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«Feeding your Enemy»

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Any Floor
<<Feeding your Enemy>>
Recommended Level: Any
Repeatable if you no longer have a familiar | Party Limit: 2


  • A familiar of your choice (within guidelines)
  • 1 Skill Point (first completion only)


  • RP meeting the gypsy and obtaining the food from her
  • Obtain a familiar
  • At least 1 page (20 posts)


An old gypsy NPC approaches you, telling tales of how she tamed monsters. Giving you some food, she tells you how to tame your own familiar.


Once every 15 posts, the party leader may roll to search for a familiar. On a roll of 15+ LD (normal LD enhancements apply), you successfully find a potential familiar.

Once a potential familiar is found, that party leader has 4 attempts to tame it. Taming is a post action that is successful on a CD roll of 9+. If the party leader fails all 4 attempts, the potential familiar becomes untamable and a new one may be searched for in 15 posts. 

If the roll to tame is met, you have successfully attained a familiar. Return the <<Familiar Food>> to the Gypsy NPC to complete the quest. Only one familiar may be found per thread.

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