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[PP-F27] Elemental Scouting <<Scouting the labyrinth>>

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Zandra blinked a few times as a sun beam striked her face thru her bedroom-window. She turned her face to look out thru it on the blue sky with flowing clouds looking like balls of wool. With a smile on her face she rised and left the bed. She opened the window, fresh air with the smell of the lake flowed into the house. For a few minutes she just leaned on the window while taking in the buitiful scenery that was infront of her.

With a deep sigh she turned around and left the window. She walked up to the other person laying in the bed. With a smile she bow down and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. ’’Im gonna head out searching for the labyrinth. Dont know when I will be back. Dont you dare go getting yourself killed while Im gone okay?’’ she whispered to not wake him up. Then her feets carried her downstairs where she threw a look at the kingseagle that was sleeping with her head under her wing. ’’Zita, wakey wakey. Time to go now.’’ And the feathered predator opened her eyes before flying down to her shoulder where she rubbed her beak on her cheek. ’’Hehe, time for another adventure.’’ With a pat on the bird she took out a crystal from her inventory. ’’Ronbaru portal plaza.’’ She said clearly and a few moments later, there was no sunshine to be seen. She took a glance around and spotted a bench. She walked over to it, sat down and waited for the other three adventurers she had contacted a few days ago. Soon, it was time to head out on adventuring again, and her heart beated hard of excitment.

 @Zandra @Zajcica @Jomei @Vigilon






Name: Zandra
Level: 32
Paragon level: 65
HP: 960 (900(level)+60(armor mod))
Energy: 108 (108(level))
Damage: 18 (1(base)+7(2h-skill)+8(combat mastery)+2(Ferocity))
Mitigation: 130 (35(skill)+15(mod)+48(armor mit)+32(flame aura))
Defensive dmg: 16 (16(flame aura))
Accuracy: 1 (1(Precision))
Fallen: 16 (16(Axe))
Burn: 56 (8-10) (56(8-10)(Axe)) 


Axe r5
Heavy armor r5
-Iron skin
Combat mastery: Damage r2
Healing familiar


-Energize [Hyperactive]


-Teseleths fury: t4 Axe [+2 Fallen][+2 Burn]
-Inferno: t4 Hvy armor [+2 Flame aura][+2 mitigation]
-Santas cloak: t3 Light armor [+Never-freeze][+Anti-paralyze][+20% Life mend]

Extra skills:

-First Aid r5 [Field Medic]
-First Aid r5
-Leadership r5
-Leadership r5

Battle ready inventory:

-Energizing Eclipse Armor: t3 Hvy armor [+27 Mitigation][+6 Recovery]
-Handwraps of accuracy: t1 Trinket [+3 ACC]
-5x mass heal crystal
-Horn of the unicorn
-Amphibian war rally
-True-light lantern: [+1 LD][+1 ACC] to everyone in party
-Dimensional backpack
-Dimensional pouch



Potion of the Powerful Blood Dragon(14):
Your Profession: Alchemist
Your Rank: 10 Grandmaster
Item Type: Potion 
Tier: t1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: HP recovery 15%



Guild hall/house buff

-Col Despoit: +5% bonus col drop
-Well rested: -1 energy cost 3 first expenditures/combat
-Squeaky clean: -25% DoT dmg from first DoT attack/thread
-Hard working: +2 Crafting EXP and +1 attempt/day
-Practiced angler: +2 EXP fishing, +1 LD & CD to fishing attempts
-Delicious: Turn 3 food into a 6player-feast
-Mega slime farm: +10% EXP one thread/month
-Filling: +1 t1 slot to a food buff
-Item stash: +1 BR inventory slot
-Relaxed: +20 HP ooc regen, energy full refill 2 posts
-Col stash: +5% col from monster kills and treasure chests


Edited by Zandra
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It happened while she was lying in bed that morning. A message from a familiar face that she had not yet had the chance to meet up with since her recent absence for reflection. How many people would recognize her beside her name these days? Hell, she'd probably catch night off guard doing away with her usual dyed hair and change of gear.

