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Tressa's Journal

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Name/Location/General Information:

  • Name: Tressa Sinclair
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • S/O: Straight
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Appearance: Tressa


  • Growing Up: (Age 1-10)
    Tressa grew up in a middle class family. Her parents were well off enough to give her a comfortable, yet she wasn't a spoiled brat. Growing up, her parents really drilled into her mind the sense of learning how to read and write other languages, because she was born deaf, sort of. When she was 6 months old, she got sick and the medicine they used she was allergic to, the nurse had no idea and didn't look at the baby's chart before administering the medicine. So, since she was 6 months old, she was growing up deaf. With her family pushing of being a linguistic deaf girl, she could read and write in basic conversation in Japanese, English, and learning Chinese. She grew up with a developing work ethic, and a positive outlook on life. She experienced very little bullying, the other kids in her class were actually nice to her about the whole deaf thing, but she didn't grow up with many friends, only one.
  • Growing Up: (Age 11 - 15)
    Going from Elementary school to Middle School is a very difficult and sudden change. The people you grew up no longer are your friends, and the criteria in middle school becomes a lot different than she had ever experienced. In Middle School is when her father got fired from his job, so they couldn't afford an interpreter for the girl in her classes. She was still able to make it by in class, reading the books over and over again, also her teachers were kind enough to start giving her written notes for her to look over. The one person she called a friend was no longer there, but she didn't let that bother her, at least on the outside. When her first year of Highschool came around, she thought life would be a lot better, and more or less, it stayed the same. Her father was still struggling to get a job, she didn't have an interpreter, and her friends were basically non-existent. All she worried about was school and her father, even though her depression was coming into her life faster than she realized.
  • Growing Up: (Age 16 - 20)
    Coming into High School wasn't something she was ready for, and it was made a lot worse when the other kids started to pick on her for her lack of hearing, the torment had finally started. Kids would say mean things behind her back, mock her, and just be horrible to her. The only silver lining of her High School career was the friend she thought she had lost came back into her life, helping her get through some of the worst years of her life. Graduating High School with high grades and a slightly worse outlook on life, she struggled with if she wanted to go to college, but she decided that if her parents were going to get all the money around, which even though their financial situation only improved slimy, they still worked hard enough to push Tressa through College. This is where her interest in games first started, she was going to college with her friend, but they almost never saw one another, so she spent a lot of her time on her phone and computer, chatting with this friend of hers, and playing games with her. After about two years of that, her parents gave her a gift she never expected. Her father got another job and they saved up to get SAO, where her deafness would translate into the game, she could do something and hear again. She, crying in hesteria, hugged her parents and loaded it up when the release date happened, hoping to hear the wind for the first time in her life.


  • Virtue - Kind: She was bullied all her life. The kids would harass her for being deaf, basically treating her like a disabled freak. Translating this into her own personality, she never wants anyone to go through the pain and torment that she went through, so she makes sure that everyone feels loved and wanted around her, no matter who it is or why they are in the situation that they are in.
  • Virtue - Bubbly: More of a recent addition to her personality, joining SAO has started to really help her love life. Being able to hear for the first time in a very, very long time has helped her open up more as a person, and overall be a sweeter person to strangers. This has made her seem a little flirtatious at times, her ability to just come up to people and say hi, but it's how she has started in this game.
  • Virtue - Passionate: Ever since she was a young girl, she was pushed to take solace in what she is doing and what she is learning. This lasted in her personality, and she has never let it go. She kept it while she was learning languages, and she felt it in her school work. Even though she couldn't hear, she did better than almost all the students in her school, she was very invested in what she was doing in school.


  • Flaw - Depressed: Starting early on in Highschool, this part of herself she keeps locked up, knowing that depression isn't something that makes other people happy. So, she keeps this part of herself, to herself, and doesn't let anyone in to this. She portrays this happy girl on the outside, hoping that in turn, the inside of her will become happy and okay with herself, at least that's what she hopes will happen.
  • Flaw - Oblivious: Coming with her lack of hearing, she wasn't always the best at picking up on cues. Even with her little quirk with reading people's body language, she still can't understand what some people are trying to convey to her. Whether it's some look someone is giving her to shut her up, or its a wink/ flirty look. She can't understand some people's personality or the way they act around her sometimes.
  • Flaw - Ambitious: Now, this may seem like a virtue to some people, it isn't for her. She gets passionate in many things that she is doing, but she gets very Ambitious with the select things that she is focusing on, and she can't really let it go before she cant go any further. When her parents were pushing her to read and write other languages, she became increasingly pushy on learning more, until she couldn't hold any more information and would get headaches from studying so much.


  • HP: 20/20
  • Energy: 2/2
  • Mitigation: 0
  • Evasion: 1
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Damage: 2


  • Curved Sword Rank 1 + 1 Damage

Skill Points: 5/5
Available: 0 
Used: 5


Set A "Basic Package":

  • Weapon of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality. Weapon - Curved Sword + 1 Damage
  • Armor of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality Armor - Light Armor + 1 Evasion
  • (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
  • 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials


  • Profession: N/A
  • Familiar: N/A

Friends List:

  • N/A


  • N/A

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