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[F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

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Gazing around as the two fighters manage to miss each other he would just nod his head as that means it is less work for him to do and deal with as the pink haired girl seemingly blends into the world to disappear and do whatever it is that she would be dealing. A sigh escapes his lips at that as he sheathes his sword and looks towards his familiar while giving him a quick nod of his head as the familiar would quickly follow the katana wielding man as he makes his way away from the two dueling players. Priest come now. He orders the holy man as the man known as Miraak would follow as the simple bit of coding that it is as he would leave the two players to fight as he himself dealt with and incoming waves of beasts that will most likely arrive. Standing and waiting patiently he would gaze around the area and spot no sign of the ice cream girl and just nod and instead decide to say very loudly to make sure that she heard him. Hey Ice Cream! I'm sure you can fight one or two whatever we're meant to fight by yourself. Feel free to do that while i deal with any that tries to attack these two as they fight! He shouts over towards her before gazing back towards the surrounding area like a sentry guard ignoring the sound of spear clanging off against armor as it means that pinball scored the first hit. 'Seems he can score a hit against a tank...one step better than our duel where i was the only one who got a hit in.'

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((Please just increment the number of the loot minimum mob so we know how many we're at. And a reminder you can only spawn for per combat, but we are in separate combats))

Neo didn't even really care about what was going on with the other three. They were going to be going at it for who knew how long and she just wanted to work on this quest that they came here for. If Haz needed her to come save him, then that would be a different issue. But he could handle his own just fine, at least that's what she thought. Seeing one of the enemies that she would need to face to keep moving forward, Neo popped out of stealth and quickly sent her blade through it. It seemed to do quite a bit of damage, but was definitely of a higher level than she was anticipating. Probably because of either the larger group size or just that there was someone higher level than her in this group. Likely the latter, considering the game seemed to lie to respond to volume of players with volume of mobs. Not surprising she wasn't the highest level here though. Not surprising in the slightest.

Party Neo:


Roll ID: #112633
BD: 3 + 3 = 6 - hit (15 + 1 = 16 * 14 = 224 damage)
CD: 12 - recovery
MD: 2 - miss

[H: 0] Neopolitan: 780/780 HP | 68/78 EN | 15 DMG | 39 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 4 FLN

Ghoul 1: 266/490 HP | 147 DMG


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