Despite her aforementioned absence, there were still players relying on her to help them. Perhaps not her in particular but she was still glad to be considered when she hadn't even shown up for the last floor boss. Times have changed though. Yuki was a different woman and she had a job that she need to do. It was time to get back to the frontlines.


As the paladin stepped off the teleporter onto floor 27, she was graced with a beautifully ambient setting. Lapis Lazuli and beautiful crystals decorate the cavernous walls where no sunlight can reach. For a moment, Yuki wondered if she should move her shop to this floor. She was really liking the appeal of it so far. Nevertheless, that she could be left for the back burner. When she stepped down into the plaza she would see her query: Aincrad Trading Post's Zandra, the Berserk Healer she enjoyed calling herself. With luck, her healing skills would not be necessary but it gave her some comfort to know she would have a safety net in place.

"Zandra. It's been sometime. I do hope I have not missed anything important lately." Yuki would say as she approached, waving down the guild leader. 


r/arknights - Nearl the Radiant Knight [Fanart by Breakdiamond]


Zajcica, Paladin Reborn
Level: 32
Paragon Level: 48
HP: 880/880
EN: 100/100

Damage: 5
Mitigation: 204
Accuracy: 1
Battle Healing: 48
Loot Dice: 5
BLD: 48
FL. AURA: 16
H.M.: 4

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Roaring Talon(T4/Sh./Per) | Bleed II; ACC I
Armor: Jack's Plate(T4/HA/Per) | Fl. Aura II; Taunt
Misc: Rending Claw(T4/HA/Per) | Thorns II; HM I

Custom Skill:

Heavy Armor R5
Battle Healing R5
Fighting Spirit
Searching R5
Polearm R1

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:

Focused Howl
Iron Skin

Active Extra Skills:
Block R5
Leadership R1

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Mochi | LD III x9 <Consuming
Teleportation Crystal x1

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Squeaky Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down)
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [1/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:
Tanos Statue: +25 Mitigation for a thread.

Wedding Ring:

Zajcica | HP: 880/880 | EN: 100/100 | DMG: 5 | MIT: 204 | ACC: 1 | BH: 48 | LD: 5+3 | BLD: 48 | FL. AURA: 16 | H.M.: 4 | TAUNT | THRNS: 72+40
Consuming LD III - Mochi; Immolation Potion T4 +40 Thorns

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the emerald duelist 


  • Level: 32 | Paragon: 66 | Tier: 4(10) 

Jomei: 900/900 HP | 128/128 EN | DMG 23 | MIT 44 | EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 49 | HLY BLS 19 | FLN 16 | HLY 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.


  • Fragarach 
  • Vestige of St. Patrick
  • Alatreon's Will

battle-ready inventory

  • Antidote (3/3) 



Saber R5 | TECH Spec.
Combat Mastery DMG R3

Cloth Armor R5
B Healing R5
Fighting Spirit

Concentration (x)
Survival (x)
Meditation (x)
Forgotten King's Authority
Hiding R.4

Athletics (x)
Vanish (x)

Stamina (x)
Ferocity (x)
Precision (x)
Nimble (x)




Housing Buffs: 
Bedroom: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat    
Bathroom: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)    
Dining Room: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.
Living Room: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.




It was a bit odd at first, seeing a message within his inbox from Zandra after so long. The two had not spoken in some time.. casual greetings, and small talk here and there.. but nothing much of substance. Aside from the usual boss fights, they had not made any strong attempts to rekindle the friendship they once had. A usual thing for ex-lovers, he supposed. However, staring at the message before him, inviting him to join her and a few other players on a scouting mission to gain insight on the next floor boss, the ginger assumed now maybe was the time to start. Shake off that awkwardness that may have lingered between them. Besides, Jomei had never been on a scouting missing before, so accepting her invitation would cross that off of his SAO bucket list. 

The Twenty Seventh floor was a sight to behold. At first glance, one would simply think that the floor was left in perpetual night, the ever gently pulsing crystalline structures growing from the stone caverns easily mistaken for the starry night sky. Jomei found himself gazing with his chin turned upward as he continued to walk, nearly bumping into an NPC that was passing by. "S-sorry." he said to them, before clearing his throat and continuing towards the meeting place.

