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[PP- F9 + 11] Into The Depths to Blow Off Steam <<Guardian of Fire>> (Lessa)

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With Lessa's affirmation that she would not vanish on him, as so many others had in the past, Jomei almost felt a warmth fill him. The smile he shone across to her was soft, genuine, and caring. "Good." he said, the gladness heard clearly in his voice, "Because, lately, there's not many people I can count on that are around anymore. Most either went off to do their own thing or.." A lump formed in his throat, cutting off his sentence and keeping that last word from slipping off of his tongue. The ginger gently gnawed on his lower lip as that beat of silence, that would have been plagued with a word that could knock most people in Aincrad down a notch. He continued, trying not to let that linger long, "So, if I'm being honest, you're probably one of the.. three of four people I can really count on right now. I don't know how I'd be if I had to scratch your name off that list too."

After dismissing himself to change into something more suitable for adventure, he returned to see Lessa just as ready as he was in his living space. A familiar, yet welcome sight, Lessa's combat gear had become, being what he would usually see her in. As the two began to make their way out, Jomei turned to his owl familiar, who sat perched in the corner of the common area. With a flap of her wings, Adere took flight and soared, closing the distance and landing on Jomei's shoulder. Locking the apartment door behind him as they left, the two walked the streets of Taft in the direction of the town square. Lessa made mention that her own companion was left at a nearby park, expressing how the canine companion simply despised doing anything other than stay in the house and sleep.. Sounded a bit like himself the past few weeks.. Though, excited to see its master, Riker came bounding up to the two, seeming to give quite a few townsfolk a bit of a scare in the process. 


<<Ninth Floor: Yōgan Village>>

It had been so long since Jomei had been on this hell scape of a floor, that he had forgotten just how hot it was. Even with his Survival skill kicking in to give him a bit of protection against the elements, he still couldn't avoid breaking a sweat. Running the tip of his fingers along his brow to wipe a bead of sweat that was forming, he looked around at the hazy visage of the floor's main settlement. "Alright, we should probably start a party.. then you could share the quest with me. Unless we need to go pick it up." he scoffs as he scans the village again, "I feel like these quests change every once in awhile, giving a fresh face to it.. so I doubt its the same NPC that I grabbed it from the last time." 

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