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[F09] «The Gatekeeper of Fire»

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Floor 9
«The Gatekeeper of Fire»
Recommended Level: 50
Repeatable for Cerberus Etching | Party Limit: 4
The Guardian of Fire Quest Credit Goes to: @Mari
The Gatekeeper of Fire Quest Credit Goes to: @Gladiator


  • 7,500 Col
  • 4 SP
  • Cerberus Etching (Unique Material) - Effect: Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with "Burn". (This effect cannot override its maximum cap. Consumed on use.)


  • At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts)
  • Defeat 3 «Infernal Hell Hounds».
  • Defeat «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage».


Over time, as respawning bosses have been defeated... many have been reborn. First the Wasp Queen, then Avalache, then the Sand Shark. And now, many Information Brokers have been alerting players of the Cerberus' rebirth on the ninth floor in its original location, however the new Cerberus has been said to be extremely aggressive. The rewards are reported to be unknown, however it is agreed upon that the rewards like the other rebirthed bosses should be pretty sweet. Will you accept the fight against the Cerberus one more time?


Volcano's Effect: Each rotation, due to the extreme heat players will suffer 30 unmitigatable damage. This effect can be ignored if the player has the skill "Survival" active.


«Infernal Hell Hounds»

HP: 350 | DMG: 125 | Flame Aura: 45 MIT/25 Thorns | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 

<< Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" at Tier 3 maximum cap. [36 Unmitigatable Damage for 2 turns.]
<< Infernal Soul >> : On a critical attacks, this monster gains additional damage. [ 9 = 25 | 10 = 50 ]


«Cerberus, Inferno's Rage»
Heads 1-3:
 HP: 500 | DMG: 175 | Flame Aura: 75 MIT/30 Thorns | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2

<< Bringing Hell >> : "Cerberus, Inferno's Rage" gains 1 attack for each head alive.
<< One at a Time >> : Players can only target one Head at a time before hitting another. AoE's do not work on this boss.
<< Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" dealing 36 unmitigatable damage for 2 turns.
<< Infernal Punishment >> : On a critical attacks, this boss gains additional damage and will phase through 50% of the target's mitigation on all attacks this turn. [ 9 = 25 | 10 = 75 ]
<< Bloodless >> : This boss is immune to all status effects.

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