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[F2 - PP] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>


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Quest Info


<<Breaking the Unbreakable>>

This quest takes place on Floor 2

This quest is repeatable (to help only)

This RP will not count in the benchmark


To start the quest, the player must first find the quest NPC that has taken residence in a hut near the summit of an exceptionally high mountain at the southern edge of the 2nd Floor. If the player accepts the quest, the NPC takes the player outside to a 2 meter-high rock with a diameter of about 1.5 meters and almost as tough as an Immortal Object. There, the NPC reveals that the player must split the rock into two using only their fists and then proceeds to paint whiskers with quick-drying paint on the player’s face, claiming that the whiskers cannot be removed until the rock is split. If the player does manage to split the rock, they are rewarded with the Extra Skill.

Good luck Players!


-At least one [1] Page (21 or more posts)

-Must destroy <<The Boulder>> using only your fists. Thus damage bonuses such as Athletics apply, but your weapon skill rank does not, nor can you use any sword arts.

The Boulder Information:

<<The Boulder>> is a respawning Quest object and has the following statistics:

HP: 50


  1. Party Leader will be gifted the Extra Skill, <<Martial Arts>>

  2. 1 Skill Point

Parties of players are advised.

Recommended Level: Any


Beat ran along the path that was well beaten through the trees, testing the stats of his new character. IT was an odd feeling to move so slowly and have no special skills to make travel easier. While some people would have complained, Beat found it exhilarating. The sun shone through the moderate coverage of treetops and there was not a cloud in sight, making the day easy to enjoy. A minute passed before he reached the clearing that the information broker had mentioned for free, either by accident or in an attempt to actually sell further information. At the mention of a hidden skill, Beat had heard all he needed and immediately insisted that they follow the lead. He grinned at the giant boulder sitting in the middle of a grass clearing in the woods. A bald monk stood by the chunk of earth, obviously waiting for players to speak to him. Beat waited for Shield, whom he had left behind in his excitement and he folded his arms as he grinned at the older man, gesturing to what he assumed was the quest giver. 

"See? I told you. And you thought this would be a waste of time."

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"I didn't say it was a waste of time," Shield sighed. He rubbed his temples as he slowly caught up to his new ally. "What I said is that this is a waste of my time. You don't need a tank to beat up a rock. I could easily be focusing on skills that will boost my abilities."

Obviously, two people could break a rock more quickly than one, but the insistence that his new ally had made that this be the absolute first thing they do was annoying, to say the least. He did not like running off to accomplish the first quest that they stumbled upon, but if it was necessary to Beat's build...

Then again, Beat never said it WAS essential to his build. He just kind of... started running.

"Well? This is your quest. Go and talk to him."

Shield absentmindedly flipped through his radial menus until a plain, straight-pointed spear materialized in his hand. He draped it across his shoulders, resting his wrists and forearms on the shaft so that it stayed firmly in place behind his neck as he used it to stretch his back.


Battle stats:

DMG 1 - EVA 0 - MIT 3 - ACC 0 - HP 20
Weapon: 1H Assault Spear (0 ranks) - Armor: Iron Chestplate (1 rank)

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Beat jogged to the monk, who looked at him expectantly, his bandanna and karate gi rustling with the occasional breeze that managed to sneak through the woods. Beat rubbed his chin for a moment before speaking, unsure how quest givers worked in this game. 

"Greetings, may I ask what you are doing out here in the woods with a giant boulder?" 

The monk smiled and placed his hand on the rock, looking down at the fresh level 1 player. 

"So you seek to acquire the skills of a martial artist?"

A window popped up in front of Beat.


Do you want to accept the quest Breaking the Unbreakable?

|Accept|                      |Decline|


Beat quickly pressed 'Accept' and was practically bouncing up and down in excitement. Even though SAO was no longer just a game, the ability to improve yourself in such a short amount of time was still enjoyable. Beat had no illusions about their situation, but he was determined to stay positive and enjoy the game as much as he could. The monk smiled and pointed at the boulder. 

