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  1. Current Level: 21 Current SP: 60 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Kiba Item ID: 130028 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Katana Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: DMG III Description: Snow white rayskin lays obscured beneath the blood red ito wrapping of this katana. The blade is unusually straight and lacks any defined hamo
  2. She smiled when she saw Yukiro's marker show up on her map. She had a feeling that he wasn't going to let her go at this boss alone. She looked at him and smiled, before shaking her head, "Nope, you haven't missed anything and I haven't heard anything about the boss other than its name, Gilded Princess." She looked over at the others as they started to shout about seeing signs of the boss. Okay, so we were getting somewhere. She also heard a warning about being too close to the water, and as of right now, she figured that she was safe. Besides, wasn't that her moving in the water. "We are
  3. All that could be heard was a long and exasperated sigh. She had to find the words to say any of this now. How was she supposed to tell him that he was being an idiot because he's refusing to see past a very obvious shield to not get hurt again? As she thought on it, there was no actual way to sugar coat what she wanted to say to him. So, with a silent prayer, she hoped that he wasn't about to be overly pissed at her. "Mas, the entire time that I've known Noctua, and saw how she was during that time, she has never once actually changed. If she has changed, it's because of what was said to
  4. "You caught some of my question, but not this part; how do you know that the tone in her voice is how she meant it? I mean, take me for example, you know that you can never believe the tone of my voice, it always throws people off." She had to point that part out, she may not know Noctua as well as her brother, but there was still the fact that the tone of someone's voice couldn't be believed all the time. She let him think though, find the words that he wanted to say, and honestly, the words that he did say, made Tala wince lightly. This all did boil back down to something that she had d
  5. Well, she was at least getting somewhere at this point. She gently leaned against her brother and sighed lightly. "Mas, did she actually say that she didn't trust you? Or are you just assuming it? Because honestly, the look that I saw on her face as she was quickly leaving your shop said many things. Most of it being pain, but I can promise that she does still care for you. She was wearing her wolf necklace after all." Hell, even Tala was wearing the necklace that Noct had made for her so long ago. Sure, there might be more tension and hatred between the two women for a while, but she hig
  6. She just stared at him as they walked, using Akame to be her guide to make sure that she didn't run into anything. She sighed after a few, very torturous, moments of silence. "Masa, talk to me, please?" She found an empty spot by one of the smaller water fountains, and she dragged him over to it. She sat down on the edge of the fountain and stared at Koga, willing him to, for once, be cooperative with her. Akame laid down by Tala's feet and just simply fell asleep right then and there, which made Tala shake her head. "Darned wolf can fall asleep at anytime and anywhere." She patted the sp
  7. He really was breaking. He would like to think that she hasn't seen him cry before, but come on, this was Tala. She just sighed lightly, letting him look at her ring. She wanted to smack him for changing the subject, but she saw the hurt that was written basically all over him. So, being the loving little sister that she was, she pulled her hand from his, and she got up so that she could move closer to him to hug him. "Thank you, Masa, but I'm not here for me. I'm here because my big brother is in pain, and I hate seeing him like this." She pulled away after a few moments and offered him
  8. She didn't want to really believe that he wasn't hungry anymore, but just by judging his look, that was exactly the case this time. That was odd. She did ignore his glare though, and just shook her head, "Thank you, I think...." That was when it hit her, if his words were as empty as his congratulations to her, then that could be another thing that went wrong. But, he wasn't talking, and this was starting to bother her. She sighed lightly after he admitted that he did miss her, that was at least something to work with. "Were you pushing her away kind of like you're doing to me right
  9. She wanted to smack her brother so bad right now, and instead, she settled for just facepalming, possibly harder than she had intended to. She just sighed deeply, trying to find the words to try and talk to her brother. He was clearly not thinking right, nor was he really thinking at all at this point. Really, could he not tell that Noctua had been hurting? Or was Noctua wearing a mask? No, it couldn't be the second option, Noctua was too goody two shoes to wear a mask like that. So, obviously, her brother had to have been oblivious, like always. She didn't bother attempting to touch her ramen
  10. "Damn it Masato..., " there was a sigh that accompanied her words. She silently pinched the bridge of her nose, happy that she ended up coming over to check on him more now than before. "You know, I'm supposed to be the little sibling here, why are you making me feel like I need to be the elder one?" She looked at him as he slurped at his food. It just made her blink and shake her head more, before resisting the urge to slap her brother upside the back of his head. "Answer me this big brother," she paused for a moment to move a little more to look at him better, "have you actually tried t
  11. She raised an eyebrow, "Yuki won't tell me because he feels that it should be you who tells me when you think I should know. But yes, that was a hilarious thing to figure out." There was a hint of sarcasm and irritation at that moment, but it was gone just as fast as it showed up. She helped Koga to his feet and looked at Okami, then back to her brother. "When was the last time that you ate or slept Mas?" Game be damned right now, her big brother was torturing himself in some way, and she was going to use his whole real name if she has to. But right now, she practically dragged him out of
  12. She had planned on minding her own business today. She was just cleaning out the last of the junk from her shop when a very hurt and angered Noctua walked past her. This made Tala blink a few times before looking down at Akame, "If she's like this Koga's going to be worse. Come on, it's time for a break anyways." She locked her shop up and walked to the store next door. Yes, her shop was right next door to Koga and Noctua's it had been that way since they opened their shop. She slowly walked inside her brother's shop, ignoring the bell that announced her entrance. "I think...we should've
  13. So, a boss on the twenty-second floor? That didn't sound too horrible. She left Yukiro a message stating that she was going to go and check out this boss, and even left an invitation if he wanted to join. She wasn't about to make him join after just, hopefully, making things better between the pair of them. She made sure that she had everything that she needed and looked Akame, "Come on then, do you want to walk or hide in the necklace?" The wolf was tired and Tala could tell, so the black wolf vanished, but the eyes on Tala's black wolf necklace could be seen moving, and a bright red color no
  14. He wasn't running from her, that was a good sign, right? She looked at their hands, slowly wiping her face dry with her other hand, it still clasped around her ring perfectly. She looked at him and nodded lightly, "Okay, but um... to put it on, I kind of need my other hand, unless your putting it back on my finger for me." She smiled lightly, taking the chance to step closer to him at this point. Akame, feeling accomplished, moved from her spot and found some shady cover a few feet away. "You know, the same goes for you, if you need me, you just need to send me a message too. I'm sleeping
  15. There she went again, saying the wrong damn thing, and chasing him away, again. She stared at the rings that were in her hand and she closed her hand, feeling the rings actually start to dig into her palm. There was the familiar sting of tears threatening to fall from her eyes. Then she heard it, a howl from Akame before the black wolf bolted toward Yuki, stopping directly in front of him. "A-akame?!" Tala ran over to them, if only to make sure that the wolf hadn't hurt him. Instead, she was just laying in front of his feet, whining. By the time Tala reached them, she gave up on stopping
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