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[UPDATED] Face-Claim Thread

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I am going to try to have a list of each character and what their current face-claims are. The other thread didn't really have a list, so it made it really hard to go through and check if anyone else was using the same face-claim as you. If you just post here your character name, your face-claim, and what anime/manga/tv series it is from, I will add it to the list! Don't know who your face-claim is of? That's okay! Post a picture of them here and I will try and see if I can identify what character and what anime they are from, if they are a specific character. Thanks guys, this'll help a lot when figuring out if anyone else has the same face-claim as the one you are going to use.

The List:

Blitzkrieg: England - Hetalia
Morgenstern:Jaune Arc RWBY
Ariel: Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) - Fate/Grand Order
Hikoru: Gareki - Karneval
Aereth: Jean Kirstein - Attack on Titan
Macradon: Prussia Alter - Hetalia
Winik: Cu Chulainn - Fate/Prototype
Telrenya: Celica (blonde) - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Vigilon: Shu Ouma - Guilty Crown
Raeze: AkatsukiLog Horizon
Lee: Ryotaro Dojima - Persona 4
Invious: Invi - Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
Neabaz: Gilbert Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Ayato Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers
Atzo: Karma Akabane Assasination Classroom
Dazia: Saki Narashino - Konayuki Fururi.
Birdie: Catria - Fire Emblem Heroes
Kaya: Yui Yuigahama - Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
Shepherd: Makoto Tachibana - Free!
Pinball: Miyamura IzumiHorimiya
Elina: Aika Fuwa Zensuen No Tempest
Xander Rush: Rider Fate Zero
Rothsbite: Ox-King Dragon Ball Z
Jomei: Robin Hood - Archer-Fate Series
Jevi: Korra - Avatar
Vale: Yoruichi Shihōin Bleach
Spencer: Yukine Noragami
Buckstrap: Ephraim - Fire Emblem
Fae: Stoj - The Legend of Dark Witch series
Yanoyashi: Miyamura Toranosuke Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo
Yumiyashi: Squid Girl - Ika Masume
Kairi: Airi Totoki Cinderella Girls
Crozeph: Yato Norogami
Frost: Zen Wistaria - Akagami no Shirayukihime
Aion: Guy Cecil - Tales of the Abyss
Rinne: Noriko Sonozaki - Kiznaiver
Mina: Serafall Leviathan - Highschool DxD
Krysta: Sharurie - Dark Lord
Froppy: Tsuyu Asui - My Hero Academia
Parn Record of Lodoss War
Eliaschurch: Lancer - Fate/Zero
Sharr: Sharr - Magi 
Arabelle: Hiiragi Shinoa - Owari no Seraph
Mr. X: Kagetane - Black Bullet
: Ryoma - Fire Emblem
: Neopolitan - RWBY
Roy - Fire Emblem
EnnakaiFudou Yukimitsu Touken Ranbu
: Naomi Misora from Death Note
Zuel: Captain Walfrid - Shadowverse / Rage of Bahamut 
Tsuisuta: Tatsumaki - One Punch Man

UPDATED: 8/1/18

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1 hour ago, Aereth said:

Aereth: Jean Kirstein - Attack on Titan


2 hours ago, Hikoru said:

Hikoru: Gareki - Karneval


3 hours ago, Ariel - The Crowned Lion said:

While having the same faceclaim isn't against the rules, a thread like this is good to have in order to know more of the diversity we have around here. Let me jump in as well.

Ariel: Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) - Fate/Grand Order


Thank you all, updating now. 

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2 hours ago, Wardege said:

Wardege: Kuroto Hourai- The Betrayal Knows My Name

(Note to self: Why didn't I stick with the Rapier? I just realized that even as Wardege, my character would look pretty cool, if not epic, with a rapier!)


3 hours ago, Winik said:

Winik: Arthur Pentagon- Fate/Prototype


4 hours ago, Macradon said:

Macradon: Assassin Cross - Ragnarok Online



All updated!

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On 5/26/2017 at 0:28 AM, Telrenya said:

Telrenya: Celica (blonde) - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


On 5/25/2017 at 4:35 PM, Raeze said:

Raeze- Akatsuki (Log Horizon)


On 5/25/2017 at 4:29 PM, Vigilon said:

Vigilon: Shu Ouma - Guilty Crown


On 5/25/2017 at 2:56 PM, Beatbox said:

Beatbox: Flynn Scifo - Tales of Vesperia


All updated.

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