"Your task is simple. You must break this boulder-" 

"pfft easy I-"

"With your bare hands."


"Good luck."

The monk turned to face the northern edge of the clearing, leaving Beat to his task. Beat turned and gave his ally a sheepish grin. 

"So uhh....we have to beat the rock....with our fists...hahaha!"

Beat found humor in the fact that Shield would not be getting the skill reward for this quest and was still going to have to punch the rock with his bare hands. His laugher ended quickly enough as he turned to the rock again and squared up to it, preparing himself for what he imagined would break his hand. 


Combat Stats 

HP: 20   EP: 1   

DMG: 3   EVA: 0   MIT: 0   ACC: 0


Weapon: Two-handed Iron Straight Sword

Armor: Cloth Armor


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 ID# 74151 results:

 Battle: 3

 Craft: 3

 Loot: 1

 MOB: 2




Shield groaned audibly, opening his radial menu once again to ditch his weapon. It vanished from his shoulders, and with heavy, reluctant footsteps, he squared up with the stone as well.

"I take back my previous statement. This is a waste of both of our time," he grumbled. He glanced over at Beat. "This isn't The Karate Kid, you know. The game won't register whether you're attacking with your fist, as long as you don't have a weapon equipped."

He lifted his heel and struck halfheartedly at the stone. A dialog box sprung up between him and the stone.

<Immortal Object>

Shield frowned, opening up the quest log, flipping to the quest Beat had accepted on their behalf.

"Hang on. '...Players accepting.......reduce to 0 HP...... no weapons......using only their fis-'" He blinked. ".....Son of a..."

He groaned louder than before and with no small amount of eye rolling, he once again squared himself with the stone.

"This quest is stupid."

Pulling back, he grit his teeth and struck out at the surface. His knuckles stung, and he felt the impact in the bones of his wrist, but he could see that his health bar remained steady. Much to his relief, the stone did not create any new dialog boxes. Hits would at least register this way.

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ID: 74161 

Battle: 6

Craft: 2

Loot: 18

MOB: 1

Beat tucked his arms up against the side of his body for a few moments, inhaling and exhaling loudly once before unleashing a fierce left straight punch, imitating his idea of a karate master. 


Beat's quick reflex forced him to wince in anticipation of pain, but only felt a dull ache as he pulled his hand back, stretching the digits out, surprised at the lack of damage, particularly around the knuckles. 

I suppose it would be a shitty quest if you had to literally break you hand on a rock.

The location where his blow had managed to hit him glowed red for a moment, indicating a sufficient blow. He smiled as he glanced up at the boulder's HP bar and sighed at the minute progress they had made. Beat was always ready for a good grind if the reward was worth it, so he merely hoped that his efforts would bear worthy fruit. One thing was for sure: he wasn't stoppping until the deed was done.

"In for a penny I suppose..."


Combat Stats 

HP: 20   EP: 1   

DMG: 3   EVA: 0   MIT: 0   ACC: 0


Weapon: Two-handed Iron Straight Sword (unequiped)

Armor: Cloth Armor

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ID# 74166 results:
Battle: 1

"Something tells me you were hoping your first blood here would be more... climactic."

Shield raised his eyebrow at Beat before returning his focus to the stone. Bending his knees, he drove his fist forward, hoping the extra effort might convince the boulder to give way. With a dull thud and a flare of pain at the end of this fist, Shield met with a similar result.

I need to make note of this moment for the next time Beat insists we do things his way. Or rather, the next time he starts running without taking time to consider our available options.

Shield straightened up and rubbed his neck, forcing air out between his lips. As much as he disliked admitting it, at first level, even such a menial task as this was going to take a solid, concentrated effort. Not to mention, damage was never his focus.

"Well, there's a reason I do better with a shield in my hand, I suppose."

