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[F01] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> (Beginner Quest)

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<<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

This quest takes place on Floor 1

Players over level 15 are ineligible for SP rewards.
This quest is non-repeatable, however any player may participate in a thread to accompany the quest-taker.

Image result for D&D innkeeper

Background Information - An old NPC man, dubbed 'Zackariah', is in the Town of Beginnings. He plans on helping the new players of SAO by helping them understand the basic's of Sword Art Online.

Quest Objective
-Go fetch five(5) Tier one materials and give them to Zakariah.

(Go into the wild and gain materials though non-combat gathering and by rolling the LD, and linking it to a post. These materials are then given to the NPC)

-Help Zakariah in his workshop by crafting a Healing Potion.

(Roll the CD by linking it to a post.)1-3 fail, try again| 4-6 (Good Quality- Success)| 7-9(Rare Quality-Success)| 10-12(Perfect Quality-Success)
[Zackariah will give players materials until they roll a success, but the player is helping him, so he keeps the crafted potion(s).] [Zackariah is kind hearted, and will not berate the player should they fail, merely try to talk them through to process and help them]

-Zakariah asks you to deliver a package to Lyle Tealeaf, a local Blacksmith

-The Blacksmith, Lyle Tealeaf, thanks you and says he could use your help on another matter 



-At least one [1] Pages (20 or more posts)
-Players can find Materials by rolling the LD(11+)
-Must RP traveling to his workshop and from Zackariah's place to Lyle's workshop
-Maximum Party size of 4.

(Please note, this only works for quest materials. If you find more than you needed this way, you do not get to keep them because this LR roll amount is reduced for the quest only. All other non-combat gathering needs to conform to the standard rules. You CANNOT selectively choose whether it's a quest material or not. )


  1. Questers will be rewarded the following items
    - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
    - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)
    -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)

  2. 2 Additional Skill Points

If a party of players undertakes this quest together, each must succeed on their own task list (e.g. each must gather 5 materials)

Recommended Level: 1

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