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[F??] <<Saying Vows>>

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<<Saying Vows>>
Recommended Level:  Any
Restrictions | At least the two marrying players
Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal


"Love. Unwavering love is what brings us together today. These two intend to join together as one in Holy Matrimony. If any object to this joining please speak now or forever hold your peace."


The Married Couple Receives:

  • 1 Additional SP each
  • 1 Wedding Ring each (created/purchased rings from <<Making Vows>>)
  • Any gifts or presents received from other players


  • At least one [1] page (20 posts or more)
  • Roleplay the Wedding Ceremony


The floor, location, and amount of players allowed in the thread depend on how large a wedding players bought during the <<Making Vows>> quest. Players are urged to role play the wedding out and strongly urged to read out their characters' vows. Upon receiving the rings, the officiator will activate their abilities, and they will be active from that point onward. Wedding rings do not take up an equipment slot. Married players share an inventory space so it is suggested that players work out how they wish to keep track of said inventory.

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