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[2.6.2] Patch Notes



Mechanic Changes:

  • New mechanic: Passive Stealth Detection:
    • Follows the general rules of stealth detection except it is performed at the start of combat, the turn a player enters stealth, and on the opposition's turns.
    • The passive stealth detection rating is (10 + stealth detection bonuses) and is performed against the enemy's stealth rolls. In the case of a tie, the stealthed player wins.
    • Does not count as an action.
    • Unless declared otherwise, all mobs have a passive stealth detection rating of 9.
    • Note: It is still possible for an entity to actively detect stealth, but this takes up the post action and follows the general rules of stealth detection.
  • Running Away:
    • If a player leaves both the combat and the thread, they are unable to participate in the same combat (i.e. fight) even if they rejoined the thread.

Charge Clarification:

  • Under the current wording, Charge can be used outside of the first turn of combat since, depending on the players' narratives, using the Charge skill is still possible. This is because the only restrictions on the skills are that Charge can only be used once per opponent per combat and that it must be possible via roleplay.

Enhancement Changes:

  • Blight:
    • Removed proc from natural, successful attack rolls of 8-10 from two slots of the enhancement.

Skill Changes:

  • Charge:
    • Negates any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods (e.g. Suprise Attack mods from Hiding, Tracking mod from Searching).
    • A Charge attack's Accuracy is capped at 2.
  • Hiding:
    • Removed rank 4 (+1 turn of DoT) and rank 5 upgrades (+1 DMG).
    • Mod: Vanish
      • Moved to Rank 4 from Rank 5.
    • Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin)
      • Damage bonus by attacking from stealth changed from +2 Damage to (+3 * Tier) Damage.
    • Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster)
      • Now gives +1 turn to DoT status effects.
  • Shadowed Path (Unique Skills):
    • Does not stack with the Hiding skill.
    • Adds +1 Stealth Rating per rank.
    • Allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods.
    • Cannot be detected with Passive Stealth Detection.
    • User can choose from one of the two bonuses when attacking out of stealth and using the Shadowed Path sword arts:
      • User's attack has (3 * Rank)% more damage to (10 * Rank)% more base damage.
      • User's DoT status effects deals (5 * Rank)% more damage for the first two turns of the effect.
    • Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List):

      When using Shadowed Path sword arts and attacking out of stealth, user can choose to gain (10 * rank)% base damage or have DoT status effects to do (5 * rank)% more damage for the first two turns. User only gains hate on critical strikes.

      Hiding and Shadowed Path does not stack, but Shadowed Path allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Adds +1 stealth rating per rank. Cannot be detected by Passive Stealth Detection.


  • Achilles (Unique Skills):
    • Damage reduction from (8 * Rank)% to (10 * Rank)%.
    • Counter damage from abilities is now exempt from the damage reduction and is doubled.
    • Status effects which removes the user's post action (e.g. paralyze, stun, freeze) last twice as long,
    • Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List):

      Reduce final damage against you by (10 * Rank)% [only after mitigation has been applied] rounded down. DoT and counter damage is exempt from this reduction and is doubled. Status effects which removes the user’s post action affect the player twice as long.


Quest Changes:

  • Quest Revamp: «The Hidden Village»
    • Cave Bats HP reduced from 1250 HP to 1000 HP.
    • Cave Bats Evasion reduced from 3 Evasion to 2 Evasion.
    • Clarification: Under the current wording, the quest spawns Cave Bats in groups of two with a number of groups equal to the number of players. This means that you are able to fight the bats in groups of two (i.e. the minimum number of Cave Bats you can fight per combat is two). As such, it is not necessary fight the maximum number (i.e. four) of Cave Bats each combat, but you do need to fight a number of Cave Bat groups equivalent to the players in the thread.
  • New Quest: «Incognito Analysis»
    • A continuation of the «Incognito Antics» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section)
  • New Quest: «Incognito Assassination»
    • A continuation of the «Incognito Analysis» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section)


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