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New guild formation

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Aloha all members of the Aincrad world. I am the frontline tank Hestia former tank part of the HDA. With my recent leave of that i also wish to make a new guild even than though. One that would be 1. active  2. Will not be comprised of alts (EX: one character per person.) 3. The goal of this guild be in essence a sort of strike force against the evils that plague Aincrad from PK players/guilds *which can be NPC player guild based that we can work to form a cohesive storyline around.*, other crimes from extortion or the such that could be done by other types of players that aren't orange *again could be fun little plot thing that we can try to expand out into the site.* lastly, a strike force that will eventually take to the frontlines as our own group eventually or immediately. *depending on player level.*

what does this mean? It means any level of player is welcome as long as you're active and aren't a alt of an already existing member of what this guild *if this does come to fruition.* Any build is welcomed as well including straight crafters who don't fight at all.

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If it wasn't for IC reasons Pin you'd be welcomed easily.

Pleue you're good to join as well if you want. That just means your other character wouldn't be able to join the guild i would wish to make. Just giving you that heads up. (not saying what character it is encase you don't wish for others to know.)

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I'd like to join your new guild.
I Am level one at the moment, doing the beginner quests with a friend right now.
If it's no problem that I wait to do quests and threads with the guild until I finished them, I'd be super happy to be in your team


Runa, The Defender of Sweets

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