"I have to say, I wasn't expecting this party invite." the ginger said as he approached with a smile on his face, hands shoved into the pockets of his trousers. "Its good to see you again." he would say to Zandra before looking to the other figure, whom he did not recognize. "I'm Jomei, pleasure to meet you." 

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Vigilon was a bit surprised to find he'd received a message from Zandra. He barely recognized the name, the memory only being faint. He knew the name only from that event on the sixteenth floor, the username of its hostess.

If the front really was in need of his help, however...

There was only one way to find out, so he started making preparations for the trip. A journey like this was likely to be more dangerous than what he was used to. This may end up being less than he made it out to be, but it was better to be prepared. Better safe than sorry...only, he didn't have any consumables, he only had a teleport crystal...and maybe that strange weapon in his inventory.

"First time for everything, I suppose." He remarked to himself as he equipped the weapon and placed the crystal back into his inventory. It was time to head for the nearest teleport gate.


Arriving at the settlement of Ronbaru, Vigilon would find himself in a city of unending night. He'd been curious about this floor, but given that it was the latest floor to be unlocked, he'd assumed that it was also the most dangerous one around, that nothing could get harder than this for the time being, that there would be enemies everywhere he went. Well, one way to find out for sure...and he was already here, so it wasn't like there was any turning back, either.

There, a bench with three people that stood out, this was probably the party he was invited to.

"I never actually thought I'd get picked out for something like this, I'll admit." Vigilon began as he approached the trio. "I'm not late, am I?" He asked. After any answers, he'd continue. "Well, I don't think I've met any of you personally or formally, so... I'm Vigilon. My skill sets include both searching and night vision, so I can keep an eye out for things, when I'm not fighting something off, that is." He would then draw his weapon, which seemed to radiate some heat. "And with this new weapon I have, I can provide some decent damage." He added, before sheathing the blade. "I um..." Aaaand he ran out of words to say. "I-I'm ready to help out."



Stats and Equipment:


Main Stats:


Level: 32
Paragon Level: 25(paragon stat bonus totals: +100 HP, +10 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
Lv. 10 | +1 LD to loot and chest rolls



Battle Stats:

HP: 780(Base[740], Resolve[40])
Energy: 112(Base[92], Energist[20])
Base Damage: 23(SS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])
Mitigation: 78(Silver Night[+48], Light Armor R5[+30])
Accuracy: 2(SS Precision, Dragon's Eye)
Evasion: 2(Silver Night, Dragon's Eye)
Loot Die: 6(Searching R5[+5], Dragon's Eye[+1])
T4 Blight: Inflicts Blight on BD 9-10
Fallen Damage: +16 DMG on BD 6-8

Additional conditions:
-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4]Kyrkuran(2 Fallen, 1 Blight)

[T4]Silver Night(2 MIT, 1 EVA)

[T1]Dragon's Eye(1 ACC, 1 EVA, 1 LD)



Teleport Crystal x1



Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Searching Rank 5(30 SP)

Extended Mod Limit(10 SP)

Charge(10 SP)



Extra Skills:

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Rending(10 SP)





Meticulous(4 SP)

Night Vision(3 SP)

Detect(4 SP)



Shift: AoE(10 SP)




Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)


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She havent been sitting on the bench for very long when she herd a voice, a voice she havent herd in she dont know how long. And also to be honest, she wasnt sure where it was she had met her. When she looked up at the female adventurer she quickly threw on a smile and friendly voice. ’’Yupp, thats what they call me.’’ She answered and followed up with a little giggle. ’’hihi, dont worry, if there is something important that have happened its more likely I have missed it. Lately I have been almost out of contact with anyone.’’ She replied.

’’But now…’’ she started but stopped when she saw another figure turning up, someone she definitely knew who it was. Oh damn, hoping this will turn out alright. She thougth when replying to him with a friendly ’’It is nice to see you too.’’ She felt really stupid. Who in the world would invite ones ex to a scouting expedition. Before she got to think to much about it, she got waked out of her thougths by a third person. That introduced himself as Vigilon. ’’Hi Vigilon, nice to see you joining in as well.’’ Zandra turned herself to look at the trio that have arrived.