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It wasn't very often that the wanderer ever finds himself on the 2nd floor of Aincrad. Normally, he's out in the wilds of the snowy 4th floor. Yet, on this particular day, the wanderer decided to visit the mountainous region that was the 2nd floor. As he took steps out of the portal, he over hears a passerby NPC talk of a small party attempting to complete the Breaking the Unbreakable quest. Thinking that the wanderer could stretch his hands a bit, he decides to head towards the rock. After an hour or so of walking, he sees two level 1 players beating a fairly sized rock. With a slight grin on his face, the wanderer flicks his fingers in the air, opening his inventory. Soon after, his usual weapon of choice disappears and a pair of MMA gloves appear in his hands with a crowned lion insignia.

Wanderer's Light - Unequipped
Brawler's Bout - Equipped

"Right... Let's party..." He silently whispers to himself as he walked up to the two. Once he thought he was close enough, he slightly opens his mouth. "Need some help?" he says as he cracks his knuckles and stretches his arms.

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ID# 74190
 Battle: 2

 Craft: 3

 Loot: 15

 MOB: 4

Beat threw a second punch into the rock, sweat beginning to form on his brow from the heat as he winced again from the impact. He was still amazed how little his fist hurt as he slammed his bare knuckles into the solid chunk of earth. He prepared himself mentally to strike a solid object with his bare hand once again as he heard someone speak behind him. He turned and gave a small salute as the stranger who had offered to help. Beat grinned widely as he looked at the player's health bar and began to bring up the radial menu to invite him, his eyes resting on the gloves the man was sporting.

"Always room for one more! Careful though, this quest is hard on the hands! haha!"

He finished sending the invite, which would appear in front of Rain a moment later.

"I'm Beat, by the way, nice to meet ya!"

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"Rain..." He says as he the wanderer took a few steps forward before breaking into a run, then a charge. Once he felt close enough, the wanderer leaped into air before punching down. Straight down... at the ground. Unfortunately, the wanderer had grown too excited to hit the rock that in his attempt at hitting the rock, he, unfortunately overshot his jump and completely pummeled... the wrong thing. As the dust cleared, he slowly walked from behind the boulder that he completely overshot and missed and walked back to the two players he was suppose to be helping. "... sorry. I got excited." He says as he raises his right hand to scratch the back of his head and his eyes looking at the ground in disappointment. "I won't miss next time." He says as his continued his brooding. He then slowly walked away behind the two as they went on their turns to take on one of the most annoying quest to do.

ID# 74191 results: Battle: 5 (2+3)


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ID# 74192 results:

 Battle: 5

With a turn of the head and a nod, Shield greeted the newcomer.

"Shield. Nice to meet you. I'd say that at this point, any help would be welcome. We could probably use a little humility. We're used to running with the elites in the game that we used to play, so should be a nice reality check for both of us. Being starting characters again has proven a rather-"

To his flank, Beat's futile attack struck home.

"-rocky transition."

He turned back to the boulder, not wanting to be here any longer than necessary before taking another swing, this time with his left. He remembered after making contact why he preferred to hold a shield in his left hand. The fist in question had collided at a bad angle and was already smarting more than the other.

This quest cannot end soon enough. Hopefully higher levels still mean higher damage outputs, even against stones.

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Beat had no idea how stats scaled, but he was sure Rain had quite a few levels one them given how his gear did not appear to be starting gear. He made a note to ask Rain where some good farming spots were after this. Beat grew excited as he watched the new player wind up, hoping to see a good display.

Aw man, I bet he can knock like half of this thing's life off in one-

Before Beat could finish his thought, Rain had dashed his hopes. Always one to find the funny side, Beat just laughed appreciatively as he turned his back on the boulder. 

"No worries man, I've only hit it once. YAH!" 

As if he was trying to take the boulder by surprise, Beat quickly turned and threw a backhand towards the object. 

