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[F01] <<The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free>> (Beginner Quest)

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<<The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free>>

This quest takes place on Floor 1

Players over level 15 are ineligible for SP rewards.
This quest is non-repeatable, however any player may participate in a thread to accompany the quest-taker.


Background Information - An old NPC Blacksmith, dubbed Lyle Tealeaf needs a delivery made to a young artisan named Hannah. The Artisan Hannah is currently in a grove of trees inside the city, painting. The parcel you receive from Lyle is a gold band, used for ring making. Hannah explains that that part was only the beginning of what she needed, and require a gemstone located deep in a dark cave. The cave has no natural lighting, and reduces your accuracy by 1 point.

Quest Objective
-Deliver the parcel to Hannah, the Artisan.

-Fetch a jewel suitable enough for her work, deep in a dark cave.

-Defeat the Cave Guardian

-Upon returning the jewel to Hannah, she asks if you can deliver a package to a old fisherman named Ol' Pete who is at a giant lake nearby.



-At least one [1] Pages (21 or more posts)
-Must have completed 'The Second Lesson, Is Also Free' before taking this quest
-Must RP traveling to and from Hannah's grove.
-Must RP exploring the cave to find the jewel
-Defeat the Cave Guardian (appears after grabbing the jewel)
-Maximum Party size of 2.

Cave Guardian
HP: 20
Dmg: 50 (on first successful hit only)/ 5(Does not gain bonus damage from crits)


  1. Questers will be rewarded one of the following items
    - 1 Tier one ring with +1 Accuracy or,

    - 1 Tier one Amulet with  +1 Evasion

  2. 2 Additional Skill Points

If a party of players undertakes this quest together, each must succeed on their own task list (e.g. each must gather 2 gems/2 bats)

Recommended Level: 1

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On 1/12/2017 at 5:51 PM, Dominion said:

Dominion takes solo

@Dominion @Baldur You wont be able to do this quest or the second one.



This puts you at a total of 38 SP, which puts you at Level 15. If the very next thread you completed was [The First Few Lessons are Free], you would receive 3SP, putting you at 41 SP. You'll be Level 16 at that point, sorry to inform you.

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