<<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 1: the Emerald Hatchling>> This quest takes place on Floor 1. This quest CANNOT be repeated. You must complete this boss before fighting any further dragons in the DHA Series. =----=   After a while in being in SAO more bosses we’re only going to be discovered in a amount of time… however, recently a group of information brokers hired some explorers to check out a mysterious castle that had appeared on floor 10, on arrival they couldn’t get in no matter how hard they tried… not even Aincrad’s best Scout could get in. And on the door there are 9 crystal slots, which presumably you needed 9 specific gems to get in, then miraculously they had found a dragon protecting an emerald in the plains of floor 1, it was said that the dragon hatched not too long ago and no matter what they tried they couldn’t get the Emerald from the dragon. They ask of you for help, maybe collecting all 9 will meet in grand fortune?   =---= =-=     Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling HP: 125 - MIT: 25 - ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 - DMG: 50   Abilities: <<Screech>> On a LD roll of 17+ when this boss attacks, this boss will let out a piercing wail that somehow freezes the player in place, removes all evasion properties.   =---= Recommended Level: 10 Post Limit: 1 Page (20+) =---=   Rewards: 1 SP - 500 Col (Split between each player) <Rhaegal’s Emerald> [Vanity Quest Item] : 1 of 9, collect all 9 and meet whom that waits before you, only then will you get the grand prize.