ferocity [+1 dmg] <3>
» Rank two Ferocity [+1 dmg] <6>
» Rank 5 Ferocity [+1 dmg] <15>


SP/EXP And Level



Level 32


Skill Points Total: 108

Skill Points Available: 1

Skill Points Used: 107


Profession Rank 6


506 Experience Points

134 EXP till next Rank


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<<Combat Gear>>







Name: Vindicem
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 67271
Roll: 11+1=12
Item Type: Two Handed Ax

Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: +3 Damage

Description: A massive two handed battle ax with an extreme weight to it, and yet is perfectly balanced with a large piece of heavy metal at the bottom of the handle.  The blades themselves are cruelly curved and a large spike comes out from the top of the handle.  The blade pulses red in certain areas and the rest of the weapon is void black. Image.

<<Anazititís psychís>>

Name: Αναζητητής ψυχής  <Translation:  Seeker of Soul>
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 77778
Roll: 12+1=13
Item Type: Weapon
Tier: [2]
Quality: [Perfect]
Enhancements: [3 Accuracy]
Description: A huge black two handed ax with red designs carved in.  The designs pulse a dark red glow.




<<Hopebreaker Set>>


Hope breaker (two part set)

Name: Hopebreaker
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 67874
Roll: 12
Item Type: Armor

Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: 3 x Mitigation (+27 MIT)

Description: Thick black armor with a pulsing dark red glow beneath.  It is very dark and intimidating.  -Note, this part of the armor is the helmet chest, upper arms/shoulders, legs and boots-



Name: Hopebreaker
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 68562 (Registered under "M" because I fail pressed)
Roll: 12
Item Type: Armor

Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
 2 x Thorns, 1 x Regen

Description: Thick black armor with a pulsing dark red glow beneath.  It is very dark and intimidating.  -Note, this part of the armor is gauntlets

<<Elpída Thráfstis>>


Name: ΕλπίδαΘραύστης <translation:  Hopebreaker.  Part of a set>
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 77876
Roll: 11 + 1 = 12
Item Type: Armor
Tier: [2]
Quality: [Rare]
Enhancements: [2 Thorns]
Description: [Same as the hopebreaker armor.  This part is the Gauntlets and shoulder pieces of the set]


Name: ΕλπίδαΘραύστης  <Translation:  Hopebreaker>
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 77877
Roll: [12 + 1 = 13
Item Type: Armor
Tier: [2]
Quality: [Perfect]
Enhancements: [3 MIT (54 MIT)]
Description: The main part of the armor:  Head arms torso legs and boots58a871eea8ce5_Hopebreaker2.thumb.jpg.d26966cbc54f6e09a81c52bf58beb9b9.jpg







<<Out of Combat Items>>


<<Void's Eyes>>


Name:  The Void's Eyes
Profession: Artisan
Rank: 1
ID:  68497
Roll: 11
Item Type: Miniature Masterpiece
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: +3 LD
Description: An Ebony charm dotted with deep purple jewels



<<Shop Items>>


<<Painter's Tools>>


Name: The Painter's Tools
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 9
ID: 72283
Roll: 11+1=12
Item Type: Tool
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Crafting Die
Description: A set of tools used for both crafting jewelry, trinkets and charms, as well as tools for placing and removing Tattoos
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-9-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=497232

<<Kyriarchía Énosi>>


Name: Kyriarchía Énosi
Profession: Artisan
Rank: 4
ID:  76889
Roll: 12
Item Type: Miniature Masterpiece
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: +1 crafting attempt
A painting, about as long as Domarus' forearm, and half for height.  It was a scene showing four silhouettes.  One with heavy armor.  One with a dagger in one hand and a sword in the other.  One with a staff and the fourth with a sword.  Ahead of them was Domarus in his armor as a silhouette.


<<Absolute Power>>


Name:  Absolute Power
Profession: Artisan
Rank: 4
ID:  82082
Roll: 12
Item Type: Trinket
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Ambition
Description: A set of silver earrings in the shape of rings.  One large and two small that are worn on the right ear.  When the user succeeds at something they feel a surge of strength.





Tier 1:  10  Tier 2:  1  Tier 3:  7





<<Item Transformation Stickers>>


1x Heart Sticker [[Unique Item - T1] - a Sticker that when applied is absorbed it will allow the player to transform one item to another type within its typing. [Ex. One Handed Straight Sword -> Dagger, Light Armor -> Heavy Armor.] [If it has a exclusive enhancement to that type, this item will not work on it.]




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<<Floors 1-10>>








































<<Floors 11-20>>



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