ID # 74194 Results: BD 7 = 1 dmg


Beat cheered as he watched the health bar of the boulder drop another sliver, refusing to let the small amount of progress discourage him. Staying positive was how he always managed to survive his famous farming sessions. 

Boulder HP: 48/50

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As the wanderer watched the other two try to pound the dust off this fairly sized boulder, his thought's were getting restless. "This was gonna take some time." He thought as he thought of ways to speed this up. After some thought, he flicks his fingers in the air and in moments a black crystal appears in his hands. Without a second thought, he clenches his hands, breaking the crystal in the process. As he looked back at the group, it seemed that they're done with their attempts. Without a single word, he took a few steps before breaking into a run once more. Once close enough, he jumped in the air and soon after punched down, straight at the boulder. As his fist collides with the rock, a slight crack breaks from where his fists land. He then backflips unto the ground and looks back at the rest of the group and began to walk behind them once more, as if there was a line.

ID# 74195 results: Battle: 9
[Rain] [Level 29] [HP (580/580)] [Energy (57/58)] [DMG 1+3] [ACC 3] [EVA 2] [MIT 18]

 » [Punch] DMG 4 + Crit 1 + Crystal 2] = DMG 7

[Boulder] [HP 41/50] -7 HP

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74196 results:

 Battle: 4

Shield continued to hammer his fists one at a time against the stone surface, each blow continuing to glance off with no result.

"Who designed this quest? You would think that the beta testers would have noticed that it was a little... tedious... and reported it to the developers."

He threw in a right hook that did not deal nearly the amount of punishment he had intended. Namely, any at all.

"Not to mention unnecessarily painful. I understand the desire to be realistic, and in real life, this would indeed toughen someone up, but-"

He went to curl his left hand's fingers into a fist, but winced as the fingers refused to close. He released the tension and leaned his back against his stretch of stone, rubbing his shaking knuckles.

"Then again, it seems as if at least some people on the design team didn't have the players and their best interests at heart..."

Shield sighed, looking up at the virtual sky. He wondered how long he would have to stare at this one before a real one crossed his gaze. He also wondered when it did, if he would be able to tell the difference.

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ID # 74197 result: 1 = miss

Beat watched as his ally failed to do damage while their new acquaintance managed to actually crack the stone. He walked over and examined his new friend's handy work and whistled in approval. 

"Wow! Nice punch! I take it you've done this quest before! haha!" 

Beat turned back to the rock and attempted to refocus, slightly discouraged by how easy it was for Rain. He threw a sharp left, but stepped into it far too much and ended up slipping and hitting his head on the rock. 


He landed firmly on his hinder quarters and rubbed his head, which did not hold up quite as well as his hands had so far. The pain subsided quickly, however and he stood back up and looked to Shield, who seemed to be having little luck as well. He gave his ally a smile. 

"Good thing Rain came along, this would take forever otherwise! haha!"

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As he stood there waiting for both players to once again make their attempts, he mind began to wanderer. "This might not take as long as he had thought." He thought to himself while a slight grin was plastered on his face. That was that thought anyways, until he saw each player making their attempts. Each attack, futile as each one missed the target or didn't dent it at all. One of them soon eventually began to complain that this quest was just too tedious, making the game boring and monotonous. "Well technically, it was weeks before the first frontliners even got close to touching the 2nd floor. The developers probably would have guessed that they would have better items by now." The wanderer spoke as if offended. But he completely understands the player's train of thought. He had once taken on this quest and with help at that from a very high leveled player.

ID# 74198 results: Battle: 8
[Rain] [Level 29] [HP (580/580)] [Energy (57/58)] [DMG 1+3] [ACC 3] [EVA 2] [MIT 18]

 » [Punch] DMG 4 + Crystal 2] = DMG 6

[Boulder] [HP 35/50] -6 HP

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74199 results:

 Battle: 9

2 dmg

33 HP

Stepping back from their target, Shield took a long moment to observe his companions. Perhaps they were doing something that he wasn't. His eyes narrowed as fists continued to crack against stone. He watched Rain's stance, he took careful note of how his weight moved, and then he turned back to the stone to try to recreate it. With a deep breath and a long, slow wind-up, Shield drove his fist as hard as he could, ignoring the thought of the pain that would follow.

