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Gday,  Atrus here.  Brand new to the site.  Actually, I think I may have come across it some time ago but never got around to properly joining.

Anyways, tentatively coming back into the RP hobby after a long break (about 10 years).  Used to RP a lot back in the day- mostly on a now sadly non-existent site "The Avatar Sagas" which was based on Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Tended to be more in the character writing side of things as that was where I had the most fun- methinks I'm going to have a lot of dust and cobwebs to blow off the old writing skills.


Love Sword Art, chuffed to find an active RP site for it.  But blimey is it going to take me a while to wrap my head around all the combat and dice rolley stuff.  Thats fine, I'm in no rush.  Between work and family, think I'll be lucky to make a post a day if that.

Still, looking forward to jumping back into this ole hobby and writing with others sharing a passion for writing and a cool show.



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Welcome to the site, feel free to join us on Discord where there's quite a bit of active conversation. And all the dice and combat stuff comes with practice, looks humungous at first but becomes second nature. They actually are not mandatory, if you wanted to write a character that did absolutely no combat or rolled dice and just stuck to character plots and what not it is an option as well.

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