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Hey all!

I am back. I originally joined this forum in 2014 and I am quite surprised to find out I still have my account and my character. 

However, from what I see, the forum changed a lot and I have no idea if I have to create a new char, edit the one I have, or simply continue to play like this. I am hoping that you can provide guidance XD. 

I am glad to return and look forward to rp with all of you. :) 



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Welcome back!

Your character depends on if you want to start over.  If you still have the link for your journal somewhere, please let our Admin Axios know.  It's probably been archived already and needs to be usable again.  Then your character needs to be converted for the new 3.x system.  That would be here --> https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20787-30-conversion/

If not or you want to make a new character, then I believe you can create a new journal and go from there.  New characters are already 3.x ready, so you just have to plug away and go!

If you want to learn more, or talk to all of us, just head on over to our discord.  https://discord.gg/p2zsGGJ

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