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[EVENT|F22] Night about the Galactic Lake

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Floor 22
<<Night about the Galactic Lake>>
Recommended Level: Any 
Repeatable only for Gold Stars | Party Limit: 4
Time Limit: 15th June - 30th August | Gold Stars will be forfeit if not completed within this time frame.


  • 3 SP
  • Gold Stars collected
  • If Yori's clothing is found, each player receives the following:
    • Missing You x2 
      [Player's Tier] Perfect Support Crystal
      Masterpiece -- Instant | HP Recovery III | [ref]


  • At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts)


Players may choose to take a boat out to the river to fish, dive into the water to gather upon the river’s bed or take a stroll about the lantern-lit lake; all of which will net players Gold Stars. The number of Gold Stars gathered per post is determined by a roll’s LD (buffs apply). Players will not be able to obtain materials via LD this way, however they will still be able to obtain materials by CD through Fishing/Gatherer respectively.

  • Players with the [Gatherer] skill will need to hit an LD15+ to find materials.
  • Players with the [Fishing] skill will still be able to find treasure chests during their rolls.
  • Treasure chest search rolls and dungeon search rolls will not yield Gold Stars. However...
  • Treasure chest open rolls will yield Gold Stars equal to the roll's LD value (buffs apply).
  • Combat will yield Gold Stars upon looting, equal to the roll's LD value (buffs apply).

Should players be keen on helping Shoji out, on the last post of each thread, players should roll to see if they’ve found any possessions of Yori. On a natural roll of LD 18+, an article of clothing is discovered. When it is brought back to Shoji, he will be with Masaki, and both of them will reward the player with an item each.



In the middle of Coral’s town square, a group of boys could be seen busying themselves with the work of building a model train. On their list is a calling for strangers to donate their gold stars, the litter possible to find down by the Lake of Reflection. Most players would go about their day, diving into the water to gather them from the beds, or hop on a rowboat to catch some on their fishing trips. But more acute players might have managed to spot a young boy pacing away from his group at their crafting station, headed out towards the shore of the lake himself. Sometimes, his friends would call out to him. Other times, they’d leave him alone.

Where he’d stopped, players passing by might’ve approached him in investigation. The boy seemed to be at pause at his new location for a good few hours at a time, looking out at the water’s surface. “What’re you here for?” He would prompt the passersby, and when given a reason, the boy would nod and turn back to the glowing reflections. Stay a little longer, and the boy would finally start to talk. “I don’t suppose you would want to hear about my reason, would you?”

“My name’s Shoji. My friends are building this train back in town. You’ve seen it, right?” His gaze would shift back towards the flickering lights, eyes distant with a sorrowful haze. “It’s for Masaki. He’s our friend now. But he didn’t use to be, if I had to be honest. We’d always picked on him past the year before.”

“It’s that rainy crossing last year.” Shoji tilts his head, looking back at the player in vague interest. “Do you know the one? There was a horde of monsters that had attacked the town...” 

Any confirmation dropped from the player would have the boy interested in one’s retelling of their version of events, though his gloom would always return. “When the attack began, we’d all started to retreat. But… I ended up slipping and falling in the water...”

“Actually, I’m still afraid of swimming until now...”

Shoji shakes his head, balling his hands up into fists. “That was when Yori jumped in. Saved me. He pushed me out onto the shore-- I thought he was right behind me as I ran… But I couldn’t find him after things calmed down. The sheriff made it a whole case and everything. Looked out for any signs of him over two weeks. But-- well…” 

The child’s eyes could often be found welling up with tears at this point. He wipes them away with the back of his hand, lips trembling as he pauses, hesitant. “Makes us wonder where he’d gone, but I think we all know the truth. It’s just… hard to believe -- that there was nothing of him left...”

He continues to comfort himself in silence for a moment, before finally stabilizing his breaths, finding the will to speak. “Um, Masaki was his best friend. I’d thought... Maybe it was one of Yori’s wishes that we look after him instead. He’s good; really. I guess we just never saw it in him before.” Shoji looks back to the water, the glow of the lanterns finally burning back into his vision. “He’s responsible, kind. He tells the best stories… Just doesn’t find time to play with us a lot, I guess.”

Sometimes, Shoji could be found kicking at the rocky terrain around him, pushing a pebble or a footful of dirt into the water. “Um, hey,” he says, trying to catch the listener’s attention. “If you don’t mind… When you’re heading out to water, do you think you could try to look out for any signs of Yori?” He shakes, as though the boy expects a refusal. The order was tall, the stranger unknown and his hope was in short supply. “I know everyone tells me it’s a lost cause,” Shoji continues, as though he is uncertain which one of the parties he’s trying to convince. “But if Tanabata is all about wishing… Just maybe...”

His voice trails off, the boy’s breath held in, before he quickly adds to fill the silence between him and his audience. “--I-if you find anything, come look for me, okay? I’ll...”

“I’ll be waiting…!”





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