A bright red mark appeared beneath his fist, which did not disappoint him in how much pain it had encountered, but the payoff was more worthwhile than anything he had seen from his handiwork so far. The health bar ticked down a little further, and from what he could tell, it was more than just the minimal damage.

"There. Finally starting to pull my weight," he chuckled, gritting his teeth to shake off the throbbing in his hands.

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ID #74200 result: 10 = 1+2 = 3 damage

Boulder: 30/50 

Beat dusted himself off from his previous encounter with the boulder, appreciative that he had not taken any actual hitpoint damage. He narrowed his eyes at his target and stared at the spot where he had last struck successfully until he could see the red mark his previous blow had left. He wound up and threw a heavy haymaker screaming towards the spot. 


His fist found its target perfectly, leaving a small crack in the rock, much to his delight as he observed the hp bar drop about three times as much as it usually had for him. 

"awww yeah!" 

Beat admired his handy work and failed to resist comparing it to Rain's previous triumph. Beat could tell he still had a long ways to go, but he would not fail to appreciate his accomplishment. He slowly worked himself down, ready to focus for his next assault, his thoughts focusing on what kind of reward was in store. 

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74201 results:

 Battle: 8

1 dmg

29 HP

Shield rested back on his haunches, taking a breath and using the break to wipe sweat from his brow with the back of his arm. As he shifted his weight back into position, Beat's attack landed, and he tilted his head in acknowledgement of the sound contributions that the others were making, easily above and beyond what he had managed.

He breathed again and lashed out, driving his weight into the stone. Again, the health bar ticked down, a little less than before, but enough for him to be satisfied.

"I have to admit, it's a little daunting seeing how much of a gap in ability there is between us and the other players. This would have taken us ages on our own!"

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"It's totally understandable at you level.." The wanderer spoke he stepped up to take his turn. "One of the game changers in this game are items." He says as he began to rush the boulder. Within moments, he jump high in the air once more. With a clenched fist, he swings his hands at the boulder. As his fists touches,the boulder, a slight crack juts out from the impact point. As if from an anime or something, the wanderer was in that position as if time stood still. While his fist kept contact, the crack slightly spread some more. "A little more!" He thought to himself as he tried to push the rock some more, only to do nothing. He Jumps back on the ground and walks behind the two once more. His eyes glared at the rock, more determined to break the rock. "I'll finish this soon." He kept thinking in his head. He was getting restless inside his head, slowly growing more impatient. Outside however, he looked calm as if not fazed by the daunting task.

ID# 74215 results: Battle: 6 (3+3)
[Rain] [Level 29] [HP (580/580)] [Energy (57/58)] [DMG 1+3] [ACC 3] [EVA 2] [MIT 18]
 » [Punch] DMG 4 + Crystal 2] = DMG 6

[Boulder] [HP 23/50] -6 HP

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ID # 74217 results: 2 = miss

Beat smiled as Rain landed another blow, reminded again how lucky they were to have his assistance. While generous, Rain's offer of assistance was not an uncommon thing in MMOs. Many players who received help at lower levels, or just people who had a generous spirit, often returned the favor once they reach the higher levels. Beat himself was known to help others grind for those hard to find items or carry lower level players through content on Crossreign. 

Beat turned to the boulder once again and struck quickly. His fist missed its target by only a small margin, but it didn't register and the boulder remained intact. His brow furrowed and he looked at his hand like it was defective. 

"I thought that was a good hit too...damn!"

He put his hand behind his head and exhaled loudly, taking a moment or respite before continuing. He observed Rain's technique, hoping to gleam something from it, knowing full well that his skills and statistics were the real factors in this game. 

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