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  1. Post Counter: 10 Fe then stood in Sword Art Online, the game he wanted to play that day. The day was bright but cut short as he saw a group of people that looked at him with a smile, he decided for a moment to slow down as he walked up to them and said hi, starting a strong friendship as he looked for them for guidance, but this ended two years into the game as he watched those friends leave, stopping by say hello, and giving Fe a great amount of comfort and the information he seeked. Over the years though, those friends on his list disappeared, and the memories where only that, memori
  2. Post Counter: 9 The 6th of November, the launch of Sword Art Online, is where this story of what seemed to be happiness was given a dark turn. Fe though walked down the staircase of his home, brought on by a smile from his mother. Everything so clear as he watched her have a bag in hand, he could see it, it was the nerve gear, the new device that he hoped would bring him to his new fantasy world he had heard from friends. HIs mother smiled as she looked at the time, nearly noon that Sunday. Fehun hugging his mother and her ever so joyful. She merely said the time for dinner as she prepa
  3. Post Counter: 8 Tron sighed as he remembered his past of his life in the real world. His mind gazing to the life that once knew of simplicity as he walked once again through those gates of the starting town. Although what truly came through Fehun's head was the past here in Aincrad. The past seemed ever near as he stayed in the town of beginnings. That past was ever more creeping towards Fe, bringing his past in his mind. The player halted as he remembered his past, "Fehun! Fehun! I got a surprise for you!" A woman's voice said from far away, the memory had been brought back to
  4. Post Counter: 7 Tron sighed as he grabbed his sword off his back, preparing for nearly anything as he walked back towards the town of beginnings, he just wanted out to be honest. The player, also known as Fehun, was a determined kid. He wasn't introverted by any means, but the game had changed him. The nearly five years that had been strolling around the game seemed to fuck with Fehun. The kid had turned into closeted person who didn't know what to do with his life anymore, or until reason that was. He was depressed for those first two years, and upon seeing how far back he was, he did
  5. Post Counter: 6 Tron sighed as he got up from the ground and looked at the boar, he grabbed his sword and swooshed it to his right side. The blade shinning as the sun shinned off it. Tron ran as fast as he could towards the boar, smiling as he swung his sword into the right side of the beast, turning his heel and running back to it's left side. He wanted the beast to be dead as he grabbed his sword and looked back at it, the blue glow from his sword dimming as the boar pup exploded. The player smiled as he looked down at the notification that popped up, pressing the blue circle as he fi
  6. Post Counter: 5 Tron smiled as he walked over once more to another, cocky as ever when he went up to a boar pup, trying to strike at the beast. It was normal as ever, but his foot slipped as he dived down to slide into the grass. The boar simply looked at the player, kicking it's hoofs into the ground and running towards Tron. Tron got up as the boar came at him, jumping left as the Boar went through where the player once was. Tron was taking a breath of air as he grabbed his Sword and looked back at the boar, Tron standing as he looked at the boar, he thought for a moment how the bo
  7. Post Counter: 4 Tron sighed as he looked around, groups of boar where all around, but yet another boar sat near him to the left, about 5 m, as he pulled his sword back out. He grinned as he walked over to the beast, grabbing his sword and slashing the left side of the boar, his sword turning blue as the texture of the boar turned red, a slight scream coming from the mob, as Tron then proceeded to wrap around the front of the beast, running along it's right side, hitting it again with the light blue Sword Skill. The boar pup screaming as it's headed tilted upward, Tron sliding his Sword
  8. Post Counter: 3 Tron sighed as he looked around, smiling as he looked towards the fields and seeing a lone boar pup. The player running as fast as he could, seeing a piece of fun of killing a mob. As the Swordsman started to run towards the boar he grabbed out his sword, the color turning red as he activated the Sword Skill rage spike. Tron had read through his Sword Skill info years ago and saw that it was a sword skill that doubled his damage with the two swings and apparently reveling a large amount of blue flare to the surge. Tron remembered this as he now approached the bo
  9. Post Counter: 2 Tron sighed as he looked at the shop keep, he was tired of the fake NPC's acting so real. They almost pulled off the realism to the peak, but Tron found himself ever so depressed from it. He shook that off though, but it was always in the back of his mind. At least Kayaba had a made the game seemingly real, it would satisfy Tron for mean time. He thought about all of this as he turned around, heading back to the front gates of the Town of beginnings, the streets being poorly filled, once live with people, the only sounds where the sounds of the town's music and very few
  10. Counter Post: 1 Following the result of the end of First lessons, Tron found himself in the Town of beginnings in front of a blacksmith shop. The main NPC that was their, Lyle, had just asked Tron if they could stay for a little bit of help. Tron though, after hearing this, a message appeared in front of the player. Showing a "Quest Complete" notification, Tron pressed the blue circle, and looked back to Lyle, a slight smile as he nodded. "Great to hear Swordsman! I was hoping I could get some help, I need to get some help getting materials, but not any materials! I need Boar pup
  11. Post Counter: 23 Tron Smiled as the item crafted successfully, giving an nod and watching as Zachariah walked over to a cabinet and grabbed a package wrapped in paper, tied by string. Tron was confused, but didn't think in any sense it was for him. The old man placed it on the table and looked at Tron. "If you could young one," the old man started, "It would mean a lot to me if you could go ahead and deliver this package to an old blacksmith friend of mine, I need to get it out of my workshop, its been taking up to much space. He'd probably be grateful if he finall
  12. Post Counter: 22 Tron smiled as he looked around, seeing the flower on the ground and grabbing it, it seemed that he had finally collected the last flower and now Tron just needed to go back to the old man as pressed the blue circle once more. Getting up from the ground he walked back up to the town, smiling as he passed the gate. The player was not the most delighted to have his party member vanish, and she was still alive as he noted that her health didn't go to yellow and no monster could have killed her that quickly. He shrugged it off as he walked into the Town finally and mad
  13. Post Counter: 21 Tron thought about the time it would take for him to get to the frontlines, the thoughts though faded as he neared the Gates to the Town, a smile on his face came up as well as he looked down at the ground, seeing the flower he had just picked up a few minutes ago down the hill. He was happy to see the quest wasn't going to take much time, but his face stayed blank as he grabbed it and placed it in his inventory. He was tired after the running around for no reason, he knew it was due to his level, but he would just need to walk it off to be fine afterward. The play
  14. Post Counter: 20 \o/ Tron sighed as he walked up the trail, not finding a single thing. The sun though still pushing down on Tron. He had a small amount of determination that ran through him as he walked up the hillside. His hands in his pockets and his eyes thin as he yawned, the weather was nice and the air blew through the area so calmly, he could've taken a nap if he wanted to, but he continued to look around the fields looking for these materials. He didn't know if he was truly going to get to the front lines in time, it seemed like the community had done so much to try and ge
  15. Post Counter: 19 Tron smiled once more as he perked around and found a rock maybe a few feet away. It seemed that these drops for loot where more common then he thought, but figured that it was going to be only tier one material for probably the next ten to twenty five floors before the materials increased, or perhaps less seeing as people had strong loot that definitely wasn't just made from flowers or rocks right here on the first floor of Aincrad. The player though made his way to the rock, checking to see the description as the tier one materials he needed, and smiling as he pr
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