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[F02] The Venomous Warg

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Credit goes to @Morgenstern.

Floor 2
<<The Venomous Warg>>
Party Limit: 2 | 20+ Posts
Recommended Level: 10
Players level 16 or higher are ineligible for SP rewards.
This quest is non-repeatable, however any player may participate in a thread to accompany the quest-taker.


  • <<Venom Snapper>> last-hit item drop
  • Each player receives:
    • 1 Additional SP
    • 500 Col
    • (4) T1 Crafting Materials
  • Note: Players over the level threshold may still participate and complete the quest, but will be denied SP rewards. (Other rewards will still be earned.)


  • Defeat 3 <<Wolves>>
  • Defeat <<Venom Snapper>>
  • Return to Gatsly the merchant to receive reward.



You spot a merchant sitting in the corner of a pub in the heart of Urbus. As you approach, he coughs and gives you a pleading look.

"You come for the bill I posted? I am Gatsly. I work as a merchant, making just enough to support me and my family, but lately all of my supply caravans have been destroyed or chased away by a ferocious beast." He looks down at the floor, "I don't have much, but if you could slay the beast, I would pay you."

Should you accept, Gatsly marks the coordinates on your map and tells you that the beast is a mutated, venomous wolf, deadlier than any other in the forest. He hands you a vial of green liquid and instructs you to drink it if you find yourself poisoned.



Before embarking on the quest, each player receives one <<Antidote>> from Gatsly:





Item Type: Potion

Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: Reduces the duration of a single Poison, Bleed, or Paralysis effect by one turn. If used out of combat, reduces the duration of the next Poison, Bleed, or Paralysis effect that would affect you by one turn.
Description: An alchemic concoction of herbs designed to reduce the duration of damaging or impairing status effects.



Players must explore the forest outside of Urbus for the <<Venom Snapper>> and its wolf pack. Parties of two players will fight all 3 <<Wolves>> and the <<Venom Snapper>> simultaneously. Solo players may choose to spawn each monster separately. When the <<Venom Snapper>> and <<Wolves>> attack, each use the MD result of separate rolls.


<<Venom Snapper>> Stats

HP: 150
DMG: 35
Critical DMG (MD 9-10): 50
EVA: 1

  • Venomous Bite: Natural MD of 9-10 poisons the target, dealing 10 unmitigatable damage at the start of their turn for 3 turns.

  • Feral Strike: Every time a <<Wolf>> is slain, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next attack becomes AoE. This ability can stack (if 2 wolves die at the same time, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next 2 attacks become AoE). “Venomous Bite” can still trigger on AoE attacks.

  • Player who deals the killing blow receives (1) <<Venom Vial>>:




<<Venom Vial>>

Item Type: Potion
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: On a natural BD roll of 9-10, deals 10 unmitigatable DMG for 4 turns. Lasts one thread.
Description: A vial of toxic venom retrieved from the drippings of a <<Venom Snapper>>'s teeth. Takes a post action to apply to a weapon.



<<Wolf>> Stats

HP: 40
DMG: 25

Once the beasts have been slain, return to Gatsly in Urbus and show him the <<Venom Vial>> to claim your rewards.







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