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3.0 | Custom Sword Arts & Skills List

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Cost: 10 SP
Requirement: 2HSS only.

Effect: [Tempest] sword art gains the [AoE] tag. [Metamorphoses] cannot be used in floor, labyrinth and event boss raids.
Description: A trick of the system. With perfected execution, greatsword users can tap into the full potential of [Tempest] once more.
Created by: NIGHT
Creation Details: [here]



 Aerial Ace
Cost: 10 SP
Action: Free Action
Requirement: ----

Effect: Stacks with Combat Skill [Charge]. As a free action, change the player's stance from [Standard] to [Aerial]. While in [Aerial] stance, on a [Sword Art]'s execution, the following changes are applied until the start of the next turn:

  • Damage is increased by (Sword Art Rank -1); Damage increased cannot dip below 0,
  • Energy cost of the Sword Art performed is increased by (Sword Art Rank),
  • Evasion is decreased by (Sword Art Rank),
  • Mitigation is decreased by (3 * Sword Art Rank * Player's Tier).

Description: With experience comes tinkering, and with tinkering comes innovation. Through rigorous training, Macradon had found a way for him to enhance his sword arts by adding momentum to his attacks by executing them mid-air. Aerial strikes hinders his basic dexterity while airbound, but provides more than enough power in return. The Aerial Ace style always has the sword in one hand when initiating a Sword Art to aide the user in nimbleness to jump into the air, while in the air the user presumes the sword art stance and activates their Sword Art.
Created by: Macradon
Creation Details: [here]



[Disguise Add-On] Shades of the Gemini
Cost: 10 SP
Requirement: Must have learned Extra Skill [Disguise].
Effect: [Disguise]'s cooldown is reduced to 2 turns. When activating the skill, in addition to [Disguise]'s standard abilities, the player may now also choose to gain 1 charge of [Antidote] that lasts until expended or the end of the thread. [Antidote] charges may stack over multiple activations of [Disguise]. Players may only gain 3 charges of [Antidote] in this manner per thread.
Description: Gleaned from extensive study of the Gemini, the player learns to modify his own appearance at will, allowing them to alter their voice, gender, gear worn and held, and even disguise an orange icon as green or vice versa. The player also gains the ability to gift limited autonomy to his shadow, imbuing it with instruction and enabling it to appear as a duplicate of himself that can act independently. This shade may divide itself into multiple further copies. While not able to attack in any way, these duplicitous shadows serve as ongoing distractions during combat and carry potential for a broad variety of clandestine purposes.
Created by: Freyd
Creation Details: [here]


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