It was probably time now to really explain her thougths so they could all discuss and agree on what path to take. ’’Well, it is nice to see you all here. Can quickly start with saying I have been a little bit out of touch of the frontlines lately to be honest. Though there havent been much progress forward. So I wanted to get us moving forward, sent out the question to most on my friend list, but yeah…’’ the black haired girls face looked a bit disapointed. ’’…as you see, seems not very many other is in on it. But anyway…’’ and she turned back to looking positive. ’’…let us head out. Myself I dont have very much experience off this floor, how about you guys and girl?’’

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As the group introduced themselves, Yuki would take stock of her gear to make sure everything was in order. The last thing she wanted was to be wearing the wrong gear if trouble sprang up. Nevertheless, she would be approached by the blonde fellow who would arrive soon after herself. "Likewise, Jomei. You may call me Yuki, it's much simpler than my username." Closing her window she would look over to Vigilon and nod. "I don't think we've been introduced either, else my memory fails me. I'm looking forward to working with you, so stay behind me if we get into a scrap."

Zandra would then speak up, asking if anyone here had information on the floor. Sadly, she could not provide. "Apologies. I have only just taken my first steps on this floor. That being said, I do not fear what we are walking into. My skills along with your healing will keep us all safe." The paladin would encourage, trying to raise everyone's spirit. Good morale was always good for a possible combat situation. She didn't want anyone to be afraid when she was here to protect them.

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It would not have been his first encounter with the player known as Vigilon, but at least now he could place a face to the name. The ginger's lips pulled into a confident smile as he greeted the man with a nod, "Good to see you again, at least now I know what to call you." he added with a small laugh, "I'm Jomei." The girl had also introduced herself as Yuki, contrary to her username that showed up from time to time. Though, taking a quick glance at it.. he was glad she preferred a much shorter and easy to pronounce name. 

With introductions out of the way, Jomei took a quick look at the party that had assembled; Zandra, Yuki, Vigilon, and himself. Definitely an interesting group.. being made up almost entirely or new faces, or ones he had not fought alongside in some time. However, they all seemed capable for the task at hand. 

"First time on this floor for me as well." Jomei chimed in, taking in another gander at the city around them. "But Yuki's right, should be no problem for us... Though, I've gotta say.. I've never actually scouted for a boss room before, only fought in the raids."  he admitted sheepishly, rubbing at the nape of his neck with a raised arm. "So I'll have to follow your guys' lead on this one. Just don't let me hold you back." 

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Zandra noted that it was nice to know Vigilon would be joining on this expedition. The Ginger haired player would note that it was nice to know what to call Vigilon. "Wait, I remember you, you were around when we took the fight to Razwell on the floor directly below us! Heh, nice to see you again, too...Jomei." Vigilon said after hearing the ginger player give his own name. The blonde player would note that she didn't recall being acquainted with Vigilon, and that she looked forward to working alongside him...and to stay behind her if the party ever got into a fight. Vigilon was a damage build, so he'd kinda have to get in close, but he understood if this was for the first interaction only as to draw aggro towards her and not him. This player must have been a tank. "Right, good to know, thanks for the tip."


Zandra would explain the situation, including the fact that she'd sent the message to most players on her friend list.

Vigilon, of course, was confused, as he didn't remember Zandra adding Vigilon to her friend list. Maybe he'd just forgotten, or maybe she picked him out from players she'd known that weren't on the friend list...regardless, that barely had anything to do with why the players were here. Zandra noted that it was her first time on this floor, and the other two noted that this was their first time on the floor as well. "I guess we're all going in with the same knowledge, seeing that it's first time for each of us on this floor...I've only been in a raid like, three times, but nothing as serious as a floor boss...and this would also be my first time scouting a floor as well..." Vigilon added, realizing just how new to this whole thing he really was. He scratched the back of his head, and hoped to put the issues with his "wait, I'm new to this" scenario behind him. "So, I guess we're mostly on the same boat in this case, then? I suppose we won't be holding each other back in that case...right?" He remarked, hoping to stay positive as he put on a light smile that ended up showing signs of nervousness.

