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[PP-F21] Mining Blues <<Search for the 21st Labyrinth>> [Complete]


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With an agreement between the hunter and Shield, he would turn to his captain to see what is choice was.  It looked like he wanted to get out of here a little, but the hunter was always bad at reading faces.  Though, what was probably the issue was that he didn't have his owl bear nearby.  Why he tamed such a huge creature was beyond the hunter, but it was useful all the same.

"We're heading back.  Get something to eat and drink and come back with anyone else that you think we need."

They should keep a guard here, but knowing Hikoru, he would be impatiently waiting in the shadows.  He could easily take watch for a time.  In the mean time, the hunter decided to go back to the hot springs to check them out.  By the time that he got there, there were already some people here.  Not players, but the townsfolk themselves.

"Well this is awkwAAA.."

He screamed as he tripped over something, landing in the water as he did.  The pool wasn't very deep and he could stand in it.

"Hey!  No clothes in the springs!"

He heard one of the men shout out.  The hunter apologized while looking at the thing he tripped over.  A random chest.

"Well, aren't you a strange one."

[ID: 84953] [LD: 14+8=22] Treasure Chest found!

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ID# 84960 results: Loot: 5 - 1050 Col, 2 mats, 2x uncommon consumables

Shield followed closely behind Hirru on the way back, though as the other player ventured towards the hot springs, Shield became a little concerned.

Where is he goin-

As Hirru tumbled, Shield cried out, running over and stopping short of the chest, almost tripping himself. He knelt down, looking the object over carefully. This is the first time he had seen one since he and Beat had failed to open one with Rain in their first dungeon. He reached out and lifted the lid. To his surprise, it came open freely, revealing a handful of interesting, though hardly remarkable items. Still, given their tier, they would at least be somewhat useful in the right hands.

After taking care of the contents, the chest disappeared in a burst of blue polygons. He straightened up and looked around, checking to make sure that the others were still behind him. He didn't want to lose track of his guildies.

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It seemed that they would all be heading back for now. Hikoru just shrugged and tagged along silently. He had learned a bit about this floor, and he was happy about it. This was definitely a new floor for him to discover and learn about, and it peaked his interest. This floor fit how he had turned out. Dark, mysterious, but still full of life. He was excited to map out this area and would get to work on it right away. He gave a small sigh and one last look around for anything that he could find. No materials to be found, and he let out a small sigh. One of the many things that gave him a reason to stay as a DPS and not a scout, he could never find anything. He let out a small sigh and opened a doorway underneath him. He would come back with this group at a later date, but for now it was time to map and explore this new floor.

ID: 84961

LD: 6+4=10 No Mats found

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Closing Thread for combat in separate thread.

Thread Complete= +2 SP / 800 Col
Labyrinth Found (Credit to Itzal)= +1 SP
Chest Found= 1050 Col, 2 mats (Hikoru), and 2 uncommon consumables (Hirru)

Hirru - 3 SP, 5 T3 Mats, & 2 UC unidentified consumbables
@Shield - 3 SP, 387 Col, 5 T3 Mats
@Anemone - 2 SP, 151 Col
@Beat - 2 SP, 151 Col, 1 T3 Mat
@Macradon - 3 SP, 387 Col
@Itzal - 3 SP, 387 Col, 1 T3 Mat
@Hikoru - 3 SP, 387 Col, 2 T3 Mats



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Due to a misinterpretation of the following quote, this thread received 1 extra SP when it shouldn't have. For floor 21, three different threads were made to accomplish all the stated requirements but they not receive a extra 1 SP and col for each objective. Only the last one, in which all 5 <Map Fragment(s)> were found, receives the stated reward and only the members present throughout the three threads will be awarded. 

So in this thread, the 1 SP reward for finding the Labyrinth is canceled. 


"Extra Col and 1 SP will be given to players who initially find the Labyrinth, defeat the Field Boss, and collects the most amount of <Map Fragment(s)> for that floor. "

Quests and Floor Clearing -> Labyrinths -> Map Fragment Collection & Boss Room Information-

The current wording will be changed in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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