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[F7-PP] what did I get myself into? <<Case of Wyrms>> (Shield, Beat, Atzo) [Complete]


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It was a curious question that Beat had asked Shield. And an even more curious answer given. “Were they really not ready for front lines?” he thought in reference to the two warriors that were standing before him “Just how powerful are the front lines?” He looked at the two war partners, and nodded to them heading back to the safezone. “Thank you two very much for the help. It was… Nice to have someone to call on to help me.” Atzo said sheepishly, he wasn’t used to calling people to help him, even Ren was a rare person for Atzo to call upon. And Ren was Atzo’s brother. Was this what it was like having friends? Being able to call upon someone in your time of need and be assured that they would come? He wasn’t completely sure but he hoped that was what it is like. He opened his friend list and added Beat to it. “I may not be strong but if you two need anything in the future, even if it is just a travel buddy, feel free to give me shout. I still need to pay you back” He said with a smile as the two warriors walked to the teleporter. “I should grab a drink before I go” He thought walking to the tavern. For once, Atzo had a very good day.

[Quest Rewards]

- All -

4 SP (3 quest reward, 1 thread length)

<<Snake Venom>> A coating which grants a weapon a poison effect which activates on a critical hit, dealing 4 damage for 10 turns to an enemy. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply.


- Shield -

400 Col

3 T1 Materials


- Beat -

400 Col

1 T1 Material


- Atzo -

455 Col

Perfect T1 Weapon

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