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Up until now, Zandra had been having a slight nervous feeling. She wasn’t sure how well she would be able to work with the rest since she have spent so little time with two of them, and the third she didn’t spent time with in a long time. But by some reason, after hearing them saying they was new here as well and no one of them decided to leave because of that, she relaxed. ‘’Okay awesome, so it seems to be new exploring to all of us.’’ She did some clicks in the air infront of her as she sent out a party invite to each one of them. ‘’There, invite sent.’’ She was sure everyone knew what it meant and what to do. These was not some newbies that had spent all their time on an inn at floor 1. She starting to feel the hype build up inside her and her crimson eyes lit up. ‘’I would guess the labyrinth is not inside the main settlement, so what about we starting to head out of town?’’ she asked as she slowly started to move towards the nearest gatehouse that would bring them thru the wall and into the wild.

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While everyone got acquainted, Yuki would start thinking about what general location the labyrinth would be. Of course they couldn't find the boss room without first finding the labyrinth but that shouldn't be too difficult. Her focus would soon be interrupted by a party invite, however. She would promptly accept the invite and turn back to the party. Zandra would then suggest they start looking outside of the settlement  to begin. "Agreed." Yuki would nod with a smile. "Several of the floors tend to keep the main settlement in the center of the floor so narrowing down an exact location can be difficult. The darkness of the floor won't really do much for us either. We'll just have to get out there and start looking I think, keeping track of where we've been until we find it. Let's go."

The paladin would take the lead, not so much because she wanted to be a leader but more so for future traps or ambushes. If there's one thing she wanted it was to protect the others. "Let's look for crevices or mines. I have a sinking feeling the entrance would be sneakily hidden in plain sight on this floor."

Player CD:

1-3: Zandra
4-6: Zajcica
7-9: Jomei
10-12: Vigilon

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ID 209849 | LD 17+1 = 18


The party encounters a pair of elite enemies with the following stats: 
HP: (Tier * 300) | DMG: (Tier * 70) | MIT: (Tier * 30) | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase.
On an LD15+, a Sentinel ignores hate and attacks a random party member. Determine this party member by CD.
Searching cannot resume until all enemies have been defeated.

"Im sure there's plenty of mines on this floor." Jomei said as he looked at the far off surroundings. Being a floor enclosed completely in craggy stone, raw materials must be one of their exports. "Maybe if we start making our way towards one of the outer mountain ranges we can find a pathway in."

Following along with the group, Jomei kept a keen eye for anything that could resemble the entrance to a labyrinth.. or any entrance for that manner. A mine, a tunnel, even maybe a door that just seemed a bit different then the others. Once they had exited Ronbaru proper, however, there really was not much. Tall trees, spaced just enough apart as to now impede their movement, took up much of the surrounding area. Staring up at the coniferous trees that made even him feel small, their longest of pine filled branches stretching out towards the branch of another, like two hands just out of reach. It brought with it a peace of mind that calmed Jomei, pulling a smile to his lips. 

As he returned his focus to the path before them, he caught a glimpse of a rocky structure that seemed to descend into the earth. "There!" he shouted, before picking up the pace to move towards the supposed mine. The front was roped off, but he figured that could just be a way to throw players off the scent of the floor's labyrinth. Peeking down into the depths of the mine, he could see a single lantern swaying above the entrance, hardly illuminating what was within, but just enough to see that the entire ground of the mine was under water. "Hm.." he hummed with pursed lips, "Don't suppose anyone wants to try for a swim?"

Before the group could respond, the water began to ripple outwards, as if something underneath the surface was coming to the surface. Two forms rose from the water, before taking form into slightly humanoid shapes. The hulking elementals slipped from the entrance to the mine to engage the party of players, their muscles constantly flowing and turning like rushing rapids. 

Jomei: 900/900HP | 128/128 EN | DMG 23 | MIT 44 | EVA 3 | ACC 5 | BH 49 | HLY BLS 19 | FLN 16 | HLY 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.
Water Elemental 1: 1200 / 1200 HP | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase
Water Elemental 2: 1200 / 1200 HP | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase
On an LD15+, a Sentinel ignores hate and attacks a random party member. Determine this party member by CD.

Searching Totals

Jomei: 18 (0/3)
Total:  18/300


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Zandra seemed to relax when the other players admitted that this was also their first time in a situation like this. She then sent an invite to the players, and Vigilon accepted the invite sent to him. Yuki would mention a variety of factors regarding the search, but when darkness was mentioned, Vigilon was ready to respond. "Well, I did say I had Night Vision, so I should be able to see hidden things a bit more clearly. Cleverer tactics will be necessary for something to be hidden from me...unless something goes horribly wrong, that is." He would note.

Jomei, at some point during the walk, noticed a flooded mine entrance. He suggested swimming through it to see if there was anything there, but before Vigilon could give his thoughts, two elementals emerged from the water, taking humanoid form as they did. They didn't look friendly, so there was of course only one way to handle this...

Oh, but if only Vigilon had brought some consumables with him, these slippery water creatures knew how to dodge. He'd rushed towards the monsters during his attempted attack, however, and was now behind the enemies. "Huh...well, I guess this makes a fair flanking opportunity..." He muttered.


ID# 209850 BD: 3+2-1=4(miss)

ID# 209851 BD: 2+2-1=3(miss)




Jomei: HP 900/900 |EN 128/128 | DMG 23 | MIT 44 | EVA 3 | ACC 5 | BH 49 | HLY BLS 19 | FLN 16 | HLY 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.

Vigilon: HP 780/780 | EN 110/112 | 23 DMG | 78 MIT | 2 EVA | 2 ACC | FLN 16 | T4 Blight: inflicted on BD 9-10 | 6 LD



Water Elemental 1: HP 1200 / 1200  | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase

Water Elemental 2: HP 1200 / 1200  | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase

On an LD15+, a Sentinel ignores hate and attacks a random party member. Determine this party member by CD.

Edited by Vigilon
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  • 3 months later...

The party seemed to agree on Zandra’s suggestion to search outside the city. Darkness was mentioned as an obstacle and Zandra nodded, but that obstacle quickly got countered as Vigilon mentioned he had the night vision skill, that’s good. After that they had agreed to head out. Thou it didn’t took long until they did encountered wild enemies. Two elementals bursted out of a flooded mine, their bodies made of the water they had just appeared from.

It was only two enemies infront of them, and they didn’t looked that strong either. Vigilon didn’t wasted any time and entered combat. This fight will probably not last very long so Zandra made the judgement to let her axe do the talking. Maybe she wasn’t built for dps, that didn’t meant she couldn’t do damage.

Zandra activated her AoE sword art, thou something felt wrong. That was when she realised it, this was the first time she do use her axe after the new update. This totally took her by surprised, so the axehead missed by over a meter. But as the veteran she was, and thousand of times she had swung the blade, it didn’t took long to readjust the balance and with a twist of her wrist she spun and landed the weapon in such a way that the elemental triggered the burn effect. Yepp, water, started to burn. ‘’Next one up.’’ She said and gave room for her party members.

ID# 210066 BD: 5+1-1=5(miss)

ID# 210067 BD: 9+1-1=9(mini-crit) 18+1=19*11=209-120=89 DMG +56 BRN


Zandra: HP 960/960 |EN 96/108 | DMG 18 | MIT 130 | D. DMG 16 | ACC 1 | FLN 16 | BRN 56 | NVR. FRZ | A-PARA | L-MEND 20%


Jomei: HP 900/900 |EN 128/128 | DMG 23 | MIT 44 | EVA 3 | ACC 5 | BH 49 | HLY BLS 19 | FLN 16 | HLY 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.

Vigilon: HP 780/780 | EN 110/112 | 23 DMG | 78 MIT | 2 EVA | 2 ACC | FLN 16 | T4 Blight: inflicted on BD 9-10 | 6 LD



Water Elemental 1: HP 1200 / 1200  | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase 

Water Elemental 2: HP 1055 / 1200  | 280 DMG | 120 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | Phase | BRN 1/2 -145 (89+56)

Edited by Zandra
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